Legislation proposed by Cori Bush prompts ice cream flavor

Legislation proposed by Cori Bush prompts ice cream flavor


Cold brew coffee ice cream? I need this in my life!


Are a bunch of people on here subscribers to the post dispatch?


I kinda wondered that before, too. I just noticed that most of them don’t interact much either, so I figured bot. That’s a marketing trend I wish would go away- have you ever clicked or subscribed to any based on bot posts? Because it just annoys me and I can’t imagine what market research was like *spam the crap out of people, they love it!*


I think they own a bunch of accounts they use to spam their articles. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sub is where they get most of their clicks these days. They don’t have hardly have any readership left. Between supporting people like Bush, giving Messenger a platform, and their tendency to hide shit behind paywalls, few are reading them anymore, haven’t in years.


A couple years ago I had a co-worker who paid for the post. We talked about why, and the only thing I can summarize is that he’s a boomer who didn’t understand how to cancel his subscription and the cost wasn’t enough to really prompt him to address it.


We have a subscription for work that nobody uses anymore. I'm finally going to cancel it. It's a shame they are so blatantly biased that it's unreadable anymore.




The flavor sounds bomb tbh. Also I'm assuming part of the proceeds will go to charity? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.


Never assume things like that


Three questions: 1. Is the Ben & Jerry's store in the Delmar Loop still around? 2. When will Missouri's 1st Congressional District get this? As a constituent, I am intrigued. 3. If Cori Bush hadn't been elected, and Ben and Jerry's still made an ice cream flavor based on Anthony Rogers or Alex Furman taste like? (Spoiler Alert: It would likely taste less like North County and More like West County of St. Charles County...think raisins in the potato salad! 😝)