What do I NEED to know?

What do I NEED to know?


STL is down to half it's historic high population, and thus half the tax base, but the same amount of roads and sewers to maintain. So, that shows. But also means 'traffic' as understood by most of the world doesn't exist. Also means some psycho with year old expired temp tags will pass you on the right at 80 to cut across 3 lanes of traffic for a left side exit. But you both will probably live to tell the tale, because few other cars on the road. But that also means that it has cultural institutions left over from when it was a much bigger, more relevant city. The art museums are plentiful, excellent, and free. The zoo is excellent and free. The parks are brilliant. The food scene is better than you'd expect. My big city friends are always shocked when I get tickets for good shit (if we even need tickets) the day of, and park for free in front of the venue. The people are fine, same as anywhere, making friends as an adult is hard everywhere, so join some clubs and find a regular hang out at a bar or coffee shop, you'll have friends if you put things in your schedule. The state park system is very good, get a 300$ inflatable kayak and some walking shoes, and you have something fun and new to you every day off. I like the place, I've lived in a variety of rust belt shit holes, and it is better than Milwaukee or Cleveland, and about even with Pittsburgh for me.


This is an incredible summary of stl. city dweller now but born and raised in the county and this was delightful to read.


As a guy not from STL but have been here for 25 years, this is an excellent summation. I moved here from the Inland Northwest and love Seattle. It’s probably going to be a bit of a shock to the system at first, but there are so many positives about STL that hopefully you’ll come to love the area.


To be fair to the people that pass on the right, our city has a problem with slow drivers in the left lanes. Especially with left exits where a driver will merge to the passing lane a couple miles before they actually need to for the left exit. I've never understood how people can be so oblivious when you have 10 cars behind you and multiple cars have passed you on the right, that's a sign to merge out of the passing lane.


Sump has the pretentious coffee you’re looking for. It’s really good. You wanna play rugby? I could find you a team. You’ll have friends here or any other city in the world if you play. Understand that you cannot predict what the other drivers are going to do, and you must be prepared for anything. If you think you are going through a stale yellow light, there will still be three cars following behind you through it.


I'll got out on a limb and say that Sump coffee if just as good or better than any pretentious coffee place in the country. That's coming from someone who lived in SF and has worked in SEA, NYC, and CHI for most of my career. Part of my rationale is that the beer made with Sump is better but I think that's a multifaceted question of roast, flavor, and beer. It also extracts the best of all components so I think it hold up. They'll do your drips and other methods at their store - biggest problem vs. Blue Bottle in SF would be location. That said - Sump Coffee is better. Scott Carey is a cool dude. I drink too much of it. I'm a dork. I'll die on this hill. Full-disclosure - I've cupped with Scott and Corey at an event. Loved what I learned, and great experience. I also grind for size and do pour overs. C'est la vie.


Oh, there’s no doubt that it is a world class cup of coffee. If I ever create a religion, it will be based on their cortado.


Stale yellow lights. Even the cops run the red ones. I’ve seen the city cops go through red lights so many times.


[Toasted ravioli](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toasted_ravioli) is actually fried but somehow will be even more awesome than you first expect.


You’re going to need a car. And re cars: don’t expect people to actually obey traffic laws or stop at stoplights or stop signs. Always double check before proceeding thru an intersection and don’t try to fight back on the road. Just assume that bad driver is in a stolen car doing crimes and is armed.


Moved from STL (lived there 20 years) to Seattle 4 years ago. Spent 3 months in STL last summer. 1. STL is more conservative 2. Food scene in STL is better 3. Breweries in STL have really good food 4. Be prepared for extreme weather changes 5. The rain in STL is violent and it freezes 6. STL has much less compassion for homeless people. 7. STL public transportation is pathetic 8. Forest Park is free and quite nice


Hi, it sounds like you're thinking about moving to St. Louis, here is what you [need to know](https://www.reddit.com/r/StLouis/comments/l5i9yn/so_you_just_moved_here_city_edition) if you plan on living or working in the city limits. Welcome.


This is an awesome page you built!! The one thing I would add is that although this 1% tax for working or living in the city is owed, it also gives us some advantages over other cities that don’t have such a tax. We have free access to all the museums in Forest Park, free access to one of the best/highest rated zoos in the country, and free entry into a lot of other tourist areas and landmarks within city limits! Some people complain about it, but we have considerably lower taxes in the city compared to surrounding MO counties so cost of living is quite affordable. Also, the property tax (cars, boats, etc) is also tax-deductible if you file itemized form, as is your real estate tax of course. You’ll also want to take on the option of paying for your tags every two years when the option arises so that you pay once for the safety and emissions thus saving you about $20 every other year. You can do this if the year of your car is even/odd same as the current year. So, if you have a 2019 and since this is 2021, you’d have the option to buy tags good for two years to save that $20…otherwise you’ll have to get the car inspected two consecutive years 💰


The only thing I’d add about the 1% City Earnings Tax is its not really 1%. It takes into account any 401k and medical you have deducted each paycheck. My SOs for example came out to be about 0.75%.


Cool. Didn’t know/realize it came after taxes so it’s really not even 1%! Thanks for the info!


ride fast, take chances


I was going to reply that as a newcomers I find that too many people drive terribly and routinely blow through red lights. So,uh, yeah.


I’m a City dweller and this definitely is a City issue. I don’t venture into the County much but suspect this is less of an issue outside the City.


everyone says the drivers in their city suck, but as a pedestrian, the ones here are patently insane


Even the police will almost hit you if you’re in the middle of a crosswalk when they decide to run a stop sign.


Just made the opposite move, STL native here. Message me if you want to to swap unofficial city guides. Best of luck!


Choose your side on whether Imo’s is the best pizza ever or hot garbage, just know that either choice will be wrong. Always remember the lord loves a working man, don’t trust whitey and stay away from Jeffco.


I lol’ed.


You either love provel, or you love provel


If you're single the dating scene sucks.


it's cliquish like no other place. location, economic circumstances, religion, race, gender preference, education, you name it. St. Louisans will act nice while shit talking you the minute you leave because you're different in some way.


> it's cliquish like no other place. The cliques in St. Louis are easily recognized along the lines you mention, but if OP has spent any time in Seattle, they are familiar with the “Seattle chill,” which is basically the same thing. Friend groups in both cities seem more insular than other places I’ve lived.


I grew up here and can confirm all of the above….but I’m very curious…are there not clique like behaviors in any other city?


Not where I am from in Louisiana. It’s one of the culture shocks that I have experienced moving to the Midwest.


No cliques in Louisiana…just crossing em off one state ata time


what high school you from? *doesn't matter the response... turns nose up* "oh. ok"


Confirmed…St. Louis is the only city in the world with cliquey assholes


I got asked that question maybe for the first 6 months to a year and haven’t been asked for 8 years since. I think eventually you just get the St Louis stank on you that you’re no longer new and know your way around the area better than most locals because new people tend to be more adventurous.


It’s an icebreaker quit reading into it snowflake


Ok Boomer.


You're off on your years that being a boomer covers. I think GenX starts at either 1969 or 1970. Boomers are definitely pre-1970.


Very witty…born in 78, so close I guess


You went to public school didn’t you


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Right here dummy: https://www.reddit.com/r/StLouis/comments/ppqvf2/what_do_i_need_to_know/hd5rzjj/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Booms are either fireworks or gunfire. Usually gunfire


Booms are poles that hold microphones


Booms are spars you attach the clew of your sail to. Also, don't get hit in the head with it.


Probably going to have culture shock. Fresh fruits and veg are more expensive than you’re used to and of course less fresh seafood. Better beer selection in STL than PNW, which isn’t too hard since PNW is basically IPAs.


I think buying at Soulard is the cheapest I've ever seen. It took me a month to go through $2O of kale. It filled an entire bag.


No fresh seafood is what hurts the most.


It’s a really cool city that provides a great quality of life for the cost… that is completely hamstrung by racism.


Stay strapped or get clapped; and the food isn't as good. I miss the PNW, can't wait to go back.




- Do not rent from CityWide (Google Asprient, same company) or Jaffe Group. - Tower Grove and the surrounding area is excellent, the park is wonderful and there are so many restaurant options and coffee/ice cream/little shops - You won't see the lines on the road when it rains. Don't bother trying, no one else does, it's all made up when it's raining. Good luck! - The Grove has good bars - Clementine's Ice Cream - The St. Louis Symphony is awesome and absolutely worth checking out


Set your bar low and you'll still be disappointed.


If by being awesome - yeah


It's clear you don't travel outside your neighborhood often.


1) Be prepared to CONSTANTLY be asked where you went to high school. 2) Be very aware of your surroundings when you go out downtown or anywhere else within the city. The city is the definition of a “high crime area”. Don’t let it scare you too much, just be aware it’s an issue and if you pay attention to your surroundings and use common sense you will likely never have an issue. 3) Be prepared to be shocked at the number of municipalities in the area and be ready to be shocked at how each one has their own everything (public works, police, fire, EMS, library, etc…) 4) Good food. We have lots of it.