My late night food go to is Gramaphone. They don't deliver, anymore, but they do keep that kitchen open late 2am. Biggies stops taking food orders at 11:00pm. The Mack kitchen stays open till 1:00. Again no delivery. Elicias pizza delivers late night. Not many options in general for delivery at anytime unless you use one of those secondary services.


Gramophone is 100% worth it




I’ve heard a lot of good things. What do you consider the best option at gramophone?


They have a sandwich for everyone. I like The Jive, Mississippi Nights Club, Fireball, the Alcatraz, the tigers decision, the tower of classics.. and there’s another one that the name evades me but it’s a taco sandwich. So good. Oh, and definitely try their Mac n Chz. Edit: You can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches




Pointer's and Imo's were the only two. Dunno if that's still the case.


Pointer's has been my go to for late nights for several years but they've been closing early some nights recently.


It's one of the more annoying parts of living in STL. Padrinos on S Grand will serve you tacos til 1am, but no delivery or take out.


Elicia’s delivers until 2am.


Honestly, St. Louis just isn't a late night city. When I moved to Florida, it was a shock at how much night life there was, not just goths and drunks at Denny's at 3 am (though it did also have that)


This, I moved here from a city that no one would really know the name and there were plenty of places you could order food from after 8pm. 10pm is pushing it but the area didn’t consider itself a large 24 hour city. Here I was surprised that so many things closed so early and not because of crime. Then the pandemic happened and the hours got understandably shorter.


So much this. Moved here from Miami 3ish years ago. Everything closes early compared to there.


Lol I'm from Florida, spent my first 25 or so years calling it home.


One night I drunkenly ordered 7/11 taquitos to be delivered... not because I like 7/11 or taquitos all that much, it was just that there was effectively nothing else open. For all the 'big city' perks St. Louis comes with having moved from a tiny ass town, late night food options are pretty miserable.


I don’t even know where a Denny’s is except for the suburbs and I don’t think I have seen a Goth person in the City of St. Louis since I’ve lived here. Please don’t extrapolate your teenage suburb experience to a statement as definite as “St. Louis just isn’t a late night city”. The pandemic has really hit a bunch of restaurants hard, and the hours haven’t bounced back, but there are also 24 hour strip clubs and bars on the east side and bars close at 3am which is later than any large city in California. Just because Florida has an IHOP doesn’t mean it’s the epitome of culture.


Picklemans delivers until 2 am every night


I used to do doordash at the start of the pandemic, most quality restaurants stopped taking orders at like 8:30 then after that mostly fast food orders for $2 no tip. Then when the quality restaurants wanted to go back to being open later they couldn't consistently fill delivery requirements and many gave up. Summery: people don't want to waste their friday nights working for peanuts. Now if these places decided to play gareteed hourly rates with no tip nessicary and deliver in a company car that would be a win-win.


The pandemic has definitely had an impact on late night eats, even in Chicago. But as others have said the gramophone and biggies are good spots. Joey Bs is open late too and it’s ok.


Honestly, I think part of it is pandemic related. There were always a few spots that stayed open until at least midnight. Mangia for one. A few places in the Loop. A few places on Washington Ave (which is now basically a war zone). Now restaurAnts have staffing issues. Gramophone is my late night go to. Just sandwiches but really good sandwiches.


100% agree, it wasn’t always like this. Restaurants have more limited hours due to staffing.


I was going to say it’s probably still pandemic related hours and people have moved into other sectors leaving them a smaller pool of employees to cover these later hours where they undoubtedly make less then prime time.


That's a great point, thanks. We've all 'fucking pivoted' and it's kind of a learning curve slash spoiled brat thing, I think there will be so many more to come for all of us!


Jesus Christ you’re dramatic. Washington a warzone ? Lmao I live there and it’s not close to a warzone. I’m guessing you don’t even live there


I’m sorry. I meant drag strip with random gunfire all night. My apologies.


I also live on Washington and I really don't know where you got your information. Sure there are shootings and they're a problem, but consistently all night? That's just untrue. A warzone? I can promise you that Aleppo, Sana'a, and Kabul are about as opposite you can be from Washington Avenue. Yes, there are problems we need to solve, we need to invest in our communities to lower poverty which is the only sustainable way to decrease crime. But calling it a warzone? That's just dramatic and shows you've probably not been on Washington in years, if ever.


I was at a friend’s loft last weekend. Lucas Park. Drugs. Homeless. Random gunfire. Motorcycle and car drag races til 4 am.


Ah so you’re describing any city lol


Homeless and Drugs are in a ton of cities.


So you were there one night where something happened. That doesn't define an area. If it did this entire city would be declared a warzone in your estimation.


You work at KMOV right?


a war zone, smh ... it's peaceful as hell down here, reign is gone, the streets are blocked off on the weekends & people are out & about. i'm pretty sure you typed this from your 850 square foot, prefabricated house out in newtown.


That would be a bet you would lose


i don’t care g... you get what i was saying... enjoy st. charles


And you get what I’m saying. And I’m not your G.


I drive Uber downtown every Friday and Saturday. People drive cars and bikes 50 mph and higher down Tucker, Broadway, 4th St., Market, Gravois. Large groups of motorcycles. And random gunfire. Nightly. It’s unacceptable.


aight g.


I moved to the county recently and you can’t even find a drive through open past 10!


Only the McDonald's at 12680 Dorsett Road. I don't know of any others


Padrinos is a new Mexican restaurant in TGS and they are open until 1 am on Friday and Saturday. I haven't tried it yet but it seems to be popular. I hope other restaurants in the area follow suit with the opening times, I hate that everything is dead after like 7 pm, ugh. I'm new here so I still don't know if it's just the consequence of the pandemic. The website says say deliver, too. https://www.padrinosstl.com/




Not since the pandemic. Places have a hard enough time staffing during day hours. No one wants to work late or over night, I don’t blame ‘em.


They don't have a hard time staffing. They have a hard time paying. If you raise the wages, you will have staff. It's LITERALLY Business 101.


>I vote post pandemic we tip %30-40 default. Oh, I always tip 100%!


Amateur, i always tip a gold doubloon regardless of the total amount. Anyways, back to swimming in my bank vault.


Nope. Too much violence to make it worthwhile. (or so several of the owners I talked to told me when I asked)


I respect that but am also confused by STL city core seeming to be stable. I also just dialed a local dominos number and was directed to (what I really think was) an international call center. I'm a philly transplant so it feels v safer here... I might just need some weed. Appreciate the response.


>I'm a philly transplant so it feels v safer here The violent crime rate in St Louis is over 3 times higher than that in Philly.


Greater St Louis or St Louis city?


This is the rub. If the city and county were incorporated, the numbers would be waaaaay different.


Lolz. Kinda funny, one of my buddies just left STL and went back to Philly because it was a better/safer city.


Bahahahaaa I moved here three years ago and I'm still marvelling at the fucking trash pickups! No shade to Philly, it's amazing and your pal will be great, as long as he embraces gritty, ya know.


I love Philadelphia so so much.


Dude! The guy LOVES Gritty. https://imgur.com/a/nRov5tV


YAASS YQY FUCK .... ahem. Yeah you're friend's probably all good there. Just make sure to visit :) I miss gritty and Wawa oof


Other human beings have lives too. Why do you EXPECT someone else to be willing to work late night, in a hot kitchen, delivering food to needy bitchy people, all to get underpaid? Stock your freezer with easy to make food if you're used to getting hungry late at night. Nobody owes you their life just so you can have food late night when you're lazy. Pretty entitled to EXPECT people to be willing to do that when you're not even willing to make sure you have the proper provisions at home to nourish your own self. Edit: lol downvote away brats. The question was "is that unreasonable to Expect??" And the answer is yes, it is


I actually look back at my first job working at a restaurant that closed at 12 am fondly.


And I loved my time running bars and working industry late night too, but that has nothing to do with someone else EXPECTING others to do it when they won't even do more than place an order to help themself.


Imagine being this self-righteous on a Saturday morning.


Imagine being this entitled, anytime.


Duly noted. Though I think your making some assumptions.