Don't be afraid to use the official wiki for learning things... 😁 I keep this tab open at all times (edit) and can right click from any item to learn about it [https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Collections](https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Collections)


Don’t sell or donate the first dino egg you find.


got it


Yes definitely incubate it to make more dinos !!!!


Check the sub's [pinned post](https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/tjdiaf/faq_and_beginner_questions_thread_march_21_2022/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb). Personally, I'd say that discovering things on your own is better, but you can play the way you want. If you want to use the wiki, it's okay. Just play at your pace, don't compare your playstyle to other people's.


ya I'm a wiki hound. Nothin wrong with trying to discover stuff on your own but I would have missed way too much stuff that way. I always have like 10 wiki tabs open while I'm playing and sometimes I'll just go down random rabbit holes lol. Just my view on it. I hate missing stuff so I'd rather look it all up. Spoilers dont bother me that much when it's not an extremely story driven game anyway


I think the important thing is to play the way you want to play. I’m a wiki hound, too, but I also like exploring the game on my own sometimes. The game is really open-ended and you can play however you want. The only advice I’ll give is don’t throw anything away. Make enough chests to store it all because almost everything in the game has a purpose even if you don’t know it yet.


I’d echo that discovering stuff is fun!! But also don’t donate ur first Dino egg lol


i will protecc the dino


Turn on tool hit location in the settings.


does this also work for scarecrows?


It does not, unfortunately. Though there are mods that show you how far a scarecrow's influence can go, or you can use tools like stardew.info to plan your scarecrow locations on your farm.


Pooh. I'm on PS so no mods :( I've been using the info so far. I do miss my skull cavern elevator mod!


Get in bed before the clock hits 2am.


Your friend is correct!


Read the text bubbles! The box next to your house sells stuff, its not for storage. If you do the community centre, the tree icon will pulse if its something you should use for a bundle (don't sell it). Don't sell or donate your first: prismatic shard, void egg, dino egg. Anything that looks like 3 worms, use yo hoe. If you die (pass out), you can restart the day - ONLY if you haven't gone to sleep in your bed yet. Just quit to main menu. Try and keep 1-5 items of everything you find, useful for gifts, quests and crafting. Build a silo as early as you can.


Seeds take one more day than they say on the packet. 5 days is 6 days - the day you plant them doesn't count.


Watch TV! There are three potential shows, and they're all worth the like 10 seconds it takes to watch them, especially early on. They are not just flavor text. Other than that, just feel things out! Don't be too afraid of mistakes, there are pretty much no permanent losses and there is no hard time limit. You can keep playing the same save indefinitely. Virtually any question about the game you may have is answered somewhere on the wiki. But of course, beware of spoilers there. If you'd rather play mostly blind, save the wiki exploration for your second playthrough.