You Paid For It: Here’s a look at crime in St. Charles

You Paid For It: Here’s a look at crime in St. Charles


> As for those arrested in St. Charles, 24 percent were from St. Charles City and 19 percent from St. Charles County, but the lion’s share of 45 percent was from St. Louis City and County. Why are all the people from the City / County going to St. Charles?


Straight percentages don't actually tell you that much, because the population sizes are very different. For example, St. Louis City + St. Louis County have 1.3 million people, while St. Charles has 400,000 people. If everyone in those groups were equally likely to be arrested in St. Charles then you'd expect that STL + STL County residents would constitute 76% of the arrests and St. Charles County residents would be 24% of the arrests. But the key assumption there is "equally likely to be arrested." Just based on the distances involved, someone who lives down in south county is much less likely to be in St. Charles, while someone in Bridgeton might routinely cross the river to go shopping. If you really wanted a valid comparison, you would need to know what the actual composition of people walking around St. Charles is.


Last year and earlier this year st Charles did not have the same covid restrictions as we did in the city/county


Because St Louis Mills mall closed.


Good for them nice to hear something positive for once.


Hmm, seems like they forgot to mention all those murders in 2018. https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8786/2019-Annual-Report


According to this, there have also been four murders in St. Charles county this year so far: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/2021-st-louis-area-homicide-map/html_736ef5d8-c5ea-52e8-988b-dc1217ad37ca.html So I don't really know what to think.


That’s for the County as a whole while the article is referring to just St. Charles City. It’s also wrong. It lists 5 murders in the County this year, but there have only been 3 (2 in St. Peters and 1 unincorporated near Wentzville). Among the two incorrect listings, one occurred in December of last year, so I don’t know why it’s listed, and the other is an incident in which a police officer shot and killed an armed man who pointed a gun at officers. Also worth noting is that in one of the three murders, the suspect came over from North County to commit the crime.


Ah, I see what you're saying. The one in the city definitely happened last December. The article's kind of all over the place, though. It compares counties in one line and then talks just about St. Charles city in another. And this line's messing me up: "Overall, crime was up just nine percent in the city of St. Charles, but there were no murders this year compared to two years ago.". Like, it's a good thing that it's up 9%? And why not just say "no murders this year". Why compare it to two years ago?


“Overall, crime was up just nine percent in the city of St. Charles, but there were no murders this year compared to two years ago.”


Pretty funny that St. Charles has the lowest crime in the area, and still over half (57%) of the people arrested for crimes are coming from St. Louis County/City and surrounding areas. I would really like to see how much of the crime in StL County/City comes from people in St. Charles as a comparison.


they just pull over all the STL people in St Charles because no license plate