Downtown Clayton has seen better days

Downtown Clayton has seen better days


> Where the business people at? Working from home


A lot of offices are downsizing. Places that relied on lunch and post-work rushes had to close. There's also a ton of construction. I don't see this as an uncorrectable trend. Downtown Clayton still has a lot going for it as an area, and new retail/restaurant commercial rentals have trended up regionally in the last two months.


The First Watch is now on Brentwood next to the Michael’s.


The world is changing before your eyes. Everyone works from home, we bank on our phone and we make our own eggs and coffee


I work in Clayton. It seems like a few places did bring back office workers this month, and there are more people in and out court building and law offices. I'm seeing more cars in public parking and street parking during the day. Things will turn around. Pretty much all the dinner spots are back to normal business, it's the lunch spots that didn't make it through the pandemic. North Central had been kind of a blunder ever since that tall brick building caught fire. Hopefully, things turn around with the new Centene development on that block.


I hear something something about a global pandemic?


I might have heard about that.


Must be because all those restaurants count on the workers in the office to come in for lunch or dinner. With a bunch of the offices doing remote, I would imagine that’s the problem.


First Watch moved to Brentwood. Nami Ramen is now in U-City. Mayana was run by the owners of Hacienda on Manchester, if you need a fix there. It and Tani closed before the pandemic even started, if I remember correctly.


"Let's network?" I cringed hard at that. Ill never understand extroverts


I'm also under a lot of pressure to get a job, and my folks have a tough time believing that I am looking for work when ai stay at home in front of the computer all day. These are folks who despite having worked in an office still think the hiring process at McDonald's was the same as it was in the 1970s and who also have difficulty attaching a file to their email. So I'm just trying to find my peers at this point.


I don't consider myself an extrovert. Trust me, I don't mind being a homebody most of the time. I mean, I literally had to will myself to go out today. I just wanted to see how things were going, maybe have lunch somewhere other than the Bread Co in Florissant. What's the point of working for some corporation remotely if you don't know if there is still a corporation to begin with? I'd like to work for someone locally, but at the same time I'd like to know if they are still there.


Well I've never been to Clayton but I'm sure you'll find somebody. I reccomend Pasta House if there's one in that area


I don't think they still have a Pasta House. I don't even know if we still have ours in North County. (I hope it still is there. I haven't been around West Florissant Ave lately because of all the construction.)


The UCity Pasta House moved to Clayton. It’s in the strip mall on Maryland/Ladue at Gay. Original Pancake House is there too.


I work near Westport and sometimes stop by Fuzzy's Taco for lunch. I think the Trainwreck restaurant is still there but the Bread Co. moved across the street