Moving from VA to St Louis in a few months - what are the main grocery stores in the area?

Moving from VA to St Louis in a few months - what are the main grocery stores in the area?


From high end to better priced: Dierbergs, Schnucks, Wal-Mart, Aldi, and Sav-a-lot. Costco is on the Missouri side. Target also has some superstores around.


We also have the archetypal, high end, small local chain of Straub’s, but your list is as inclusive as 98% of shoppers would need. Good job!


Also didn't note Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.


I'd say Fresh Thyme too, they have a good amount of locations here.


I have never heard of Straub’s honestly. Is it similar to a Whole Food’s?


Where Whole Foods tends towards fresh, natural, and trendy, Straub’s is straight down the line old school gourmet, with stores on Kingshighway and Maryland Ave. (for the CWE carriage trade), Clayton at Forsyth and Maryland, Webster Groves on West Lockwood across from Olive + Oak, and Clayton and Mason in Town and Country.


I describe Straubs as a rich people’s Quik Trip.


Or people that like food with taste.. as opposed to Quik trip! Lol


Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Fresh Thyme chains too


We don’t have super targets here. Just standard targets with a grocery section.


The Brentwood Target is apparently the busiest target in the whole state and they have a larger grocery selection. Something to keep in mind if you do or don't like crowds.


The parking lot is also composed of drivers one can only call feral.


I usually go Rose Ave in and Hanley Industrial out to avoid most of the shit show.


Shhhhhh! Too many people using this now!


Agree. I now only do weekday shopping trips here. The risk of homicide or suicide due to the parking lot situation on weekends is very high.


Brentwood is a traffic planning and urban planning nightmare.


I know this pain


And Ruler foods which is Kroger's competitor to Aldi and has some Kroger store brands for people missing those. Also Trader Joe's the famous ready made, frozen, and quirky grocery shop is here. Straub's is a local chain that tries to have the best despite the cost, and the Whole Foods chain for people who like healthy or gourmet food but also may have too much money. Fresh thyme is also moving in.


Ruler Foods is a subsidiary of Kroger! There is a Kroger in Troy Missouri. Kroger was big in the STL area but closed its stores back in the early 1980’s, don’t remember why!


This is a good roundup. They will have the expected goods in basically that order of price. Two potentially weird and unadvertised tips for a new person to the region: First, the Schnucks at the intersection of Lindbergh and Interstate 64 (which you'll hear everyone just call "40" except people who just moved here) is the stealth high end store. It's not much to look at but it's where the people from the richest part of town get the good stuff. (As u/11thstalley said, Straub's is the not-stealth high end store.) Second, there's a store called Global Foods in a suburb called Kirkwood. It's got a wacky eclectic inventory that's good whether you've got something in mind from the old country (whatever that is, unless it's under a trade embargo) or you just want to try something new and enjoy shopping by national flags rather than the usual aisle categories.


Global foods is so fantastic for ethnic food items that you can’t find at the regular store!!


Are the foods at the "regular" store not belonging to an ethnicity?


I think it's also worth mentioning that Schnucks being a local store is "regionalized" within St. Louis. If you want Italian food, ingredients and so forth you go to the one on The Hill (Arsenal and Hereford). If you want Kosher or other traditionally Jewish food there's the Schnucks in Ladue (I-170 and Ladue Rd) and so on. If you want the best wine selection in my opinion there's Schnucks in Woods Mill (Clayton and Woods Mill). They're all just a little different in the foods they carry.


Best bakery for the bread in town is also Schnucks. But not all of them, the ones with good bakeries are kind of super Schnucks, I don't remember what they are called. I like the one at Clayton Rd. Richmond Heights. Another store, the one near West County Mall also has a good bakery. I don't know any St. Charles Schnucks though. Some Schnucks stores sell their high-end/gourmet products under Culinaria brand. I love their freshly squeezed orange juices, and also fresh pastas.


Wow I never knew that.


I call that the "Gucci" Schnucks


Add Fresh Thyme


You will also find Ruler foods which is a Kroger version of Aldi.


Also for organic options: Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Fresh Thyme. Joes and Thyme are the cheaper options.


Ruler and Aldi also have an assortment of organic foods on the watching your budget side of things.


Aldi is way better produce than Walmart.


Trader Joe's?


Missouri side? East St. Louis is a different city in a different state ya know?


Family Dollar also exists, but all one can really say about it is that it’s at the Sav-a-lot end of that spectrum.


Welcome to St. Louis! I returned back to my hometown a couple of years ago after living almost two years in central Virginia. One of the comforting aspects for me was that Schnuck’s (price) and Dierbergs (selection) are so much better than Kroger or Food Lion IMHO, but then again, I had lived in a much smaller city than StL. Kroger and National couldn’t compete against these two hometown favorites, and both of those national chains moved out of StL years ago.


Lived in many different cities besides St Louis. Always missed Schnucks and Dierbergs. They are not inexpensive but are the best supermarkets I’ve been to.


I agree, with one possible exception, but I never lived where there was a Wegmans so I can’t confirm what my quick look/see told me when I was visiting friends. I’ve taken plenty of out of towners on quick, last minute shopping trips to Schnuck’s or Dierbergs and just watch them get overwhelmed, but that was at the better stocked stores in West County. We can take StL for granted. I distinctly remember the first job transfer to another major city, and I casually asked a neighbor where a good bakery was, and she said that Kroger’s had a bakery…..I never took Marconi, Missouri, Amighetti, Vitale, Federhofer’s, Lake Forest, or even Lubeley’s for granted ever again.


Fresh Thyme is great, they have good deals on meat and produce


For real. You walk in excited for cheap blueberries leave with sticks of $8 Amish butter


I’m all about the artisanal breads and niche bulk items


I have to admit I could never find anything good for my taste in Fresh Thyme at (now closed) Olive Blvd. location in Creve Couer. I don't know if it was an exception (hence the reason it was closed), or if I have a different taste. I personally do not like Trade Joe's much either (but getting warmed up to some of their branded frozen products). Anyway I keep seeing Fresh Tyme near Home Depot at Manchester/Town and Country, so I think I will give it another chance.


I think it all depends on what you like to eat. We eat a lot of fresh produce in our diet with very little meat. For spices and such I try to hit up the Asian supermarkets.


Our primary mainstream grocery stores are Schnucks and Dierbergs. I have a strong preference for Dierbergs. Their stores are always clean, products are always quality, and the employees are generally friendly. I’ve gotten food home from Schnucks several times, particularly produce, and found it to be spoiled already. Dierbergs is slightly more expensive but IMO is worth it, especially since the prices at Schnucks have gone up since Shop ‘n Save (RIP) went under. Also I have some ethical qualms with Schnucks. They have a history of treating employees like crap. The whole 9/11 cake thing (posted recently in this sub) boils my blood, and their overall defensive and unapologetic attitude anytime someone complains to them is frustrating. I’ve had some really shitty experiences there and the response from their customer service department at HQ has generally been “tough shit.” They know they are the dominant store and their “F you if you don’t like it” attitude is off putting to me……also don’t ever order deli items from their in-store kiosk. It forces you to agree to sign up for marketing messages to order a pound of turkey. Their rewards program also has some privacy issues that are pretty sneaky. If you are someone who avoids Wal-Mart for ethical purposes be aware that Schnucks is swarming with ex-Walmart executives. They’re just as bad….and finally, they are solely responsible for a ton of food desert areas. They bought up Shop ‘n Save stores only to close them nearly immediately with leases that contained non-compete clauses preventing any other grocery store from occupying their now empty space. They left Rockford, IL without a grocery store for nearly half the town. There’s now a law in Rockford preventing that in the future thanks to Schnucks….and now the same tactics Schnucks used there are being used in St. Louis. Schnucks is scummy as hell.


This year especially I have gotten bad produce, moldy cheese, weird yogurt and a pound of butter that had obviously thawed and refroze-it was nasty. When I took things back they treated me like crap. The dairy products were all Schnucks brand, so they have some kind of problem there. I have been wondering if other people have been having issues and actually posted about it a few days ago elsewhere. Interesting you mention the privacy issues with the rewards program. I was so done with them after the last round of bad food I deleted their app, and I am getting way less junk emails. RIP Shop-N-Save


I’m also partial to Deirbergs, mostly because I used to work there. Also for the reasons above.


In full transparency I was a cashier there for 5 years during college and a little bit afterwards. They were a pretty fantastic employer. When I wasn't sure I wanted to continue with my degree they offered their management training program to me without hesitation. I've seen the assistant store director offer a payroll advance to help kids going back to college pay for books, knowing it may be months and that she risked them not coming back. Even as a part time college casual we earned PTO (might have been in the union contract) but they more than willingly gave us a payout for it right before Christmas every year without having to ask for it. Cashiers got a free lunch for every week your till averaged less than over/under by 5%. And this may not apply to all of their stores, but I worked at a very, very busy location, so anytime I wanted 40 hours or even OT I usually got it if I asked.


Most of our Aldi's are top notch. If you like Trader Joe's, then Aldi is basically that (since they are from the same global corporation, the products are the same). And a lot of them are newer or have been redone and updated. I do the majority of my grocery shopping there.


I'm seconding this! Our Aldi stores are all new or updated. This is about 90% of my pantry (Schnucks or Trader Joe's for the other specific things).


New and updated Aldi locations with refrigerated produce can be really nice. Minor point though, Aldi and Trader Joe's are like sister or brother companies, they have no direct legal connection. They were both run by two different brothers. Also Trader Joe's has dozens if not hundreds of food and drink products you can't find at Aldi, they are probably the more specialty items but still trader Joe's wine & beer section is bigger, they have a lot of kinds of olive oil, Aldi has like two. You can get seasonal patio furniture and countertop kitchen appliances or pots and pans and sometimes shoes or athletic clothes at Aldi but good luck finding that at Trader Joe's. Just something to keep in mind depending on what you're looking for that day.


Third on Aldi’s!! I’ve never spent more than 100$ for food there when living by myself. It’s where I get all my stuff that doesn’t “need” to be name brand (meat, milk, eggs, frozen pizzas, etc.)


do you have luck with Aldi produce?


It depends. Somethings are great and some things are either out of stock or not looking that good. But the odds are no better or worse than any other grocery store, honestly.


I work for Aldi, generally I would say their produce is more about value than quality. You should never anticipate Aldi produce being bad, but it is a little more volatile. Usually I’ll have at least one or two people a day come in returning produce that went bad too fast.


Yes, now that I get it from an Aldi with a full chilled produce section. The old school produce market like ones though, where it just sits at room temperature for a week or two was always a dice roll.


The only product I've had an issue with at Aldi is the bread. It seems to go bad *really* quickly.


Which kind of bread if you don't mind describing it? From a busy store with good turnover i've had their wheat sandwich bread last for a few weeks after purchase with no special treatment. In fact I kept buying it because i don't eat that much bread, and it has been so reliable to have around.


What part of the region are you moving to? I’ve found that your location usually dictate which store you go to. I’ll add Fields food, Whole foods, and Fresh Thyme are usually more expensive choices.


I'll be in St Charles county just across the river (Missouri) from the city itself.


Well across the river and 30 minutes away from the city.


Is there a big difference between store options 30 minutes out from downtown?


Well, Schnucks and Dierbergs are ubiquitous in the STL area so that doesn't change but your other options depends on the neighborhood. Each neighborhood has different options. I'm moving to St Charles at the end of the year too. My understanding is there's Schnucks, Dierbergs and one Aldi's in the area. The closest Trader's Joe is in Creve Couer. There might be an international market. My sister goes to one occasionally but not sure if she's just going to Global Foods in Kirkwood. Almost anyone looking for international ingredients will hit up Global Foods if they don't have a closer option. But my point is just trying to clear up confusion on the terms of the various parts of St Louis. What is called "the City" is actually quite small near the river. St Louis County which is across the Missouri River doesn't even include the city.


Thanks for clearing it up!


St. Charles County also has a couple Fresh Thyme locations. They tend to be higher end than Dierbergs, but not as high end as Whole Foods. It’s basically Meijer’s entry into the “luxury” food market.


Global Foods is run by the same people as Jay's International Market down in Tower Grove. You can find some wild stuff at Jay's.


As I recall there’s a Trader Joe’s in St Charles. St Charles also has Smashburger to boot.


I believe this was just a distinction between the "county" and the "city." St. Charles is across that river from the "county." I have not personally lived in St. Charles, but I'd imagine you could find most any groceries you need there. They have Schnucks, Walmart, Save-a-lot and Aldi.


Yeah, that makes sense. Is St Louis the county pretty distinct from the City or do they blend into one another?


There is a divide between city and county. One thing you will figure out is it can be a little difficult to tell what municipality you are in at any given point in time. In Saint Charles, you will bounce between St. Charles, Saint Peters, Cottleville, O'fallon, Weldon Spring, and a few others including unincorporated areas pretty regularly. STL County has 91 municipalities so it gets crazy over there, many have their own police and other government services. The city is distinctly separate from the county. ​ ETA: get a zoo membership, it helps pay for the free zoo that is amazing and you won't pay taxes to in Saint Charles


I think the best way of putting it is that St. Charles is more of what you'd expect in Suburban America. There's still Schnucks and Dierbergs, but it lacks a lot of the more specialized stores like the others who mentioned Straub's, or even Trader Joe's. Aldi is also common out in St. Charles and there are Wal Mart Superstores that have appeared in recent years (or renovated from much smaller stores) that you don't find in the city. St. Louis and St. Charles are quite different in what they want from their grocery stores, and are actually very different places to live. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and each is quite determined to maintain its difference to its neighbour. For my part, I live in the City, which itself is distinct from St. Louis County, and which is significantly distinct from St. Charles. I've lived in all three and won't tell you which is better for you personally, but for my part I am happiest where I am out of all of them as it's just more compatible with my own world-views as well as what I really want out of a home. Worth noting I'm not from here either; it took me a while to get a handle on this sprawling metropolis as well. It's quite different in outlook and so on to the European cities I grew up in :)


Yeah I am also European and American sprawl is something else.


You may find Central West End the closest to a European town. It is some drive away for you, but it may worth your time to spend some evenings there. Just make sure you park your car in a good spot. In the past the car break-ins were a thing. I don't know how it is now.


Saint Charles county and Saint Louis city are literally two different worlds. As someone who has lived in both. I have first hand experience. People from that side of the river rarely venture to this side unless for their yearly cardinals game or trip to the zoo. (Which we pay for they don’t) Whole another topic for another time. With that said. As far as grocery stores go, I know there are no Whole Foods that side of the river.


Very true and when it comes to grocery stores, no Trader Joes as well.




Start at Schnucks, if you want a little nicer go Dierbergs (slightly more expensive) and then the more significantly higher priced ones mentioned by others if you want to go further. If you want a little cheaper I'd go Aldi or you can always hit Walmart. I have hit Sav-a-lot once before, don't want to do it again (could be location dependent).


The biggest difference between Schnuck's and Dierberg's, besides the fact that Dierberg's is slightly more expensive, is that all the Dierberg's stores have quality products and customer service while Schnuck's stores vary wildly depending on where they are located.


This. You know what to expect at a Dierbergs. Schnucks varies wildly. As a whole I find the customer service at Schnucks to be on the not so great end, and some of their stores are absolute dumps.


>some of their stores are absolute dumps. The difference between the Schnucks on Lindell and the Richmond Heights location is day and night, it's kind of crazy tbh.


You go to the Chippewa former SNS store before it closed? It was nasty and super, super run down.


I agree about the difference between some stores. I observed that ones in high end neighborhoods are run well. Others, or smaller stores, not.. I mostly go to Richmond Heights, Ladue and Des Peres. All of them have great service. well except once (years ago) I had to deal with a very terse customer representative at Ladue. The packaging guy didn't put a bag to my cart, and I didn't notice it until I was at home. I went back to the store the next day, and told them they missed the bag. They sent me to talk somebody at Western Union counter. She was very rude, and told me that I may be lying, and I should have called immediately after I noticed the missing bag. Then she looked at a list at which I'm guessing they keep track of left over items. Then she paid back for missing items. I mean if you have already a list, why are you being rude to me for providing a bad service in the first place. Check the list first, and if it is not there then blame me for being of a fraudster for $15-20 out of thousands I paid to you for years. This was the only bad experience I had with them after hundreds (if not thousands) visits to their stores.


I moved from Maryland quite a few years ago and was so happy to not have to put up with the “Shitty Kitty” AKA Food Lion anymore. The grocery stores in St. Louis are great in comparison. Although I do miss Wegman’s.


Wegman's was great when I lived in New Jersey!


Our answer to Wegman's is Dierbergs.


I moved from NoVA to StL and I missed living down the street from Wegmans terribly.


Dierbergs is essentially Wegmans, but unionized and with slightly less prepared meals.


There's also Ruler which I believe is owned by Kroger.


I honestly love Ruler. Big wedges of fresh, good quality Parmesan for $2.50? Yes, please.


Say what now? There's a Ruler by my office. Might have to stop in on the way home some day.


Yeah they don’t have a ton of stuff but what they do have is cheap and good quality. Heavy cream is 1/2 the price and double the quantity of other stores. I can get my beloved smoked oysters there for cheap too. What else do I get… oh usually things like bacon and wings cause they’re at least $2 less expensive than other stores.


There is also Fresh Thyme, cheaper than while foods and Trader Joe's


Aside from the vanilla grocery stores, the city has many culture specific small grocers like East Oriental Market, Seema Page Indian market, Asia Market, Yum Mart, East Seoul Oriental Store, La Tienda International, Carniceria Latino Americana, Mi Tierra Mexican Store, Santa Elena, Mideast Market, DiGregorio's Italian Market, Balkan Store & Bakery, Kohn's Kosher Meat and Deli, Baghdad Halal Supermarket, Pan-Asia Supermarket, etc


Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Schnucks, Dierbergs, Aldi, Fresh Thyme and of course Costco/Sams Club


In my opinion, the best fit may be Aldi's...


The only thing I haven't seen people comment on is the wonderful amount of ethnic grocers we have as well. One of my faves is the Pan Asia market in Manchester, which will be around a 20 min drive from St. Chuck. They have a super wide selection of just about anything Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, etc., great prices, and helpful staff/customers. We also have a bunch of Mexican grocers, Halal grocers, etc, but I'm a bit less familiar with them.


Also Olive Blvd. near I170 has lots of seafood selection (Bob's seafood, asian markets etc.)


I moved from VA to St. Louis a couple years ago. Dierberg’s = Wegman’s (but not as big/cool). Schnuck’s = VA Krogers (but a little more expensive). Aldi/Sav-a-lot = Food Lion. Walmart = Walmart.


Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General = 99 Cent Store!


One thing to note about the groceries here: A lot of store brand dairy comes from Prairie Farms. It's the same stuff but about 30 cents off of a half-gallon of milk. The BBQ sauce of choice for the region is generally Sweet Baby Rays or Mauls We drink a weird amount of Blue Moon and Shock Top per capita Do not say anything bad about the soda brand "Vess". Has a lot of nostalgia value. Also in the chip isle: try the Red Hot Riplets.


Trader Joe’s is all you neeeed


FYI~Aldi and Trader Joe's were owned by the Albrecht brothers.


Separately, and haven't they both passed on now? They had a fight about selling cigarettes and split into two businesses. The founder of Trader Joe's in California might still be alive.


Yeah, one passed in 2010, the other in 2014


For us immigranys we have Global Foods and Jay's, along with a tonne of Chinese food emporia. No Monty Python cheese emporia though.




Same :'(


Schnucks. I love them, I wish they had not moved back out of my side of the state (KC) but the grocery business is weird.


I miss ShopNSave.


From my experience, there’s Schnucks, Walmart, and Aldis as the main ones. Coming from Dayton, Ohio, we were disappointed to find that Kroger and Meijer are completely absent.


Which part are you coming from? I was stationed in Norfolk before moving back to St. Louis. The drive on 64 is pretty boring, but some decent stops on Charleston WV and Louisville. There are a lot more grocery store options in the STL than in VA from my experience.


Around Roanoke area! We'd be going up through Charleston and Louisville to get there for sure.


Prepare for a long…dull drive after WVA. I moved here from Radford 4 years ago. Take frequent breaks to walk around because there’s literally no obvious off ramp stops past WVA.


I miss price chopper and national stores


If you do end up shopping at Schnucks, I will say their rewards program is pretty decent. I regularly get a couple of bucks off of my total.


Just moved here from MD, where I was spoiled by Wegman’s. Nothing can really compare, but I’ve found Schnucks to be where I go most often cause it’s closest to me and fairly nice. Dierberg’s is very pricey along with Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s is here for more niche things. ALDI is here, but I’ve never been a big fan of going there (or LIDL) except for the absolute basics


I loved Wegman’s when I visited friends in Connecticut. Great store.


We have Aldis low cost good quality Walmart we all know what's at Walmart Target Bougie Walmart Schnucks regular grocery Dierbergs Bougie Schnucks Straubs Bourgeoisie Dierbergs Whole Foods Never been but heard its expensive but has good organic selection Ruler Foods Has some Kroger type items Save a Lot Budget Aldis Trader Joes Bougie Aldis but some people like it.


Lot of beating around the bush here, Schnucks dominates the grocery landscape here and is a great local business, start there and then maybe branch out when you get the lay of the land.


Schnucks is way too expensive for almost everything. I do most of my shopping at ALDI and then go to Schnucks/Walmart/Target for anything else.


Groceries are disproportionately expensive in STL. I used to live in NoVA and _everything_ was expensive there. But groceries are more expensive here than in NoVA. And in my opinion, none of the local stores (Dierbergs, Schnucks) are very good. They are the most expensive (not quite Whole Foods prices, but close, and nowhere near the quality or selection) and don't have a great selection compared to other local chains in other major metros. I spend most of my grocery money at Aldi and Trader Joe's. I can almost never get everything I want at one store, which is unfortunate. I grew up in Texas and miss HEB dearly.


I guess it all depends on where folks grew up and what kind of expectations were established. I lived in San Antonio, albeit 35 years ago, and you couldn’t pay me to walk into an H-E-B store again. EDIT: I also lived in Alexandria, VA a little over 20 years ago. This COL calculator shows that the cost of food and groceries in 17.3% less expensive in St. Louis than in a comparable suburb, Arlington, VA: https://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-living/arlington-va/st.-louis-mo/50000


Oh cool, I was in SATX too! For 20 years from the 80s through the 90s. HEB is very different now than it was back then.


That’s great to hear!


also weird that we both lived in SATX, NoVA, and STL! I was in Arlington and Falls Church when I was in NoVA. Lemme guess: military?


LOL! That would have only been logical, especially when I lived in Alamo Heights and 90% of my neighbors were either stationed at Ft. Sam, or were retired military. I was actually employed by Brown Shoe, and they also sent me to Shreveport and Baltimore, but I usually don’t talk about that very often… I really enjoyed the laid back vibe of the King William district when I lived there, and was blown away by how much that area had developed when I returned for a weekend 5-6 years ago. From what I observed, Austin has gone more corporate now, and a lot of the “Austin weird” has migrated to SA. I got into town on a First Friday and the “Konig Wilhelm” neighborhood was packed. The Beethoven Maenerchor had opened their beer garden to the public and it was fantastic!


Same here. I lived in Texas for a decade, and I don't miss H-E-B (except maybe the super H-E-Bs?). This was long time ago, it is possible they are better now.


Groceries are cheap in St. Louis compared to other parts of the midwest. I went to college in Indiana and shopped at Kroger. Kroger's prices in rural Indiana were ridiculous.


I find the rest of your comment a bit difficult to agree with having been to NoVA within the last year and seeing much higher prices, but I can absolutely agree that HEB is the best grocery chain in the country. I miss that place (and nothing else about Texas) so much.


I last lived there 6 years ago so maybe it's different.


I believe it may be. Grocery prices overall have risen ridiculously in the past two years. :(




Schnucks is the move


Schnucks or bust!


If you end up having to choose between Schnucks and Dierbergs, go to Schnucks. Dierbergs is all style over substance, whereas Schnucks is superior in most ways that count, e.g. the bakery, butcher, deli, etc.


Ruler foods if its in your area is Kroger brand.


Man. Food city. Where in VA? Please bring Food Ciub soda and Kroger Ice Cream


They have Kroger ice creams at Ruler foods in stl if you haven't seen that yet.


You won’t find White Lilly Flour or JFG anything here. They don’t know about great products! I’m from NC, and they don’t have a Bojangles in the STL area either nearest one is about 2 hours plus southeast in Marion IL! I cannot make great homemade tall rising buttermilk biscuits without White Lilly Flour! Ugh! And these people thing carrots, celery and peas goes into chicken n dumplings too, gross😝!


I think family dollar being a southern company has ~~white Lilly~~ flour, along with a bunch of more southern brands. I'll have to check the next time i'm in one. Edit: turns out it's Nancy Jane flour from North Carolina


No they don’t carry White Lilly flour


Lost cost Aldis ( save a lot) -I’ve been in there twice, schnucks,dierbergs, Walmart and sams. Organic is fresh thyme and Whole Foods. My favs are aldi’s and Sams. Super low cost and have various organic produce.


Schnucks, Dierbergs, Straubs, Sav-A-Lot, Field's Foods, GreenLeaf Market, Vincent's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme. I prefer Aldi over all though but I do like GreenLeaf & Vincent's for certain items.


Schnucks and Trader Joe’s. Seems like Trader Joe’s are in good areas, maybe also look into living near one


Let me google it for you.


We aren't africa, we have all those as well lol


I live in Overland and I use Kroger and Aldi. Schnucks is extremely overpriced on everything I don't trust them either. I worked for them years ago and they had a data breach and refused to say anything until employees started losing money. Dierbergs is nice but expensive


my favorite in town is Olive Supermarket, chinese grocery store just off 170. good prices and they have all the eastern ingredients i need, fun snacks and desserts, very cheap produce, lots of dried goods, and a solid meat section. it's not the wall to wall every possible cut of every possible animal that you get in every standard american store but it's reliable and affordable, especially for cuts of pork and for offal if that's your thing.


lmao did the opposite usually walmart and sams with the occasional aldi