At least the city museum was built and still continues to make kids happy.


Do you know what kind of construction they're doing there?


None. It will never be worked on or completed. There was a fire in 2014 and after that the family said they have no plans on doing anything with the site.


Yep, I was referring to people in the video walking around, looked like construction workers.


Ditto, very curious what the people are up to in the vid. Saw trucks and a trailer, and an SUV.


He was "murdered" by his tractor that rolled on top of him and crushed him when it flipped.


Wait -- he was murdered? I knew he died unexpectedly, but never heard he was murdered.


So "they" say from what I've read on the case it could have been but it'd one of those we will probably never know.


He died in an accident, not a murder. The attorney who alleged that is Al Watkins. He’s not exactly known for believing in facts, whether through his getting sanctioned for going after the governor, representing the QAnon Shaman or the McCloskeys or making up some baby stealing ring.


If I remember correctly, he was found dead in the cab of an excavator with serious injuries. Those who say it was an accident say he wrecked the vehicle and the impact caused fatal wounds, those who say it was murder say he was beaten and placed in the cab. But it’s still up in the air


I read an interview a few years back with his wife. I think it was in the RFT. I distinctly remember the wife's case for murder being fact- and evidence-free, basically a case study in confirmation bias. It was a sad read, since it seemed to be driven by grief, rather than money, etc.


It was also money since she was fighting his children for the estate. “Coincidentally” making these allegations at the same time.


What a crazy wild place this could have been.


Anyone ever sneak in? I was invited to once and still regret being too chickenshit. Curious how much there is to actually see, given that it doesn't look like much in the video (on account of not being finished, I mean - I'm sure it'd rule if Bob had been able to complete it).


It's very open and accessible. But also very dangerous, you must be very mindful when you're there. Very much worth a visit.


Went as a teenager with my friends a couple times, it’s pretty cool! Lots of cool views and just interesting spots. Definitely need to be careful to watch your step, though


Where is this?


Riverview Dr. just north of Hall st.