Good low carb restaurant options in St Louis? (esp takout)

Good low carb restaurant options in St Louis? (esp takout)


Lona’s Lil Eats is fantastic and can be on the healthier side!


Most BBQ places are good for low carb as long as you are careful with the sauces. Sides usually aren't though unless they have veggies. Where in South City are you? Shaved Duck might be close. Or Smoking Barrels.


Head to Zlatno Zito on Gravois. Best authentic Bosnian spot in south city IMO. Cevapi is my favorite (you’ll want to sadly skip the handmade lepinje bread that comes with it, but enjoy the banana peppers and sour cream with the sausages). You could also do their Mjesano Meso plate, which is a bunch of kebab style meats with some basic veggies.


Navin's, Bogart's


Noodles & Company has low carb options lol


They actually do have zucchini noodles. Was looking for something more local though. Most all the fast casual chains have pretty decent low carb bowls.


I can't tell if this is a joke or not.


As I’ve aimed for a low sodium diet I’ve browsed many restaurants’ nutrition websites over the years. I’ve found CBW to be the healthiest ‘chain’ out there (unfortunately most local spots don’t post much for nutrition info online). Fit Flavors is another one of my go-to’s


Missed this by a few days. One of my favorite places in South City is Mariachi's II on Gravois. Their steak fajitas are awesome, and are a great low carb option if you skip the rice and beans and tortillas (I keep low carb tortillas at home so you can use those). You can call in your order and they have a drive up window for pickup.


Any place can be low carb if you know what to order. Ditch the buns and you can have 90% of the burgers, or stick with bbq place.


Lol like no shit Obviously they are looking for entrees prepared with low carb in mind.


Revel Kitchen is a good option. I believe both locations are open again- they're in the county but Clayton/Brentwood. They do bowls with bases of rice, black beans, cauliflower rice, quinoa and scrambled eggs so you can customize according to your diet. Lots of proteins and vegetable options and they are good about answering questions about their sauces. Their cauli tots used to be a great side when I was working nearby. Beyond that, Lona's Lil Eats has been a good spot but I love their wraps so I'm always a little sad when I get it on lettuce instead. Mediterranean is another great option and Medina has all a low carb serving options. BlkMkt Eats also allows you to eat sans rice if you opt against the wrap.


I don't know of any restaurants that specialize in low carb. That would be on you to figure out what items they have that are low carb, or make their existing items low carb...


You're right. I'm not expecting everything a restaurant to carry to be low carb. Should have specified great low carb menu items.