Double swaddle for newborn

Double swaddle for newborn


We still double swaddle at 4 months! At first it was because he would startle too much when placed into the Snoo and the double swaddle alleviated that; then it was so we could remove him for MOTN feedings and not unswaddle him completely and now it's a batwing because he is breaking his arms out nightly but too distracted by his arms to sleep with them fully out. We've used a light jersey swaddle since day one and it keeps him nice and tucked in without adding too much heat.


What would be the benefit?


We have for the first 3.5 weeks. We used pajamas then a light swaddle and then the small snoo sack. We keep our room around 69 and our baby was a good temperature. She was on the smaller side but we noticed she is filling up the small sack and are debating removing the second swaddle or switching to the medium and keeping the swaddle. We will probably start experimenting during nap times. Not willing to try anything new at night.




What kind of pajamas are you using? Just long sleeve, footless?


Just normal footy pajamas.


Our baby is 6 days old and has been in the snoo since day 2. We’ve done a double swaddle every night and she’s done really well with it so far.


We are at 7 weeks and have always done an Ollie swaddle underneath!