Pay off the Enterprise Center and Americas Center bonds…use those monthly payments to improve life in our city.


Turn it into a public space, otherwise... Maybe some sort of next gen community center. Focused on, the actual community.


America's Center is not just the dome, it's also the attached convention center, which bonds have been renewed to renovate and expand., We need a good convention center, like in Indy, to bring in convention revenue


I've been to a ton of conventions including San Diego, Montreal, Indiana, Nashville, Salt Lake, Phoenix and probably more I've forgotten. Indianapolis is probably my favorite of all of those because the convention center is actually downtown and walkable to hotels and restaurants, and food and drink is actually affordable. A downtown St Louis convention center would be fantastic.


> Indianapolis is probably my favorite of all of those because the convention center is actually downtown and walkable to hotels and restaurants, and food and drink is actually affordable. A downtown St Louis convention center would be fantastic. Just to be clear, you *do* know St. Louis already does have a convention center downtown right? Now, you could argue our downtown leaves much to be desired for entertainment. But a downtown convention center is not a fantastic pipe dream—it’s our current reality.


Yes, I went to a boat show there as a kid. I've not once in 10 years of conventions been to or even heard of a convention in my industry happening in St Louis, though, which tells me more needs to be done to attract these type of events that bring in visitors.


Okay, let's be flexible, we can do that right? Both is not unfeasible


The dome is still used as a part of our the convention center, tear down world take hundreds of millions. The expansion includes renovation of the dome. The city needs convention revenue in the form of restaurant, hotel receipts. Paying off the bonds will save millions every year and free up credit to raise more bonds for urban revitalizatuin


I disagree, it needs to be multi purpose and not explicitly a place for swinging dick.


two chicks at the same time


Hell yeah, man.


Okay Lawrence


I figure with 790 million they could hook that up on a dude like me


You don’t need $790mil to do nothing. Look at my cousin, he’s broke, don’t to sh*t


Infrastructure. Infrastructure. Infrastructure. This town has some of the worst discrepancies between the wealthy and poor I've ever seen. The city should hire more people and invest in projects that help lower the wealth divide. This money needs to be spent so stl sees improvement and growth over the next 10 years.


The money is going to the City leaders and their family members like always and the public will accept it.


The city was intentionally built that way. The Delmar divide comes to mind. A Jim Crow era law made it if a neighborhood was 75% of one group of people no one else could move in. That’s since been appealed obviously but the idea remains. To change that it would take a lot of work and changing various mindsets of folx in this city.


I wouldn’t say it was built that way. Parts of North St. Louis were prosperous. The divide accelerated greatly during the federal government’s redlining policies to protect white homeowners property values at the expense of minorities plus the urban renewal movement and the Team 4 debacle. Edit: I am referring specifically to the Delmar Divide.


It was prosperous until they built a Highway through it. Again, by design.


I would love to go back in time and hide their drafting pens.


Yeah I know. It's very disturbing. We have a chance now with this money to try and do something about it. I don't have the answer but $170 million is a start.


I've visited st Louis often and that's one thing that was so striking it's pretty appalling. And I grew up in Texas.


$790 million dollar pothole fund! We’re going to squander it on something useless so why not be known as the only city in America that does not have one single pothole on any street or alley. It’s the civil affairs / infrastructure equivalent of blowing your inheritance on braces and teeth whitening. frivolous? yes, but it’s the first thing everyone will notice about you from now on and it’s not like you throwing it away on an ostrich or a trolley to nowhere 🤷‍♀️


$790M will fill about half the potholes


Can we fill all the pot holes about half way then?


We could fill them with pennies!


Good point. I figured this was sarcastic but it made me realize, “shit maybe that’s true 🤷‍♀️ I actually don’t know how much it cost to fill a pothole.” looks like with labor, equipment and materials it’s anywhere between $80 and $150 (i’m guessing we are at the low end of that being in the Midwest but I’ll go with a middle price). So, conservatively we get 6 million filled potholes out of that money. In addition to eventually people in other cities saying things like, “so it’s not perfect! You can move to St. Louis if you don’t like it!” And “ it’s no St. Louis but it’s good enough”


But what about all the elected officials who need to misappropriate the money


Ironically if we did something this insainly simple I don’t think there would be an opportunity for grift or misappropriation. When you pour from one massive bucket into 500 little ones it’s almost impossible to tell exactly what happened, “how much was lost in transfer? how many had pinhole leaks?? how many got incessant tiny hand scoops out of them???” but one big ass bucket “The Kroenke Hole Filler Fund” of $790 million that never gets farmed out, just measured once and stared at daily by hundreds of people, well that doesn’t get doesn’t have the opportunity to get fucked with without immediately being noticed. * and after the initial expense of filling every single crack and pothole in existence in the city of St. Louis the rest of that money sitting in a bank would generate enough yearly interest to perpetually fill those holes for infinity without ever tapping the principal lol.


This. Our roads are TERRIBLE.


Downtown needs hella work and needs some anchor businesses to drive both tourism and businesses. Invest it there, make downtown worth going to and that'll go a long way to improving the city as a whole. That or expand the damn metro


How many crumbing houses could we renovate and sell with 1/4 of the money? Not only can we start revitalize the city but also bring back income from selling the houses to continue the process for decades to come


The most epic rave ever in Forest Park.


With that kind of cash they could have one every weekend for the rest of time. I vote yes for the weekly raves


Check my other comment


Check out tipper and friends next year in astral valley it’s going to be wild. Underground bass music. For the style look up, resonant language- slither, tipper- cubic squeal, Alejo- thryacane, mickman- divisonary. If that’s not your style rekenection fest in astral valley next year in may will be dope. For that style just look up clozee and enjoy the ride <3


Ok how about big letters saying St. Louis twice the size if the Hollywood sign. Just anything to flex on LA


I'm so disappointed. STL seemingly had the NFL on the ropes and they settled for a share of 500 million after lawyer fees. So NFL owners now know they can get taxpayers to build them stadiums and if they decide to bail for a different town it'll only cost them a grand total of two super yachts split 32 ways? Meanwhile the city and county will probably squabble and piss away the money, spending it on further litigation amongst the aggrieved parties and consultants telling them how to spend the ever dwindling money. In the end STL might decide to take another shot at a tram or bulldoze a neighborhood for promised jobs that never materialize. I hope they spend it funding a viable land bank like KC has and fixing up the 30,000+ abandoned buildings that devalue the city.


The city will be lucky to get 171 million from this settlement. It’s split three ways after the 35% lawyer fee


To be fair, the 1B+ outcomes were not realistic. Even if if did happen, it would have taken decades for St. Louis to get that amount after all the appeals that would happen.


Lawyers do not get 35% when it settles. They only get that if it goes to trial.


Hard as it is to believe, the lawyers are getting $275 M.


Then the city and county cut as bad a deal as the city did in '95 with the stadium lease.


Yes they did. I couldn’t believe how much they gave the lawyers.


More. Arches.


Getting these damn steel plates off our streets


Yeah, we can afford *titanium* plates now!


Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.


Now, that is something I can get behind.




I heard those things are awfully loud


No worse than the bajillion highways we've run through the city.


It glides as softly as a cloud!


Is there a chance the track could bend?


Not on your life my friend


What about us brain-dead slobs?


You'll be given cushy jobs


* Hindu


It'll waste it as usual. A park, a few commissions and studys and a crime initiative or 2. Eventually maybe 10% will help people. Probably some street lamps and a trolley too.


This is probably exactly what’s going to happen. I’m sure some contractors who are buddy-buddy with officials will land nice contracts to do useless work around the city and that’ll be that.


I can’t wait for the Elliot Davis you paid for it


Reflective road paint and more streetlights


This for sure. I dread driving on the highways at night while it's raining. Might as well leave my blinker on just for good measure because who the hell knows where the lanes are at the time.


Commission a giant gold statue of Dig 'Em, the Sugar Smacks frog.


You fucking people kill me. 790 fucking MILLION dollars can make a huge impact on this city. Fuck a football team. We've been pissed on twice by the NFL. Yeah, twice. I was a Cardinals fan. Then a Rams fan. They shit in my mouth twice. Take the money. Do some good. Again, fuck the NFL.


Haha. I agree....but ask the average St. Louisan...and they'd probably say...YEAH give us another NFL team...so strange. Fool me once, shame on you....we won't get fooled again.


I wish some would be used to deindustrialize and clean up more of the Mississippi shoreline. With global name recognition, it could absolutely be a tourism draw if managed well.


[Dust off these old plans](https://greatriversgreenway.org/great-rivers-greenway-and-the-city-of-st-louis-to-hold-open-house-for-the-north-riverfront-open-space-and-redevelopment-plan-july-8-at-the-central-library/)


There were also plans proposed for a raise trail system like NYC has. I don’t remember what it was going to be called.


The Trestle, which does exist


Oh! So cool! I moved away so I didn’t know they built it!


This I lived in the STL metro for two years before moving back to Louisville, KY which has a waterfront on the Ohio River. I was beyond surprised when I first came to STL on how the shoreline is, not very inviting or clean, specially coming from Louisville (checkout our Waterfront Park system, it’s energized development in the area). If you cleaned it up and made it a big park system, that would be a draw


Public Schools Outreach programs for troubled youth and teens Scholarship programs Low income housing development Expand the bus system and give more pay and benefits to the drivers and staff! Basketball courts in Forest Park


For real with 800 million we better get two hoops 10 feet off the ground


10 feet is the length of about 2.8 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.


Parks dont like basketball courts cuz it attracts black people.


I think it's more the drug dealing and shootings that occur around them. At least, that's why there are none in my local park. After the second shooting by non-residents who rode a Metro bus into town to play ball at the park the hoops were removed. It wasn't about skin color. Only behavior.


lol ok


That’s what my co worker said lol


Simple. More trolleys.


which 790m? need to deduct 300m for the lawyers first. and the rest is split.


Build more metro stops that go to the south side of the city and out to west county


Everyone is saying infrastructure as if there aren't 100s of unfilled St Louis city jobs with good pay and benefits going with applications right now. Who exactly would do these jobs? They would be forced to contract out which would lead to the contractors either taking the money with low bids that can't possibly complete the work, or high bids that waste the money. No matter what much less will come of this than is expected. My 3 ideas: College scholarship trust: set aside 100 million or so in an endowment fund with some diverse investments similar to Yale/Harvard. Give the scholarships to students that graduate from public St Louis City schools to cover tuition at a St Louis university; UMSL, SLUH, WashU etc. Renewable Energy and electrical grid modernization investment: there would have to be negotiation with Ameren I'm sure, but should put money in for solar panels, wind turbines, and battery power storage to stabilize the grid and remove reliance on gas for heating homes with a big subsidy for city residents to replace gas with electrical heating because fuck spire. Home Property restoration fund: 0% loan program for all residents and income based grants for builders and current home owners to renovate abandoned properties and improve their current homes. I know the big problem here is a huge percentage of the abandoned properties are owned by out of state individuals who are just sitting on them but something needs to be done. The solution is not to just demolish properties the solution is to restore them and put them in the hands of quality renters/families. This would have huge generation of wealth in areas that have missed out on the main way American households build wealth as huge areas of the city and the county have seen nearly no appreciation in values for decades because of the degree of blight.


Tear down the dome and rebuild a stadium for the battlehawks


Realistically, it will just pay off the dome and upgrades for the convention center


Strippers and coke.


So you're saying we should share the money with East Saint Louis?


Where's u/lylelanley99 and our monorail??


You know, a town with money is a little like the mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it, and danged if he knows how to use it!




230 something million of it went straight to the law firms.


The crooks are going to take most of it. This isn't a win for the city or its people. It's a win for the political agendas.


Build a second Arch


How much for a hitman to target a certain billionaire?


We should do something with crime...pay police officers more...introduced mental health care officials to help them in certain situations....pay people to join the 911 call center. Tear down these dilapidated houses and build up the lower income neighborhoods ....that's just a start....


Cops dont need more money thats just putting a band aid on the issue. Give it to the inter city communities struggling to fund their schools and infrastructure. If you want to fix crime you have to fix the root of the issue and that is poverty and lack of advancement opportunities. Furthermore people live in those dilapidated areas... just tearing them down will force people out of their homes. St.louis has a problem of people from the county coming up with and implementing the same ideas over and over again to no avail. Invest in communities.


Actually I agree with you. When I say dilapidated I mean ...where I grew up in the city and where I still see my parents living at now...there are literal buildings getting ready to fall down. roofs are caving in... I only mention giving more money to the police as an idea to make people want to be a police officer on the city of saint Louis. If all our police officers are running to the county for better pay we will forever have this problem . At least get the county and city in the same pay grade so they can at least want to work ....and work together. And definitely build up the lower income neighborhoods....which was my last sentence. Put the money in the neighborhoods so they can care and grow those areas too. A lot of the problem is we are doing the same things...that includes this same fight. We are so busy fighting on where money goes and where it doesn't. As far as police getting more money....I don't mean blindly upping their pay. In Colorado they have this STAR program...I think it's called...where they look at the calls for police as a whole - if the situation calls for a non violent mental situation they send those medical mental care professionals instead of police. I think teaching how to police better could potentially warrant a raise in pay....no?


Best response so far. And if done right, actually leading to a measurable reduction in violent crime and less awful crime statistics in City of STL, hopefully more investment and development will follow.


Light it on fire. Would do better than lining politicians’ pockets.


Build a new jail with sanitary conditions and locks that work.... and use it to get career criminals off the streets. It's sad to see almost every "coming to St. Louis" post ask if its actually safe to live or even walk around. Build a "tiny home" village (or similar) for people that have no where to live. Put a reputable organization in charge of it and not local politicians. Make the goal of it to get them stable, working and self sufficient. Remodel the airport and do whatever it takes to make St. Louis a hub city again. Fund enterprise zones downtown and in areas that are presently vacant with free land and tax incentives. Big enticements for both startups as well as large employers to move here. Give a moving bonus to "work at home" relocations. Fix the streets.


“Real Criminals” go to State Prison. City Jail is just a pre-trial holding facility with a debtor’s prison incorporated. Again, to clarify: convicted criminals go to State prisons. Nobody in St Louis City Justice Center is guilty (yet) under law unless they are there for municipal infractions


After the split there won't be enough money for these ideas.


Public outdoor urinals facing the Dome, with a full color picture of Stan’s face plastered right in the middle of each of them, with a giant neon sign flashing Fuck Stan 24/7.


Ain’t none of that money coming to the community. It’s going to the rich people on the sports authority board. After the 35% + fees the lawyers take. This is America. Rich will always get richer.


Give Tom Brady a $790 million contract to play QB on the XFL team.


Sewers and flood mitgation


Bike infrastructure! Oh, and let’s finish cement land…


Loooooop Trollllllllllley! Alternately, a G6 so the mayor can take important meetings in Paris.


U City trolley extension. :)


Look at what KC did ..then do that


What did KC do?




Which department will have an authority to spend it, Let me join that group.


There's four potholes I'd really like filled. I've already filed a CSB report but they are ignoring it. Maybe 790 million dollars is enough money to fill these holes?


Best we can do is 3


Can we hire an expensive consultant to do a report about the fourth one?


New copier.


Do I still get a gift? I didn't ask for that!


More Quiktrips!


LOL with the corruption the city has that's going to get lost and end up in a bunch of peoples' pockets


We should build an even bigger Arch. That way even people in Alaska can pull over on the side of the road to take a picture of it.


As a St. Louis area native living in Alaska, I 1,000% support this. Homesick? Look over there!


Or use the money to turn it over, so the legs stick up in the air


Then we need another $790 million to turn it into a giant slingshot.


Public transportation dammit!!!


More bike trails and bike lanes would be great.


every cent to the homeless!! EVERY! CENT!


Look at what KC did ..then do that too


Planes, trains, and Automobiles!


A giant middle finger facing toward LA.


Give each saint Louis city resident $2,300




Crime. Crime. Crime.


I feel like investing in crime is not the best way to spend the money. We have enough as it is. Unless of course you mean investing in non-violent crime. Like a stolen vehicle buy-back program. Once it's stolen the criminals, allegedly, could sell it to the city in order to give it back to the owner. /s


Criminals hate this one simple trick! How st louis, mo curbed its notorious crime rate by beating the criminals to the crime. Can’t steal break out the car windows or steal building materials if the city got there first.


I’m seeing way too many posts. Stop speculating. The 500M split three ways will do little to nothing for this area and we need to stop joining in on the positive reaction to all this. The only beneficiaries are the politicians and their minions. Until we change who we put in power this type of situation will never improve.


Roads. Just roads. Please.


Immediate distribution to the population of the city and county. That's like $500 per person?


How about not the cops?


For real? Invest in Mental health. Those autistic kids who were kicked out of Great Circle when their residential closed need help


Anything but counselors.


Scratchy lotteries


That hyper loop from STL to KC


If they can't think of anything I'll take it.


So many people saying trolley, they're not going to know y'all jokin, see this post and be like, oh wow they really liked it, let's buy more!


The city is only getting around 170 million


The unhoused and more police


Fix up the Millennium Hotel and use that for a housing-first program for the homeless. Use the rest on infrastructure downtown.


I say we paint lines on our roads that are visible at night/when it's raining


How about some traffic lights that actually know when cars are waiting and no other cars are coming from the other direction so it changes? You know, like other cities have?


After lawyers cut is $513M some of which will get split off to the county. I would love to see them retire debt. And put the city in a enter financial state


In addition, the city is getting $500 million from the federal government. They are arguing over how to spend it.


Fix the fucking potholes


It should have been 2 billion plus an expansion team


House the homeless.


I think it'll mostly get stolen through legal means. But I feel it should be spent on public transportation that will be accessible by the city as a whole. If you just spend it purely on roads or new roads you'll have the problem later on down the line of not being able to afford the maintenance of the new infrastructure. But I feel st Louis will never get on the right track until they unite all those counties.


Invest it into the XFL 3.0




scratch off tickets


On me


It better not be another trolley


Expand public transportation- hours, adding stops for both bus and the metro. And then, make it free and add a city tax to support it like the zoo does. Kansas City just made all their public transit free and it's going very very well- because they understand that if they want to become world class like CH or NYC, mobility is paramount.


Should’ve pushed for an expansion team or for a Chargers move. Don’t bother with rebuttals or trying to change my mind. I couldn’t care less. All I wanted was NFL football back here, and I’m not even from STL! Fuck Kroenke, Fuck the Rams, and fuck whoever decided settling for under a billion.






Just the genetic testing alone would be a fortune. We would have to determine the per entage African in each person so that we can we can figure out what percentage of a reparation check to give them.


Yea I’m cool just being respectful to everyone


1. Fund Pension program for city workers 2. Repair Roads/ City Owned Infrastructure Old School responsible government spending.


I heard they are in talks to build a jai alai stadium in CWE. Jai Alai is the future


North county swimming pool


I’m sure they’ll build more Loop Trolleys


I think we should invest in city gardens and city workers to tend them and use it to feed our public schools and people in need with a goal of feeding anyone in stl that wants.


This and public housing. Aside from that, id like to see some money go into the arts


I’m guessing the city may actually on get $200 million or so. It should go towards updating convention center. Also still waiting on how they spend the COVID relief funds.


First 10 million get a sandwich.


Unfortunately it has to pay about 35% to the attorneys…THEN it can spend the rest on hookers and blow.




Schoooools 😭😭😭😭😭😭


Well, sir, there's nothing on earth Like a genuine, bona fide Electrified, six-car monorail


STL isn’t getting 790 million so can we stop with that? That will only lead to misinformation when people see STL City saying they spent say $100 million and people will cry corruption. This settlement pie is getting split several ways. The fraction that the city gets they should pay off the rest of the dome and help with updating it - the convention center is a huge boost of the downtown economy.


A basketball team forsure