Have you connected him with programs at the International Institute?


I have not, this is the first time I have heard of them. Thank you for your suggestion.


I used to do work with them when I could. Great organization. Where are you at or does your dad have a car? What kind of job are you looking for? Does he have a skill or trade? What did he do in Vietnam?


I agree, check with the International Institute. You also might check with some of the Vietnamese restaurants/groceries


This and Oasis International are the two organizations I am aware of.


Pan Asia in West County is already hiring clerks and stockers and I believe I hear more Vietnamese than Cantonese when I'm there, so he can at least make connections with other people in the community and practice his English. ​ Best of luck to him!


I will contact Pan Asia this Monday. Thank you!


Seafood City had a "Now Hiring" sign up when I went shopping in the county yesterday. Then again, I live in South City STL, and there's a Vietnamese owned businesses here, too. International Institute is a good resource in the neighborhood.


Maybe World Supermarket at 3900 S Grand? I’m fairly sure that’s a Vietnamese grocery store.


I will definitely contact them first, thank you.


No problem. They’ve got a great restaurant attached, too - hopefully between the two, they’ll have a good opportunity for him!


global foods has a couple locations as well. great international market.


Does it need to be a clock-punching job job? There are tons of volunteer opportunites. Little late in the season, but community gardens always need warm bodies and strong backs. Probably three within walking distance of him. Spitballing here, but there are a ton of vietnamese-run groceries, don't need to speak any english to stock shelves, and may be an opportunity for community. Alternately, get him a bike and download strava and set him loose to ride every street and alley in the city. Good excercise, feeling of accomplishment, will see some weird shit and know the city better than anybody else. Probably can't finish before winter, but could get a hell of a start on it this fall.


Strava sounds like a good idea, I will let him know. I prefer something more stable so he won’t have to deal with job searching while I’m gone, but thank you anyway.


If you go this route, I recommend Wandrer in addition to Strava, it keeps track of where you have and haven’t been in the area. I have a goal of riding my bike in all of the St. Louis area municipalities and this keeps track of all the places I’ve been.


Wife says: "Cho Quoc Te, Joy Luck restaurant, TJ pharmacy are all bundled in one place, all hiring Vietnamese," 3900 S Grand. Might be able to put you in touch directly if needed. Edit: restaurant is actually called Joyful House, but we call it Joy Luck for some reason...


Joy Luck is a Chinese buffet in Brentwood


Yes it is.


What did he do back home? There may be opportunities to work remote, or find some way to do that here. Seconding International Institute as a good line for support as well as job suggestions.


He was a train conductor back home, I will try to contact International institute.


By river city casino a train yard is behind the 8300 block of Broadway, make a turn by the circle K gas station. Tug boats as well, I don't remember the company name but take a drive and you'll see a giant grey warehouse on your left facing the river/ just before the rail roads. I know a bunch of immigrants work around their, and one day delivery packages I couldn't find anyone speaking English besides a manager of some sort. It was amusing trying to deliver packages for a little while. So hopefully the skills of a conductor can transfer over in the same field, good luck to you both. Especially yourself. As a sidenote, try and get him to use Duolingo, it's free. And most definitely speed up learning a new language


Hrm. Not a ton of transferrable skills that I can think of there. At least in big cities, I've ridden with plenty of limited english speakers driving taxi/uber. Might be a problem here, but also might be possible. International Institute may also be able to put you in contact with various asian-american groups that may be better targeted/connected. I don't know which are which, but a google shows several prospects. Other limited english jobs include back-of-house at restaurants/catering, nail salons, agricultural, roofing, lawncare. Basically, all the jobs that are _way_ more dangerous and hard on your back than being a cop. But you'll need to be hooked in to the community to get the correct direction on those (and they tend to be pretty exploitative).


He might be able to get something in that line of work if he wanted to go back to it. I’d check shipping companies and other local train yards that are nearby. I don’t know if they have openings or how much it pays but there is a train at the zoo where he could practice talking to people and still work with trains.


Welcome neighbor, START (st louis teens aiding refugees today) might be able to help.


What about dishwasher at a restaurant? With limited English he could totally get by. In fact as a restaurant manager I worked with plenty of non English speaking dishwashers and prep cooks.


Midland Optical employees tons of immigrants. Lots of Bosnians and Albanians work there. The pay isn’t good, but it’s a manufacturing facility where people at least earn some decent skills and get a job resume going before they move on to greener pastures.


His English is pretty limited, is that going to be a road block?


I know people work there who are basically “straight off the boat” almost. But perhaps that’s because there are longer term albanian employees who help them and that wouldn’t work for your dad. I just don’t know, but it’s worth looking in to.


Not necessarily job related, but IHELP is an organization that pairs non-English speakers with volunteers for one on one help with English in the student's home. They also have community events where your dad could meet people. https://ihelpstl.org/


Pan Asia in west county is always looking for people and it even says on the flyer: must be bilingual. I'd give that a shot and it's easy work stocking shelves and such


First of all, tell him he is welcome. Maybe he's in doubt, with what's been going on. What about restaurant work? He can blend in with Asian people and pick up some of our language.


I worked with loads of immigrants at hotels back in the day. If you can find a hotel that has a Vietnamese and English fluent person, working there is pretty easy. We had both Filipino and Spanish speakers at our hotel and once you learn the routine of cleaning rooms, very little conversation needs to happen. It's not a glamorous job, but I can almost guarantee it will not be hard getting hired somewhere even with the language difficulties.


Bunch of vietnamese spots in south city. Is he Buddhist? There's Chùa Phāt Tù Buddhist temple across from Aldi on Gravois, though they appear to be Vietnamese Nationalists based on the flag they fly, same with Quàng Pháp Temple at 4609 S. Grand. Without knowing the specifics of their politics (or your Dad's) that might be a place to network in the community and find jobs that work with his skills and background. I'm just thinking if he stuck around in Viet nam this long, Nationalist groups might not be his crowd.


Everyone except the Communists hates the Communists there. But if he plans to go back, no selfies in front of the old South Vietnamese flag...


Yeah it's kind of a loaded symbol. Conservatives successfully lobbied state governments for it to be recognized as a symbol of the Vietnamese-American community (probably related to lingering feelings over the Vietnam war 🤷) and so it slips it's way into apolitical things like schools and community organizations. Heavily contextual meaning. Definitely saw a bunch flying during the storming of the capitol in January though.


Yeah that was a strange sight. The other problem is that the internet in Vietnam is directly controlled by the military. Social media companies, in particular Facebook, have given the keys to their kingdoms to the military. So if you want to subtly trash talk the Communists by hanging out in front of the wrong flag in your Facebook feed, it's cheap and easy for them to discover.


A lot of people asking what’s his hobbies and what’s his wishes If he loves driving, uber/lyft. If he loves dealing with people, grocery store. If he knows how to weld, welder. If he knows how to trade stonks, download him a trading app. What’s his specialty? And since finances are not an issue, what’s a hobby he has that he can turn into a gig?


Oh also what part of town do you live in? You can be vague if you want to keep anonymity just what neighborhood?


Amazon pays 15 an hour and has accommodations I believe; it may be physically taxing, however for an older individual.


Instacart food delivery if he is okay with driving


You've gotten some great suggestions. Just wanted to add that I would not recommend hotel work. Back of the house employees are treated poorly and the pay is not good. Front of the house employees aren't treated much better, and also have to put up with the increasingly entitled and rude public.