Wait, you're telling me that after loosing 2 BTG, they tried again to pass here, 3 days after the two first attempt?


What a bunch of RU idiots. They are trying to use up the Ukraine ammunition, one tank at a time? Spoiler alert: NATO kept sending ammunition


yep that's exactly what they did.


Unassailable russian strategy: *We are going to send BTGs until the Ukrainians run out of artillery rounds. Then we win!*




Unassailable lol


Time for some rest. But in two days time, the supply guys needs to start bringing more ammo for the artilery guys. You know what they say? third time's a charm, or something like that…


Are we sure that the Russians in charge of this op arent secretly Ukrainians, surely that's the only explanation for this much stupidity 😂 🌻🇺🇦🌻


The real Putin is incapacitated.. right now it's an agent from the future that's assuming Putin's role, and he's demilitarizing Russian side as much as possible, before the domestic coup begins...


I wouldn't mind seeing him decapitated right about now 👌


Russian military doctrine: Follow orders to the letter no matter what, even if the orders are nonsense or impossible. Some General ordered a crossing there and does not accept failure. They’ll send ‘em into a meat grinder because they’re incapable of adapting to reality.


They really are that fucking dense aren't they. I never though that 70 years after WW2 we would still be seeing the same damn tactics they used at Stalingrad, be used on a modern battlefield. It really is insanity.


It has long been a axiom that generals tend to try to re-fight the last war. That tactic worked splendidly in WW II against the real Nazi's (splendid if you were a general, not so much if you were one of the literally millions dying in the meat grinder). Why wouldn't it work against today's imaginary ones? The Soviet victory over the Nazi's in the Great Patriotic War is so deeply embedded in Russia's cultural mythos that the Russian war colleges are probably incapable of honestly criticizing "how things were done then" when educating their new officers.


I just said exactly this. It's the exact same goddamn shit as WWI AND WWII, but with a weapons upgrade 🤷🏼‍♀️ Miles of trench line, obscene artillery barrages, automatic weapons fire, TANKS......80 years later.


I have Never seen an army used this way. With such disregard and incompetence. I know their the bad guys and aggressor, but DAMN!!!! Is there any sense of military common sense. I know oxymoron.


Watch Hamburger Hill, for the US point of view. The battle for Stalingrad is a well known meat grinder, but totally useless: the battle of Berlin. Another 120,000 soldiers killed, a city ruined for no tactical value, just because the leader craved a honeymoon before he would shoot his bride and himself.


It is unreal that Russian Military Doctrine has changed very little since the early stages of WW2. Men are nothing but cannon fodder, and equipment is replaceable.....their senior leadership should be drawn and quartered. Ukraine was known as a Meat Grinder for the Soviets in WW2...some things have not changed. I am surprised that more RUssian Units, NCOs, Grunts have not gone after their Officers. There are a few stories starting to leak out about Officers being very paranoid about "friendly fire" incidents by mutinous men. Why the hell would any Tanker or APC team stage their vehicle in the same area....these must be Switch-Blade drones or long-range artillery taking these guys out.....that is easily a Battalion if not more of Armor!! Goddamn fools


Have you been watching the interviews with the Russian POWs? It's a complete shit show.


Of course..........and most of that is propaganda ......gimme a break I saw the story of the Tank Unit who ran over their commander. I saw the story of the COmmander who got fragged by his battalion chirf....come on dude....alot of this is prop The Russians are just fuckin idiots


Maybe they are trying to make a bridge out of tanks…. Like James Bond did with them crocodile’s


Them crocodiles lol


Chornobiavka of bridges


even donkey wont fell into same hole twice... but orcs ? LoL


Are these tanks properly fitted to drive 5m underwater as designed? That was their tech in 1972.


In Putin's words: "The special operations to build a bridge are going exactly as expected."


Eventually they will be able to cross by driving over the dead tanks filling the river


Pool full of fools. :)


pontoon bridge is falling down falling down falling down, pontoon bridge is falling down the orcs are dead. :)


This seems to a photoshop job. Looks fake or partially fake unfortunately whomever faked it. Russia or Ukraine


there's footage about this somewhere in sub, just look it up