> I've read about the Seattle freeze but everyone I talked to was open and honest about how much they like it. First off, welcome! I really don’t want to put you off Seattle, but I do want to set some expectations. I think many people not living in Seattle misunderstand the “Seattle freeze”. It’s not that Seattlites are unfriendly, or are gruff and rude (like, say, New Yorkers may be thought to be). Seattlites share a lot culturally with upper midwesteners and will pretty much be polite and friendly when talking to them. The real Seattle freeze is that most people already have tight, somewhat closed friend groups and it can be hard to break into that and get past the surface friendly. You may hear a lot of “for sure, let’s grab dinner some time!” with no follow through to actually set the date, etc. The plus side is that many folks in Seattle do end up with very strong “chosen families” that would do anything for each other. I really cherish those sorts of relationships. But it can take a lot time, persistence, and a bit of luck to get there, and I hear from a lot of transplants that Seattle can be a lonely place when starting out. I think the best advice I’ve heard is to get involved with activities. Any hobby you like, see if there’s a group for it: flag football, knitting, photography, whatever. My strongest friend group got started playing pub trivia. A lot of new transplants also have good luck making their first friends among other transplants - there’s instantly something in common, and there’s less of the freeze to get past. None of this is meant to discourage you. Truly: welcome to Seattle. I hope you are happy and healthy here, and find your Seattle people. It may take a while, but it’s worth it.


I agree with this 100%. Thank you for saying this. I’ve only lived in big cities since leaving my small town for college. Seattle is by far the kindest city I’ve lived in. I made the best friends I’ve ever had here in Seattle, but it did take me about 3 years to actually break into the group as an actual close friend. Make whatever friends you can, meet their friends, meet their friends and slowly you’ll find the group the gels with you. Seattle freeze is an experience I’ve had in any major city including outside the US. People come and go in big cities and that can be painful. People are slow to let people in bc you may drop the bomb in 6 months you hate it and are leaving.


This is all accurate. Let me add 1 thing: yes, I have friends and friend groups from school or from hobbies, etc, some have been friends for 10 or 20+ years. That doesn't mean we get together often though - "see you next Halloween" is a real thing because we honestly only get together 1-2 times per year, and we're not the only ones in this situation. So if you meet people and only see them for that one annual camping trip, sometimes that means you ARE friends.


Combination of set friend groups and fairly prevalent social awkwardness, I think. A lot of those people really *are* interested in meeting up sometime, they just aren't sure how/nervous to actually reach out and set it up.


Can confirm. Love my chosen family more than anything.


Thank you for your explanation and advice. I will certainly join some hobby groups and put myself out there. It's always good to have reasonable expectations.


Colorado is gorgeous, but you’ll find just as much beauty in WA, with warmer winters as a bonus. From what I understand, people who move between Washington and Colorado tend to do well in their new homes. Welcome!


Thank you! I really appreciate it.


im from the mountain west and moved here last year. It's awesome! Weather can be rough in the winter but the summers and amazing, as are the mountains. Very different and much more "wild"/ rugged than colorado. Also, the ocean is amazing! San Juans and Olympics are too cool


We moved from Colorado 2 years ago and are loving it. I don’t think the freeze is real and have made many close friends. Good luck!


That's great to hear! (Happy Thanksgiving!)


Moved here this past weekend from Dallas after living there for 7 years. Change is hard, but eventually you’ll settle in. It’s just so freakin’ cold here and I miss Tex-Mex lol.


When you finally see the sun again in 7 months it's quite lovely here


Yesterday was [nice](https://i.imgur.com/HOe94cg.jpg).


As a former Coloradoan myself, I can attest it's a pretty painless transition. And the weather extremes are significantly less, too!


That's good to hear! We had a 45 degree swing yesterday. Also weirdly enough we just beat the 1930s record of longest time without snowfall. The wildfires are going to be bad next year at this rate.


This city is the best. Welcome!


Thank you!!


wow. i hope your move goes well and we can live up to your expectations.


Glad you had a great time! When are you guys moving here?


Thanks! We have to make the move by April so we have some time to find myself a new job and sell our house.


Seattle in April is beautiful! I think you guys might like it even more than you did this weekend


> I'm a lot less scared of moving. Why were you scared in the first place? Were you under impression that we are all barbarians here and crocodiles and dinosaurs roaming the streets of Seattle or something?


Living somewhere for 30+ years and leaving what you know can be scary. Blindly taking a job to a place you've never visited felt scary. Change is hard. Also I've been to some cities in the US that I really don't want to live in.


I did this from Austin, granted I only lived there for 3 years. I took an opportunity in Seattle on a whim, after visiting and getting offered something, I just fell in love with the city, grunge and all, My partner hated it here (the massive change), and we moved here in Feb, up until we went back to Austin thar year in April when it was 95 degrees. The heat and flatness helped her appreciate what we have now and that really helped the issue where she kept mentally distancing herself from everything and everyone we met. When we got back from that trip she stopped referring to everyone privately as 'Seattle ' It can be hard but welcome!


It was maybe us liberals and homeless zombies burning down the city.


Na I think we'll fit in fine with all that.


Welcome to Seattle! I know couple friends who moved from Denver and settled here, seems they are pretty happy with it. How do you like the city itself? Does Colorado also have a certain visible homeless group on the street?


Thanks! The city is beautiful and we ate some phenomenal seafood. It'll be nice to have moutains to go visit and be close to the ocean. Everyone was very friendly! Denver certainly has a lot of homelessness. There are streets you avoid or just walk past quickly. Downtown used to feel safer but there's been an increase of attacks over the past few years. I think that's a big problem in most large cities.


Denver has about as many homeless as Seattle surprisingly


Not surprising in the least. Seattle likes to whine they are special, but the homelessness issue is national.


I called it suprising mostly because of the weather. With the winter extremes


It was much the same when I lived in Sacramento (with the heat there). It was much the same when I lived in Madison (with the winters there). Seattle has a massive self-hate issue, and people here seem to criticize the city at the drop of a hat.


Keep your friends you won’t be able to make new ones with the stupid stuck up people in Seattle. They think they are better then everyone with their soggy ass Nirvana grunge no makeup wearing, no doing their hair because of all the sprinkling. It’s not even rain just constant sprinkling for 9 months. Ohh say good goodbye to the sun also. Get some vitamin D or find a good tall bridge.


Bahaha bro you don’t have to live here it’s okay to not be happy and want to move