Star Wars: Visions - Season 1 - Discussion Thread!

Star Wars: Visions - Season 1 - Discussion Thread!


Ninth Jedi is the best one for me, holy shit what an amazing episode


My jaw dropped so hard when [this](https://i.imgur.com/0yAMhbm.png) happened. I was *not* ready for that.


>!When Kara's dad said that they would attune to their user, I was expecting the big reveal to be one of them turning red. I wasn't ready for six of them.!<


That was my exact thought as well. One turns red and as soon as they notice, someone is already cut down.


The characters were written so well that I actually didn’t expect any of them to be sith.


Their mannerisms and the way the carried themselves made it seem that they were just errant force users looking for a Jedi master to teach them. They all talked calmly and reserved like light side users too.


It really was just a genius storyline. I’m beyond impressed with how the entire show was


I think there were small "tells." Various members of the group displayed impatience and all seemed almost too eager to get their hands on the lightsabers. Not too say Jedi wouldn't behave that way sometimes but it seemed purposeful to tip that maybe not all of them were "worthy."


Finished watching it a few minutes ago and I just went "fuuuuuuck" upon seeing that. EDIT: How'd you get that screenshot? Been trying to get a screenshot of a scene for my brother.


I watched on my computer and took a screenshot?


I'm still confused about the one guy whose lightsaber turned purple along the way and the margrave just went "You're not evil" and the guy goes "Yeah ok." and just stops fighting.


In the expanded universe, purple was supposed to be for jedi who had strong connections to both the light and dark sides, and represented their moral ambiguity. My interpretation is that it was like a form of force empathy that sways his balance to whatever is strongest around him at the time. Being outnumbered by so many Sith caused him to temporarily lose himself to the dark side and join them, but he regained his composure once the Sith were defeated and he was with light side users again.


It's like barely even a contest. You can just tell Production I.G. wants to do a series.


yeah The 9th Jedi screams ''please give me a full season'', it really felt like it could easily fit within the cannon timeline while still adding some interesting concepts/ideas


Yea, if there was only one choice to get green lit for a full series I easily choose this one without question. However with that said something about the elder, the duel, and village bride makes me so hopeful it isn't a choice. I would love to see more of each of those protagonists.


The Elder seems to be High Republic era, would also easily fit into canon and could be a good start for a series as well.


Definitely had that feel and look. I would *love* to see more of the two from The Elder. I want to see more Jedi like Tajin (the master/David Harbour). Calm, cool, collected and obviously powerful. His demeanor reminded me of Qui-Gon.


Actually I think it even predates the high republic era. The high republic is not the full 1,000 years before episode 1 but instead more like around 200 years before up to episode 1. The way the Jedi master was talking about the elder’s ship being of Sith design and considering the possibility he was a Sith from the past Empire suggests to be me that The Elder takes place more like 900-800 years before episode 1


He said it was only a few hundred years since the Sith were a thing


That plot twist was amazing


I just watched it, so far it's the clear winner for me. It felt like classic Star Wars, but also like a fresh take. I feel like it really leaned into the fantasy elements, there was a sense of magic surrounding the Force and the sabers.


Fully agreed, The Ninth Jedi left me wanting more and it definitely felt like it had the most potential for a continued series. Not sure about continuing Lop & Ocho, but I did end up liking it a lot more than I thought I would based on the trailers. The fight scene was pretty beautiful. The Duel was sick, I loved the brutal lightsaber umbrella kills. I also quite liked The Twins and The Elder, Trigger did not let me down. The Elder made me curious about what the Elder truly was, and there was room to explore stuff in the future. I don't know if Disney/Trigger would want to continue The Twins, but I would LOVE it if they did. Even if it was still considered a separate, non-canon story, I would totally watch more of Am and Karre. Beautiful colors, and you don't get much more badass than cutting a Star Destroyer in half.


It was pretty much Starkiller level power scaling, but a batshit silly Star Wars anime continuing the Twins would be fun.


If we don't get a full show for this or a continuation of the story in a novel or something, I'm going to be very upset. That episode felt the most like the original trilogy to me than a lot of recent Star Wars stuff. The world felt new and unexplored. I haven't stopped thinking about that one since watching it.


I cried. The music was very "Not Williams but very close", and fit perfectly wiith the scenes. The sabre smith telling his daughter to go, while the bad guys approached in the window was both cinematic and touching. And for some reason, the part where she first zooms across the ice past some trees on the right hit me in the feels. The music was extremely right, slightly sad and just screamed "she's running for her life".


It felt like an actual first episode for a full show. And the ending was screaming give me a full series


I agree. This one felt like they were testing the waters before greenlighting it for a full series.


I think that's why it was also one of the better paced episodes for me. It didn't feel like it was rushing things


In the behind the scenes for that episode the director said he’d love to continue the story so there is hope!


Man, if I was rich, I would throw a stupid amount of money to make this happen. I really need to watch the behind the scenes for these.


Honestly, I would LOVE for this to be legit canon as the future, where the Sith Empire fully returned and have been hunting down surviving Jedi throughout the Galaxy a few hundred years after the fall of Palpatine. It would be a great way to move forward and be legit unique and original.


Isn't that literally the plot of the Legends Legacy comics?


I recall so. Of course, the Fel Empire, the successor of the Galactic Empire, was also in conflict against the Sith as well with their Imperial Knights - those that merely see the Force as a tool.


Anyone else notice the [Star Wars Movie Poster](https://imgur.com/a/andOwoU) in Ep:1?


It's also in T0-B1 on the wall.


Grivous is also there on the wall in T0-B1, that made me laugh.


The Duel feels like classic Kurosawa!! This series is so inspired and I’m excited to watch more


> The Duel feels like classic Kurosawa!! Then with Episode 9, we get an exiled princess, a ~~samurai~~ Jedi protector, and two mercenary peasants, one tall and skinny, one short and fat. Just need to smuggle a cargo of gold over a mountain and we've got Hidden Fortress. The circle is now complete.


In the 'making of' the director says that she was directly inspired by The Hidden Fortress for Akakiri.


Which, as everyone here knows, was one of the films that inspired Star Wars.


Very Kurosawa.


It very much gave Seven Samurai vibes.


The music in "The Duel" is fucking beautiful! Also... lightsaber umbrella


I liked that it was more of an attachment than the lightsaber being built like that.


Like a sprinkler head to the lightsaber hose. 😂


Loved that she used the umbrella lightsaber to hover for a sec lmao


Always wondered how the inquisitors did that lol


Only thing I didnt get is how did she impale that guy? There isn't a blade or a point on the end


Honestly she might’ve just force pulled him through the top—pretty gruesome


The dark side of the force is a pathway to abilities some consider... unnatural


FYI - if you go to extras, there's a short 'making of' for each episode


Oh snap! Thank you!


Pog thanks for telling us! Gonna watch it later.


I'd be down with a Ninth Jedi series or book, that episode and Lop and Ocho were probably my favorites.


Ninth Jedi, Twins were my favs.


Also Village Bride was phenomenal—that Yellow Katana Lightsaber was slick


Village Bride really got to me. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, the healing jedi... I have a feeling this one will stick with me for a while.


The soundtrack was breathtaking!


The suspense was so good I literally out loud said “Please let it be a yellow saber” and I just splooshed right there So good!!!!


As soon as I saw it I was like "oh please do the mega-fast anime swordsman move, please please please please YESSSS"


Weirdly, the Ninth Jedi was probably my favourite and the Twins my least favourite. Different strokes for different folks, which I suppose is the entire point of this sort of thing.


whycantheybreatheinspace was on repeat the whole time


Forget it Jake, it's Trigger town.


I’m in the same boat tbh, really didn’t enjoy Twins at all. The Ninth Jedi and Village Bride though, damn those were great!


The only thing I don’t like about Twins is the exposition dumps lmao.


It could have used multiple episodes to build up.


This, twins is cool but would be better with a lot more background and an indeterminate amount to finish it up. Feels like the end of a season episode almost, instead of a self contained work.


Pros: +Trigger Cons: -Trigger


I didn't expect to like Lop and Ochô that much


Same! The fight scene was really great.


That was... awesome? This has to be one of my favorite things to come out of the franchise in years. I was really surprised how incredibly fun this short watch was and pretty fascinating how well Star Wards holds up when handled by Japanese animation creators. It serves a nice preview as to how much more Star Wars could be. Insane number of interesting ideas and dazzling visuals put through the lens of the anime medium which does wonders to this series. A lot of the shorts (not all, there were pleasant surprises) follow the same "JediVSith" formula you've come to know, but what's interesting is how uniquely interpreted it is in each of the short, it truly makes Star Wars feel like a vast universe with completely different incarnations of the same conflict depending on the period of time and planet it takes place on so you never think “oh, this again?” My two absolute favorite shorts were: Lop and Ocho and The Village Bride Lop and Ocho was absolutely gorgeous. From the character designs, to the art direction, to the overhaul compositing, the backgrounds and obviously the animation. I was amazed at what Yuuki Igarashi and the rest of the staff at Geno were about to pull out considering the conditions of the industry at the moment, and needless to say that they executed their ideas perfectly, Star Wars never looked this good in 2D. Kai Ikarashi, you have my praise for this insane climax fight scene. I also did not expect such a cute story to have an ending like this, it truly feels like the creators want to do more in the future and I really hope they do. The Village Bride wasn't as visually bombastic as Lop and Ocho; the backgrounds and colors looked beautiful but most of the animation was quite regular, but what makes up for it and what made me put it at the same place as L&O was the out-of-this-world atmosphere that transpired during the whole episode. The score was INCREDIBLE, Kevin Penkin did not hold back and provided some of his best work. My jaw was on the floor listening to his Made In Abyss work (watch Made In Abyss by the way), and with a touch of Nier's incredible vocalist Emi Evans, they gave so so much life and atmosphere to this short. The storytelling was also very notable, especially considering the nature of the short. Without going too much into details, the way this sad and tense marriage was put together was captivatingly touching, and that final scene gave me chills I haven't felt from this franchise since Luke’s final confrontation against Vader. A huge honorable mention to The Twins from STUDIO TRIGGER. While the plot was hilariously straightforward and simple, Hiroyuki Himaishi and TRIGGER's staff's Promare and Kill La Kill influence were definitely on the frontline. Grandiosely exaggerated animation and fight scenes, beautiful color design that pop so much to the eye it's like candy, and a climax that willingly defies all laws of physics, to the point where it's just super fun to watch where they're willing to go to make something CRAZY. The music was also surprisingly John-Williams like so props to Michiru Oshima. The Ninth Jedi was the most "regular Star Wars" of the bunch. Most fans will probably like this one the most and while it wasn't my favorite it was still a very interesting watch doubled with gorgeous Tetsuya Nishio character designs taken straight from Boruto, a great score and what really feels like an introduction to a bigger story. If Kamikaze Douga's objective was to make me want to watch Akira Kurosawa's movies, then they sure succeeded. Despite being 3DCG, the short has this inky gritty effect on top of its drawing which give them such a nice texture. The black and white effect with droid lights, blaster bolts, and lightsaber being the only colored elements was stunning. Akakiri was hilarious, tense and downright disturbing at times. Beautiful direction, use of colors and background, another unexpected ending too. While I watch most anime series subtitled, I checked out the English version of some of these out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by the performances. Other than Neil Patrick Harris’s work in The Twins, which I found quite weak alongside very weird line delivery and translations, I found myself enjoying most of the voices more than I thought I would. If I had one issue to point out, and that is not related to either Visions itself or the voice actors, is that Disney has made no effort to provide accurate Japanese-to-English translations into the English subs and simply copied and pasted the DUB’s manuscript, which takes mouth flaps and Americanization into account and makes for an unpleasant watch for people that want to enjoy the original voices and original dialogue. Because of that, any dialogue that don’t feature mouth flaps have their subs completely out of of sync. D+, hire translators and please fix this. In the end, all of the shorts succeeded at what they wanted to do, and all presented a magnificent visual representation of Star Wars. What they taught me is that Star Wars and Anime go so sooo well together that I cannot fathom why it wasn’t officially done sooner. If I were given the opportunity to expand two of all the shorts into a full fleshed out anime, I'd definitely choose Lop and Ocho and The Village Bride. I need more, I need more of these characters, I need more of Japan's incredibly vast arsenal of talented artist and directors to beautify this franchise that was starting to get stale and repetitive. With the help of the concept of timelines (edit: or simply other far away galaxies), I need a full-on cinematic expansion of this universe with new eras, new characters, new visuals, new music, new completely original stories that aren’t scared of being dark or “not enough skywalker saga-like”, and the Anime and Manga medium is perfect for that. I believe this project is Star Wars taking its first steps into a larger world. Please don’t let this opportunity go to waste


The Village Bride and Lop and Ocho are favorites of mine as well. I love how they both had different takes upon the pragmatist vs. idealist philosophies. >!In The Village Bride, the bride is the pragmatist by agreeing to the raiders' terms for the betterment of her village, while her sister is the idealist by refusing to compromise and attempting to fight with no real plan. The Village Bride episode portrays the pragmatist as heroic and wise, and the idealist as rash and misguided. In Lop and Ocho, Ocho is the pragmatist by agreeing to work with the Empire for the betterment of her planet, while Lop and their father are the idealists by refusing to compromise and attempting to fight with no real plan. The Lop and Ocho episode portrays the pragmatist as rash and misguided, and the idealists as heroic and wise.!<


The village bride did did what I wanted for a planet in star wars. Feel like an actual culture of people live there. And they have a culture that has an interpretation of the force which deepens the force connection that living beings have. The 9th jedi could be its own series honestly. Set in the future unbound by the previous films and tons of potential. Having the sabersmith temper the crystals as to attune to the user and their connection to the force is very cool. The sith acolyte twist was great as well. These 2 shows are the best for me and the duel is a very close 3rd


So I know dubbing can sometimes make dialogue a little stilted... But in "The Elder" it absolutely worked. I mean this in the absolute nicest way possible, but the fact that it was slightly wooden, in a likeable way, made it feel like the prequels. And I love it for that.


The Elder definitely had the best dubbing - David Harbour did fantastic as a grizzled master, and Jordan Fisher really played the eager padawan well!


That was David Harbour?!


Yes, i really enjoyed everyone’s performance! There was a good conversational flow to their deliveries, and it was fun to just sit and listen in on a teacher and student.


It totally gave me Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vibes. I’d love to see that master and apprentice relationship explored more in Star Wars.


They were just subdued personalities. You could get a feel for who they are underneath just through the little facial expressions and tone of their voices. Plus the dialogue wasn't overly wordy. They got to the point faster than the dialogue in the Prequels and weren't cryptic about everything.


I love that the master actually use the technique where you just turn the lightsaber off and on again


The Elder's plot was extremely bare bones, but it felt like a guest produced episode of clone wars. Something about the dynamic of the two jedi felt kinda... american I guess? It was surprising that this one was also produced by Trigger, but I liked it more than the beautifully flashy but substance free Twins.


that katana lightsaber is so badass


The yellow katana lightsaber in The Village Bride instantly went into my top rankings for saber designs.


That moment was awesome as well. The soundtrack of that episode was brilliant.


Did anyone else get serious Keiichi Okabe (Nier composer) vibes from that episode? Overall the soundtracks for these have been pretty amazing furthering the trend set by The Mandalorian that we don’t *need* John Williams’ classics as a rule for Star Wars.


Same singer as Nier. Emi Evans.


Glorious work by Kelvin Penkin


OH MY GOD. He really is just glued to any Kinema Citrus project, isn't he? I was already planning on immediately watching the studios I'm interested in first (Trigger, KC, Science Saru), but Penkin being on hands, for a STAR WARS project?!


I loved Lop's family saber. The hilt looks great and I love the writing on the blade!


I dunno man, those robotic heels are 🔥


I'm a chunky tube man myself, but I did really like that saber. More Jedi should have yellow sabers in general.


"Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?!"


So after binging this, I am VERY pleased with it, even with some of the episodes being hit and miss, I loved most of the episodes. The Duel was an amazing episode to start with as it gave us such a great fight, be it the umbrella lightsaber, which was just awesome, or the reveal of the protag which made it even better. I especially loved the homage to 7 Samurai. Tatooine Rhapsody was and The Twins were hit and miss for me. They were okay, but with Rhapsody, felt like an easy one to skip as it really didn't feel like a good payoff to me. With the Twins, I loved the plot leading up to and during the duel itself, but was not a fan of when it went extremely over the top near the end. The Village Bride is probably my all time favorite of this season, from the beautiful animation to the gorgeous music, then add in an amazing protag that gives you such great emotion and story in such a short time, it made me wish there was at least a full season around this character and animation. The 9th Jedi was another amazing episode (tied for 2nd). I loved the characters and the concept for the lightsaber here. Also love how it was able to implement a story that didn't need to rely on the films, where it feels like it takes place a few hundred years after RotJ, where I honestly would love a series that focuses around this plotline and has this be the future of SWs. T0-B1 was probably the only one I really didn't like and honestly, wasn't a fan of the animation or characters. The Elder was really solid and felt like a good addition with some great characters while also feeling like a good bridge between the fall of the Sith Empire and the rise of the High Republic. Lop & Ocho was another great episode and is on par with The 9th Jedi. I LOVED the animation with how it felt like Princess Monoke, and the plot was heartbreaking watching Ocho betray her family and side with the Empire. Akakiri was okay for sure, but wasn't big on the animation or music. The characters were definitely good though. In the end, definitely glad this exists and am hoping for more seasons.


Right on board with the Village Bride. Her igniting her yellow katana lightsaber was fucking incredible


I have a feeling the village bride will stick with me for a long, long time. The soundtrack is NIER levels of good. I need more of her. More of the introspective jedi. More of the healing hero. More imply-don't-show. This was peak star wars to me.


T0-B1 gave me huge Asto Boy/Mega-Man vibes.


Lop was nutty, that star destroyer animation was phenomenal and the story was great. That and the 9th jedi need to be series. T0-B1 i agree, felt rushed.


~~The Duel is my favorite~~ ~~Oh wow I changed my mind The Village bride is my favorite~~ ~~No wait The Ninth Jedi is my favorite~~ ~~I lied again I'm in love with the art style of Lop and Ocho~~ When you keep being blown away after each episode you know it's amazing. I want a whole series for half of these shorts - please Disney give us a continuation


Holy shit that twist from the ninth Jedi


So far I've watched The Duel, The Twins, and The Ninth Jedi. The Ninth Jedi has definitely been my favorite and I would really love a whole show for this. I definitely didn't expect that twist.


Ninth Jedi is definitely in my top 3 for sure (tied with Lop & Ocho). My all time fav is definitely The Village Bride, which was just gorgeous and had the all around best music, animation, and characters.


I agree. I want to see more adventures with this Jedi. She is badass.


She fits in very well as one of the many young Jedi we've seen survive The Purge. I could totally see her getting her own media or showing up in something like Bad Batch or the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel.


The Ninth Jedi honestly feels like a pilot episode.


It really does. It feels like they were testing the waters for a full series. With that cliffhanger ending, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear there's going to be a full series or a continuation of the story somehow.


Would love to see that honestly, plus the sabers changing colors depending on who wields it is badass imo.


I would love that to be a concept adapted to canon for "artificial" lightsabers.


Holy shit yes, they got all the elements for a banger series and it's in a far future setting away from the skywalkers. Sign me up


The Village Bride is one my favorite episodes. The scenery and soundtrack was just so good. The Jedi and her yellow lightsaber katana were crazy cool. I also don't think there was anything in particular about this episode that would stop it from being canon is there?


I've only watched 4 episodes right now, but of those, The Village Bride is by far my favourite. Outside Tatooine Rapsody (which I still liked) I've loved the episodes that I've watched, but both The Duel and the Twins felt like a small part of a longer story (which, in the case of the Duel, it is all but confirmed, as a tie-in novel is coming out soon). I would love to see an animated film of the Twins, for example, as I freaking love TRIGGER. But the episode itself felt like the conclusion of that film rather than its own thing. The Village Bride felt like its own completed (and quite decent) story while being as gorgeous as the Twins (albeit waaaay tamer).


I could see The Village Bride being part of a series where the Jedi visits different cultures just to open the world of Star Wars up a bit and expose some of the more remote cultures that potentially exists.


The Village Bride, The Elder, and The Duel are all how I thought of the Jedi as a whole before the Prequels came out. Nomads that go around the galaxy doing good deeds, only to ride off into the sunset at the end of the day.


Well, thats what many Jedi were. There were Jedi who belonged to the main temple with all the politics. There were Jedi from smaller temples, who looked after minor systems in remote corners of the galaxy. And then there were wayseekers who were not affiliated with any temple, roamed around like nomads, going where the force takes them and helping others along the way.


Yes, that's just how I imagined they'd all be. Especially with their near-mythical status and Han being skeptical of their existence.


To boldly go where no Jedi has gone before.


As someone whose exposure to Studio Trigger is limited to Darling in the Franxx, I had to pause at one point during Twins to be like yo is this really happening and then busted out laughing when it did.


Darling in the Franxx (outside the final episodes) is on the tame side when it comes to TRIGGER. Same with Little Witch Academia. The Elder is also made by TRIGGER while being waaay tamer than the Twins. Kill la Kill, Ninja Slayer, and Promare are on the crazy side of TRIGGER. With Promare having the same art-style as the Twins.


Don't you dare forget Inferno Cop or Space Patrol Luluco.


or Gurren Lagann that show basically took power creep as a core concept and rolled with it


Gurren Lagann was made by Gainax. Although it is basically a TRIGGER series by the fact that everyone on the creative team of the series left the studio to form TRIGGER.


Definitely my favorite episode too. There wasn't really anything I noticed that would stop it from being canon, so I'm personally integrating into my headcanon.


Of the four episodes I've seen so far, The Village Bride was definitely my favourite. I fully agree on the soundtrack by the way, it was beautiful.


That is easily my favorite episode, the ending was perfect. “Who are you?” “I am a Jedi.”


The turbo-mode high heel boots might not make canon


One of my favs as well. The SWTOR Easter egg I looked at my mom (who plays as well) and went “Mom! Did you see it?!?”, and smiled 😱😊


I either missed that or my brain just isn't working correctly right now, what was the SWTOR easter egg?


The ship the villains used in “The Village Bride” is from SWTOR IIRC


Kevin Penkin crushed the soundtrack for that episode. It reminded me of Nier


Its the same vocalist that works with Monaca/Keiichi Okabe for Nier and the like - Emi Evans


Star Wars Visions. Aka: Chicks in heels with lightsabers. I didn't know I wanted this until now.


[I might have liked this part more than I care to admit.](https://imgur.com/a/6sxD34c)


Yea that scene was one of the best of the series.


Heels and Crocs; the ability to be worn in defence or attack mode


Off topic, but r/MaidsOnSkates


Alright people, subs or dubs, let’s get this fight started.


I really wish we could have non-cc English subtitles. I just want the dialogue, I don't need [LIGHTSABER IGNITES]. Editing this comment to make myself clear: - I am not saying that CC shouldn't be provided. - I am not saying that any other accessibility options shouldn't be provided - I am saying that non-CC, dialogue only subtitles should be provided, *in addition to* accessibility options. Both things should be provided, especially for content where English is not the original dialogue.


>LIGHTSABER IGNITES Hey, maybe that's his name and Ignites is pronounced like Socrates.


1st viewing subbed, 2nd viewing dubbed




English dub with Japanese sub


That’s it, you just solved the sub/dub debate right there




On silent with both English and Japanese subs on at the same time is the only real way to watch it.


The Ninth Jedi is definitely my favourite and the only one I can see actually being turned into a full series if they wanted to


Episode 8 Lop and Ocho could at least get a mini series well most of them could really.


You can't see a Ronin series? It has the perfect set up. Wandering Force User hunting down Sith seems like it could be great for a show.


It would be indeed great, we´d probably get more on Light Sith, as well, we never really had much updated content on that kind of sith for a very long time. ​ Ronin´s basically a Sith who´s freedom focused, rather than power focused.


The Duel is getting a book, so we might see more from it. And I can see a film of the Twins expanding their stories, as the short felt like a conclusion rather than a proper story. and I would love to see more from practically all of them. Especially because a lot of Visions felt like a collection of pilots for future (or possible) shows rather than being a done-and-out sort of deal. I really hope that we see Disney working with these studios (and others) in the future. But. Yeah. Of them. The Ninth Jedi would be perfect for expanding it into its own series and a continuation of the Star Wars' story post-ROS alongside other projects like Rogue Squadron (which is rumoured to happen after ROS).


Ninth Jedi seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz and a lot of people expressing desire for a full series, so if Visions is this kind of pilot/testing ground, I think it will be the most likely to get picked up.


I think Ninth hits a spot we as fandom have been hoping for. A Star War story set far enough into the future that events of the Skywalker saga have faded from memory into myth allowing for a truely clean slate to work with. Also oil sipping droid is my hero.


My theory for a while has been they are gonna use the mandalorian/ahsoka shows and theoretical thrawn event to set up grogu as our rock when they jump the series ~500 years in the future.


Grogu at his Prime!


I’ve thought this too. Grogu is like the foundation for a far future story.


Only if Grogu is the Mandalorian king wielding the Darksabre as a Mandalorian Jedi style Shogun. Who now has a bad arse army of samurai who have mastered the art of both Mandalore and the Jedi.


Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of anime, and I've just watched all the episodes. Overall I have to say that I was more than pleased, and surprised _The Duel_ was awesome, a solid 9/10. The Seven Samurai vibes was absolutely cool, the fights were great, I always love black-and-white art with few key colors. The umbrella was a nice surprise (memes aside), and it is a good beginning. _Tatooine Rhapsody_ was, for me, the lowest point. I did not care about the plot, nor the art, and the music was meh. I give it 2/10 just because Temuera Morrison. I have mixed feelings with _The Twins_. I'd score it a 6/10. The plot was interesting, Alison Brie and Neil Patrick Harris were superb voice actors, and up until the duel it was all cool. But the duel was waaaaay spectacular and over-the-top, and I sincerely cannot stand when the characters (either here or in another anime) over-explain the plot and talk too much. I just don't like it. _The Village Bride_ is 10/10. Perfect. I think it is an amazing mixture of Star Wars and Anime, leaning to anime. Beautiful music, colorful art, great voice acting, and a main character with a clear background that I'd love to explore more. _The Ninth Jedi_ is another 10/10. As the previous one, I think this episode is an amazing mixture of Star Wars and Anime, but leaning to Star Wars this time. The plot twist that every summoned Jedi was a Sith was unexpected and really threw me off, and I was left wanting part 2: looking for Zhima. Another episode with mixed feelings, _T0-B1_ gets a 6/10. The episode was way too childish for me (not that it is wrong, it's just not for me), but it does get points for both the subtext (Mitaka rebuilding his padawan) and the delightful music. _The Elder_ is my last 10/10. It's a quintessential samurai fight and a Star Wars Jedi vs. Sith fight. I don't think I can say more, everything was beautiful. _Lop & Ochō_ gets an 8/10. Very beautiful, with some Studo Ghibli vibes, dramatic as hell. The only thing I did not like was Lop getting the Force out of nowhere. I know of course that that can happen, but I found it a little bit of a deus ex machina. Nonetheless, I would like to follow Lop's quest to get Ochō back. _Akakiri_ was nice, was fun, and I did not expect the ending. Cool characters, but I was not fond of the animation, and sometimes the music was louder than I liked. 7/10.


General Grievous jealous af of the girl in ep 3


That duelist in 1 has his own fine collection too lol


All in all I enjoyed it. I like the animation in most of them. The shorter episodes fall a bit... short tho, the story of the T0-B1 episode is a bit too fast for me. I have to say "The village bride" and " The ninth Jedi" are my favourites and I wouldn't mind getting a full season of them. Also the " I have a bad feeling about this" trope is a bit overused, but the studios did work on it independently, so they didn't know thes others would do it too.


My Review: Bad Ass. 10/10


I've watched 1, 3, and 7 so far. 1 was extremely good, loved the style and the mystery around the traveler. And the creative spins on Star Wars droids and aliens? Beautiful, beautiful stuff. 3 was interesting, I enjoyed it. VERY slick, but a little talky. I wonder if I should've watched it subbed, or if it was just kinda talky mid-fight (I know that's an anime thing, so it feels cheap complaining about it, but... It bothered me!) 7 "The Elder" is my favorite so far. Love the Master-Padawan relationship and the character designs. The master gave off awesome Qui-gon vibes. The message was great, too! Classic Star Wars. The English voice acting was also much better than in the third.


I mean....3 is basically Studio Trigger being themselves do it was kinda expected how it turned out.


In 7 I loved the classic humble Jedi. Master you beat a Sith Lord! Nah dawg he was old as balls.


Each one was phenomenal in its own way. The Twins threw me off a little because of how over the top it was, then I remembered it was made by Studio Trigger, so that makes sense. The twins themselves reminded me of the Infinites storyline with Luke fighting a dark-side Leia. The Ninth Jedi deserves its own series, the setup is brilliant. Though, admittedly, I thought the Margrave was evil just from his mask, I *really* should've learned from Revan. The Elder, also by Trigger, was less extravagant than The Twins, but not in a bad way. The studio really showed off its more reserved, slower-pace storytelling. Lop and Ochō had a wonderfully sad story and a beautiful art style. It also deserves a proper continuation. Though why does the imperial officer *look* so evil? We already know they're evil, they don't need the side-cut hairstyle and slanted snake-eyes. Akakiri was just a tragic story of a self-fulfilling prophecy, which are some of my favorite kinds of stories. A sequel would be nice, but it'll probably not end the way you'd expect. All-in-all, a Season 2 that continues each story would be enough, but most of these deserve proper series!


I'm happy to see all the positive opinions regarding the Ninth Jedi. Hopefully Disney takes notice and continue it in some way or form. The producer of Visions did say it all depended on the audience's reactions.


I kinda wish there were a Ghibli-produced episode in there. I can only imagine how absolutely glorious a whimsical star wars setting would look in their art style.


Came here to Star Wars Reddit for the first time just to show support for Ninth Jedi. PLEASE TURN THIS INTO A SHOW. IT HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL FROM JUST THE 1 EPISODE ;\_;


It was absolutely one of the most "Pilot" feeling of the series (And a ton of them felt like pilots). Really wanna see 'the rest' if the studio has more ideas.


Also just finished the "Extras: Filmmaker Focus" for the episode! At the end they say "We really would love to see the next chapter in this story by Mr. Kamiyama. But of course thats for the audience to decide." So lets continue to hype up the episode via reddit and social media, let them know we NEED more!




Boba knows a bop when he hears one


The best thing about this show is that it shows that Disney are now open to doing non-canonical stuff.


Ninth jedi was my personal favourite. It had an incredible story to it.


Yeah, after watching just the first episode, we need a full length anime feature film. I’m blown away.


The others just felt like short stories, but the first one legit seemed like a pilot for a Samurai Champloo-esque show... We've had plenty of Jedi hunters but this dude's a Sith hunter. That's pretty mint...


Theres going to be a visions book next month and they havent explicitly said it but based on the description it's a continuation of the first episode. Definitely reading it when it comes out


They’re actually making a novel that releases on October 12th that is a sequel to The Duel and it’s called Ronin. Maybe it will become a full-fledged book series.


I had Afro Samurai vibes, like that kid who was "village chief" was a tiny afro


Well that Studio Trigger episode was exceptionally Studio Trigger hahahaha. I'm loving this series so far, it seems like something Star Wars has always needed is loose standalone stories, and the animation styles work really well here.




I thought it was cool. The best part about this series is that the studios could go their own way and try completely new and out-there things. It was a fun little heartwarming story to me. Not everything has to be fast-paced action and lightsaber duels, imo


Episode 2 isn’t the best but it does a great job at fulfilling one of the goals of the series, which is giving some unique perspectives on the franchise. I’d actually love for it to be its own show following the band traveling around the galaxy and getting into trouble.


The Elder, The Ninth Jedi, and The Duel are the top three episodes of this anthology by far. The Elder felt like I was reading the Jedi Apprentice series as a kid again.


Loved episode 9’s conclusion. Great cliffhanger. Ninth Jedi, Lop & Ocho, and Village Bride are my overall favs. I want more of Lop & Ocho, the cutting off of her hair braid was a really good use of symbolism in relation to the padawan braid. But yeah, chicks in heels with lightsabers are a thing now


Marvel what if and Star Wars visions on the same night man it’s a good time be a nerd


The Duel was perfection, and I love The Village Bride. I’m only halfway into the show, but so far these are the only ones I want to be canon.


I legit love The Village Bride, especially the jedi. The other one I love is The 9th Jedi, which feels like a series that could take place in the distant future or distant past.


Just remember, this is an anthology series. You're not going to love every episode. You might not like every episode. They're going to be wildly different, and that's okay. Just let each one do its own thing, each one's 15 minutes long, it's not that much of a problem.


>you might not like every episode I went into it with this mindset, but I ended up loving all of them 😂


>You might not like every episode. I'd say Star Wars fans are very much used to not liking every "episode."


Like Love, Death, and Robots, pretty much. Loved the series as a whole, even if some of the episodes weren't that great.


Just finished the first episode, really liked it, i know there are a bunch of different studios doing episodes but if the rest are as good or better Star Wars Visions is gonna be great. Edit - overall an easy 8.5/10 for me, maybe a 9/10, there were some pacing issues but thats to be expected given the runtime and im honestly surprised there weren't more, other than that the 2nd episode was really the only one that felt odd/out of place My personal ranking from favorite to least favorite episode Edit - Reformatted rankings to be clearer (After sleeping on it i ended up swapping Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 ranking) 1. The Ninth Jedi (Ep.5) 2. The Village Bride (Ep.4) 3. The Duel (Ep.1) 4. The Twins (Ep. 3) 5. Lop & Ocho (Ep.8) 6. The Elder (Ep.7) 7. T0-B1 (Ep. 6) 8. Akakiri (Ep.9) 9. Tatooine Rhapsody (Ep.2)


This is wild, I thought The Twins was hot garbage.


I feel like that's definitely a love it or hate it episode, cause if you're going in expecting a relatively grounded story I can definitely see it being grating but I more or less knew what i was getting into cause ive seen a decent amount of Trigger Shows and thought it was a fun ride.


I loved Kill La Kill and I imagine it was difficult for Trigger to make a 15 minute standalone episode.


>!Lucy Liu!< as the Bandit Leader in “The Duel” was not at all what I expected when I put this episode on. Also, this episode was gorgeous. Can’t wait to watch more.


I might be in the minority for this But I think Ep 3 The Twins was bad. Maybe I came in Expecting more from Studio Trigger. Which was then Delivered when I watched Ep 7 The Elder also by Trigger. With Trigger recent Projects like Promare and shows like Kill La Kill and Little witch Academia. Ep 3 Fell completely flat for me maybe it the locations a twin star destroyer and space or how rushed the we are twins and we gotta do a superweapon plot. Both ep 3 and 7 are in about the same Length and 7 does so much more then ep 3 does in about the same amount of time


The twins was a little TOO MUCH Trigger. Looked cool, not near enough substance.


The Katana Yellow Lightsaber is just something else. Such a good episode as well, the Village Bride. The Ninth Jedi needs a whole series. Wow.


I really hope Disney takes a couple studios from this project and pursues an actual Star Wars animated show. There is so much potential here that would make the current Star Wars animation scene way more refreshing.


I'd be willing to bet that's something they have in mind. Really, some of their best work since the Disney acquisition has been, for the most part, avoiding the Skywalkers. Rogue one, Mando, Rebels, Bad Batch and now this. (I know most of those have had either Luke or Vader in them at some point, but the stories aren't *about them,* per se) It would be great to see them greenlight one of these story lines for a full fledged series. The characters in the Elder would be great. I would kill for more of David Harbours Jedi Master.