New here, what is a good renters insurance to have when I don’t have a car?

New here, what is a good renters insurance to have when I don’t have a car?


I'm paying about $120 a year with Safeco without car insurance. It was the cheapest out of the big companies when I got it.


Nice, how is it? What do you get with it coverage wise? How long have you had it?


I pay $120 a year for $500 deductible, $34,900 in damage coverage, $300,000 worth of personal injury coverage, and up to 12 months worth of loss of use. It doesn't provide coverage for earthquakes or floods though.


I got it through the BMW motorcycle dealer on Lake City Way since a friend used to work there, but they no longer sell insurance and sold that business to someone in Vancouver, WA. I assume you can just go to [safeco.com](https://safeco.com) and find a local agent. I think I've had it for 11 years now, and the coverage isn't enough to cover everything I own and doesn't cover some of my more expensive things I own like my antique computer collection or jwelery, but to be fair, I haven't taken the time to list them and get a quote on covering them.


Note that even if you do not have a car, it makes sense to get non owners car insurance. This will save your butt if you ever are in an accident with a rental or while in the car if someone else and is usually dirt cheap. Based on personal experience, I’ll vouch for Geico and Amica and would not do so for Allstate




Isn’t USAA only for military peeps?


It's open to all federal employees & their children.


USAA is not available to everyone.


PEMCO may not be the cheapest. We have a car and renters but I can without a doubt tell you they are a good company to deal with, responsive and reasonable. * Someone will inevitably have a PEMCO sucks story but I have been with them a long long time and no complaints.


Pemco has the best percentage discount when bundling insurance, 25%! Big savings when you have home and auto.


48$ yr Bare minimum insurance with toggle ( farmers)


Around $90 a year with state farm


How long have you had them? What does that cover?


Geico was cheaper than liberty mutual for me by about 80 dollars a month for the same coverage (even with a public employee liberty mutual discount)


I don't have advice on which company to use, but look for an insurance that will let you pay annually. I got Geico (I have car insurance so I got a bit of a bundling discount), but for me it was 12.50 a month paid monthly or 104 a year paid annually.