SLPT: Free Software Alternatives

SLPT: Free Software Alternatives


The best part of this post for me was that an Adobe creative cloud was immediately below this post.


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There’s an annoying Adobe ad with her in it on reddit


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Dude use RES, uBlock Origin and old reddit on desktop, 3rd party apps on mobile. I've literally never seen a Reddit ad. I dunno about Facebook I've deleted my profile




(RIF) Reddit Is Fun doesn't have any of these ads.


Honestly would rather take that at the moment instead of all the bs "no more hangover drink" ads. I DON'T EVEN DRINK.


But why "fuck her"? Fuck Adobe


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Adobe is fucking enough people with their subscription bullshit!


So fuck her for making money? Like I doubt any one here would blink if adobe offered us a pile of money for advertising.


I've been using Photoshop longer than she's been alive. Feels weird man


Whats the matter with her? I don't care for her music but haven't heard any reason to dislike her


This is actually a great lpt as long as you’re careful. If you’re not making money from your work then fuck em.


If you're selling print who gives a fuck? It's not like they could prove it off a printed jpg.


No, but I’m also of the opinion that if you start turning enough profit to cover the cost it means you’re serious enough to invest properly and take things above board. I look at pirating media creation software as an indefinite trial that ends if/when you become legit


Not only this, but if you have a business based on pirated software Adobe will do their best to ruin your whole world if they ever catch wind of it. On a personal level, Adobe isn't worth the money. On a business level, not exposing yourself to needless legal risk is a wonderful idea.


Woah woah woah buddy, business? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, everybody knows the only reason you're pirating Adobe software is to suffer through the tutorials enough until you can make some high quality shitposts that take hours to create but make you feel none the better in constructing.


i still use one. 7 years and still going strong.


How would they every find out? Asking for a friend...


If the software calls home, that's game over. I use pre-cloud CS6. It's easy to firewall off, and doesn't need the internet.


That is how my friends boss got fucked over by AutoCAD. His son got a school license for AutoCAD and used his computer at home for homework on the same network his business is. AutoCAD saw it as him using the wrong license to cheap out and he got a nice fine on his door mat


Is that “fine” even enforceable?


Depending on your country, it comes with the threat that you'll spend more fighting it than paying it.


Sort of. Even if you win, you will lose by drowning in lawyer costs. I used to work at an international company that almost got ruined by Microsoft. They had to pay the lawyers, the "stolen" licenses and a hefty fine.


Yeah Autodesk don't fuck around. My customer got a random audit for inventor pro which I facilitated. They found decommissioned machines in other departments like accounting and hadn't totally uninstalled everything. Autodesk billed them for every single component installed on every single computer, whether it was used or not. Bill was 6 figures.


What the fuck


Pirated software rarely has network capabilities right? And if you never give it any personal details, then what would it call home with, your device details? And under what condition would this trigger?


Depends on how well the pirates stripped it out. It is always possible that some small hidden code activates once a month and sends a ping only if it's absolutely sure noone is watching. Also just the originating IP adress with the (in this case) fraudulent license keu could go a long way


But it doesn't really work based on keys anymore. Most cracks are faking the server's positive response to licensing request


That's how it works on my side-laptop, you create a new account, download the demo and use a patch so when it tries to verify you have a legitimate copy, it just references the patch.


Said by many a business owner who'd live to regret that stance.


Disgruntled employees... Happened at one place I worked.


I hadn’t looked at the picture.


If you’re not selling your work, do it. However if you ever plan on it inthe long term, it’s not about Adobe finding out, it’s your customers. A client that is willing to pay you for design work (as a freelancer) is already taking a risk that you’ll deliver the work on time, and legally. If you did a poster, and that poster made that client money, and they find out it was done using software that was torrented, THEY are now liable too.


According to what part of copyright law is a client financially or legally liable because a contracted third party used pirated software in their delivery of a product to that client?


further more the use of pirate software like this further entrenches that software and forces businesses to submit to adobes business tactics (like ridiculous pricing and subscription models.). By moving to open source tooling it provides legitimate competition and provides an alternative to Adobe software.


I so so so love that blender is as amazing as it is for free. Now if we only got a creative suite substitute in a blender foundation format, that‘d be super!


I think you'd have really liked the non-shittily-edited version of this image.


I bet I would’ve. Lemme guess: GIMP for PS, Inkscape for Illustrator, paper mache and glue for inDesign? Davinci resolve and fusion for premiere and After effects and I’ve no idea what Adobe XD does so, ... Did I come close?


Close enough that I don't feel the need to try tracking down the original.


all OSS need to be great is millions of dollars in funding and dozens of corporate backers see blender, RHEL


Linus Tech Tips actually did a good video on trying to leave Adobe products once. They went back because the free products were ~15% slower to use from having less perfected UI and fewer automated tools. And the licenses are cheaper than the inefficiency hit of his editors. I love what freeware tools are doing, but know that there's a big difference between using Photoshop and Gimp


What if said 'business' had all their images are exported to jpegs, then sold on something like Society6? Could they trace that or something?


In general yes, but Adobe and similar shit companies shouldn't be supported. Of course, the best way is to not to use their software at all, if that's an option. Basically, anything but paying to Adobe.


Their hold on their IP is not legitimate; they use loopholes in the patent process in order to keep hold of the technology. When the Company Burns to the ground and the front end of the software enters public domain, it'll be a better day for all of us. Fuck 'em.


Exactly. If you're basically learning/trying it out meh, but if you're using it to make money on streaming sites, craft sites, etc, you really need to just pay for the license.


Do you realize how underpaid creators are? Do you realize how much Adobe has contributed for individucreatives to be this underpaid? Maybe it would change your mind. But in the case of actual businesses with staff, sure they should buy license


Oh, I completely agree, I'm currently in the "proof of concept" phase of finding out if what I'm selling has a chance. If I ever started creating something to sell I would absolutely get a license long enough to "officially" create the templates. From someone who bought multiple creative suites before the BS subscription model, I wouldn't even feel bad using pirate software to create my sold work. Adobe has already gotten $1200 from me over a couple versions. Fuck 'em.


But now it’s *only* ~$600 per year!


naah fuck em


The moment adobe switched from a purchased license to a rented license is the moment they justified pirating for life


People pirate this because you can't buy it you can only rent it.


How'd they be able to prove it unless you distribute it as tiff/pdf/psd?


The way Adobe CS programs package files is fairly unique, so I'm sure they include some marker in the metadata that would flag the file with where it came from (version).


Just save a copy of the jpg and print it yourself instead of buying one.


It's always been their business model. Make it easy for people to use pirated versions of the industry-standard software, everyone learns it, if they become professionals they'll keep using what they know, it stays the industry standard.


My gf in Russia pirates programmes and makes money because people there literally can't afford it. Its very common practice, even for businesses


The price for Adobe Photoshop License ($20/month) in my country is around 30% of my income...


Pirate that shit even if you're making money off it. Creative Cloud is basically malware.


Get Affinity if you hate Adobe so much.


You'd be fooling yourself if you think the two are comparable. That's literally what the post makes fun off, none of those so called alternatives are good.


I wholeheartedly understand the sentiment but reject the message hope they don’t catch wind of it.


Eh, as a professional graphic designer I actually love CC. There's a lot of shit that I don't like, but on the whole, for a professional, it's great.


I used a cracked photoshop copy for years and never had any problems


I was ready to throw away my Windows XP PC after 5 years of service, and then a friend gave me a pirated copy of Windows 7. That extended the life of my computer by 10 years. And the thing is, Microsoft knew all along that it was pirated. The only thing they did was change my wallpaper to a black background with a message that said that I may be a victim of software pirating. Funny thing is, I never felt like I was the victim.


IIRC Microsoft makes money on bulk Window licenses (corporate, business, school etc.). So they don’t really give a shit if someone pirate an individual license.


if anything, they're in the same boat adobe is, they'd rather you use their environment to do stuff even if you got it illegally, that way when you get a job, what you're proficient in using at work is windows/adobe stuff, it costs less to train you in that vs other things so businesses will buy more licenses and it grows again. eventually businesses come to expect you to know that stuff and you expect businesses to use it. then they both rake in billions.


Not only are they in the same boat, I'm fairly sure Bill Gates said in 1998 that they very much would prefer all of China to pirate Windows, so they'd get "addicted" to it and then later Microsoft can figure out how to collect on it. Originally in the 1970s he was against piracy, but once it became apparent that Miscrosoft has a shot at dominating the entire PC OS market with Windows, he changed his tune, because the benefit of the market share growth outweighed the lost revenue. Windows is also so easy to pirate, you don't need to do anything. No key required and they used to even have public download links for the ISOs. Maybe still do.


Not saying you are wrong but isn’t adobe already making money from individual license for their creative cloud? Even if you don’t want to pirate Window an OEM key cost like 5 bucks on Ebay. Meanwhile Adobe’s creative cloud is a subscription service and many independent workers/content creators are using them.


> Even if you don’t want to pirate Window an OEM key cost like 5 bucks on Ebay those aren't 'legit' either, they're individual keys ripped from a bulk sale, which is apparently against the contract ms makes bulk buyers sign or whatever. they could just as easily terminate those licenses as pirate licenses if they so chose, so i don't really see the point in giving them money for the privilege


I thought it has something to do with EU legislation which forces to allow to resell owned licenses.


adobes bulk comes from businesses too. and this may not be as true as it was like 5+ years ago or whenever adobe swapped to the "we'll charge you monthly" shite, you can get a pretty damn good amount by just torrenting an old version of PS.


Bill Gates once said that he'd rather like to see an unlicensed Windows on a PC than Linux. People will get used to the software and they will pay for it at a later point in time. Most of the applications today are cloud-based anyway and it's pretty difficult to pirate cloud software.


Microsoft has no interest on pursuing piracy. Make it slightly annoying and appear unprofessional when used in a professional setting... but if you're really unwilling to pay them, they'd much rather have you use pirated Windows than install a different operating system. Something similar goes for Adobe. They'd rather have you use a pirated version of their products until you make money off them - the alternative is you getting familiar with the free alternatives until it's not worth your time to make the switch.


Same and that's how I got a free copy of window 10 and hopefully 11 if my CPU qualifies


Use kmspico. It makes the pirated copy genuine and you get all updates too. (For windows 10 atleast)


Or even better - HWIDGEN. It registers your licence om M$ servers. And you don't have to run it periodically like KMSpico.


I dont think you have to run kmspico regularly either. Or atleast I never had to


It installs service to silently re-run activation every 180 days. If (or more often when) AV software will detect and remove it, you'll loose anactivation. You'll have to add KMSPICO files to AV exclusions list.


Oh that explains it. I removed all antivirus programs and disabled windows defender


Y tho? Windows Defender does it's job and never bothers me. I just add my Distributives folder to the exclusions list :)


It messed with fitgirl repacks a couple of times which annoyed me. So I shut the whole thing off


i still use one. 7 years and still going strong.


How would one get a cracked copy?


behold, torrenting.


Behold, my stuff! *points at 4TB hard drive stuffed to the brim during broke college days*




r/piracy megathread


With this, it is no longer shitty


Ask Reddit




search in google : adobe photoshop cs5 white rabbit download for free . i have had it for yearss now its amazing and has all the feaures of the original . hope it helps


buy one and then crack it.




Great tip. Fuck Adobe and their subscription based garbage, let me buy the product not rent it.


As a professional, I've been pretty damn thankful that I don't have to shell out 2 grand every couple of years to keep up-to-date. The subscription model has saved me a lot of money. Not to mention the *insane* value you get from their font library.


For the average person it isn't practical but I could see this being s benefit for someone who needs everything up to date for a career


See, but was the average person paying $600 for Photoshop, when they use it maybe once every few months, practical? It's a professional tool and has always had a price tag to match. Adobe doesn't give much of a shit about non-professionals pirating their software, and there are less-fully-featured alternatives that people can use if they only want to do something simple.


When I said average I kinda meant youtube or deviant art level of average. They could use the same program for years without need to update


XD is free tho






So is pirated XD


LOL and ROFL are too


Do you use XD? I’m wondering how it compares to Figma.


Figma is far better


Figma balls


There's lots of stuff that feels pretty beta-tier in Xd. Probably best to stick with Figma if you have the opportunity.


I'll never get over the fact that Adobe Xd could have been "Adobe XD"


I mean, they officially refer to it as Adobe XD on the xd website


Now why is my computer runing slow? Edit: joke just in case it's not clear


You need to download more ram.


Linux swap


All operating systems have swap/pagefiles.


Even TempleOS?


RIP Terry the king :(


Either all your files are being converted to encrypted ones, or you're hashing some fukboi coin


Is there way to find it and remove it?


Pirate kaspersky


It's piracy all the way down


I'm into music production, and honest to God, I only ever have problems with the software I actually paid for. I'm about half legit and half cracked. Matter of fact, I even use a cracked version of one specific peice of software I own because it was less prone to crashing.


The answer is you're using Adobe software :\^)


Affinity Photo is my go-to. It’s amazing. And super cheap for a full license.


Seconded. I’m a professional designer and I mostly use the whole Affinity suite. Started with it years ago when I was just starting out cause it was cheap, but any Adobe program in comparison is so clunky to use even now. Don’t even get me started on how annoying illustrator is to use …


Illustrator is amazing though. Any other alternatives?


Affinity alternatives to Adobe: Illustrator -> Affinity Designer InDesign -> Affinity Publisher Photoshop -> Affinity Photo They usually have a massive sale where things go at least 50% off


Please don’t wake me up, tell me it’s a one time purchase?? Edit: omg it is non-subscription Totally checking this out again on Black Friday / cyber Monday


The best thing about Affinity (for me) is that it's basically the same on the iPad, so you can work on the go and don't have to use a notebook+tablet to work, iPad Pro is enough. Photoshop on iPads is junk. Affinity Designer is also great.


I actually prefer affinity designer to illustrator and I picked it up on a sale for half the price.


I just wish it had things like actual hard brushes or that the pixel art brush actually went to 1 pixel instead of going back up to 3x3


Same, that and Clip Studio for drawing. DaVinci Resolve is free and better alternative to Premiere and it runs so much faster. The only thing I can't find a good replacement for is Lightroom. Darktable isn't quite up to par and most other photo editing software doesn't have a cataloguing system like Lightroom does which for me is essential...


There’s a lovely sub called r/piracy I’ve pirated Adobe crap for years without a VPN. They do not crack down on anything The only time you need a VPN is with anything related to Disney. Those annoying adamant fuckers


Back before Creative Cloud came along, there used to be a hack for Adobe products where you could edit the code to manipulate the portion that checks for a valid subscription to basically unlock the software.


remember amtlib.dll where you could download a single dll and crack every single adobe program in existence with it?


Yeah lmao How does CC 2021 cracking work now?


They did actually crack down recently :/


Yeah this is an intentional tactic from Adobe. I guess from their POV the creatives that actually make money using their apps will pay for the software. The people using it for fun or to get better may become customers later. Adobe is worth billions, if they wanted to stop cracked software they easily could. I mean it even tells you you’re using pirated software so it’s not like they can’t detect it.


They absolutely could not stop the cracking of Adobe software, it’s not possible, pretty much everything gets cracked eventually.


I was listening to a Podcast on this very topic, can’t remember what it’s called though. But if they know it’s cracked, by giving you a messaging telling you as such then they can certainly stop it from working. They merely need it to contact the servers for verification.


No they can't stop people cracking their software. Denuvo couldn't too


I feel bad for paying the subscription lol, I'm just a home user making digital paintings, maybe I should pirate.


- Photoshop → [Gimp](https://gimp.org) (maybe not as good as photoshop, but it receives contributions from a research lab, GREYC via GMIC), [Krita](https://krita.org) - Illustrator → [Inkscape](https://inkscape.org) - InDesign → [Scribus](https://www.scribus.net) - 3D misc → [Blender](https://blender.org) - Video misc. → [Cinelerra](https://cinelerra-gg.org), Blender - Audio misc. → [Ardour](http://ardour.org), Audacity, [others](https://linuxfr.org/users/thecross/journaux/jouer-avec-son-groupe-a-distance) - Lightroom → [Darktable](https://darktable.org), [RawTherapee](http://rawtherapee.com), Digikam What matters here isn't the free/gratis : it's the free/freedom ! With open standards, you're not trapped by a company in particular. Don't lose your stuff because some company stops maintaining their software.


KDENlive! GNU license software for video editing


Blender for 3D, Darktable and Rawtherapee are all great. The rest don't come close to the actual professional tools. Yeah, they're more free. But you also can't do half the shit you can do in an Adobe program.


Adobe ROFL > Adobe XD


Unironically, I started using GIMP instead of Photoshop, so far it works pretty well


I've been using GIMP and it's great considering it's free. Unless you're a professional, most people won't need anything beyond GIMP but there's plenty you can use it for as a professional tool as well.


It's called GIMP because you have to be into BDSM to enjoy using it.


Lmao you have a point, but I would rather use open source than risk getting a trojan or some shit pirating software


For sure, I use it every now and then. Each time I'm reminded of why I only use it every now and then.


Ayyy! FOSS for the win! I still think PS is better, but GIMP has come a long way, especially in the past couple of years. And it's been my go-to for photo/picture editing for well over a decade.


are the tools and hot keys the same?


All of the basic tools, as well as some of the more intelligent ones (like heal) are there and work well. You need to download third party plugins for many of the other tools -- Darktable to handle RAW images, another for content-aware tools, etc. Everything is generally a slightly bigger ordeal, but you can typically get the same results (and there are plenty of tutorials available). Hotkeys are not even close, and that has been a big slowdown. I suppose you could remap them, but with all the third-party stuff, it seems like an even bigger headache. If you have $60 to spend, I recommend looking at Affinity. Full license, non-subscription purchases (although several products available), nowhere near the cost of Adobe, and pretty damned good. The workflow is so much smoother than GIMP, which makes the software feel more powerful, because you can get where you want to go so much quicker. They have photo editing, illustration, layout, and maybe a couple other products.


I think there are guides how to set up the hotkeys very close to PS And I second Affinity - they even have a fully featured iPad version - unlike PS


Yeah, and as long as people realize it's not a total Photoshop replacement, it's an awesome thing. The number one thing I used to miss in The GIMP is adjustment layers, and to a lesser degree different color profiles. Nowadays I could probably replace most my needs with Darktable.


photoshop - > GIMP Illustrator - > Krita Premier - > KDENlive


Just to add, Inkscape and Davinci Resolve are both great free (price-wise) programs. DR isn't FOSS though, so make of that what you will.


Is anyone else saddened by those fugly icons? This is supposed to be *creative* software... How about some inspiration instead of corporate sterility.


Want office 360 and many other microsoft apps but don't want to pay? Just use a student linked account for free access ! Don't be a fool, steal your tools /s


A friend of mine in college pirated software like it was his job. It didn't matter if he had an actual use for the software -- he just wanted to have it, and use it until he got bored with it. Now he works in IT, and it turns out all that experience with various commercial software really came in handy. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the major, and quite a few obscure programs, and can make informed decisions on what to buy.


This is as useful as it seems. If I need to buy software for work I can use a trial software to decide. It’s company’s time while I evaluate the software not my time.


Absolutely. Unfortunately, not all software packages are available as trail versions. Then again, it's perfectly reasonable to purchase a single copy of a piece of software to evaluate, before deciding to buy 500 licenses for the whole department.


That is not free software. That is gratis software. Free as in free speech not free as in free beer. More on this, it is actually ok to charge money on free software.


In english(a shit language) free means both gratis and libre. Thats why the words in Spanish (great language) are used in the first place


Free Software is a shit name. We should've moved to saying "libre software" years ago. I mean, cmon, a "ware" is an item, so when you read "free items" *of course* you'll think "gratis items". Especially since Free Software *usually is gratis*, apparently vindicating peoples' assumption the first few times.


Username checks out. I agree. I think libre is such an unused word that if the FSF chose to use it, it would've become synonymous with them, and a lot more people would know what it means. It was free real estate (free as in gratis). Meantime, the word "free" is deeply embedded in our culture, and people already have clear associations attached to it. No one can change what we think about when we hear the word free. But Stallman chose to insist on it anyway, and has since spent half his life correcting people about what he means when he says it.


honestly? this is not as "shitty" as you might think fuck adobe. what are they gonna do without your money, go bankrupt? some people still need to learn that capitalism will exploit you to death, why not exploit capitalism back when you have the chance? piracy (and semi-related: ad blockers) are ethical and moral


I was paying for adobe CC but their bullshit authentication meant if I tried to use it when I was offline, I would often get told to get online to verify access. There were days at work on my laptop that couldn't connect to the office internet and I'd be using my cellphone as a hotspot all day just to work. After that, said fuck it and pirated the whole suite. I'm not going to be paying those insane prices to not even have access.


How has no one in this thread mentioned [Photopea](https://www.photopea.com/) yet. Does everything photoshop does and all in a browser can open it anywhere.


>Does everything photoshop does Photopea is great, but you don't **actually** believe that it has feature parity with Photoshop, do you?


> Does everything photoshop does if you need to crop something and a stamp tool, sure. But seriously, no. Also it's so clunky and heavy my notebook starts lagging, which means the browser can just freeze and you'll lose everything


Interesting use of the word everything. Even so, really impressed someone made it!


[mac-torrent-download.net](https://mac-torrent-download.net) For all the Apple fellows


No, r/adobezii


You misspelled macserialjunkie.com ;)


Remember the days when a CD with their entire software suite cost the same as a one-month subscription in current times? and they wonder why people pirate their shit...


Haha pirate gang ggoo bbrrr


Looks like whoever made that image could really use a copy of Photoshop with that terrible alignment.


This is the way


This meme is so old , you can literally see the mold


I remember my multimedia class professor asking if any of us needed one of the college copies of Photoshop and Premier for his class and I replied that I had the "extended trial version".


on a serious note ... be aware that if you are using software for personal use and not really intending to make any money out of it, piracy won't be a problem. however if your intension is to make big bucks out of your creations be very wary as using pirated software can seriously come bite you in the ass later. in fact, good business sense is to thoroughly and extensively read the terms of use for ANY software you use lest you end up donating your entire IP to someone else on a technicality


Yep these are better pirated


Real pro tip. Dont fuking use adobe. Their business model is shit. Give your time to ANY other software and eventually that subscription crap will end.


Getting Adobe products for free: It's always moral!


Own legit photoshop when they still sold licenses, but would eventually like to find a cracked version of the same that I have. Just so I know it'll always work.


Yo ho ho


Can confirm, torrent stuck at 99.9%.


Jokes aside, the pirated versions, especially cc2015, work the best. No bullshit Brigde connections, no Behance garbage, no online libraries, no ads to upgrade and update anything, just open a program and do your work. The cc2015 suite destroys the 2019, 2020 and 2021 suites in every imaginable way, and it\`s also mega stable. Pair that with Blender and you got yourself everything you possibly need.


Unironically what I end up recommending people do. I have personnal experience related to this. Look here, True Story incoming : I went to a Digital and Graphic Design School. When we arrived for the first year, we had to download a whole lot of tools, including the Adobe Suite. The School we went to had Student Keys for Adobe. Even with a Legit Key for Adobe, I still went with Pirated Adobe. Why ? Well one because I didn't want to have a Glorified Trial Version of Adobe on my computer, 2 Every year the key had to be changed. Usually with months at a time where we had to wait for the new key but the old one didn't work. We had to deal with this every single year. Great, not having adobe for 3 months on a 10 month School year, awesome. And finally because I wanted to have a the Adobe Software even after I finish my studies. Here's the Real Kicker though : I always carried a Copy of Cracked Adobe Suite on my external hard drive, everywhere I went. Sometimes even the Mac version of it. People would ask me and I also voluntered to install Adobe on their computers. I don't remember how many people I did this to. Probably 20 total. Having Cracked Adobe was better than real Adobe. Even though the real one gets updated. Actually, that's one of the worst things about it, having it constantly update every single day is a downside to me, not an upside. Adobe Software is the Digital Version of "Fake it t'ill you make it". It's like "Don't Pay for it until you're a pro". Now I'm a pro, so I have the legit version now. Makes almost no difference to be honest.


I remember the good old time when you could just download the trail, and replace one .dll file and have free adobe. That stop working when they came with creative cloud unfortunately... That were good times tho


Funnily enough adobe admitted pirated versions of their software run better