How could a woman possibly appreciate a sculpture of a lady?

How could a woman possibly appreciate a sculpture of a lady?


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"None that comes to mind, because I have never bothered to research any artist in my life, and I assume all good art that I see was made by a man"


>"...assume all good art that I see was made by a man" *White man


Ahem >man of the *west*


Which is also insulting. That title should be exclusively for the men of Gondor and Rohan who stood with Aragorn at The Black Gate


Goddamn you're right. 'Men of the West' should be reserved for that single heroic concept.


“I assume I am the repository of all knowledge on every subject because I am a below average white western man.”


Well, you sure as shit dont see Morannon Orcs making great sculptures.


None come to mind.


The sculptor is a Gundabad Orc you dork ass losers




Do you think he knows what happened to Númenor at the end?


Assume everything ever was made by white men for white men because of white men. It's definitely an arrogance thing.


Same thing when you reduce all other men to animals.


Gotta have people to go fight and kill to fulfill your ur-fascist hero complex.




"\[And my grasp on art is so lacking that I only recognize it when it's hyperrealistic and pretty.\]"


Hyper realistic, as in clothing sticks to the underside of hyperrealistically perky boobs as if it's silk in a wet tee shirt contest


"This guy makes portraits of celebrities that look like the photos they were based on. TRuE aRt!!!111"


I mean, I get a lizard brain fear response whenever someone is skilled enough to make *stone* or *metal* (rigid, inflexible, dense) look like billowing cloth (extremely flexible, light) no matter who they are. Goddamned alchemy is what that is. Feel the same way about Michaelangelo's *Pieta.*


Yeah, I've noticed these chuds seem to think that the only valid measure of an artist's skill is how photo-realistic can your sculpture/painting/whatever be.


That's definitely A Thing. Abstract or nonrepresentational art was seen as degenerate in Nazi Germany, I can tell you that.


Fascists don’t like abstract art because it strives to challenge convention and subvert traditionalism, which fascism holds up as an axiom.


Fascism is so silly. Like seriously, why would anyone want to be a fascist?


Because they’re authoritarians who want to feel like they’re better than other people. Since making them rich would dilute the power at the top, the only other way for the people pulling the strings to exploit this is to create a disadvantaged underclass.


Damn you eloquent as fuck.


They want to create/preserve a class structure where they are at the top.


Someone who has never actually been superior at anything in their life can get the chance to feel like they are a master of humanity/the pinnacle of what is right and good about civilization. The impulse to be a part of something bigger is ingrained on our brains. They just have to throw out their humanity to get that feeling, and some people start with less than others so it doesn't seem to be a great loss.


They're afraid that forward progress toward equality would cost them their seat of power, and also that *any* progress might not work out.


At the most basic level? Same reason people like to boost their soccer team: group identity. In my hometown, 70,000 people would yell their heads off because one group of people were throwing a football at another. I found their energy spooky even when I was a kid. They were the *right* fans. They were being part of the "good group" and "our group" which triumphs over "the bad group" or "the other group". Religion (good or bad) often operates on this pathway. So do high school cliques. So does nationalism/patriotism in non-fascist countries. So do subgroups in TV show or book fandoms (Drarry vs. Ronmione, Stark vs. Targaryen). It's a lot easier to get energy and allegiance out of humans by subverting a deeply-wired drive like hunger, group identity, sex, etc. that's been around since before we invented clothes.


They like the taste of boots?


Basically, "I'm such a shit person that any move towards a more equal society makes me feel threatened, because I believe that hierarchy is natural and inevitable and in a less-unfair hierarchy I will be the one at the bottom rather than having people below me to look down on."


AKA: “Big Thoughts Hurt Brain”


Same with tattoos. If it's not photo-realistic they call it trash.


Unless, of course, it's tattooed on their bodies. They seem to wear a lot of symbols-as-tattoos. I've seen. Futhark runes, swatikas, numbers as codes, etc.


"no no, 88 was my jersey number in high school..."


People born in 1988 get to play the "Are they a Nazi or are we the same age" game with screen names.


Also if it's something they can jerk off to.


Makes my peepee feel good


“Look at those tits!” “Ah yes, a masterpiece.” Let’s be honest, that’s what those guys are thinking.


These are the people that assume men are the only ones good enough to put in the work to become very good at things. Look at what they thought was going to happen in the olympics because of the transgendered weightlifter and what actually happened. Notice they didn't mention they were wrong? They probably figured god punished her because they are morons.


>Notice they didn't mention they were wrong? They *never* mention they were wrong about everything, constantly, proudly, and loudly. They just go on to be provably wrong about the next thing.


>Look at what they thought was going to happen in the olympics because of the transgendered weightlifter and what actually happened. It’s like that episode of South Park where cartman entered the special olympics because “how good can they be?” and found out the hard way that they were still actual athletes and beat him at everything like a drum.


What a dork ass loser


The cut was deep


Yes, and then after having made that assumption, racks it up as another data point of evidence in support of that assumption


They don't actually care about the thing they're saying because if they did they would know stuff about it that was true.


Is that dumb motherfucker implying both that women can't make beautiful art (which is just fucking ridiculous), *and* that art was made exclusively by western culture? Seriously? How the fuck is he able to tie his shoelaces with a brain that smooth?


Maybe they’re just tangled knots that stay together because of how often he puts his foot in his mouth, like tying a knot in a cherry stem but with about the same skill as a monkey on a typewriter


Not only that, he's also forgetting that not straight women exist. 'an act of worship and it shows' like buddy ol pal I bet I worship a woman better than you do..


motherfucker couldn't pin the tail on a donkey with his eyes open, much less find a clit


> much less find a clit i thought they were an old wives tale??


It’s right bloody there! Just open your eyes, mate, and press the Devil’s Doorbell!


He also refers to himself as "dark triad man." So psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism are something to celebrate?


He’s a right wing grifter that offers “self help” to lost and frightened boys. Basically a weirder diet Peterson.


I did a google dive on the dude, and holy shit. That website of his is kind of hilarious, dude is trying SO HARD to put of an air of "I'm a successful alpha male".


Holy geez, the straights really aren't ok


I'm looking at his page now 🤣 Got his cigar, "sucking on a big brown dick" as Carlin put it. "Slaughter of Degenerates." Fucking jerkoff. Just admit you're a fucking Nazi, Ivan.


Haha I was thinking of the Macdonald triad for serial killers where it’s bed wetting, setting fires and abusing animals. Same shit really. These fucking edgy pieces of shit that glorify being a piece of shit need to pull their heads out of their own asses.


Bed wetting really feels like the odd one out in that trio


rape, murder and accidental toe stubbing


It's like calling yourself WasteOfOxygenMan or CreepyLoserMan.


Even worse, they’re also implying women don’t even have the capability to appreciate beauty and that only a MAN is capable of appreciating a woman’s beauty. So it’s homophobic too. Obviously no one could ever appreciate a woman the way a man does /s


Yes this is how racists think


He's still living in 1500's Italy apparently.


because he's a racist, sexist piece of shit


Those comments are so creepy.


Never before have I seen two guys who so clearly want to stick it in a rock.


Pygmalion did it first.


He at least had the courage to admit he wanted to bone a statue


\*Bone a Stone


Hump a lump


Thrust a bust


Rock a rock.


He did it, this guy won, we can all go home, there’s no point in continuing, he won.


Warble the marble.


Bond with the monolith?


Fornicate with silicate


Stick-it-in a mannequin




She's definitely My Fair Lady.


But let’s be honest, that sculpture is a masterpiece and indistinguishable from an actual person (besides the color obviously) which blows my mind.


I mean. Fuck his weird white supremacy shit, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to bone that statue


Yeah, I mean… I think she likes me. Women don’t give that look to just anyone.


Unlike King Arthur I wouldn’t pull my sword out of that stone.


The pioneers used to ride those babies for miles


Stone bone


Well, I mean... Have you *seen* Dwayne Johnson? The man is inspiring.


And incredibly rage-inducing in their pretentiousness. "NoNe cOmE tO MiNd" is such a weird way to say "I don't know any" which is obviously what's the case. I swear these losers have their rhetorical 🤔 permanently stapled to their chins.


“I wasn’t born with the knowledge of any and have made no attempt to learn more since then”


"Deus Vult"


“I assume I am the repository of all knowledge on every subject because I am a below average white western man.”


Yeah, it's kind of fantastic. As if they could actually name ten sculptors. Michelangelo, sure. Maybe Donatello. But once they get beyond the Ninja Turtles, it's gonna be tough.


Yeah, and I doubt they'll even think to mention Shredder's artistic early life.


Behind every great artist stands a Shredder.


Right it's the artists obligation to announce themselves to him, rather than his obligation to know the thing he's fawning over.


How hard is it to just say that there's merit in art? I mean sure, I love the Classical Western stuff. Give me Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Arthurian Legends, I just devour that stuff. But there's plenty of other fascinating stuff out there too, and it's exciting to explore. By limiting yourself you blunt your appreciation of life. Western culture's created a lot, but it's not the only one. Life is best when you shake free from the shackles of culture and just explore what the world has to offer.


I imagine he was furiously masturbating while typing that drivel.


100% that guys jerks off to that statue.


Most right-wing men are creepy. A lot of left-wing men are creepy too. Hell, the majority of men are creepy, but we’re working on it.


Left- wing recovering creepy guy. I am trying to do better.


awareness and acceptance are the first two steps, good job comrade you've already done the parts that many find to be the most difficult


Same here. I was super close to going down the neckbeard/incel pipeline. I was only able to escape because of a combination of crippling depression, lots of weed, and near constant introspection.


Why are you describing word by word my life story?


Because Yoni, I AM you!




Would recommend Contrapoints video [Men](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1xxcKCGljY)


It’s sociopolitical analysis, mom, I swear!


r/AreTheStraightsOK Paraphrasing Contrapoints: "There's a crisis in masculinity and no one knows what to do about it."


Masculinity is in crisis? I'm shocked; *shocked* I tell you! (Something you see if you read /r/askhistorians answers is 'Masculinity is always in crisis'.)




Yup. I mean especially as, really, the nuclear family isn't traditional *anyway.*


I know! Let's bro-up a notch and be alpha males!!!!


> Most right-wing men are creepy. A lot of left-wing men are creepy too. Hell, the majority of men are creepy, but we’re working on it. I was gonna say... As a man, pretty sure we are all creepy at some point, no matter how good our intentions are. The only difference is that those of us on the left at least feel bad about it. Well, some of us at least.


I dont care how many times I see this, how many times its reposted... "dork ass losers" kills me every time. Its just such a succinct and utter dismissal of these absolute dork ass losers.


I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's one of my favourite insults and I use it very sparingly to avoid blunting its edge. Also it's *perfect* for these dork ass behaving losers up here.


It hits perfectly because you know those guys think they’re suave, debonair, cultured, etc. But they’re just a bunch of dorks walking around in daddy’s shoes and tie.


As someone who actually enjoys being called a dork and finds it endearing, the utter disrespect on display here is infuriating! >:( /s I don't actually care


Chill out you nerd ass loser


> enjoys being called a dork You might be a geek then.


Oh, no doubt about it


"dork ass losers" is easily one of the best insults I've heard in a while.


Same! One of my favorite memes that randomly pops up here and there, because it’s just the most perfectly simple burn lol


A 20 year old lays among the burning wreckage of his Humvee that was just ripped open by an IED on the side of some dirt road in Afghanistan. As he bleeds to death he thanks God for the chance to fight and die for the concept of Western art.


And his last thoughts are about how he wished he had touched a statue's hard nipples, just once, so he could have died knowing he had touched a boob.


Like bags of sand


Another interesting fact. Following WW2 classical art techniques were almost lost in the west as modern art eclipsed traditional ateliers. In China and the Soviet Union, however, art schools weren’t effected to the same degree that western schools were, and a lot of old school techniques were preserved and improved. Ironically, the “east” saved the “west”.


Socialist realism can be pretty cool. Pretty bland artistically though


Fair call, though I’m not really arguing the merits of different movements.


I actually really like the socialist realist aesthetic. Real shame some of the best modern works of it come from North Korea and are installed in unstable African countries...


They way the clothes are on her body(not in a creepy way) is so fucking cool. My ass can’t draw a person with the shoulder at different levels


You should see what people [did with marble](https://www.thevintagenews.com/2019/02/23/capella-sansevero/) back in the day. Crazy. It's actually more impressive in person, but you can't get too close or touch it (thankfully).


It the detail is incredible. The weird thing about many of the oldest sculptures is they look better now than when they were first displayed. When they were first displayed they were covered in paints/pigments and to modern eye they would look cartoonish.


I think that's true about ancient Greek and Roman statues. But is that the case for later sculptures? Medieval/ gothic/ etc. I'm not well-versed in art history at all, so please correct me.


True for antiquity sculptures, not for renaissance ones!




That’s not true for renaissance statutes (the one in the link) Those were kept white


Lol I give up the moment I get to the shoulders and say nah faces don't look like that unless you're trying to be abstract or drawing a victim of some kind...which neither is ever the case lol


Antonio Corradini was a big user of that style. His *Vestal Virgin* and (especially) *Veiled Truth* are common examples. But *Veiled Christ* (which Corradini was originally contracted for, but he died before building more than a model and Giuseppe Sanmartino got the job) is just bonkers. Sanmartino sculpted veiled feet better than some modern artists can trace from pictures.


Try using your hands


To be fair, everything I make with my ass looks like shit too.


“Ivan Throne” still has a suspended Twitter account. LOL


Wow, really? Surely @DarkTriadMan was making all sorts of worthwhile contributions.


They are super horny for this statue.




#Deusvult I'm just done. Jesus fucking Christ. What even is reality.


What does that even mean?


A cry related to the crusades according to wikipedia. Which makes the original twitter quite the hard swing and a miss, if the artist is an Asian woman. The idiocy. Edit : To mods, it seems that I fed a troll - apologies for that...


I've never seen it used unironically before, I thought people still saying it were all at least somewhat ironic


It's the Christian version of Inshalla


It means "God wills it", and historically it was the battle cry of the First Crusade, where europeans got super-riled up about murdering muslims to 'free' the so-called holy land. They would chant it, so I guess it's a bit like an old-timey variant of the patriotic USA-chant. Same vibe.


In more modern times It’s been heavily co-opted by the more religious far right / white supremacist groups.


Interesting. Literally, the same thing that Muslims say: “Inshallah.” Reminds me of how the romans knew they would be victorious if lightning struck on the right side of the battle field, while the Greeks knew they would be victorious if it struck on the left, while both were praying to the same gods with just different names.


It means the poster is a fucking dweeb on top of being racist as fuck.


Deus vault = God wills it. It’s the alt-rights version of allahu akbar.


Around 2012 a RTS strategy game came out called Crusader Knights 2, and campaigns started with that phrase in Latin which means "God Wills it." I know this because I've played the game and looked up the modern history of the phrase. Edgy Alt-right fascists and trad-Catholics increasingly started saying it as the meme grew around Gamergate, as kind of rallying cry against the infidels and the liberal heretics.


Ok so a couple things 1. Crusader KINGS 2 2. The game didn’t come up with the expression, it is from the historical crusades 3. It was definitely adopted by the far right earlier than 2012, along with other crusade-related motifs and images.


And that's why we will keep fighting until she is a proud American


*Proud American man


Fun fact: Those statues the right worships were actually painted in bright colors and looked nothing like they think they do. Another instance of an imagined glorious past. White marble statues are a fantasy based on a misunderstanding of old statues (the paint had come off by the time "The West" started appreciating them).




That‘s why I said based on a misunderstanding. The renaissance sculptors got it wrong. Which is why we think classical statues were white. They constructed the imagined past that the right today believes in. Just because the misunderstanding has been going on for some time doesn‘t mean it‘s not a fantasy. If "appreciating classical art" means appreciating renaissance art, then it‘s not really appreciating classical art, but their imagination of it. And the right absolutely traces it back to antiquity. But that trace is nowhere to be found, it stops in the renaissance.


I thought I read somewhere that the versions with the really garish solid colours aren't the finished versions as that is the base layer only and there would then be a second layer that is painted with more detail and tone


Yeah, unfinished pieces probably didn’t have paint on them, or at least not a lot, however it makes a LOT more sense that these artists who also worked so commonly with paint would… you know, paint their pieces once they finished carving them or in between carving to give themselves a break


The painted marble statues do look kinda inelegant compared to the white marble imo


Maybe they would look more elegant to us if we weren‘t taught that white marble is the height of elegance? I dunno. I certainly prefer the white versions. But that might just be because I grew up with it. Kinda like everyone agrees that Bach was one of the greatest musicians of all time, but barely anyone asks why he in particular. Taste has a lot to do with class (social class, not economical) and the remnants of nobility.


What's the name of the sculpture? It looks amazing!


The artist is Luo Li Rong, though I regret to inform you that unless you have at least $50,000 or $250,000 you won't be able to afford her sculptures. Fortunately, a few are public work.


Another thing to add to my wishlist for when I ever suddenly have too much money as to know what to do with it.


For once I’m actually willing to believe that they’re not just larping and would actually die for this statue, purely cos it has stiff nips.


That's the funniest part tbh.


This is some Númenórean shit?


Whenever these neo-nazi types refer to themselves as "men of the west" my mind goes instantly to the Númenoreans, and how them persecuting, enslaving and being cruel to other men and being hostile against the Valar, engulfing their thoughts with the ideas of supremacy and militarism, caused the glory of their great achievements to wain and ultimately, it led Eru Ilúvatar himself to sink their civilization. I think it's a fitting name.


The Mouth of Sauron was from the lineage of surviving evil Numenoreans. I think it's a fitting look


These people love to talk about the achievements of the west as if they have contributed to anything but the growth of their ego. It reminds me of that scene in I, Robot in which Will Smith's character says that robots can't create art or write symphonies and the robot is all like, "can you?".


"That statue has nipples, no way a woman did it"


fucking idiots just straight up assume MAN + AMERICAN made it because they like it.


How the hell do you sculpt cloth that realistic. Mind blowing.


[https://nextshark.com/alt-right-bro-praises-western-sculpture-gets-destroyed-actually-asian-artist/](https://nextshark.com/alt-right-bro-praises-western-sculpture-gets-destroyed-actually-asian-artist/) In this article you can see his response is equally as stupid and racist.


How is this a self aware wolf




That’s the closest those guys are ever going to come to a real naked woman.


God with the racist ass "Deus Vult" hashtag too. What a piece of right-wing shit


The best thing is going to see if his account is still around and yep, @DarkTriadMan has been suspended from Twitter.


She looks like Charlize Theron


That was my first impression seeing it too. I think it's the nose that makes it so similar.


The vast majority of artists are left leaning and would roll their eyes at this guy. Good artists are thinkers, often educated and liberal.


"men of the West" is code for "white people". (Clearly he's not talking about the Dúnedain in Lord of the Rings!) This guy sounds like quite the racist.


OK, but putting aside the artist & white supremist stuff. What about this, "this is what men of the West fight and die for" comment. What the actual fuck? This shallow ass mofo believes everything we do is for the idea of getting laid by a supermodel looking woman? When I was in my teens & early 20's and at peak male horniness I did spend far too much time thinking about "relieving the tension" but, my god, even then I had higher purposes in my life. This fucker in his 30's has made beautiful women his sole purpose in life? Well, that explains a lot about why in about 10 years he will be storming the Capitol out of the anger that his life didn't provide him the supermodel sex slave he believes he "sacrificed for" I can't even begin with the "victory" comment where he wins women.


[Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?](https://youtu.be/v5DqmTtCPiQ) Ivan here would have been great friends with Jesse Helms


Tell me you're a fascist without telling me you're a fascist


I think the “you dork ass losers” is the best part 😂😂


Unfortunately, it seems Dark Triad Man's account has been suspended. We lost a gentle soul today folks.


I felt a lot better about the statue when I found out who the sculptor was. If it was made by a white dude it would be kinda creepy.


He even included a “deus vult” Jesus man, your cringe is showing


Chinese: Invented paper, cutlery, etc. White people: Look at what we made.


Also, they invented explosives, vinegar, and noodles.


How to tell us you jerked off to a sculpture without telling us you jerked off to a sculpture.


"Dork ass losers" is the perfect description of those dork ass losers


"This is what men of the west fight for" No bitch, men of the west fight for fucking FRODO.