Are there any grocery stores REQUIRING masks?

Are there any grocery stores REQUIRING masks?


I’m not sure if they’re required, but I just got back from an Aldi’s here in south city and I didn’t see one person without a mask. And their avocados are much cheaper.


Aldi is the best


And if you haven't been to Aldi in a few years a lot of them have remodeled and added much nicer produce refrigerators.


Last time I went to one of the new Aldi my jaw almost dropped from how cheap the pizzas and other stuff was compared to Schnucks. Like I was legit very impressed


Yeah I was holding out on switching to Aldi’s, I come from a Union family. But the prices were just too outrageous and out of my range. Even their store brand isn’t much cheaper than name brands.


Aldi starting pay and benefits is better than any other grocery store. I'm not sure why unions should have an issue with them?


>Aldi starting pay and benefits is better than any other grocery store. Holdover from their german roots. >I'm not sure why unions should have an issue with them? Because that can change at any time, especially if the next generation of german business leaders are more americanized than the current boomers in charge.


Because the workers don’t pay union dues, which is what the unions care about.


The Aldi in Shrewsbury has a sign on the door that masks are required for entrance. Compliance has been nearly 100% there.


Also a South city Aldi shopper. It's the only public place/store I actually feel somewhat comfortable inside. Most of the city retail establishments are pretty good, but Aldi I see 100% compliance.


Is this the one down on Gravois? Or is there another south city aldi?


There are two on Gravois - one near Kingshighway and one at Gustine. I go to the one at Gustine, partly because I love stopping at the Wendy's when I leave lol.


Oh nice! I’ll have to check this one out.


I go to the one at Gravois/Gustine.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!


Always see high mask wearing in the different Aldis I’ve been in.


I've had luck in the South City Schnucks too. They have a masks required on the door and I rarely see people without masks on and covering their noses and mouths.


The one Aldi on south Lindbergh and 55 has a sign saying masks are required and the couple of times I’ve been there seems like everyone has been complying. Others in the area had masks strongly recommended but seems like less and less people are wearing them and tbh I don’t even know if they have any signs at all now.


Every single one in the city does.


I believe the city mandate is still in effect so any grocery stores in city limits should be requiring them.


There's always the pickup service that some places are offering or even delivery services. My girlfriend gets a bunch of stuff from imperfect foods.


I don't think the pick-up service will necessary solve the issue of other customers in the store coughing on produce.


Evidently I'm the only person who actually washes their produce?


I thought the same thing. I also think the fear of catching the virus this way is largely overblown: [FDA/USDA update on food surface COVID transmission ](https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/covid-19-update-usda-fda-underscore-current-epidemiologic-and-scientific-information-indicating-no#:~:text=Given%20that%20the%20number%20of,food%20and%20food%20packaging.)


Thank you for this comment and link! I've tried to tell folks that eating covid will only lead to pooping it out, but for some reason they don't want to believe me!


All the stores in the city require it. I’m in 63139 and everyone wears their masks as they should in my experience. I haven’t been to aldi tho


The Schnucks on Clayton for sure requires masks and they have security at the door to enforce it.


That is exactly what I’m looking for in a grocery store, thank you!


Happy to help! Stay safe


Does enforcing it at the door really mean much? As someone who works retail, I've noticed that the amount of people who wear a mask properly are about the same as people who will voluntarily wear masks. Maybe 20%.


I work as a vendor so I get where you're coming from. I'm in and out of stores like this everyday, and I'd say nowhere has a 100% success rate. Out of the 25 stores I'm in weekly though I'd say this one is the one I've never noticed anyone unmasked. It's where most of the WashU students go, and they take it pretty seriously. It's not a Schnucks employee at the door so that's definitely more than any other store is doing.


Which one on Clayton?


6600 Clayton Rd


Local Harvest Grocery requires and enforces masks.


Vincent’s Market in Soulard is a little local grocery store and they do require masks.




I don’t know how much you want to drive, but the Schnucks at Big Bend and Elm, Hampton and Chippewa, Big Bend and Clayton, Gravois and Grand, Brentwood and Manchester, Arsenal, Olive (east), Lindell, and Ladue are all pretty good. None of them are perfect, though, because they are not enforcing it at all. *Aldis is probably your best bet, really, because they usually have someone at the door.


Yeah, I don’t mind driving an hour for my weekly grocery run. I’ll be avoiding all Schnucks stores because they don’t enforce. I’m immunocompromised and waiting on my booster, not gonna chance it with their BS


Might be store specific though. The closest one which I go to on Clayton near McCausland I don’t think I’ve seen a single person without a mask on since the mandate came back on. Some still wearing it utterly uselessly under the nose, but that’s everywhere.


City mandate is still in effect county is not.


Aldis in LSL has recently been remodeled. When I was there about a week ago most folks had masks and there were not a lot of customers in the store/everyone was distanced. (Of course that was 7+ days ago, sooo) Good Luck!


Was just at Hampton Schnucks and there were a lot of people not wearing masks.


Trader Joe’s require masks


Yeah but half of them take it off when they get inside and employees don’t enforce it. People also cough over the veggies there too lol


I shop at the Brentwood Trader Joe’s and it seems like the customers voluntarily comply with the mask request. I haven’t seen any maskless people there. I realize you’re not OP but I’m gonna add a couple stores so I don’t post twice in here. Schnucks on the Hill (technically called Arsenal) everybody wears masks (city mandate). And Whole Foods in the CWE also good, also under city mandate.


i was at whole foods the other day. 100% mask wearing


Probably not. Keep in mind, you aren’t using the outside of the avocado. Use reasonable caution when preparing and that’s all any of us can do.


Or, you know, travel to someplace that actually follows public health advice (like St. Louis City).


Whole Foods (town and country) has been pretty good.


I have severe OCD exacerbated by covid. I drive several miles further to a grocery store where more people are wearing masks. I have had to accept that not everyone will mask. Not eveyone will not vaccinate. I leave my produce sit for two days, rinse it and then enjoy it. I know your immunocompromised status is far more concerning than my OCD but we all need to assess risk and do what we can to reduce it and then enjoy our gauc.


Before I was vaccinated, I would let everything sit for 2-3 days except for dry goods that had been pre-packed. Its smart to take all steps of precaution. Since I’ve been vaccinated I’ve starting washing produce and eating it same-day. It’s a system that I really don’t want to have to go back to bc idiots can’t comply with store rules / local mandates.




There’s a Trader Joe’s in chesterfield????? Is it packed like the one in Brentwood?


It is usually not as busy as Brentwoods IMO. That location is definitely our favorite grocery store. Customers there tend to be more friendly, Employees are nice/well paid and the parking is way better than Brentwoods.


Schnucks on Gravois/Hampton does. Just got back from there and everyone is masked.


You don’t eat the outside of an avocado


It's avocados. Give them a wash and don't lick the outside and I'm willing to bet you'll survive.


You should probably try the smaller local grocery stores (like ethnic grocery stores) or maybe try grocery/curbside pickup type of thing


I was having groceries delivered for over a year, but while I wait to get my booster (immunocompromised) I’m a bit more hesitant to continue shopping in uncontrolled atmospheres. That being said, if there is a grocery store that is requiring masks I would feel totally comfortable shopping. I really like to pick out my own produce because having delivery or curbside is a gamble as to whether or not the produce will be gross looking


One thing I’ve heard is Straub’s has been shit about mask enforcement so avoid them. City grocery stores are better from what I can tell. Local Harvest is really strict about masking but it’s super tiny but I think they’re limiting capacity too and they have a robust produce section. I’ve also heard great things about many of the Asian grocery stores. I’m high risk too so like you I’m having to assess more than the average person.


Everyone is requiring masks. Noone wants to get stabbed for enforcing them.


Or at my store, too busy looking at their phone to actually ask people to wear a mask.