[AEW: Dark Elevation Spoilers] Everything is not fine

[AEW: Dark Elevation Spoilers] Everything is not fine

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Leyla Hirsch and Batista joined Dark Order today, it’s fineeeee.


I understand Hirsch , but why is everyone saying Batista joined DO?


On BTE drunken John Silver responded "Batista?" when Alex said they needed to recruit new friends.


Man...the storytelling on a YouTube show, that's born out of a satirical vlog is just excellent.


The Young Bucks making a road vlog > A wrestling promotion featuring CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, The Elite and more on mainstream TV and streaming and kicking goals in the industry and beyond. Bit of a jump and journey.


Colt Cabana creating Art of Wrestling -> Zack Ryder creating a YouTube show -> A wrestling promotion featuring CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, The Elite and more on mainstream TV and streaming and kicking goals in the industry and beyond.


This right here is what makes AEW different from the competition. The storylines don't end after Dynamite/Rampage ends. They continue on Twitter, or YouTube vlogs, or even in another promotion!


Holy shit, I always forget how much I love King on commentary. "LET IT BURN!" Having said that....someone please fix these mixed up boys!


Kingston wanting to burn it all down.lol


*Seth cackle*


Kingston being a drama hound is how I know he watches Housewives religiously


"Why are you surprised, don't you train to win? I hate people." Eddie is so relatable


*Edward Kingston, so help me.*




-1 is gonna beat some asses


I think this is an intriguing storyline. I do feel like the Dark Order could use a shakeup of some sort. When it comes to being with Hangman, I think they found their stride when they did the sort of cowboy troop thing a few months ago. If they team with him again, I hope they continue that.


Uno has developed a serious complex now; for someone who claims to want to fix everything he sure is doing everything in his power to add more tension. Prick.


He's losing control and he knows it, and having that control made him feel secure, now he feels really insecure whether he can actually handle it by himself, which he cannot, because deep down he knows he's not like Brodie or Hangman.


There’s a great story about grief and feeling you have to fill someone’s shoes here. I love what they’re doing and I’m irrationally angry at anyone who’s mad at Uno.


The Dark Order, in my estimation have been largely on auto pilot precisely because they don't want to let go of Brodie and unacknowledged pain is rippling through their family. Resentment from V because he thinks Uno is trying to replace Brodie. Uno is in a shame spiral. 10 is in the throes of addiction, Alex can't control his anger, John is the kid who just wants the fighting to stop. Anna is isolating herself and Colt is the oldest in the family just trying keep things from getting out of control. Stu, I think is internalizing his pain but eventually he has to direct it somewhere. Really, they just want their friend back. At it's core it is a feeling most of us know too well and in confronting their loss as we process our own feelings with Brodie we are all healing together. It is as real as a storyline gets.


The best part is they're not hanging a lamp on that grief. We know it without them even having to comment on it. They lost Brodie and they were powerless to stop it, but they all feel in different ways that they could have stopped Hangman from leaving.


Nicely observed, damn I love AEW!


Didn't think I'd get emotional this morning reading a comment about DO, but here we are. We'll said.


Thank you. Honestly, halfway through it I thought I was being a bit verbose and wasn't sure if I should post it. I didn't want anyone to think I was fantasy booking with their pain. I got emotional writing it and it's a relief that it seems to be well received. Their two biggest stories (DO and Hangman) have deep emotional cores that separately are about different things but are intertwining more every day. The payoff is going to be cathartic for us all.


This is exactly my thinking as well. Uno was the de facto leader of Dark Order before the Exalted One was revealed, and now he feels as though it's his responsibility to walk in Brodie's footsteps and take care of the group.


Exactly. And he's doing a bad job! But his intentions are good. This is why it's so great- there's no bad guy here. Everyone is acting in good faith, but they're all fucked up in different ways. And Hangman coming back isn't going to fix everything automatically- they have every right to be mad at him for leaving them.


And now losing to V after stripping the mask, his spot is in jeopardy.


Hangman will save the day and finally be confident in himself to be a leader to earn his redemption to save not only Dark Order, but also himself after he beats Omega. Being a father will lead him to have responsibility and realize he needs to be strong for his family and his true friends, as they fell apart without him. They see Hangman like they did Brodie. And Hangman should talk to -1 and TayJay to start sorting this mess out for long term gain.


I dunno, man. If Uno doesn’t chill now then I think Hangman coming back might push him over the edge.


That could be an interesting line to the story


And you know what? I don’t think Hangman coming back can fix this anymore, guys. Might even make Uno act out even more.


Baseless theory: Uno (flanked by Stu) is going to leave DO, recruit a new batch of young directionless talent, and wage war on their old friends.


Man you had me until you called him a prick. I think that Uno is just having major internal struggles.


When you deny the hand of a man who you have both wronged and been bested by is a pretty *dastardly* move.


I don’t necessarily agree, I don’t think Uno is 100% innocent but this all started because Uno and Grayson respected the Hangman’s wishes. I mean Uno has said some shitty things but it’s not like 5 and Alex were jerks to Uno in the aftermath of Hangman being beaten up


Yeah you’re right, there are a lot of layers in the build up to Uno acting the way he is. I’m terrified for this storyline ramping up in intensity because of the implications. I love it and i *hate* it.


I agree, what I really enjoy it I don’t think there’s a clear right/wrong side. I just wish they would sit down and talk, honestly the real villain here is Tony Khan for booking these matches


Yeah they really threw the classic train track ethical question into play with the question of what’s more important. Being there for your friend regardless or respecting their wishes?


Yeah and it’s the exact opposite of what The Young Bucks did to hangman cause originally when he asked for space they denied him of that and it made things worse.


Read more like shame to me, but that could be the hope talking.


I think I found Alex Reynolds’ account


My investment in this storyline has led to this comment a fair amount of times.


Honestly it's really weird they picked Uno of all people to turn heel(ish). He was the most over person in Dark Order not named Jonny Hungee


Isn't that precisely why it was good to pick him? It gives the viewer all these delicious conflicting feelings. Also he's the closest they have to a leader anyway. Especially with Hangman gone.


Regardless of his antics he always carried himself seriously and kept a level head. He also often spoke for the group. For him to be that conflicted? That's where the drama is!


I love this story, but my god please make it stop


[Eddie Kingston this whole match](https://i.imgur.com/4YfMfyW.jpg)


They're trying to make up and be friends again, but the reality is that no one is saying sorry and that means this isn't going to get better. I'm enthralled


This rift is hurting my heart. I want this wound to heal!


I wouldn't mind if Angels loses his mask permanently as a result of this.


He puts it back on in the vid and they highlighted how important it was to him since Brodie gave it to him. I don’t know how they ever take that thing off him without giving someone nuclear heat.


Also, he looks exactly like Bryce Remsburg


Now i want to see the Bella twins under ring shenanigans but with these two


Three of the dark Order have bald heads and beards. The mask was a good idea. Especially as ten's is unique.


I mean, you can see Alan push Uno away as soon as Uno grabs his head, which causes the unmasking. He's not even covering up when it happens.


> He's not even covering up when it happens. They're a cult, not luchadores.


They wear masks without being luchadores so they don't need to protect their identity. Fuego is the only luchador outside of the Lucha Bros and he protect his identity when unmasked.


I think evil Uno would be classified as a luchador. They've never shown his face or said his name on AEW. Edit: Serpentico and Luchasaurus too


Serpentico yeah since the character was made to be a luchador but Evil Uno hides his face mostly because of his previous job being a public high ranking one. Luchasaurus is more on the fence. Dude has appeared on Big Brother and the mask is more part of his entire gimmick than something closer to what masks represent in Lucha.


Ok, so Uno and Stu leave Dark order and fall into darkness. There is a certain guy in the roster that really like that Black color. Malakai becomes the dark version of Brodie. They create a evil cult and engage in civil war with our beloved perverted club. Then Hangman comes back to fight with Malakai to get his friends back. Seems like there is some long term story line that could be created from this situation.


OOOOOOH this one's the one. That's the only way I can see Hangman coming back and it not being for the world title without feeling like they botched his push. It allows them to finish the story they wanted to tell with Brodie and Hangman and gives time for Danielson to get in matches with Kenny before we move to Elite vs Dark Order: End Game.


[Evil Uno right now.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeQFsPh0FdE)


I want them to tie this into Uno's ongoing self-doubt and feelings of letting down Mr. Brodie. Fantasy booking; I want Reynolds and Silver to add someone who tears the group even farther apart, only for Hangman to bring them all together when he returns.


Kingston on commentary makes me happy


Why Eddie gotta be gaslighting? Lol.


Because he knows what happens to best friends who don't talk




He was doing this to the the lucha brothers too.


Removing the mask is automatic dq


Only in Mexico. That's never been a rule in AEW.


Well it should be


why is water running down my cheeks :(


This storyline needs to move on a bit. It's been teasing for months and months without even going anywhere. I guess it's building to hangman returning? But I'm losing interest as it's just same every week atm.


Alex Reynolds is bringing in Windham Rotunda.


What makes you say this? Has there been any references to Rotunda lately?


latest BTE. watch the reynolds/silver segment


Ngl, I been wondering this.


Uno is pulling the Hangman route and striking off on his own for a bit, they're gonna get back together next week right??? (Please, I need them to stay together because everything else this year has been absolute shit and I cannot take the heartbreak)