“That mother f***ing kid is toast!” Then an anvil drops on his head


Roll credits






He’s probably return with some mother f***ing snakes on a mother f***ing plane


As a “what if” like the Marvel show, I’m all for it. Many people here have suggested it. Show us Luke and Vader ruling the galaxy. Obi Wan, Anakin, Padme if things worked out and they stopped Palpatune’s plan. Darth Jar Jar. Just have fun with it. They don’t have the multiverse to worry about so they can just queue this up and fun what if stories. Windu surviving and working his way up to challenge Vader would be cool. Maybe have him reconnect with Yoda and Kenobi and have it be an all out battle between those three and the other two big baddies. As for adding it to the actual canon, not really interested. If Sam Jackson wants to come back you can do a Tales of the Jedi type thing or you have to make it a story where like Vader is hunting him through Coruscant after Order 66 and he dies by the last episode. We can’t have another Jedi Master just hanging out not doing anything. At least Kenobi has babysitting duty and Yoda has losing his mind in a swamp. Maybe if you’re going to have him back. Have it be part of a Vader series with Hayden where he’s just hunting down the remaining Jedi in a sort of horror monster chasing down the teenagers set up. They’re already sort of touching on that with Kenobi though.


Darth Vader meets Alien: Isolation, starring Samuel L Jackson and James Earl Jones


I need a Darth Jawa in my life. ...deep,gutteral UTIIINIII followed by a red lightsaber coming on amidst a silhouette in a sandstorm.


"Another character who comes back from the dead", at least that's what I'd be thinking. The funny thing is, Windu's return would have been more believable than some other characters returning, since we only see him get electrocuted and blown out the window, but never actually see where his body goes.


My issue with this whole scene is that Windu was one of the great Jedi of his time, Palpatine would’ve had his body collected and his lightsaber saved. There’s no way Palps wouldn’t have at least had confirmation that Windu was dead.


Also if Windu survives, all he's really missing is one hand, the electrocution wounds would prob heal in a bacta tank, and then he'd + Obi and Yoda would beat the brakes off Vader/Palp Edit: I feel like people are really overestimating Vader in this scenario, because if it's RIGHT after Mustafar, that means Obi is still at his peak, and you can bet he would wreck a brand new Vader, he'd be hella slow, and would have no real way to get past Obi's defense. Then Windu + Yoda would tear Palp in half. Either way you could switch out anyone of them to beat Vader, then the other two would overwhelm Palp.


Or maybe Vader hunted him down.


now THIS is what I'd want to see.


Yeah. Me too. Mace, being an absolute badass... but its just not enough to stop Vader. Maybe even Mace decides to fight after being chased by Vader for a while.


My idea in my head is Windu realizes he's too damaged to use the force and cuts himself off from it. Eventually someone finds him and asks for assistance, like Cal. One thing leads to another and in order to let the main characters get away Windu pulls out his saber for the first time since his last fight and tells them to run because he can't guarantee their safety, Cal says no we can face Vader together, Windu looks over his shoulder and we get a glimpse of his yellow eyes, "I said run Master Kestis, this is *my* fight. *sad Vader noises at Windu calling Cal master*


>My idea in my head is Windu realizes he's too damaged to use the force and cuts himself off from it. *Another* jedi master cuts themselves off the force? Might be too groundbreaking and unprecedented if it happens for a third time.


well, it's what all of the living ones would have had to do to survive. there's basically an entire branch of the army dedicated to hunting them down.


Not to mention The Path heavily implies this is exactly what they do, what with the leaving their sabers behind. Plenty of Jedi surviving makes tons of sense actually. Considering how hard 100% genocide is in real life and how they have millions of habitable planets and trillions upon trillions of citizens in the Empire. The only thing that makes it hard to believe is the glaring lack of Jedi in the OT. Cutting themselves off from the force would explain that perfectly.


Somehow, they cut themselves off from the force again.


Sounds like a clickbait youtube title.


Tbf any smart jedi would of cut themselves off after order 66 to avoid detection


That is half the point of the inquisitors and the GI's comment about how they can't help themselves - its pretty well established they can't be found if their force abilities are not active once they cut themselves off . But a lot of them get caught helping or using their powers to help other out of reflex. Its actually exactly how Cal got caught


I imagine it would be the most popular thing any surviving jedi did. Like if you're going to keep bringing them back that's kinda the only way they could've stayed hidden right? Or I guess just be waaaaaay tf far away on some desolate planet.


aka tatooine lol


"Listen here mother fucker, when a mother fucker tells you to 'run mother fucker', you run." - Windu to Cal when he doesn't run


The more he says motherfucker the more yellow his eyes get. Eventually he turns towards Vader and says "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness..."




Vader comes walking in, lightsaber glowing red, saying *"you dare grant Kestis the rank of Master?"*


That would be awesome, especially if you had plenty of angry flash backs for Vadar. This is why he is fuelled with so much hate and disdain for every jedi. Not so much undone by Obiwans "betrayal" but by the sheer force that he would never been seen as equal regardless of his perception of 'power'.


Now THIS is pod racing


I dont like the whole "theyre not actually dead" thing but I've always said Windu deserves it cuz his "death" is silly, and your idea would be gold. Give him a show and make it take place shortly after 3. Don't even have to de age Windu or anything, just say the lightning did it. Have him leading a very early resistance against the Empire until Vader eventually shuts it down and kills him. That way we see him die, and if its shortly after 3 then we dont have the whole "where was he this whole time" debacle.


Exactly. Only thing that makes sense with the timeline and then the audience gets to see Vader hunting a badass Jedi down and overpowering them and I think pretty much everyone wants to see that show.


Peak Vader hatred too. Love to see him making his lightsaber and forcing his kyber crystal to the Dark Side. Lover/Mother of his kids (that he doesn't know about) recently put to rest. Burns and scars still fresh from his battle with Obi-Wan. Yeah, we'd see a vengeful, rage-fill Vader.


the vader comics are amazing for these exact type of scenes - Vader is a bad guy with a ton of agency and authority and presence and the one thing new SW has done is filling that backstory with even more of it


I mean, Mace would have to be heavily impeded, because he was already the greatest lightsaber duelist in the order, and Vader is a lot slower than Anakin, relies on the Dark Side for most of his power, which Mace is the biggest counter for.


Sure, he's a great duelist, but on the other hand


Maybe Mace cracks his head on the landing and winds up with severe amnesia. Wakes up in some medical evac tent on another planet with zero idea of who he is and no one there recognizes him either. Winds up wandering around accidentally doing all kinds of crazy force shit without knowing how he can do it. Winds up being hunted down by Vader and the inquisitors.


> Winds up ~~being hunted down by Vader and the inquisitors.~~ playing piano in a church, where he gets gunned down in the crossfire between an assassin and her ex-boyfriend.


Or he is the assassin who loves saying Bible quotes with gravitas while pointing guns at people. And his assassin partner seems to have major dramatic events every time he goes to the bathroom.


Or maybe he‘ll just walk the Earth, You know, like Caine in Kung Fu: walk from place to place, meet people, get into adventures


Mace's Force bending style and lightsaber style were always close to the darkside. It's his willpower to not fall to it is what made him such a powerful jedi. I would've loved to have seen him maybe have a crisis of faith after this and waiver in his determination.


id love to see him go full dark side and a payback style revenge series


He realizes the damage that had done, both in himself, the order, and the republic, and goes full light side. He forsakes violence and goes on a spiritual journey, working behind the scenes to support the light as he goes. We get at least two episodes of philosophy debates with Bendu.


Yoda in revenge of the sith is hilarious. Failed, I have, into exhile, I must go. Sure thing Yoda, you gave it your all time to give up and let the rest of the republic suffer.


"This, I fucked up. Move to the jungle and drink Ayahuasca, I will"


Actually the theory that i read on the starwars forums back when revenge of the sith first came out made a little more sense. So essentially, windu flies out the window doesnt die but because he is a master and adheres to the councils rules he will do as yoda did and go into exile after being beaten by the sith. The issue however is that windu's Style of fighting known as vappaad borrows heavily from the dark side its one of the reasons he was able to fight Sidious when all the others died quick deaths. This balancing act was now astray and his feelings were clouded by the darkside, he believed he could get rally and fight and so he went in search of master yoda as he knew yoda would still be alive. Eventually he found yoda on dagobah and met him in the cave that we see in empire strikes back. There he argues with yoda to help him seek revenge on the sith for what they did but yoda being yoda denies him. this stubborn outlook enrages windu and he turns against yoda forcing yoda to strike him down and kill him in the cave his hatred and dark side lingering forevor attached to that place. One of the reasons yoda seems so sad when talking to luke about it before he enters .


I love that. Skip the dumb Jorus C'baoth stuff from the old EU books and have the tree be polluted by the essence of Mace instead.


> Jorus C'baoth now thats a name I haven't heard in a long time. I was sad when a lot of EU Stuff went away, because there is some really great content there, but Jorus can stay on the cutting room floor with some of more odd things that EU had like the whole courtship of princess leia and the black fleet crisis.


I liked Luke having a wife in the old EU! And a New Jedi Order, but that complaint has been done to death already...


I mean, Windu's thing is at most as bad as Anakin, and he survived getting roasted alive.


Luke gets lit up in ROTJ at an intensity that when it hits Vader we can *see through his helmet*, then walks away. Mace Windu should have been fine.


Him surviving the fall is extremely plausible as well because we have seen Jedi fall from large heights and simply catch themselves with the force. I have no doubts about Windu also remembering to do this.


Windu in specific does it on purpose on Geonosis [in this scene](https://youtu.be/yNiuFoEDQ3c). Windu, out of all Jedi that could plausibly survive a fall from a massive height completely unharmed, has literally been shown doing so.


It's Coruscant. Levels upon levels. I'd imagine even Jedi/Sith would have difficulty finding people in the lower depths.


you could probably start by throwing a chair out and seeing where it lands because his splattered body would be right there.


Imagining Palpatine tossing his desk chair out the window trying to recreate Mace’s fall makes me giggle. Straight outta Robot Chicken.


Imagine him tossing chair after chair out the window causally like a monty python skit. Anakin walks in “lord Vader, don’t touch those, you haven’t been granted a seat yet”


vader says "take a seat, master windu" and tosses the chair out the window


John Cleese playing palpatine giggling uncontrollably, then suddenly says straight faced, “and now for something completely different”


cut to kenobi episode 1: leia being chased on alderaan with yakkkity sax playing


"Vader get down there and tell me if it lands close!" "Master, there are more efficient ways to recover the corpse of the dead jedi, perhaps we cou-" "I TOLD YOU TO GET DOWN THERE, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE VADER! Tf you think you are trying to give me ideas, bitch I just conquered the entire republic"


"Man, im starting to think even Jedi/Sith have difficulty finding people in the lower depths. This is of course, coruscant"


***massive chair splatters citizen next to vader***


Luke, effectively a Jedi Padawan,. manages to direct his fall from Vader at Bespin and to ultimately survive. I expect Windu, a Jedi Master,. To be able to do more to survive against worse odds. Personally I'm more in favor of a Windu Surviving in the undercity of Crouscant for decades to come out of the darkness after the Empire fell and be one of the Masters of Luke's Jedi Academy. But even more than that, I wish Disney would abandon the Skywalker Era and start telling stories during other eras.


True, Palp would have the entire clone army at his disposal, plus the government would have to have strict security y’all around the Senate all the way down, cameras, sensors or something else. I would just think that it should be one place to track something on courascant


Coruscant is an ecumenopolis, which is a city that covers an planet of 1 trillion+ people. You have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack than locating someone who doesn't wanna be found.


Maybe he couldn't find Windus body and didnt publically state it because it would create hope for a rebellion.


That sounds like the perfect quintessential shoe-horned Star Wars patchwork storytelling to actually bring the character back


Bet he could focus just enough to force push for a softer landing. Seems legit


Or landed on a speeder or something.


These are both things that other Jedi have been shown easily doing during this same era.


Exactly my point. I just want more Sam jackson.


Mace Poppins




I mean remember in the clone wars when Anakin and Ashoka (and Rex, kind of 😂) jumped off the big wall on geonosis? Completely plausible idea that mace could’ve done the same.


With one hand? He would start spinning in circles. (Yes, I know Vader doesn’t have any hands and force pushes just fine. I just think it would be comical).


I'd be ok with it as long as he dies before the OT. There would be no way of explaining his absence during the Luke story. If they have him survive. Hunt down vader. And then Vader finishes the job once and for all. Maybe include bad guy boba in the story as well. I think that would be fun. We'd get more Mace without having to find ways for him to hide him during the OT. Stakes would be low.


Agreed. And having Bobba in there would be brilliant too for sure. Perhaps he hears of Mace's return either through Vader or someone else and he goes on a mission to try and avenge his father. And obviously it makes sense for Vader to bring Mace down overall due to their history together, plus that would just be an epic battle to see in general.


Maybe Vader hires Boba to hunt down and finish Mace, and the end result is why in Empire Vader tells him "no disintegrations"


If Boba and Vader battled Mace Windu at the same time I would love it. Like you said, end it with a disintegration before Vader can try to torture Mace for information about other Jedi. But I really like the idea that Mace Windu alone is still maybe too strong for Vader, and When Boba gets a shot in somehow he dies before Vader ever really knows if he was going to beat him, which like further pushes his desire to be strong in the dark side. Not to mention it would be an amazing crossover for both Kenobi and Book of Boba Fett without having to have Kenobi fight Vader again. Like it gives the feeling of a “boss fight” but without having to mess with Kenobi/Vader dynamic to do so.


Keep in mind this is a what if scenario so if they did this they might actually have him help.


That's a fair point. I was speaking in terms of canon but I'm good with pretty much ANY "what if" non canon content.


could just be too badly injured to fight? But that doesnt really hold up when Anakin has lost every limb and is still kicking around.


I mean it would make more sense than Ahsoka being alive during the OT since she would be way more likely to want to be involved with Luke’s training.


> Windu's return would have been more believable than some other characters returning, since we only see him get electrocuted and blown out the window Fair enough, but by this reasoning the Emperor coming back is totally plausible. Sure, he fell a long way and there was a burst of light down at the bottom, but that might have been the force-field airbag system the Empire had *finally* started deploying at the bottom of all its shafts, precipices, and abysses.


Honestly when the characters are super powerful space wizards having them survive can pretty much always be "plausible", but it detracts from the story to have characters get cut in half and fall to their deaths or fall to their deaths in an exploding space station, and then have them come back.


i mean it does make sense when you think about it.... https://youtu.be/gNTLC_uiGFA?t=8




The sad thing is that Maul's return was really cool and unexpected. You could write it off as a super-powerful character achieving a normally impossible feat. Now we have Palpatine, Youngling Reva, Grand Inquistor and inevitably Inquistor Reva surviving and it just absolutely cheapens and tarnishes everything.


You know who didn’t come back? Dooku. If people want to kill their targets they need to stop with the stabbing thing. Fucking slice their heads off


Yep, like Thanos said, “You should have gone for the head.”


I believe Thanos is a Sith lord.


I'm sorry, little ones.


“A Sith LORD!?” -some Jedi whose name I can’t remember…


Wait till dookus head preserved in a jar come back


Stabbing with a weapon that *cauterizes*. I feel like people are reeeeeeally ignoring that.


Apparently it is really hard to kill someone with a light saber. Wish someone had told poor Qui-Gon.


Maybe Qui-Gon wasn't really dead and they burnt him alive


That reminds me of the robot chicken sketch where Luke burns Vader’s corpse, only Vader comes back to life, screaming he’s alive, and Luke dismissed it as the pressure valves leaking


This just became dark very quickly...


Nah, he just had enough of the counsel's bullshit and decided to flex his force ghost


He was only mostly dead


Dooku could have survived, change my mind


I need Head-in-a-jar Dooku acting like Futurama Nixon after Palpatine is killed in RotJ. An entire House of Cards-esque series about him campaigning to become the next Emperor.


Alternatively; a supernatural murder-mystery set on an misty agrarian settlement in the outer rim, featuring Dooku's decapitated corpse going on a headless horseman-esque rampage, and Jonny depp in a triumphant comeback role playing the flustered, out-of-his-depth Imperial officer sent to sort it all out


Would it be his head in a jar? Or Force Ghost possession of the rest of his body?


It would be his head in a jar jar.


An ajar jar jar in an ajar jar?


*Disney furiously writing notes*


Just got a killer idea: Buddy-Cop Drama starring Dooku and Jango, who have to share C3PO's Battle Droid Chassis


There goooooes my hero!!


Aim for the bushes?


There wasn't even an awning.


Face/Off: A Star Wars Story. Dooku and Jangos heads are mistakenly put on the others body. Now they fight crime to find a way to restore them to their proper bodies.


*I got a jar of Dooku!*


Kinda like the Headless Monks in Doctor Who.


Until we see otherwise, I'm willing to believe his head is in that amber vault we saw in Kenobi.


B'omarr Monks exist, after all


I'm imagining only Dooku's head on a mechanical spider-like body.


and still finds a way to look down on everyone


From the ceiling, I suppose.


Maybe qui gon IS alive and it was a clone that died. Time for a new series.


Qui-Not-Gon, a limited series airing this fall on Disney+.


Nah, it’ll be a return to the old doubling of vowel clone titling from Legends. Quui-Gon, or Quii-Gon, or Qui-Goon…


The only examples I know of are Joruus and Luuke so I suppose it’s only doubling the U’s. Quui-Gon it is. But how should we say it? As far as I know they have different u sounds for both vowels. Jor-oo-us and Loo-uck (though I see it as Loo-ook) so quui-gon would have to be like Kwoo-ee-gon?? Kwuh-eye-gon?


I’m going with Kwee-Gon.


Cauterizing wounds as they are inflicted does seem like it would increase the chances of survival. Anakin would have died rather quickly on Mustafar if he had lost his limbs to a weapon that leaves wounds open.


He literally caught fire and was engulfed in flame. When Palps found him, enough time passed so that the fire had already extinguished itself. If we didn't know he was Vader in the OT, my money would've been that he had for sure died


There are several deaths like that that make me wonder if it is a Jedi masters ultimate goal to die in glorious combat in front of their padawan. They get to achieve force ghost body and their padawan is all but obligated to finish the battle for them. It’s like once they reach force body potential they are trying to die.


They are all just trying to go out like Obi-Wan.


It’s really hard to kill users of the Dark Side. They’re literally too angry too die


Not sure why people always say QuiGon and not Obi Wan. Did no one tell him that a small stomach wound doesn't melt your entire body?


Yeah, Qui-Gons death seems ridiculous now that we have 2 people surviving the same injury he received in one show.


Sith and other dark force users use hate and vengeance to help them survive long enough for proper care. Jedi can’t do that…


If any Jedi are going to survive off of hate and anger I’d say Mace is on that list along with the likes of Ki Adi Mundi.


Just change that to good guy words like hope and perseverance and no one bats an eye


You sonofabitch Get this person into the Writer's Room, stat! - Some Disney Exec


Jedi are at peace with death, sith are not


i think youngling Reva played dead but didn’t actually get stabbed


It really depends. If you think he either already had hate, or would have become very hateful in that moment, he could have survived. Dark side users survive things like that because of their hate. Some people who survived off of hate include Maul, Reva, Anakin, Palpatine (if he actually survived the fall and there wasn’t something else involved). Someone who could have survived like these people would be qui-gon. He was only stabbed. I would say it depends on if you think Windu would fall to hate, but I think that wouldn’t.


You never see him suffer a life threatening injury though. He gets zapped and loses and arm and gets yeeted out a window. But unlike Maul you don't see him fall. But people fall on Coruscant all the time and land on space cars or platforms. Unlimited power or no you literally see palpatine get zapped by his own lightning for longer.


And palpatine gets off on that. Why do you think it keeps happening and why he can't stop? his greatest orgasm is on the cusp of death, an explosion of life before he fades away into the dark.


Man I never thought of that but is SO relaxed talking to Anakin after that.


The original theory years ago is that wrinkle face is his “true Sith self” and the nice senator face was a force-deception mask he had to use effort to keep up. After Vader turns he doesn’t care anymore so it feels great be his gross self.


Palpatine’s body did not survive the fall. He uses the dark side to preserve his spirit which then inhabits a feeble clone of himself.


Thank you. I really thought the whole palps-soitir-in-a-clone body was obvious but this thread is showing me otherwise. Sigh. If it's not *exactly* spelled out people simply miss it.


I think that he should have escaped to the temple to be killed by Anakin a few minutes later, what if or not


It would be cool if Mace was the one to save Grogu before dying


Wait, this is actually an awesome way for Sam Jackson to reprise his role for the fans while keeping Mace's death intact.


Plus, you can hide his age by covering him in injury makeup since he'll be all fucked up from the lightning.


Palps looked way older after getting the lightning too


If I remember correctly his "normal" face was an illusion. The dark side had twisted his body well before he became chancellor. I'm not sure how canon Sith Alchemy is anymore though.


Oh. I always thought he became that way because he abused the Force so much with that lightning. Like he needed to give in his actual life force and it crippled him. Based *only* on the movies, I haven't seen anything else.


There's no explanation as far as I know anywhere else (correct me if I'm wrong) but this seems like a good take and is probably not far from the truth


I've also only watched the movies, but when Palpatine strikes lightning at Windu he blocks it with his saber back at Palpatine and his face gets all melty.


Yeah I think this was what was intended. You can clearly see the lightning being deflected upon his face and his face becoming wrinkly. I never thought this needed more explanation than that


Or just give the show an actual budget. Luke in mando S3 looks legit good. It blows my mind they wouldn't do the same for >!ewan and hayden!<


Lol Mando S3. I also refer to those two episodes as S3 even though they aren’t.


Because Luke in Mando is not Mark Hamil, it's Graham Hamilton with a shit ton of very expensive VFX and AI-generated speech. Why would they do that for Ewan and Hayden when they look almost exactly the same as they did in the PT? It's not necessary, the scenes play exactly the same regardless.


Your idea and the one above


That dark figure on the right better get their own backstory


Kelzapad Beeblevox, dedicated his life to removing Deathsticks from the Coruscant Underground.


That name rings a bell…


He's just this guy, you know?


Sounds like he really knows where his towel is.


What a hoopy frood!


... for 42 years


Is that not Glup Shitto?


I wanna know the story of the guy that brought a kettle to a boil two weeks prior (you can see the raindrops it generated)


Are you kidding me? Disney already has a three season series about him in the pipeline.


I didn't hear no bell


Palpatine: how did you survive, get out Windu: I'm sorry, I thought this was America


Not every main character needs to be invincible


funny that the majority of "invincible" characters are always villains


The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural


It’s a “What If” it wouldn’t actually be canon.


Somehow, Windu returned.


Just let characters die. Write stories for new exciting ones instead.


Yes but those characters aren't played by Sam Jackson.


This is a very good point.


I'll just say that at this point, Mace Windu isn't a great character. It's just that he's Samuel L. Jackson. They could absolutely tell a great story with him, but I suspect the story of a young Mace Windu becoming a jedi would be the more interesting story than older Mace Windu surviving the fall from Palpatine's office and doing....what exactly?


Also Sam Jackson is now too old to perform stunts/lightsaber fights anywhere near as easily as he used to. The dude's 73. New Mace content would have to be animated or have him recast as a younger actor IMO (which Kathleen Kennedy ruled out given the fan backlash against Solo).


An older grizzled mace windu who relied on the force more would be cool. Or just looks older because he got force lightning blasted.


Bro stfu Samuel L Jackson is not 73 wtff


At this point, nothing matters. Maybe Dooku comes back with his head sewn on? Maybe Grogu is General Grievous’ half son. Maybe episode 10 will just be an army of Snoke/Palp clones that are all force sensitive. Maybe Ben Solo watches Rey shower as a force ghost. Nothing makes sense anymore.


Dooku returns as a brain-spider-droid.


Ah good, half the weight, twice the speed.


Can we get laughtrack sitcom of Dexter Jettster running his diner?


The first thing Mace felt was the cold Coruscanti rain on his face, washing away the ash and corrosion. The second thing he felt was the pain. The stump of his severed hand burned, and stirred the remnants of consciousness into action. Mace groaned, and rose to a sit. To his left, cracked and glowing faintly, lay his lightsaber. The mantle of his Order, and a reminder of his duty. The duty he had just failed. Slowly, painfully, the battered Jedi stood. As he paused for a moment over his saber, the memories came unbidden: the flash of red plasma, the crackling of dark energy across his body, and that joyous, monstrous cackle. Mace bent to retrieve his weapon, and one more thought echoed through his mind: “Motherfucker.” Edits: word choice


This should be a copypasta


No can we please move on to exploring new parts of the Star Wars universe


No. Im tired of Star Wars retconning shit to bring characters back to life. It makes it impossible to take any level of stakes seriously cuz you know they’ll probably just revive the character cuz they can’t let go of interesting characters that could make them money


I thought the way Palpatine shot lightning at Windu which probably incapacitated him then thrown out of the window, I don't know how he'd survive that but it would have to be a good explanation.


No jedi has died from falling before. Jedis can survive falls at terminal velocity. It's why they are okay with jumping off tall buildings and the like. The force tells rhem when it's mostly safe and even of they miss them can land alright. Mace being alive wouldn't be out of norm for SW and I'm okay with it.


No no no. Please no. Just stop.


Since no one in Star Wars ever seems to actually die, my surprise would mostly come from the fact that Disney paid SLJ enough to come back. If it were live action. Or voiced by him. Both probably not likely.


I think SLJ wouldn't need that much money because he's said he wants to do more Mace stuff even if it's a couple lines in a game or something.


What if he was voicing mace windu in the new tales of the Jedi order, like Liam Neelson with Qui-Gon Jinn


Stop bringing back dead characters


Samuel L. Jackson said that he wants Mace Windu to return