I used to work at dierbergs. As someone who used to work there, I don't even need the details. Fuck that company. I would support a strike.


As someone who briefly worked at Schnucks, same. In the spirit of transparency, I should mention I pretty much always side with striking workers. Fuck the man.


I also worked at Schnucks and I was never allowed to speak to my union rep (16 years old, first job). I had concerns about the way some workwas being delineated and the middle management basically said, don't talk to the union but then they also didn't do anything about it. It was horrible job, if you guys go on strike, I'll gladly support you hardworking people


I did speak to a union rep, and it’s what led me to quit. I asked why COVID protocol wasn’t being followed, why none of my fellow employees had gotten a raise in years, why would they hire me when several long-term full time employees had suddenly lost full time hours and thus benefits, and why Schnucks’ pay and benefits were well below local competing employers, even those without unions. They argued that I was rude to ask, because they “work hard” and offer health insurance. I pointed out health insurance is offered by many employers, union or not, and does not make up for poverty wages or being asked to put yourself at risk during a pandemic for those poverty wages. Health insurance should not be used as golden handcuffs to keep desperate people in a job that doesn’t pay them what they’re worth. What’s the point of paying union dues if the union won’t fight for decent wages and hazard pay during a pandemic? The union has the power, why don’t they use it? He kept repeating that “he works hard” and I asked to see the results of that hard work. He said he had to go. When he left the other employees told me the union gets paid off by the Schnucks family, and it made more sense. I never went back to work there.


Same here!


Have before. Will again. Every worker's union. Every time.


I really want to get an IT union going and then have the IT people support the other strikes. Let's say the butchers go on strike but the store figures they can just bring in packaged meats for the time being... good luck because all the IT people are going on strike too and we all know how often you need the support to make things happen. It would bring resolution pretty quickly. There is indeed power in numbers and if all the workers supported each other we could finally take back what is rightfully ours.


Solid idea but the US IT crowd isn't exactly into strikes or unions if you catch my drift...


I know but surely someone skilled at organizing could figure it out. I spent 8 of the last 10 years managing teams that were being sent offshore and then directing those offshore teams and while I truly enjoyed working with them and count several as dear friends now it is a practice that needs to slow down. One consistent theme is that the lower layers of the customers for those teams are not happy with the results and the work product but the executives don't care because it is all about money and saving money and customer service, service quality, product quality etc. etc. etc. take a distant backseat to that money. If the workers would unite we can keep that from happening because you can't transition something if you don't have someone to do the transition. Contracts can be drafted to guarantee that x number of jobs have to stay on shore etc. And again if my customer is a major manufacturer I can unite and if the labor at the manufacturer goes on strike I can get my people on strike too and vice versa. It is the only way to stop the inevitable trillionaire CEO's while the supposedly white collar people move closer and closer to poverty.


I’m talking about political leanings. Most IT techs and professionals do not lean far enough left to strike for a union.


That sounds awesome. You’re some kind of visionary. You should totally make it happen. All workers across all industries should be supporting each other and this would be such an asset.


After the last 4 weeks' grocery trips have gotten me produce that's rotted in 2 days? I'll stop shopping at Schnucks for as long as it takes just to save my budget...


Our family would. You all deserve a great raise and benefits for what you’ve had to endure the past 20 months. We appreciate you all!


Hell yes I would. Solidarity Forever.


I’d like to ask here, because this seems to be a union-savvy thread… what is up with outstate union members not voting Democratic last year and continuing anti-democratic sentiment? I have been out of the union loop for many years, but was raised by a proud carpenter with a strong union. There was no question then about democratic leadership. I was reawakened to the fight in the nineties, when Walmart broke the back of unions. It seems like I have no dog in this fight, but I have to be supportive.


People have been voting against their self interests in the name of god, guns and fetuses for years.


Democrats dont represent the interests of labor anymore, and they never really have since carter but Bill Clinton destroyed the remnants of that Bond with NAFTA. I'd never vote republican, but I can see why people dont trust the dems.


Neo-liberalism poisoned the well moving the party right, so now your choices are right, father right, and damned-near fascism. No one represents the working class anymore.


Literally drive by a home yesterday with two lawn signs out front: “Trump 2020” and “Proud Union Home”. I likened it to “Proud Little Pig Home” and “Big Bad Wolf 2020” signs


Yes, I don't believe in crossing picket lines. I will say that while the overwhelming amount of the comments here share my sentiment, it is good to keep in mind that the internet tends to be younger on average and as a result, more supportive of labor than what's reflected in the general public. You won't have an easy time getting what you need to survive, but know you do have supporters, even if some people cross the line.


I would no questions asked 😎👍


I can do without Dierbergs or Schnucks for a few weeks.


I've done without Schnucks and Dierbergs for years. They're only good for specialty food. Aldi's, Save a Lot, and Ruler take care of me just fine. Fuck Schnucks in particular.


I have no idea how they stay in business when non-union places like costco, trader joe's, whole foods, united provisions, etc. do it for cheaper and better


Ubiquity. Most people go to their closest grocery store. Where I live I can walk to a Schnucks and can't walk to anything else. That's really all there is to it. People love to talk about how some grocery stores are better or worse than others, but the truth is that they're all basically very similar and it rarely makes a ton of sense to go way out of your way to go to a store that's like 5% better.


Whole Foods? Cheaper? I haven’t gone there in a years, so have things changed? Cuz it’s used to be super pricey and only stocked things like vegan sugar-free flavor-free pumpernickel bread.


100%. I do not cross picket lines.


I’d support them and shop mostly at Trader Joe’s in the meantime. There is no union there, but they treat their employees well. I am pretty loyal to Dierbergs, but they are woefully understaffed and it doesn’t look to me like they’re doing what it will take to fix that. I’m so damn sick of listening to executives who live in houses that cost more than I’ll probably ever be worth in my life wring their hands about not having enough workers while also refusing to admit those shortages are 100% about pay and working conditions.


Let’s add in that at least at the Brentwood Dierburg’s the checkout lanes were redesigned. Checker has to checkout AND bag. It’s an incredibly inefficient way to conduct checkouts. I try not to do any big shopping trips to Dierburg’s.


It's that way at the Lemay Dierbergs as well. I can see no reason for the change aside from cutting staff and making the remaining staff do more work for the same pay. It's definitely made the check out process needlessly more time consuming.


As someone who was a cashier who checked out and bagged (non-grocery exclusive), eh. It is inefficient because they were never trained on it. Plenty of Walmart checkers are efficient at this for groceries , Walmart just refuses to staff shifts well and has bad labor practices anyway. And in any case, I kind wish I could tell baggers to go away at Dierbergs and Schnucks. I want to support them having jobs, but I am going to pack my groceries for me to carry them better than they will. Just about guaranteed. When they don't have a bagger for my lane I am generally much faster at it too. If you want to help a dual task checker, organize your groceries on the belt. A checker worth their salt should recognize when you have refrigerated items lumped together or non-crush items in a group. They can bag those together and then get to the next group. If they don't do this...well they were reliant on a bagger.




Yeah I was going to edit to say that the ergonomic arrangement matters too. No Schnucks double duty person will be as fast as a bagger since they slide everything into a big open area and have a lone bagging station of their own. Obviously that could be much better. Still, they shouldn't be that slow. Those steps between where they are scanning and the bagging is just dumb. If Dierberg's is like Schnucks setup (haven't been to a Dierbergs in forever), they just need to let customers know they should be bagging. The cashier is only going to be able to help out at the end to get you out of there faster. I would prefer if the cashier just slid my stuff down to me and didn't try to even fill one bag. At Fields Foods there is no bagger and the cashier's often try hard to do both, but I just want to bag for myself. They have a short bagging area and I can clear it faster. As long as there is somewhere for the customer to bag, it will always go fastest with two people doing the work. If not? Well they screwed up the design massively. If they need to keep their premium customers served without doing their own bagging, well either they will need to invest in a proper ergonomic setup or just hire more baggers at competitive wages. Personally, I lean toward everyone learning how to bag well since there are so many places going self-checkout now. It is better for all of us if people learn how to sort their stuff (even as they shop) and get through lines only needing to struggle with payment.


Lol.i used to work schnucks, overnight, lone checker. I could check & bag faster than a nagger could keep up. Several rounds of triple coupons that started at midnight with no back up & you learn to MOVE! And I would prove I could do this the day before every holiday we closed for.


I almost posted about that bullshit too. That is not working out at all!


Good comment.


Back in 2003 when there was a full on strike at Schnucks, Dierbergs, and Shop n Save that ran for about three weeks, you probably had a hard time patronizing them even if you wanted to. I remember Schnucks wasn’t able to bring in enough scabs to keep the stores open beyond 9-5. If you worked during the day you probably were shopping a non-union store anyway, whether it be out of support or simply out of necessity.


And in this hiring climate it will be harder


I won’t cross a picket line.


I have worked for both companies. They both treat workers like garbage. You have my support.


I’d have your back 100%. Teamsters Local 6 member 35 years.


I. Do. Not. Cross. Picket. Lines.


Hells yeah. Essential workers essentially need to make more. I will pay more to support higher wages.


This would be good for my appreciation of both Local Harvest & Jay’s


Same here. Jays, Local Harvest, and Aldi for me. Schnucks is pretty much last resort when I need an odd ingredient.


Absolutely love Jay's. If I can support them AND refuse to cross a picket line at the same time? Hell yeah.


Local 410, hell yeah


Solidarity to striking workers ✊


I support all strikes. So yeah, this one too.


Absolutely. Doesn't even matter that I'm a part of another union, I still wouldn't cross a picket line.


Yes, I would have their backs.


I'm not crossing a picket line. In the meantime, use Costco, who actually pays their employees well and treats them fair. Yes you have to buy in bulk, but invest in a Food Server vacuum sealer and Bob's your uncle.


Yeah, I'll shop at Aldi and Fresh Thyme during a strike.


Local 396 ironworker here. I say fight for what you deserve, and we will have your back. Strikes are difficult, but they work.


Yes, I would support the strike.


I can find other places to shop. I support a strike.


Yes, definitely. I have other grocery options. Everyone here's mentioning how other grocery stores have worse labor practices. I'm not sure that's a game-changing issue? Would it not be a net benefit to support a non-labor union (and possibly walmart-sized) store for a few weeks/months so a local labor union can bolster themselves?


Have their back how? Will I support them striking for better pay, benefits and working conditions? Absolutely. Will I not shop at Schnucks or Dierbergs during a strike? Well, where else am I going to go? Shopping at non-union competitors to support the union seems counter intuitive. And it's not like Wal-Mart and Target have better labor practices. Whole Foods/Amazon sure as hell doesn't.


Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Costco, Fresh Thyme, Ruler Foods, Fields Foods


When there is a strike, schnucks and dierburgs are non union at three moment too. In fact, at that moment they are effectively in a battle with unions. Just another way to look at it.


Its definitely better to shop at a non-union competitor than to break the picket line. Sometimes places don't have unions because they just have better working conditions to begin with. Wal-Mart and Target are pretty bad but those aren't the only other options (unless you're out in the sticks)


This is the way.


This is the way


This is the way


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Aldi is my go to for many of the staple items because of how they treat their employees and low prices. While they may not have as large of a variety as Dierbergs/Schnucks, they have the base ingredients so you can make things yourself (that often taste better and are healthier).


During the strike Schnucks or Dierbergs is effectively also non-union, they don't have a union contract or union employees.




Non-union and they don't have half the stuff that Schnucks or Dierbergs has.


Aldi is a perfect example of a place that treats their employees well enough that they don't need a union. As to selection, big deal. It's all the same stuff, half the time provided by same vendor under different name (you ever drink schmucks brand milk? You might as well, Prairie Farms delivers and bottles it). You can do without artisanal versions of the exact same stuff Aldi's has for a week or two to support unions. You can stop by a liquor store for specialty vices. As for me, I'm not crossing a picket line.


In the past couple of years, Aldi has become our primary grocery shopping destination, with side trips to Dierbergs and/or Sam's for items we can't get at Aldi. They've actually got a LOT of what we need, at far cheaper prices.


much much more than half.






Good point, but the poor union leadership should not fall on the shoulders of the consumer. If the union is ineffective, the workers are phucked. Right? Or am I misunderstanding?










Never cross a picket line


My sister and my cousin both work for Schnucks, I absolutely would do whatever I could to support them if a strike happens.


Absolutely. Have changed the way I’ve gotten groceries already recently and can easily live without them.


Yup i sure would… wish jobs would actually compensate for inflation


When I worked at Schnucks the whole union thing sucked. They took half my pay for 6 months and the union is all run by the same family which makes me question it. The union works fine and all if you plan on working at Schnucks for 20 plus years but other wise it just kind of sucks for part-time workers.


The part nobody wants to talk about


Unions suck for everyone, not just part time workers.


I’m not crossing a picket line.


My BIL works there. Stand with workers!


I will never cross a picket line.


Absolutely yes. Will support. I'm really tired of corporations f\*ing over their workers. It's not right to treat people as disposable, like old kleenex.


give em hell people in this country dont want anyone standing up for anything though. When people strike or protest they always seem to complain but you are always going to have people like that. THAT said after this last year it seems like normal people are sick of everyones shit and are pushing back and/or not playing the game anymore.


Absolutely, every time. Plus, they won't be able to bring in scabs because there just aren't enough people willing to work for shitty pay in shitty conditions right now. It does suck that the only grocery store I can walk to is Schnucks, but maybe I'll finally master the bus system and get to Fresh Foods instead.


Hell yes. Union Strong!!!


Not enough information to comment


If a union says they’re on strike, that is all the information you need to make your decision.






*shrug emoji*


That's a really stupid comment. What if I don't agree with what the are striking for?


Always support labor. Fuck the owners.


Why would I support anything without understanding it?


You could look into it. That is an option.


I agree, that's wasn't the statement though.


Because companies have spent millions to foster this attitude that both sides have ‘fair points’ and convincing people of the evils of labor unions. The amount of propaganda released to keep the working class down is unreal. In the past they didn’t even stop at propaganda and flat out used violence to get their way. Supporting labor, every time, even if you might not support every facet of every contract, is the only way to keep the working class from being taken advantage of.


Ok well have fun with that. I'll take my chances with trying to be educated and not blindly following shit I have no idea about. I swear to God it's all out nothing with people. It's " I did my own research and the world if flat, or JFK is alive" or the other side "blindly follow one side no matter what" Labor 95% of the time is correct but I'm not going to just bloody weight in on shit I have no understanding of. I'd rather just say I'm not educated enough to have an opinion.


The fact that you seem to think that 1 in 20 labor contracts could be bad shows that the propaganda has worked on you. Even after a short time searching I can’t even find one where the owners side should’ve been taken. There is literally zero reason to ever side with owners. I guarantee you use things on the daily that you know fuck all about, but you know they work so you trust them. This is no different. There is literally zero reason to support ownership of collective bargaining units. Because unions have proven time and time again that they work, that they raise benefits and pay for their workers. So many things we take for granted now were all bargained for by unions over the years. So once again, zero reason to support ownership over unions.


Because it's a religion and if you don't submit with blind faith you're a bad person, duh!




I generally agree. But, I would like some details from both sides to form my opinion. Believe it or not there are *some* business owners that aren’t greedy pieces of shit.




Nor did I say they were. We are speaking in generalities here. I replied to a comment always support labor, fuck the owners. While I generally agree, if a truly good business owner is putting good faith efforts into negotiations or whatever, and the other side is being pricks, I would, in that case support the owner. Rare, for sure. But still a possibility. And that’s all I was saying. Downvote away, fuckers.


There’s still no reason to support ‘nice owners’ over labor. Look how Amazon puts out commercials to convince everyone how great it is to work there and how great they are. They even hired Terry Crewes to try and convince people of that. And likely some people believe that. That’s why you always support labor.


That’s not an example of a good business owner. That’s a liar. My statement stands.


But who decides who is a good business owner? Because there’s plenty of people who eat that Amazon shit up. Your belief that my or any company has good respectable owners shouldn’t preclude mine or anyone else’s desire to fight for what they believe they are owed. No matter how good the owner is. And if the owner truly was good, maybe their employees wouldn’t feel the need to unionize.


I only have a Schnucks nearby but will absolutely support their strike. My dad was a union guy and it provided excellent insurance, and wages that supported a family of four comfortably enough for vacations, meals out, etc., plus my mom was able to stay home. EVERYONE deserves that stability. It’s reprehensible that we have people working full-time who can’t achieve it. I’m in the white collar world now but I can’t imagine being friends with someone who would cross a picket line.


I will support 655. Can’t shop at Schnucks/Dierbergs? Fine, I’ll go to Straubs.


I don't cross picket lines.


I stopped shopping at Schnucks after what they did to the warehouse workers. I could certainly support a strike, with my only concern being if they strike both chains at once as my grocery options are pretty limited locally after those two (basically just small quick shop and specialty grocery stores).


yeah they have been on my shit list for a while now


I don’t cross picket lines and anyone that does is a scab. Simple as that.


I found an IGA during the last strike, and I could find an alternative again. I won't cross the line. Is sav a lot union?


I don't cross pickett lines. I 100% support any strike.


Yeah, but when people here say they will it probably means they will be doing self checkout at Fresh Thyme or going to Wal-Mart, etc. with worse labor practices. I hope they can just leverage the labor shortage in their favor instead.




Definitely. As a Union member myself, I will have my brothers & sisters backs.


It would be nice if people supported their strike but I think the biggest concern is missing a few paychecks. That's a hard thing for a lot of families. Strike funds don't make up a full paycheck.


I was ufcw in the Illinois local for schnucks & yes, I'd support 65 OR any other local that went on strike in support.


I am in my 30's and remember a strike in Illinois when I was younger


define support


Even if the union is some jackass corrupt useless legacy bag of rocks, I'll still support workers. Fuck management.


I don’t work there so I have no idea how I’d support a strike. Not buy from there? I have no idea what the unions grievances are so how can I know they’re being fair? So no. I won’t.


Hell yeah, never cross a picket line and I'll tell all my friends too.


100% no questions asked.


Cart before the horse big time here.


Absolutely. Always have the labors back. ALWAYS.


Where would you shop if Dierberg's and Schnucks are closed? ​ edit: is shopping at a farmer's market considered an acceptable replacement for labor?


I'd shop with whatever stores aren't on strike at that time. Local food shops, Target, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, whatever.




I hear about them striking so often and it never seems to happen. I'm not gonna stop shopping somewhere over rumors.


They don’t want you to stop shopping there until the strike actually happens.


I 100% will not cross a picket line. Not gonna happen.


100000% support a strike if that's what it takes


Labor rights are like the only issue I care about because I’m fully socialist. So yes


Of course. Tell me what strike fund to donate to and how to do so.




Absolutely would support a strike. #PowertothePeople


Absolutely I would have their back. I'd contribute to a strike fund and I know plenty of other people who would as well.


I want to strike with them ! Old man schnucks and old man dierberg have taken too much from the common man


Nope, I kind of need to buy groceries. Am I supposed to then shop at a place like Walmart that has worse labor practices than the local chains?


Aldi's, Trader Joe's, Jay's. They may not be union, but neither is a store with striking workers. At least they treat there people better than Wal-Mart or Target.


I don't understand this. By not respecting the picket, you are helping weaken the union. A couple of weeks shopping elsewhere to help the union prosper is a good idea, even if it is Aldi or Target.


Yes, until the strike is over. That’s the idea.


Go to Aldi, moron.


Nope. Anti union




Absolutely. Never a scab.


YES! Labor FTW!


I’ll support




Hell yeah!






Yep. Solidarity forever.


I have a mixed opinion but I have reasons. To paraphrase what my dad used to tell me (IBEW and UAW lifer), the best thing about a union is having a team of lawyers ready to litigate for your best interests. He also said that the worst thing about having a union is everything gets complicated by lawyers, and the possibility that the lawyers are uninterested in your individual interests.


Worker rights are about the only politics I legitimately give a shit about


lol as i turns out i have been boycotting schnucks and dierbergs for years now. you have my full support sir!!


I wouldn’t…




Trader Joe's, Jay's, Global Foods, Local Harvest, farmer's markets, Costco... you have loads of options.


Look at the new Fresh Thyme and how few workers actually work there. Where do people actually think this is going?


Sorry for being obtuse but how is this relevant to the current situation? We're nearing year 2 of a pandemic and these workers have borne the brunt of all of the worst aspects of it, from ornery customers to their ridiculously high covid rate. We owe them allegiance right now, irregardless of the future of the service industry.


Yep, just another excuse to shop at Target for a while.


Is target unionized?


no idea, but they set their minimum pay at $15 /hr back in July 2020. I've not heard anything about it going down. I also know two former employees that say it was rough, but they at least were treated as human beings. generally they don't have everything I want from the store but I'll just do without those items if a strike starts


Walmarts in St. Louis have actually raised pay to $15 an hour last month (and more for most jobs, $15 is for cashiers and cart pushers, I now get $17 for unloading the trucks)


No they are not. They push the same anti-union propaganda that Wal-Mart does


Having been in this union, no.




There’s a union… for people who work at a grocery store…. Really? I digress. As with anything, one side will have more leverage than the other, based purely and simply on supply and demand. A union striking is only a temporary hiccup in the economic ecosystem. As long as there are a higher number of willing workers than there are jobs, wages will be low. That’s the natural order of things. A union will only degrade workers’ wages in the long run (via dues, etc.).


No. Get a different job. It’s their right to hire you. If you don’t like it, it’s your right to leave. Unions are outdated and the only people that benefit are the union bosses.


No way.


Could you expand on your position? Or elaborate on what you think are the most compelling points?


He's just a fuckin' moron. Do you really want to hear an explanation from a mouth breather?


Yes. I want to hear an earnest tell-all from someone with that view point. If I don't come out swinging from the get-go, and if I ask nicely, there's a chance they'll be genuine. Then I can get an idea of their motivations, maybe what led them to think that way, and what they think are the most compelling points from their side. Without all the unproductive and cyclical name-calling. I want a better idea of the landscape of their thinking. This way I can be better informed to address someone who disagrees with me the next time I have a discussion about this topic. This all stems from me not calling them an idiot and taking them seriously. I don't blame you for wanting to call them a moron. A lot of people get frustrated with the "other side" and just want to vent.


I've tried talking with them many, many, many times in the past, all you get is parroted Fox News bullshit. Recently it's almost been verbatim whatever Tucker Carlson said that week that was relevant to the conversation. They'll use big fear words like Socialism or Communism that they can't even define, and have an argument that they can't explain. Or they simply out-right say something stupid like service industry workers are nothing more than entry level jobs for teenagers that don't deserve anything better than minimum wage; while also expecting exemplary customer service, a clean establishment and a perfect experience.... while also not supporting increasing minimum wage to simply do the bare minimum and keep up with inflation. The entire right has been fucked since Reagan. I'm born and bred in rural Missouri, I talk to these people daily. Trust me, it's not worth your time.


Yes! I totally hear you that useless fear words don't help the conversation. There's definitely a chance it turns into that. In my experience though, that doesn't need to happen, and I'm willing to take the risk that it does :)


Useless fear words can help the conversation if the person speaking them understands what the hell they mean, and uses them properly. Stating that health care for all is communism, which is an argument I've heard repeatedly, doesn't even make any sense.


yes. always.