Best parking for the dome?

Best parking for the dome?


Never been there for an event this big but casino queen and pay the $5 to ride metro two stops was always my goto.


Not sure what your budget is but my apartment building said it will be charging $20 for the day of the concert for day-parkers. The Gentry’s Landing. It’s about 3 blocked from the Dome


When I went to Taylor Swift there a few years ago, I parked in a lot across from the main entrance from Lumiere Place. Don't do that. It took 45 minutes to get out, and that was with me giving up on going West, and driving East down to Lennor K Sullivan to get out south of the Arch. I'd recommend staying on the West side of I-44 as it cuts through downtown, and when you find a lot or garage in your price range relatively close to the dome, just take it. Much like yourself, there will be a lot of people in the area who aren't used to go going there. I thought I had parked somewhere across from the Federal Reserve Building when I went to the Rams final home game, but I can't find that garage on a map right now.


Some bars in Soulard offer a shuttle for events. Go in get a drink and take the shuttle. A quick search found 1860 saloon is doing one. https://1860saloon.com/customers-shuttle-to-blake-shelton-the-rolling-stones/


I think Maggie O'Brien's is.


Thanks for the suggestions. I actually found a shuttle bus like 10 minutes from my house so I’ll be taking that.


Be sure that if you or anyone you are going with is bring a purse or bag that it meets whatever guidelines (clear bag or size limits) they have in place. They are strict with the guidelines and were sending people back to their cars to lock up unapproved bags the last time I was at a concert there.


Good to know. I’ll check up on that before I leave!


It’s Sunday so street parking is free. Just choose a good route with your car facing where you want to leave. City garden area usually isn’t so full but ymmv.


There is free 45 degree angle parking along convention plaza near intersection with 9th and 10th street. Near the holiday Inn hotel. They just added that parking and haven't got a chance to put meters there yet so it's free


I-64 metrolink station in Brentwood


LOL ...park in the Cahokia Mounds Museum parking lot, you'll be good.


That'd be great if it had commuter rail directly to the Dome. But, it doesn't. LOL


I usually park in the lot at 10th and Convention for Monster Jam.


You know that lot is going to be destroyed and turned into an outside plaza/park in a couple years with the Dome renovations. It's pissed a lot of the workers of the local businesses off because hundreds of people park in that lot and once they take it away the workers will have no where to go except blocks away in one of the most dangerous areas of downtown


No shit? I honestly didn’t know that. That’s a bummer.


In a parking spot near the event.


Metro link if you’re comfortable with that


I would just Uber to there