WSIB if i like fast paced, “feeling like a god” open world games?

WSIB if i like fast paced, “feeling like a god” open world games?


The Just Cause games, particularly JC3. You can usually get it dirt cheap in online sales, like $5 for the complete version with all DLC.


This right here is the actual right answer. You can literally fly around with a wing suit, parachute and grapple and take out an entire city/stronghold of enemies without even touching the ground


I don't know what it is, but the only game I really liked in the series was 2. You're not wrong, you are definitely superior to the enemy at pretty much all times and there are several cool traversal tools at your disposal, but I just didn't find the combat satisfying at all. Something about 2 managed a nice balance between challenge and powerful freedom. Or I don't know, maybe that's just me.


Everyone prefers their first. I played JC3 first and prefered that when I went back and tried 2. I just couldn't handle the lack of a wingsuit


JC2 was my first but my favourite is 3 because it basically took all the things I wasn't a big fan of in 2 and fixed them


JC3 was also my first. I liked JC4, didn’t love it, felt too short and the DLC was meh. Couldn’t get into JC2.


I really enjoyed 2 when I was younger, but I prefer 3. The wingsuit just adds so much IMO.


Either that or saints row 4


The Prototype games.


Amen. Only in Protype can you grow massive claws, shred humans in a single hit, rip apart tanks with your bare hands and then shape shift into a commander to call in an artillery strike on some zombies.


in that order




I completely forgot about prototype I used to love p2


Saints Row 3 and 4 are batshit crazy, Just Cause 2 and 3, and Far Cry 3-5 and 6 when it comes out. If you are up for linear badassery, Doom 2016, Eternal, the new Wolfenstein games (except Youngblood unless you have a friend who will play with you), Devil May Cry 5, Deathloop, Dishonored 1 and 2, and Ghostrunner.


>unless you have a friend who will play with you even then...pretty oof of an experience. can't believe they did BJ dirty like that


Doom and Wolfenstein take time to get build up to "god mode". With Doom, once you get most of the power ups unlocked it's fucking madness blazing through the levels but it does take a bit of grinding. Similar with Wolf. I preferred Saints Row 3 over 4, but both are fucking silly and bonkers. Just finished Far Cry 5. I think 4 is better about making you feel crazy powerful as you level up 3, 4, and 5 are great along with Blood Dragon which is also just bonkers and fun as hell. Just cause 3 kind of straddles the line between FC and SR. They're semi realistic but as you level up you unlock some serious levels of badassery.


I haven't seen the Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor/War games suggested yet. The combat is similar to AC, but better. You fight hordes of orcs and feel like a right badass when you slaughter them so well they get scared and run away. You can also play stealthy when you feel like, and then there's the whole nemesis system that's awesome


I actually have shadow of war downloading right now because I miss the gameplay and crave it again. Like a 100gb with the dlc's but it will be worth it. Absolutely love the two games


They do a good job at making you work for your power. You start off really avoiding battle, but 10 hours in you're running headlong into hordes of orcs.


Prototype 1 and 2


I second this, along with the infamous series


Favorite destressing game, and I'll never stop dropping in on threads like these to make sure it's recommended.


Infamous, or saint row


seconding infamous


I'd say start with second son since it's the most refined gameplay wise imo, then if you vibe with the universe go back and play the first two


Agreed, I still prefer the original games by a mile but in some places (especially in 2, which I still adore regardless) the game gets kind of boring until you get a new power to spice it up again. Second Son, until the very last few missions, is just a pretty lighthearted adventure that’s easy to enjoy.


The Batman arkham Series! Perfectly matches your description, basically a predecessor to spiderman ps4


Agreed. Or prototype series.


Try control. Not as much as an open world but once you start flying it becomes crazy fun.


I just started playing this and only got to the first flying baddie. I honestly am going in blind, not knowing anything about the story, and just within the first 5 minutes I was thinking "what in the freaky deaky fucked up is going on here?"


That’s actually a spoiler, the freaky deaky fucked ups show up around the middle.


That and you can change the settings to literally turn on a God mode.


Dishonored 1+2 It's not open world, but the levels are huge and beautifully built. It's also probably the most satisfying game to try speed through, or to just become death itself and kill everything lmao.


This is not really open world but God of war 3 remastered is so good you "feel like a god" in a way


Not really open world, but DOOM definitely gives that "fuck yeah motherfucker!" feeling whenever I play it


not open world, but definitely warframe. whole game is a power fantasy, and the entire endgame is you perfecting your builds so you can destroy level 1000 enemies. plus the warframes act like classes so there's something for everyone, and you can run any combination of weapons. I personally use a ballistic bow, a deagle and a bigass hammer, but you can basically use whatever you want. it has open world sections as well, so I think you would enjoy it


If you speed through it the later game is hard


Yeah, was gonna say Warframe. The open world areas are cool because of the various ways you can get around them. Not just the hoverboard and Archwing, but also speed and flight builds on some warframes.


Saints Row is exactly what you're describing.


Never in my life I have agreed more


That was my thought too, specifically 3 or 4. Just make sure you're cool with crude humor and go in that order, because 4 really ups your power level, so going backward might feel weird.


Prototype series , story and voice acting is shit but damn its fun to slaughter everything in sight


Just Cause 3, Jedi Fallen Order, DOOM Eternal if you don’t mind a linear game, Halo franchise if you don’t mind a linear game


Unconventional suggestion, but the Dead Rising series. You feel like a beast as you cut down literal thousands of undead with crazy weapons you craft that get more and more absurd. Also, Jedi Fallen Order. Once I mastered the combat I felt untouchable roaming around slaughtering storm troopers with flashy combos.


Infamous games especially 2. You can play it on ps now and stream it to your ps4/pc if you dont have a ps3.


I'd say go for Far Cry series (3-5), Just Cause series, Arkham series, Prototype series, Deus Ex series (Human Revolution and Mankind Divided) and if PS4 is an option the inFamous series (the first games are PS3 but can be played bia PS Now). Other contenders either less openworldy or a bit less like a god (at the beginning at least but god by the end) : God of War (the last one) Horizon Zero Dawn. Arkane's games : Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop. Bethesda games : Fallout series (3, 4, New Vegas) and Skyrim. Borderlands series.


Dishonored really does make you feel like the spirit of vengeance


God of War maybe ?


Since when is that open world? And feeling like a god? You take a wrong turn and a reskinned cannonfodder enemy 2 levels above you kills you off. 2 levels is a big thing when you finish the game around lv7 or 8 by design.


Interesting that you don't call it open world, what would you call it? Similar to how the majority of open world games work, if you go to an area that you're not meant to be in yet you'll get smashed my enemies above your level. The story is pretty involved and the world slowly opened up to you in both hard limits (physically can't go there) and soft limits (being below level) but I don't see this as much of a difference from a lot of other games. I thought that playing as kratos did give a feeling of being all powerful, >!especially on the run up to the main event in alfheim, where everything gets a bit crazy and your just cutting through all the dark elves!<


I think semi-open world? I believe the developers described it that way, if they didn't then most of the reviewers definitely did. Similar to a section in The Last of Us 2. Seems like Sony developers have been making more of an effort to open up their linear narrative games!


Wide linear


Take a look at the Devil May Cry series. Not open world, but it’s fast paced and you definitely feel like an overpowered badass.


Control you need to work somewhat but later you will be getting the feel of its Jesse Faden's supremacy, especially in the dlcs.


Doom Eternal and Doom 2016. Nothing comes close to it. Mick Gordon fills your ears with chaos and your veins with bloodlust. It's so dope, you just gotta try it.


Definitely not an open world game...


I second this!!!


So, it's not an open world game, but if you have any interest in roguelikes: Risk of Rain 2. By the end of your run you'll feel like apocalypse incarnate. ^(Until you get one shot by a wisp...)


Accurate tho


Exactly! Even though I love to play co-op, the solo experience is what really makes you feel like a god of destruction. The feeling you get when you one-shot a boss for the first time, marvellous! And then there's elemental Brass Contraptions and Elder Lemurians...


Warframe, not open world, but you'll definitely feel like a god


Until that bubble mtfk ran into you


Seconded for Warframe. If only because it's Free.


I’m genuinely surprised no one mentioned Dying light. It’s basically a open world filled with zombies and mischiefs which will be strong and overwhelming at the start. You’ll be using your parkour and combat skills (and experience) as key factor of your confidence to take on others. There’s an additional thing about dying light, there’s night time mode. At the start you would not dare to step out, but over time, it’ll be really fun and you’ll feel like god. At the end, you’ll just breeze through with few challenges. It’s really satisfying. Highly recommended game which I have sunk many hours into it. I’ve loved Assassins creed series, spider man and other similar games too, so I’m confident that you’ll feel at home with this game.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey :*^*)


For real... IDK why OP excluded Odyssey. Great open world game that absolutely makes you feel like a god.


I enjoyed origins, started odyssey and was loving it. Then one day suddenly realised how repetitive the core loop is. See house. Scan with bird. Sneak in, stab, loot treasure chest, sneak out. Just over and over again. Can’t bring myself to go back to it.


That's just every single Ubisoft game lol.


~~Assassin's~~ Demigod Creed Odyssey


Just Cause 3 not 4


What’s so bad about 4?


Lots of new gadgets and absolutely no reason to use any of it. Entire game is just copy paste missions except for about 5 that use the weather weapon stuff.


But you have to admit making airships out of rickshaws and minivans is cool, but I can’t complain, I got the full version with all the add-ons for 7 bucks


Yeh I enjoyed it. But it took a nosedive in terms of how fun the missions were to play through


Also, did Square Enix drop the game? Whenever I log on the servers can’t be reached


So you should test God Of War !


Juat Cause 3 is the ultimate power fantasy, once you unlock nukes, you rise above god status


Shadow of War!


The prototype games are the ultimate feel like a god game.


I remember spending hours just seeing how much air I could get before nuclear elbow dropping into a crowd of tanks.


Infamous second son. Batman Arkham asylum. Horizon zero dawn


Horizon is a fantastic game, but I wouldn’t say you feel like a god. Kinda feels like you’re David taking on Goliath a lot of the time.


Fair point


Seconding Arkham Asylum. Punching your way through hordes of bad guys is a ton of fun


Might want to check out Devil May Cry 5. The gameplay is very satisfying. Basically, the game is about killing the enemy as stylishly as possible. Also, the more stylish you play, the better the in game soundtrack sounds and that definitely makes me feel very badass when I’m playing it.


Infamous on PS4 makes you feel like a god and it’s really fun to play.


Same for the sequel (2nd son)


Great game too. Second son was my first PS4 game


Saints Row 4 Prototype 1&2 The Infamous games


Shadow of war for sure




I recommend the Shadow of Mordor games. They are slow in the beginning but once you get some powers, it really speeds up and you get the "godlike" feeling


Middle Earth: Shadow of War Sometimes I let the orcs kill me a few times so they have a glimpse of greatness before I strip their hopes and dreams away from them and leave them crying and pissing themselves every time they see me, so weak and powerless that a stray arrow into their leg could instantly kill them.


Just cause 3 or 4


2 is also one of my favorites, I just love it. 3 is amazing 4 lacks story and many people just refunded it because of it being half finished (I get rare Xbox achievements for completing story missions lol). Sometimes I wish I didn't buy 4, it's so different and boring compared to the rest.


4 looked like it had nice new toys but it lacked everywhere else


Doom eternal... its not open world but fuck that, if you want to feel like a god theres not a better game!


Just Cause 3 and 4


Prototype 1 is the most fitting your discribtion. You won't find any other game that fills that "feeling like a god" gap. In this game, after u get some decent upgrades you literally are the only one who decides who lives and who dies.


Absolutely this pick. You literally become an edgy god by the end of the game.


Infamous second son




Shadow of Mordor/ Shadow of War Open world & you're cannonically immortal


Terraria. Well at the start you die just from anyone, but at the end you will become stronger than god. I love terraria for the feel of progression.


Rage 2. It's like open world Doom


I agree. One thing I feel like I should point out is, that the main story only takes like 3-4 hours to beat...


I mean yea if u beeline the main missions. But I spent easily double that just finding all Arks, new powers and weapons and clearing bandit outposts to upgrade my powers etc


I gotta ask, what happened in Odyssey? Games I know like that are X men origins Wolverine (Not open world), Hades (Not open world), Witcher 3: Blood and wine ( I liked the dlc more than the main game cause it's straight to the point while still having plenty of exploration). You know you mentioned Spiderman ps4 when you asked for PC but whatever, Warframe. Here are the questionable open world fast paced god like games where it's a small world, can be pretty slow paced depending on play style, and you can still suck at it game. Mass effect 2, Chrono trigger, Half life 2, Deus Ex, The Wolf Among us, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, Prototype 2, Fable the lost chapter and Vampire the Masquerade blood lines. As you can see, choice making games are my favorite but I think most of your categories match.


I've never been more disappointed. I expected Sekiro in the comments but found no Sekiro. I think it's exactly what you're looking for. I LOVED Sekiro and still do. I've mastered every corner of the game by now.


Sekiro rules but it isn't really open world in the way OP is referring to. I died to 2nd owl father about 300 times though, so as far as feeling immortal like a god, it has that going for it


Sekiro is not open world and it’s hard to feel like a god when practically every enemy can kill you if you aren’t on your A game. I love Sekiro. I’ve platinum’d it. But it’s not what op is looking for.


Days Gone - it starts out slow but eventually you get to the point where you can just absolutely mow through hordes which is incredibly satisfying




So you’re counting AC liberation? I’d say saints row 3 is fun and GOW series are the best experience ever.


You’ll probably love the prototype games or something like Doom. Edit: Dishonored and Wolfenstein is great for this but Ace Combat(7 is the latest, on all platforms, the rest besides 6 are IIRC only on Playstation). By the end of the game you can hear your enemies panic when seeing “Three strikes” and there’s a lot of dynamic dialogue for things you do(Like taking out a certain target before being prompted to or completely ignoring two specific bosses they’ll leave on their own


Titanfall 2


Especially true when you get good enough at multiplayer that you stomp everyone. Nothing makes you feel stronger than being Core 3 Monarch and slaughtering an entire enemy team


I rarely get to core 3, but i am thirsty for batteries. Have you seen the titanfall sub recently? The whole anime hacker plot and cheese?


I'm too hurt to revisit that sub. Respawn has done TF dirty man


I haven't come back to Titanfall for a long time. Is respawn kinda neglecting it? Or should I just check out the sub and then the issues will be obvious?


The sub has lost its collective mind, I'll give you a brief history lesson: The game has maintained a decent community of active players for years now. Recently the sub coordinated a "Titanfall" day to bring everybody together to play at once and it was a huge success, leading up to it EA actually made the game free for the weekend to encourage it, everybody was happy. Then the servers got DDOS'd and nobody could play. The rumors were that someone's wife had an affair with a respawn employee, so the hacker decided to take his anger out on the TF and Apex servers. Of course since Apex is the cash cow Respawn fixed it within days, but TF had been inoperable for months. Now here's where things get juicy: a redditor posts on the TF sub some code that modifies the firewall and would stop the DDOS attacks. Respawn actually runs with it and the servers are restored. Uuuuuunnntiiil it's revealed the redditor with the solution was actually the hacker himself. And on top of the cuckold thing wanted to "prove his chops" to the Respawn team so they would hire him. Allegedly he also worked on some shitty Chinese mobile TF spinoff game as well (something called like Titanfall Assault or some shit I think?). The servers are DDOS'd again, the subreddit descends into madness and pretends that "Titanfall 3" has released and everybody discusses the made up game. Fortunately, fairly recently, Respawn fixed most of the issues. TF2 is back up for NA and Europe I believe (Stralia's shit out of luck). TF1 servers were restored but may be currently down, idk. It's just frustrating that Respawn (not EA) chose to release TF2 the same fucking day as BF1 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or whatever. TF2 goes under the radar, zero mention of a TF3, and Apex becomes a huge success. Dont get me wrong I love Apex but the insane expensive lootboxes and the absolutely horrible SBMM meant to get people hooked is scummy as fuck. It's a dark path towards shitty games where it's not about having fun, it's about getting money. Maybe it's for the best that Titanfall 2 is frozen in time. Before lootboxes and ranked matchmaking became the norm. I just wish the servers were functional so I could enjoy it regularly


With all due respect to the other Titans, Northstar is the best. After like 300 hours, my multiplayer Titan use pie chart was like 96% Northstar lmao. I had so much fun with her.


Defo not open world, but feeling like a god? Risk of rain 2, top tier game. When you get into the late game you literally delete everything on screen it's pretty nuts. And it has huge replayability value since it's roguelike with a bunch of characters and RNG.


Prototype is the obvious choice. Story and all that are bad, but that's not the point and no one cares, the gameplay is super fun and you feel like a god. Other good options are Saints Row 4, which is very similar to Prototype and even better, if Im honest, Batman Arkham Knight (movement is fast, combat and traversal with gliding and batmobile are very cool and you feel badass), GTA Sand Andreas with cheats, Infamous Second Son and Spider Man if you have a PS4 or PS5 (the first are also good, but you would need a PS3), Dying Light after you unlock various abilities. It's actually cool to see the difference in that game where in the beginning you have to run away from zombies, but a while later you're chopping heads like it's nothing. I think Sleeping Dogs would drift away from what you're looking for since there's a lot of normal gameplay in a city, but if I remember correctly, the fist fights are awesome. Just Cause 3 is also what you're looking, for I think. Control is not a open world (at least it's a Metroidvaniaish) and you have actual powers as well. There is also Crackdown. That Forspoken that's coming what to PS5 seems to have awesome gameplay too. Lastly, I don't know if you played Valhalla, but it's way better put together than Odyssey was, which let's pretend it doesn't exist.


Sunset overdrive might scratch your itch


Great call, especially if OP liked Spider-man. The locomotion is great and its the type of game where you're killing dozens of enemies at a time.


Prototype and infamous


Bioshock Infinite


I mean I know it get a lot of hate but.... Literally Cyberpunk 2077 fits this perfectly (especially since you said you liked assassin's Creed)


You could try out the game Muck. Main reason I’m suggesting this is because it’s free to play. It’s an open-world roguelike survival game. You collect power-ups and defeat powerful bosses and every play through lasts maybe 2-3 hours tops. There’s 3 difficulties to play on. You’ll find out that “easy” is actually pretty tough early on, but you’ll get the hang of it and eventually everything will be a breeze.


**oh you don't know what Karlson is? It's just a little game in working on only the 18th most wishlisted game on steam so smash wishlist now gamers**


Returnal and then Deathloop after that


If you want to feel like an invincible bringer of destruction, play the Just Cause series, 3 in particular is great.


Slime rancher because it is open world and you are the god af a bunch of cool slimes


inFamous for sure


I know this is asking for PS4, but when talking about games like this, I have to add Sunset Overdrive. Once you get a hang of the movement, you are an actual god. It's also on PC.


Saints Row 4




Upvote for the mention of Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Used to love just destroying buildings in that game. Also to OP, not completely in line with what you referenced, but they did a remaster of Destroy All Humans that makes you feel like a supreme alien lord burning down the entire planet. If you haven't played it, it can be great fun.


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saints row 4


Destroy all humans is also great in that sence


Doom Eternal,Far Cry 5 and Devil may Cry 5 will all give you that power fantasy




> openworld


Damn don't have any recommendations for open worlds


Yup, that complicates it. Maybe Saints Row and Rage games? Far Cry series and Crysis 1 and Warhead too. Other than that there's not really anything that matches OP's preferences. Stuff like GTA, AC, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 or Watch Dogs are a possibility but they might not click with him.


Its old, but Prototype!


Arkham Knight


sains row 4


Odyssey, its a great game.


Nier Automata


Destiny 2. You literally kill gods and turn them into weapons for fun.


not open world but the doom games


I have seen ZERO recommendations for Metal Gear Rising, yall are tripping. You flip a Metal Gear Ray during the God damn TUTORIAL MISSION


Sunset Overdrive


immortals fenyx rising? i love a lot of the other suggestions too just thought to throw that one in, i am playing it now.




This is the way


Bloodborne is really good but you definitely won’t feel power full. GOW 4 is an obvious choice but it’s not open world. Never played TW3 but heard a lot of good about it.


I’ve played Bloodborne and trust me I know that you don’t powerful lol


I did feel like a god playing sekiro on ng+ having mastered the mechanics by the end of the game and being able to seamlessly cut down enemies in the start of a 2nd play through felt good.


you do feel more powerful in comparison to dark souls, though. its the first time in soulsborne where you are the hunter and you notice how swift and powerful you are with the extensive moveset, lack of shield and big ass weapons. in comparison, in dark souls you are a mostly normal dude who swings weapons slowly and has to be careful and conservative while attacking.


If you get triple 23% or better gems and are good you do kind of stylishly crush content, but it's more like when you're good at a souls game and not on your first playthrough you look like a beast just because people know it's supposed to be hard, but you're breezing through it not getting touched, 1 shotting anything you don't feel like parrying for flare. But that's definitely not the first playthrough experience.


Skyrim you’d love the companions especially


I know the flair is PC, but you mentioned GoT. Also that overpowered thing. BUT I think you might enjoy Bloodborne. It is fast paced and the world building gives the exact feeling of an open world.


I felt anything but overpowered when I played bloodborne lol but that could just be because I could never quite get the hang of it. Still haven’t made it past the cleric beats :( I suck


Try the infamous games!


While maybe not exactly what your looking for but if you want a game where you literally feel like a overpowered fighting god-like machine (to the point where some enemies will actually say "WTF, this dude is OP") then I really recommend the ***Yakuza*** series. I recommend starting with 0, as its a prequal and most polished (game play wise) in my opinion.


Shadow of war is a perfect fit imo


fast paced and highly skilled... you should definetly look at Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Great humour too


Doom eternal is everything u want go buy it


Amazing game, but it isn't open world like the OP suggested.


Just Cause 3. Horizon Zero Dawn Also, the Batman Arkham games are to Batman, what the Spider-Man and Miles Morales games are to Spider-Man.


Did you play AC Odyssey? From your post, I'm not sure whether you dislike it or just never got around to it. In AC:O, you can spec your character to become very god-like. The key is to dump all of your skill points into one tree (ranger, warrior, assassin). When I played it, I would often swap all of my points (you can reset whenever) between the warrior and assassin trees. Both trees give you supernatural, broken abilities that turn you into either a unstoppable spartan superpowers or an invisible (literally) ninja who can wipe out a groups of guards in one stroke.


Infamous second son, prototype 1 and 2, just cause 3 and 4 and dragon ball z Kakarot should scratch that itch


Honestly, I think you would really like Black Desert Online. Open world. The combat is amazing. The graphics are amazing. There is a 1 week free trial, and I think the game is like 15 bucks. (Don't buy any of the extra shit unless you really really want it, none of it is necessary). It doesn't have the BEST storyline ever, but it's passable. If you want to feel like a god that can raze hellfire down and murder an entire group of enemies, this is the game for you.




Shadow of Mordor..granted you can get overwhelmed but you also get very powerful


...God of War 2018?


And absolutely Batman Arkham Knight With a dose of Shadow of War (you literally play the most powerful character besides Sauron)


Infamous Second Son


Others have mentioned Just Cause 3 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War but those are absolutely correct so I will also mention them.


Honestly, most open world games with a difficulty slider can fit this description. Set it to easy / very easy and have fun. So with that I would include Skyrim or Fallout to this list with it set to easiest difficulty. I also heard Mad Max may have this feel, but I haven't tried it yet. For specifics: * Prototype (never played 2) * Just Cause 3 * Grand Theft Auto V (with armor in particular as special abilities increase this feeling) * Watch Dogs (more than 2 imo for the combat mechanics) * Watch Dogs 2 (I never played Legion) * Batman: Arkham Knight (more than the others due to the fear takedowns) * Hitman 3 (most iffy one, depends on your stance on stealth) * Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (use the chicken hat) * Saints Row 4 (I only played 1 and this one. 1 was too arcade-like and had a "San Andreas" feel where you could be outnumbered quite easily if you make a lot of mistakes. Idk about 2 or 3, but 4 literally has special abilities that makes the feeling drop quickly.) * Final Fantasy XV (if you like anime)




Nier automata


Don't know about anyone else, but Fallen Order on the easiest difficulty is really fun for feeling like you're unstoppable


If you’re into slightly more realistic games than the Arkham series and sleeping dogs sound like your exact type. Sleeping dogs has one of the most brutal and badass fighting mechanics I’ve seen, you’ll feel as if you’re 5x the fighter Bruce lee was. The Arkham games have amazing stories and of course, Batman wipes enemies just as you want


Not crazy accessible at the moment, but the Infamous games. If you have a good internet connection and PS Now you can play them for sure.


Destiny 2


Warframe does the "feeling like a god" thing, and has three open world zones that are pretty interesting. It's multiplayer co-op, and has options for nearly every play style imaginable. It's also got a truly absurd number of other features, but those are definitely there. The game is vast, and if you try it out, the fandom wiki will be your friend.


Kingdom of Amalur


Middle earth/shadow of war, GOW series if you want a story, infamous, prototype 1&2


I dont know about open worldd, but i can recomend hades 1000%+


In Odyssey you’re literally a demi-god, and can become very OP. It takes time to build up to, but the game is a breeze after a while and you gain powers Also, GOD of War. You get a Mjolnir-like axe (made by the same people as Mjolnir)


Crackdown 2/3 is a fucking great game. It doesn’t try to be serious and as you power up throughout you become a monster