Small Businesses Need Nikkita Oliver on Council

Small Businesses Need Nikkita Oliver on Council


Small business owners need a person who's never run a business much less held a job within a business?


Who is running against someone who started their own small business.


“Too many in our city are proposing illusory or overly simplistic solutions that won’t actually fix anything.” A level of self awareness I didn’t expect from the stranger


Yes, they need more of a tax burden, less enforcement of shoplifting and more break ins. GTFO.


My partner went shopping on Queen Anne Avenue Saturday. While she was in a women’s clothing shop, a junkie came into the store, ignored repeated requests by the owner to leave, cornered the owner behind the counter and pawed at her as she climbed over the counter to get away. The junkie proceeded to steal jewelry off the counter and attempted to rip the iPad serving as a cash register out of the table. The police never even bothered to show up. Something tells me that that small business owner isn’t likely to find Nikkita Oliver’s positions on homelessness and law enforcement particularly compelling. Frankly, I don’t imagine there are many small business owners in Seattle who are happy with the status quo that candidates like Nikkita Oliver are promising to maintain.


But you gotta understand "*Nikkita is the only candidate who fundamentally understands that we need holistic solutions*".


bro I read that entire just now article and I think it came out of the foucault post modern essay AI bot.


I honestly thought this was an onion article.


What part of Oliver's platform is good for small business?


That really depends. Does “small business” include bike chop shops, meth pharmacies, or running a fence?


Do people actual buy into this?


Small Businesses Don't Need Nikkita Oliver on Council. - Fixed it.


Serious mental gymnastics required to conclude the small business owner (Nelson) isn't the best candidate to represent small business owners.


> As small business owners in Seattle, we need Nikkita Oliver on Council. > We can all agree that small businesses are struggling in Seattle, as is the case across many major cities in the United States. We know this first hand. We are the owners of The Station, a coffee house that sits on the top of Beacon Hill.


well yeah, existing business owners want Oliver to win because one of her major proposals is commercial rent control aka neoliberal picking winners and losers. personally, i'm not gonna vote for Oliver who is a neoliberal.




Neoliberalism is liberal social policy coupled with market driven economic policies and rent control is the opposite of "market driven". Feel free to go on over to r/neoliberal and ask them what they think about rent control/rent stabilization if you don't believe me