Mine is gone also - I have escalated it with a ticket a couple of days ago but no response. Two other of my numbers that are SWAC but don't have premium still have Tidal working.


Mine is working but the app also has me unsubscribed under my account. In the past I’m pretty sure they said something else. Edit: it has now updated to say tidal hifi subscription.


Update: so apparently someone “called” and requested my Tidal be “expired”.. they couldn’t find any notes on this call though.. also my bill had dropped $10… long story short they added it back, bill went back up… problem solved


For what it's worth I have a line on advantage unlimited premium as well, with TNX, and have never had an issue with Tidal Hifi.


Same boat here, glad it isn’t just me.. hopefully it’s just a glitch or something


Had the same problem back in September. Was told I have to enroll through apples App Store. Did and got charged 12.99 from apple. Probably looking elsewhere soon.


Mine is still working…🤷🏼


I had Hulu, Amazon Prime and Tidal my Sprint plan and I got a thing telling me my benefits were ending with prime and title both title actually stopped working a couple of weeks ago already once I contacted Sprint Customer support she texted me SMS links that I clicked on and I didn't even have to re-register my old logins both work the only one that never stopped working was Hulu but now all is taking care of. Not to mention that they added $20 onto my bill originally to take it to 100 from 80 and doubled my hotspot data without asking me or my consent and once I contacted them for that as well she took the $20 off and told me my hotspot was back to what it was there are some definitely shady business practices going on with Sprint and Timo adding and taking things away from plans and bills so you better thoroughly check all the details of your plans and see what's going on with them as well as Bill ing


>Referral same issues, dont know about business practices, but for sure a lot of soc codes changed. mine started back in March/April bill cycle, my plan changed to a TMobile tax inclusive. plan name changed, didn't think anything of it, bc hey it's t-mobile now, well my bill went up on lines 1, 2, and 3. $20 also. they were telling me, it was bc of taxes, and I literally spent 2 hours with the rep. having her add my lines, then add the 17$ in taxes. still didn't add up to her math, finally told her we were going nowhere, and in circles, that "she has not resolved my issue for calling in, and her service is a 1/10 " I assume those keywords, triggered something, where she said, she wants to resolve the issue no matter what and got a supervisor, less than 5 min later, poof, FIXED! What a waste of time, I was able to get my old plan back, with the correct MRC, adding back my Hulu and 100GB hotspot, which was removed when they put me on a tax-inclusive plan, then to Unlimited v4 ... finally back to my original Unlimited v2 with $60,40,20 price points w/ all my premiums included. ​ \----> ***check your bill***, look at the monthly line rates, hotspot GB, and premiums, I relied on autopay and didn't notice the $20 till I was troubleshooting a different issue with another rep and saw the line details.