Google maps is now showing the new light rail stations and travel times!

Google maps is now showing the new light rail stations and travel times!


They’re using the new line names as well! Line 1 is here!


That's exciting


Is this what it feels like when construction is completed? I only understand things in terms of how many years they've been working on I-5 in Tacoma.


I've been here nearly a decade and just assumed that it's supposed to be like that.


Going on 15 years ish and it was well underway when we moved here.


The thing that confuses me going south is that the slow down is always in Fife and before you even hit any of the Tacoma construction traffic speeds back up again.


As someone from Tacoma my assumption is that it's because there's no way off the freeway after the enchanted parkway exits until you hit the pac hwy Fife exit. Plus the fact that people sit in the right lane right up until the exit, then have to get over and congest the other lanes. Then people are trying to get onto the freeway going south *from* the Fife entrance that are also getting over.


>how many years they've been working on I-5 in Tacoma. I think the Tacoma I-5 project is cursed to last forever.


while i support them getting ready this would get people lost for like two weeks since it doesn't open til October


For me, Google only shows the new route if I set the "depart at" or "arrive by" time to October 2 or after. So I think they did it correctly.


I hope they installed the right escalators this time!


First post I’ve seen here not about the homeless problem


congrats on bringing up homelessness.


Hopefully the homeless don’t start loitering around the new stations, we should keep the surrounding areas needle, tent and shit free.


Yeah, why would people live near their transportation to work?


I would bet $100 that any homeless person that lives in a tent surrounded by needles and poop does not have “work” in their daily routine.


Pay up.


This could change up the game for me. I head to Kirkland next quarter every day. I bought a car because it was 2 hours each way on the bus from Mt Baker. This station may make the trip tolerable. How close is the Northgate station to the mall up there?


Very close, just across Lake Washington from Kirkland. /s Nah, if you mean Kirkland Urban then I don't see how it'd help with that commute. If you're talking about Northgate mall then pretty sure the station is right next to it.


I thought there might be a more direct bus from that location the reason it takes two hours for Mount Baker is because you have to change buses like three times.


Good to see my $700 tabs at work


Unironically yes


Just in time for me to never work downtown again


Assuming you’d ever get on anything called “lite rail”. Pardon me-“light rail”


It's called light rail (not lite) because the train system is only designed for transit, not full size cargo trains. It allows them to turn more sharply and also makes building elevated rail much easier, at the cost of reducing the width of the cars (still wider than a bus) and the method of power delivery. It's extremely efficient and used in tons of cities around the world due to its cost and effectiveness.


Cool fact!