My god this episode was fantastic

My god this episode was fantastic


I'd watch an entire TV series or movie based on the story for this episode


Honestly, I’d probably watch a whole series based off literally any of the episodes, but this one has to be one of my favorites in terms of a premise for a whole show, especially considering when it takes place is so nebulous.


Margrave Juro is a chad.




100%…he was hiding in the DRIOID THE WHOLE TIME


My favorite episode by far… when he snags the first saber and the team gets together I about cried


Would love it if this story was made canon! I love all the characters! Kara reminds me so much of Rey. Her arc in growing powerful in the force and gaining the lightsaber color was amazing. Even the theme sounds like Rey’s theme!


Subverted my expectations in a great way. One of the better episodes of the bunch.


haven't had a chance to watch 'em yet, but I see this & think 'damn, this rly a different look for Star Wars'


A couple of them were really out there but there were a few that really felt right. This one (The Ninth Jedi) and the Village Bride were both very good.


The Ninth Jedi was my favorite one.


I love the concept of an "adaptive" Kyber crystal and it would be a really cool addition to canon. Like maybe ones "artificially" attuned for a lightsaber can do that. I just hope to see it again. Could you imagine right as a Jedi is turning to the Dark Side, the crimson color begins to bleed into their ignited blade?


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This was one of my favorite adaptations of what Star Wars *feels* like in a story. I haven't been too keen on new canon, especially the lightsaber stuff, but man this sold me entirely and I want, *need* more of this. I would sacrifice everything to see a long-term series for this. The characters were all very enjoyable, I loved the twist, I loved the atmosphere, and I especially loved how non era-specific it was.


Kara deserves to be a canon, hopefully she can, the story is too good to be just imagination :C


We're can I watch this?


Disney Plus all episodes are out (1,3,4,5) are my favorites


Unpopular opinion: didn't mind the ep but really disliked this character. Just came off, from character to design, as another generic lo-fi anime girl I've seen 1000 times. Even walking around all calm looking with basically a hoodie...took me way outta the universe.


I disagree. The first was the only one of the season that I enjoyed.


Don’t down vote him/her for their opinion…… also don’t down vote me for not down voting him/her. Also I enjoyed this one too and literally just told my wife I wish this story could continue. What happens to her dad and her rise to be a Jedi would make for many great episodes