Social justice groups criticize Jones’ plan to boost downtown St. Louis police presence

Social justice groups criticize Jones’ plan to boost downtown St. Louis police presence


I consider myself pretty liberal but: >“We know that these actions will put more poor, unhoused and Black St. Louisans in jail while exposing them to police violence, and do nothing to impact the real violence and harm facing downtown St. Louis residents,” the coalition said in a statement. How is shootings downtown not considered "real violence"? Also can this group define what is doing the most harm to downtown STL residents? Also more importantly, does the coalition have an alternative proposal to this violence?


Their statement makes no sense. Before that line they quote the police chief as saying his officers will "do more than\* enforcement of parking rules, park curfews, \[and\] license plate tag issues." What the heck are SJW actually against? Enforcement of those small things? What do they actually fear the extra cops will do? Edit: typo.


>What the heck are SJW actually against? Police


Yeah, I’ve seen some people argue that enforcing temp tags disproportionately targets poor and POC people because they can’t afford full tags. So there are some STL Progs that oppose ticketing.


Any type of requirement will disproportionately affect those with less means to meet the requirement; but the requirement is either valid and necessary or it isn’t and should be removed. The idea that we keep passing more and more laws requiring things and then the other hand says “man those requirements are difficult let’s not enforce them” is ridiculous and leads to the situation we have downtown where nothing is enforced, laws and requirements don’t matter, and that trickles up into violent crime (my opinion).


Oh, I don’t agree with their opposition. Generally I don’t care too much about expired temp tags, except when they drive recklessly, which is fairly common. Since a lot of them are uninsured to boot, I can’t say I am overly sympathetic to them.


I believe they plan to start collecting sales tax at the dealership in the near future in Missouri. My understanding is you either pay the sales tax with the car or you don’t buy the car. Pretty much eliminating temp tags and subsequent ticketing.


That solves the problem of expired temp tags, but that doesn't solve the problem of annual registrations being skipped. Still, it's a start though. But paying at time of purchase is how it works in nearly every other state, so glad we're finally doing that.


It also helps citizens identify cars used in crimes or hit and runs.


Agreed. My guess is you either ticket the shit out of people or do away with personal property tax similar to Illinois in this instance. However with the later, you have to increase taxes elsewhere to make up for the difference and no politician is going to float increasing taxes in a deep red state lol.


> What the heck are SJW actually against? Enforcement of those small things? Isn’t that the entire movement? Any interaction with police is bad so stop having police interact with people unless it’s a life or death matter. It’s like reverse broken windows.


Normally, I would be on the social justice side of this, but several people were shot at this week. As much I feel for the folks who are being held longer than they should be and that there needs to be more people to deal with that, the urgency for social justice has been delayed by series of injustices beyond our control but need to take precedence to find the people who have been doing this.


Maybe this social justice group should patrol the streets otherwise shut the hell up.


Only took her 6 months to figure out that hugs, kisses and free rent is not going to stop the bad element from being a bad element. Some people are just criminals because they want to be.


Laissez-faire policing isn’t going to magically solve racial and economic inequality when the underlying causes of the inequities still exist. And lawless violence makes everyone poorer. What happens when businesses move their headquarters away from downtown? What happens when workers no longer feel safe in their own homes?


You can work towards racial equality under the law AND not have people mugged on the Arch grounds or shot at in the streets. If Jones can work with the Police unions or, God willing, Roorda gets canned somehow and replaced with someone who wants to actually work with our government instead of dictating to it... then maybe we can make some progress here.


Have they tried asking the criminals to stop it?


We had a man threatening people outside our office witha gun for 2 days. Everytime the police were called they basically told us "not much they can do, better protect yourselves."😐


People are being robbed at gun point on the Arch grounds in the middle of the day…and Washington Ave is a shooting range…what do the SJWs want?


> what do the SJWs want? Political money and power.


To feel liked. So they buy into propaganda and then virtue signal in a desperate bid for relevance.


Did ppl really think she'd keep her word? All they want is a better seat at the table. Same as cori bush