Missing Middle on the Ballot in Webster Groves Tuesday - NextSTL

Missing Middle on the Ballot in Webster Groves Tuesday - NextSTL


I was born in 85. Moved out of Webster in 2007, so first 22 years I was in that community. I gotta tell, I'm probably an outlier, but that town/youth/administration/policing aparatus, anecdotally, personally, I found it an absolute hell scape for anyone to put up with, like some absurdity out of a movie like "Welcome to the Doll House", I was autistic growing up and these horrid Webster Youth would specifically target me for the worst acts of criminal maltreatment specifically because of that, (and btw I'm often seen driving a blue 1994 mr2 as my mode of transportation around town (hard to miss if you ever saw it). Yes, I've driven by the city hall to notice some dickhead youth had thrown a bottle of laundry detergent in their fountain as a "prank" (see: criminal vandalism). It had a great facade of a beautiful small-ish town America. Beautiful architecture, manicured yards, older architecture for the community, a beautiful rec center. Great 4th of July Parade, Carnival growing up, some town traditions like Turkey Day of that sort. None of that makes up for how absolutely horrid and destructive the extremely poorly raised, by their professional class parents, that the youth were. I even remember a lower income/low brow kid, lived in a freakin 120 year old house (it was in need of a lot of renovation but the build quality of his house was absolutely top notch vastly exceeding most modern era housing even in that state of condition). Architecturally I love this town, and I got to stay in one of those 120ish year old houses for a sleep over with a kid I knew from Hixson and found it...again, architecturally, I think this is possibly ranks up as one of the most beautiful areas of all of St. Louis. I recall the house I slept over at, had the covering between House vs where 120 years ago they'd park the carriage at night, just so the uptown lady couldn't possibly get her dress wet to ride the carriage to church on sunday morning (those horse stables in the modern era basically became garages in the older Webster Groves area between Lockwood and the train tracks/Big Bend). I think there is a major focus on the property values of these amazing homesteads, property taxes that are $10,000 a year and an insistence on nothing but the most manicured lawns between you and your lawn, I highly doubt anyone would buy one of those $700,000 valued 120+ year old homes just to duplex it out except in overall relatively small numbers. It'd be a relatively smaller issue overall, no where near as bad as opponents fear, or supporters want.


It’s to chase out the few remaining affordable houses to build luxury townhomes and condos, not increase population density by tearing down the houses you are talking about


The unspoken motivation behind these efforts to replace single-family zoning with multi-family is to get Section 8 housing into nicer neighborhoods....


Nope. Multi-family isn't even included in this. Multi-family is not the same as duplex according to the code. The ordinance has nothing at all to do with section 8 housing. It's overturning a 1950s racist part of the zoning specifically designed to keep people out of nice neighborhoods.


That's not any part of the motivation for this. Their former code ended up applying to less of the city than intended so they updated it to include more of the city. Some residents want to make sure those "poors" buying a $350k duplex can't move in down the street.