Rookie Advice?

Rookie Advice?


Don’t try and go “above and beyond” until you’re extremely comfortable. It’s easy to do stuff you think is safe which can kill you.


Do not be afraid to ask questions and remain alert. I’m about three years in and I’ve learned to never rush into something and to always speak up if you don’t understand something. You might see something a more experienced technician did not see. It happens.


Remember dead equipment looks exactly the same as hot equipment. I've seen a number of accidents from guys who got turned around in yards where every switch and breaker looks the same and they were on the wrong piece of gear. Is what you're about touch/operate/ground in a safe state to do it, and how do you know? Your assumptions don't count: What information is actually telling you it's okay to proceed? I absolutely hate it when guys operate from memory for this reason. They remembered somebody said "265-2" but they were supposed to be on "265-12." On that same note: I follow the point-say-operate method: Point directly at the control I intend to operate; say out loud what it's labeled and what I'm doing; then do it. It gives you and people around you a chance to stop yourself if you're doing something wrong. A large blockhouse may have hundreds of different controls, you need to be certain you're operating the right one.


I’ve never heard blockhouse before. We call them relay rooms.


I hope forearms strength is more related to rubber gloves and hot stick and they don't have to consistently hold switches closed for some weird reason.


Lol oh no that is just 0 week where they’re physically testing everyone to get the weak or not so dedicated ones out


Biggest things I was told when I first started: always be aware of your surrounding; treat anything and every thing as energized unless it is isolated, grounded and under lockout permit and even then never assume or take someone else’s word for it, always confirm it for yourself; ask lots of questions; and if something looks unsafe speak up


Cool man I hope it works out for you! Couple of things... Get familiar with reading station one line diagrams and work up to point to point schematics as well as ANSI device numbers. On the flip side never assume the schematics are correct until you've visually verified. Depending on the site the documentation may not be updated. Be aware of arc-flash ratings. If you"re working on our need to operate a breaker which is equipped with a protection device with maintenance mode always inquire about utilizing it prior to starting. The arc-flash information SHOULD be labeled right on the gear. Make sure your PPE meets the listed spec. Watch out for hooking your belt on those freaking pistol grip switches. Stay safe, be thoughtful and deliberate, follow instructions and you'll learn a ton of cool stuff!


What is an " Electrical Assistant" ? 39 years at 2 different Union utilities, never heard that term.


Basically the position before being offered electrical apprentice, I’m assuming learning the basics and knowledge of the job


Man so much great advice! Thank you all really, I’m stoked and ready to start this great career I have the opportunity to pursue


Everyone pretty much hit the important stuff. Ask questions, test before you touch, and everything will kill you. Take notes and understand the grand scheme before diving into specifics.