Anomaly No More ! GME float keeps going up. It's not an anomaly or a glitch. I've contacted Stockanalysis (new source) and others have contacted Yahoo. Waiting for answers.

Anomaly No More ! GME float keeps going up. It's not an anomaly or a glitch. I've contacted Stockanalysis (new source) and others have contacted Yahoo. Waiting for answers.


Stockanalysis is showing 248.48 right now


~~Really? Are you sure? I'm still getting 124.61m. Would love it if you could screenshot.~~ Holy shit you are right! It did change!


Holy fuckballs. Thats two sites, with matching numbers exactly...no, I don't buy that it's a "glitch" this shit is for real. The man behind the curtains foot is peeking out...


This is exactly what I thought. Wizard of Oz. Dorothy baby, our rocket is about to leave Kansas .


I agree with your sentiment. This is the number they want us to see. It’s the number they are going to shoot for to declare the squeeze is over once that many shares trade. Back in January at the height we traded like 90 mil in one day and it only got to 500. I’m super wary of any info that we don’t have control over and can’t verify who controls it.


Exactly this. MSM will push the narrative that the shorts have covered all “250M” shares and want us to panic sell @ 5 digits… I don’t even get out of bed until 6 digits, and maybe have a stretch at 7 digits.


I don't think anyone can manipulate the price anymore once we hit 4 digits. If it reaches 4 digits it means that marge has already called and it all becomes computers closing short positions on the SHF's prime brokerages. I highly doubt anyone can control the ramp or acceleration of the MOASS that much at that point because the large majority of buy pressure would be from those position closing computers. Although their artillery won't be on the charts directly, they could still pull out every trick in the psychology textbook to get apes to sell at a lower price. That is why the most important takeaway from all these DDs is to BUY AND HODL! 🚀🚀🚀


In other words, the hole they’ve dug themselves into is *so deep* that as soon as one of them goes, they’re all fucked. It’s like that scene in The Big Short where Steve Carell realizes that the market for insuring mortgage bonds is 50x bigger than the mortgage bond market itself. This is completely unprecedented. No one knows how big the bomb will be when it goes off, but by this point we all know that the bomb is *so much fucking bigger* than we could ever have imagined.


What's sell?


I agree. Why would they show their hand? I would safely say that we could double that number then subtract 3 but then add another 10, and quadruple that number and it may be closer to the real number. Take my award for spreading safe info.


Has anyone else checked other random, even boomer stocks, to see if their share count is off too? Wanna confirm it’s just $GME


I also think the actual number is far larger. As I would bet almost all of us would say too. I think everyone will be cognizant more on the price per share, than number of shares. I think just about everyone is on board the floor being 50mil (so far) this is just fun to see SOME sort of evidence about how badly my favorite stock has been being shorted.


the hft’s can exaggerate the volume a bit too. also for extra confirmation bias- popcorn has 511M float on yahoo. which one was the idiosyncratic risk?


Remember 140 percent SI? That was a number they WANTED other potential shorters to see that the sentiment was so short. Instead people HELD. THAT WAS THE BLACK SWAN THEY DIDN'T PROGRAM INTO THEIR ALGO


Incorrect. 140% is the highest percentage legally allowed to be borrowed to short sale. They showed us 140% because any higher would have been automatically illegal.


I think you're missing my point.... While 140% was legally the max, I think the brazen display of the max was to show that the "market " sentiment was to drive the price down and to encourage others to join in the feast. That seems to have generally worked and I think that was programed into the Algo. When folks bought and held en mass due to that SI I think that was the OPPOSITE that the algo was programed for and automatically shorted MORE the more regular folks bought and held. In *short* I think the open display of that short interest was "allowed" specifically to drive MORE shorts. Which works in 99.9999 percent of the time. Instead, this time apes were too smooth brained to under stand the market sentiment and did the OPPOSITE of what it was intended for. Oops. Fuck them. Pay me


That is just brazen and stupid enough to have been true.....




That time was when DFV doubled-down the first time!


Ooo and then also that time he doubled down again!! I memeber!!




Kansas is going bye bye


Peeking? More like prairie dogging!


Or.... They are both getting data from the same broken source.


This is what I am seeing on my screen, clicked the link in your post. https://imgur.com/a/WHoABl1 after I posted this I refreshed and now it shows 124.61


Yes you were right! I just had to clear cache / retype GME and search again and it changed. Thanks for the heads up!


Yep. I thought that at first too. Then went back in and there it is under statistics tab. 248.48.


I am getting 124.61m shares on my PC and simultaneously 248.48m on my phone...


Seems like it’s in the process of slowly trickling out across platforms and groups.


Also the Alphavantage-API reporting a float of over 248M. https://www.alphavantage.co/query?function=OVERVIEW&symbol=GME&apikey=OF5D169JJY9DLAQT


Thank you! Live long and prosper!


This should absolutely be added to the OP


More sources, great stuff 👍


Updooting this gem right here!


Holy shit dude


I gotta call my mom


Awesome post. One question though, *why*? They must know by now that we know this number by now. Why is it still up? We should keep digging


Well said. Never stop questioning. Never stop digging.


Stop questioning only to buy. 😂😂




I'm sure they -love- that we throw their own words back at them as memes. An every day, constant mockery of their failure.


Buy now dig deeper later


No. Buy now. Continue to ask questions. This is the way.


Because this is the number they want you to know. The real number is much higher.


Ok, still makes no sense to me. Why not just keep it at 50 mil or whatever?


Because we all know that’s bullshit.


We know that they know that we know but that didn't stop them before. Why now?


I had the same thought and I wonder if it has to do with when the MOASS happens, and people trying to count the volume/ sells etc to figure out the peak or end, will anchor it to this new number. I know that people still believe these sites to be the authority and so it'll probably cause them to paperhand. Who can say though... All this ape knows is to HODL my Bananyas or occasionally BUY MORE.


Yup. Fuck what they and anyone else reports. When it looks like it’s over, when they report that it’s over, when they report positions are closed, buy and hodl one more.


They bought their time. Delayed, came up with a game plan, positioned themselves the best they could and now they will execute and hope for the best. They gotta try and let something play out. Throw us a bone finally and hope it’ll be enough to get enough of us to go away so that they might survive.


Survive? Fuck that, I want a phone number per share.


As do I. That’s why when they report short positions are closed, we double down.


If anyone has a NASDAQ data subscription... This is the data we're looking for. [https://i.imgur.com/UxoQExk.png](https://i.imgur.com/UxoQExk.png)


Not sure if another ape has gotten this data for you, but, if not, I'll get a subscription just to help the cause. Please lmk. For research purposes... Update: Subscription purchased, getting the data [Subscription Purchased](https://imgur.com/a/YLu5xrX) Edit2: Cleaning up the Data ~~[Proof]~~ Violates their TOS so I took off link and deleted from cloud. I need some help though... up top for the column names, what am I looking for that describes the float number? Edit3: Took off my proof because I didn't wanna violate their TOS & I'm thinking that it might be beneficial to us all if I have the subscription just a little longer. I am looking for a way to disperse it to the wrinkled brained apes without jeopardizing my subscription... Edit4: I got DMed to join a Discord with the quant apes and uploaded the data there. It's in more wrinkled brained hands. Expect an update from there when they get to it. Edit5: I clicked a link that stated the entire history download would be up until the most recent update 09-08-2021, but sweatysuits noticed that the data stopped at 2019. So, I tweaked the download a little after reading here: https://data.nasdaq.com/databases/SF1/usage/quickstart/api#filter-by-a-single-ticker-and-multiple-dates. Condensed the file and sent it on its way. [Here is some good news! BINGO](https://imgur.com/a/rAljc4v) Edit6: OP stated that the NASDAQ data I sent did not have the float data. Unfortunately, my purchase led to a dead end. Sorry to disappoint.




Purchased the sub. Edited my post for proof.




I will freely upload it. Give me a second. I edited my post.


Following. Thank you for your efforts 🦍. This community never ceases to amaze me and is truly tremendous.


I edited my reply for proof. I will most likely upload the data since I am too smooth brained to figure it out on my own. *embarrassed


Thank you. What does the data say?


You are welcome & I edited my reply. I will upload it to the cloud. I am not sure what the column descriptions communicate, so I am not sure what the data says. Too smooth brain and too many crayons eaten.


There's 600k Apes on this sub. Someone definitely has a subscription. Everyone upvote OP's comment.


600k *so far*


Started to comment then saw your FUD patrol at the end. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking - we have a number. It’s a psychological effect called anchoring. This is the first time we’ve seen a large number and it updates. It’s humans cognitive bias to believe this number. We should now believe it’s wayyyyy beyond 250… to the mooonnnnn


Exactly! We already knew that this stock was naked shorted to the N'th degree. We're just seeing the ripples now, FINALLY. Like you said, take this number and multiply by the fuckery factor of your choice.


I cant help feeling like they all got together and decided to throw us a number to end it all. But the trouble is that us apes dont take anything on face value and already we are saying its way too low lol


Lol I just add the new number to the billions I already feel are outstanding


No cell, no sell. Then, fuck you, pay me. Edit for viability: below: u/Tw1sttt said it better: No jail, no sale.


“I’m the institution now”


Just seeing the nipples, sir. Need the titties too




Ima multiply by 7.41 🤓


ERC 721 + ERC 20 = 741 Check out the glass castle DD, and Google these two terms, and lastly remember that Amazon used to be a book shop.




I see what you did there 😁


Exactly my thoughts. They are trying to make it seem that is the total shorted shares. I'm fairly certain it is actually closer to 1b shares tbh.


These guys have a terrible psych ops team. They just keep doing the wrong thing. It never works. Thank Heavens. To the moon we go!!!


I think the issue is, we are a very diverse group with only our love for the stock bringing us together. A strategy that may work on one demographic won't work on another. So as long as no one strategy is so universally effective that it hits everyone in their weak spot simultaneously we will be effectively immune. Their strategy will always be wrong for at least one group. You add on top that for many, their one shot at freedom is buy and hodl, their psy ops will have a hell of a time convincing people with basically nothing to lose to fear losing.


I’m with you apes that this fuckery has resulted in upwards of a billie. And that they think they can just buy back a portion and only pay out xx,xxx per share. I don’t think so shitbirds! I’ll be on the sidelines for the first run up (the practice launch) 🚀🚀🚀💎🙌👍


Every bone in my body is telling me it's over 1 billion. Felt confident in this so many months back. Now? Sheeeeshyep


It is


When the shf’s and msm tell you it’s over, buy and hodl even harder.


VW squoze with 12% shares short. This confirms they are over 100% short facing diamondhand-banana-shoving-up-the-Ass-apes.


Not that even 250% would get us past the moon already xD Any Number beyond 100% really gets my nipples tingling.


I went and looked again and it’s now at 249.5m


A lot of eyes are on these subs. People might start to FOMO seeing that this is not a glitch.


So, that's how many synthetic shares ***they can't currently hide***. I suspect there are far more they are still able to hide and will continue to hide. I've suspected over a billion shorted for months What an absolute disaster these fucks have created. Well, I'm just gonna sit in the corner and hold my GME until captain planet pops out of it and starts sorting these zero's out. After that, I'll probably be too attached to sell them anyway. I suppose I might sell one, to give others the chance to have some of this lovely stock too. I better wait until after the predatory shorting entities are out of the picture though - they are not worthy of my favorite possession.


Shows 249.15m on trading view https://imgur.com/iS8XXEE.jpg


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Do you think this may have to do with the new CATS system?


I thought that only dealt with speeding up the transfer process between brokers. So I don't know if that's the reason. I'm more inclined to think it deals with netting and the lack of derivatives to hide these synthetics.


How cool would it be if it's because they let the CATS out of the bag?


What’s the float supposed to be again? How many times over that is this? Reguardless tits are jacked. This is 5x or more over the float iirc.


Nobody really know what the true number of synthetics are. This could just be the tip of the iceberg


Smooth Brain Theory 1: What if all of this is related to the swaps. We know it expires on the 17th. They usually renew them in advance which causes GameStop and popcorn to rise. Now we know that they haven’t renewed it yet, it is later than when they normally do. What if all of their counterfeits are now showing up in these finance software systems because the swaps haven’t been renewed? Smooth Brain Theory 2: What if the new regulations are actually being enforced? Smooth Brain Theory 3: Is it only GameStop that is showing these numbers, or does popcorn, blackberry and other “meme stocks” show the same “glitch”


Yes, all of these are valid questions. All of these are real possibilities. It probably goes SBT#1 first and then SBT#2. This is my guess. It's only GME. Me and some other wrinkles have spent past 12 hours checking different tickers. It's only our stonk.


would it also be a reasonable guess that some folks were liquidated and the recipient of the liquidated positions reported the shares like they're supposed to, as a liability thing? just talking out loud


God I hope so. I hope so... I hope it's Loop Capital first.


This is what I was wondering... maybe Archegos unwind of whatever their GameStop position/s were?


Wait wait wait, you say this happenned 2 days ago ? so at the same time of the futures roll date ? Might those shorts pop up now bcs they ain't hedge properly and the SHFs waited for next week to roll their futures ? So that number would then give us the shorts hidden by the futures alone, add to that all those hidden in those 5$ puts that expire in January 2022 and other shorts hidden with other means we don't know about ? I don't shit about fuck though but the timing seems interesting.


I'm checking wayback and the earliest snapshot of the 124m share number they can find is Sep 10, 2021 12:48:41. I don't know the exact timezone but yes I would say it has been about 2 days. [https://web.archive.org/web/20210910124841/https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME](https://web.archive.org/web/20210910124841/https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME)


Either way, imma hodl


**Adult here with 13 years of experience in software testing and software product management.** ​ **Scenario 1: CAT** People here need to stop dismissing everything as glitches. This would be a glitch or a bug only if all Yahoo symbols/tickers were affected by this float increase. The fact that only GME and ONLY GME is moving indicates that Yahoo is the one of the only sites that gets their data from the CORRECT place. In Yahoo's case, they get their float data from Morningstar (Not Morningstar Finra). I've checked a lot of tickers in the so called short basket with none of them doing this. Only Yahoo shows ONLY GME as having a higher float. The only way i can explain this is the new CAT system mean't to replace OATS. These things are just software. CAT is only enabled as a test right now as far as i'm aware but this could be bullshit as what is announced vs what's truly happening tends to be different. They say it's in TEST mode but that could just mean that it's in production IN TEST e.g twisting the meaning of their words. Now, if CAT was designed by proper developers (unlike OATS) with proper requirements and specs and documentation, then this thing probably does it's job properly (unlike before) and is reporting / spitting truths. ​ **Alternatively** The fact that the float number changes every few hours shows that there's software in the back doing something and the fact that only GME is moving shows something a lot more important... This could be someone's (stockbroker?) positions being finally counted due to them being in the liquidation process. The way to verify this is to check the float of other companies that this stockbroker holds/held in significant amounts on Yahoo and verify whether the float indicator is correct. The thing is, you still might not find crap due to GME being so unique in how much it's traded vs anything else. ​ tldr: It's more likely that this is not a bug and is expected behavior. The only question you should be asking is WHY is this happening and over the weekend non the less.




Fuck me down sideways and call me $GME… This bitch is blasting past the moon whether FUDing shills like it or not. Buckle up fuckers! 🚀


I love math


Gonna do y’all a favor. I’m a software engineer at a brokerage firm and I have friends at Yahoo. I will report back with the definite logic of their backend and how their numbers are calculated. Stay posted. Edit: Buddy is not willing to anymore, would be breaching confidentiality of his work bigly. Understandable.


sooooo. If I were a SHF/Institutional Bank I’d get my horde of margin through a P&D of creepto, fudge the yahoo numbers, fake a squeeze to 400 because we think $350 is the magic, have MSM cover it as a close, and PRAY TO THE STONK GODS that retail is dumb enough to believe that bullshit. Honestly, they shouldn’t have fucked with us so long.


483 was the high before they tanked it in jan. 350 is just a wall to me. 400 is shit. 50 mill is the current floor


I won't even consider selling until the price is in 7 digits. That's when I'll start planning my floor. By the time I have the plan setup, I wouldn't be surprised if its in 8 digits.


I thought we were at $51M by this point


I'm skipping to 69,420,420.69 cuz fuck em, that's why


That’s what Chapelle would do. Let’s go to 69T. Because fuck em


Well strike me down and call me chukumba


Assume the position. 🍑🏓 Chukumba


things getting fucky it seems


I emailed GameStop Investor Relations ([email protected]) with multiple screenshots asking them to rectify the issue. I expressed my concern over this “glitch” and the potential that my investment is compromised due to bad actors.


Let us know the response


Thank you for your service. This was very sensible.


Let us know what they say. Either way it will reveal something.


I'm curious if they respond... I've emailed them before with similar questions, courteous and professional, and got no response.


They forwarded it to the SEC, don’t worry 😉


Soooo yahoo finance gets its data from S&P global marketplace. Both sharadar (stock analysis) & SP global marketplace claims their data is original and researched by phd researchers and whatnot. This is two different unique data sources according to their sites.


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Am adult. Am bullish on GME


man, investors sure could use a cop on the beat to address fuckery… it sucks we never thought of orgs to protect investors from bad actors. OH WAIT… -__-


Then they need my shares that I am gong to hold forever or at least until I am 60. They will pay my prices for their stupidity.


Forever ≠ until you’re 60. That’s some PHB territory my friend haha. These shares come with us to Davy Jones’ locker


Well, I'm not assured to make it to 60 so... still counts.


We need a yahoo finance float guy to update us on the increase of the yahoo float each day.


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One might even say… Bullish?


I concur


I'd like to point out that the "Float" on Shareanalysis.com is 124.61M when viewing on a PC web browser (as confirmed by the photo above).Ready to jack your tits...My safari web browser on my phone, at the same exact time the web browser on my pc shows 124M, shows a float of...DRUM ROLL!!!!248.48m SHARES!


Clear cache or refresh pc page with f5. Bet it updates.


you da boss ape. a true DK.


This made me spit my water out. Thank you lol.


What if it's the CAT system catching the synthetic shares leaking out...?


This is one of the theories, definitely.


I like this data. We can all see it clear as day on two sources now. Let’s see what else gets discovered! Well done OP 🌙🚀


Oh man. It's moving


Does this mean I won’t have to go to work next week ? 😘🐳🐱🔫🧑‍🚀🔫🧑‍🚀


If this turns out to be a distraction you can bet some real shit is being suppressed.


The threads 🧵 are unraveling faster and faster , brick by brick. 🧱 Buy & hold. This is the way 🦍🚀🌕


It’ll be interesting to see if this number continues to rise; I could see this as a possible FUD campaign to essentially forfeit the knowledge of 250 million shares and try to curtail expectations. But we know this is just the icing on the cake.


250m is probably from 1 family office. 😂


I wonder if someone went under and they're trying to keep it low profile 🤔


Regardless of what anyone tells you (even if it's Bloomberg Terminal, Yahoo! Finance, any of the mods or u/Criand, u/broccaaa, Wes, Lucy, Susan, dlauer, Mark Cuban, yo' mama, yo' greasy granny . . . I don't give a fuck who it is), I know that the strategy of buy as many GME shares as I can (preferably on Computershare or through IEX), hold and don't sell a single GME share until price of GME is at least 8 figures USD, buy products from gamestop.com or brick-and-mortar Gamestop stores is the only motherfucking way to a guaranteed lottery ticket. The only two people you can trust on this earth when it comes to GME are deepfuckingvalue and Ryan Cohen. I know that if I sell too early it will be disastrous to the maximum height of a GME short squeeze and severely decrease the upward momentum of the GME price during the short squeeze itself. This is my opinion and not financial advice. GameStop’s circulating shares number in the multiple billions of shares with GME short interest likely being between 3,000% - 10,000%. Apes own the float dozens of times over. Estimated financial impact is $1 quadrillion (or more) extinction level event for the global financial system. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/npi3s7/thesis_si_is_between_3000_10000_assuming_30m/ Stockanalysis is now showing 248 million. Float: 124.61M 9/11/21 @ 19:46: https://web.archive.org/web/20210911194632/https://stockanalysis.com/stocks/gme/statistics/ Float: 248.48M 9/11/21 @ 19:46: https://web.archive.org/web/20210911233714/https://stockanalysis.com/stocks/gme/statistics/ Yahoo! Finance. Float: 124.61M 9/8/21: https://web.archive.org/web/20210910124841/https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME Float: 248.48M 9/11/21: https://web.archive.org/web/20210911063626/https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME Float: 249.51M 9/11/21 @ 5:00 PM PST / PDT: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME


Here comes all the FOMOers and everyone on the fence on buying gme. They don’t even need to read the dd to know that Hedgies are fucked. Excited for Monday…. And the rest of this month 🙂🙂


Well this would certainly help explain why they had Mr Boost’s sign removed yesterday…


Yeah, not a coincidence and I don’t for a second believe it was a complaint from his neighbour.


The sign got removed?


Oh man, yeah, kind of. Yesterday he had to remove it due to county code (maybe due to the flashing lights on the sign), so he has a new sign now. It’s amazing.


The timing makes a lot of sense with Furlong saying "there are 75m outstanding shares". Because that's not a normal thing to say on an earnings call, it's just something you put in the latest filing. If he wanted to specifically draw attention to it so it's fresh in people's minds when this showed up, he did it very well.


Can Monday please come already…


Tagging you one last time u/gherkinit Sorry about this. ML engineering background here and this doesn’t seem like a code related issue across multiple environments


I've been aware, there are other data discrepancies as well. It could be due to the Blackrock sale. But there are too many possibilities to narrow it down. Without knowing what spilled the shares (if they are not an error) it doesn't really tell us anything right now.


Oh shit I didn't even see this bc I was busy writing my post LMAO YOU FUCKING LEGEND




So hol’ up... Did GME covertly reveal the actual number of shares out there by giving us: 1. Total cash on hand 2. cash per share Does the GME 10Q have the similar cash per share fugure?




Just imagine that 250m belonged to those 12 FED officials. 😁


Just up Anyways, imo, a glitch would affect multiple stocks. Has anyone seen another stock with fucky float numbers?


I have been doing nothing but checking tickers today. I was supposed to play video games. Nioh is free on epic and I went to GameStop to buy a controller to play it. Aside from 2 hours doing that I was on this thing since I woke up 12 hours ago. Still haven't gotten to playing it. As far as I can tell, $GME is the only ticker.


Yeah I just checked all the meme stocks from January, nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like our golden boy is the outlier again


**One STONK to rule them all** ❤🚀🚀🚀


Neat. Cant wait to buy fractional shares at 50mil


I smell a pattern


If MOASS happens this week, there’s a 100% chance MOASS happens this week.


I was just searching around for this info and I came across a story that says on 3/20/21 the gme short interest was 292%… they haven’t stopped shorting it since… I’m not smart enough to quantify shorts from that date to today… but if someone had the ability to do so, I’m betting we are close to 1000% if not more.


Commenting for visibility.


Commenting on your comment for visibility


Commenting on visibility for visability


Welp, we finally arrived at the point where "it's a glitch" is no longer the most sensible answer! BULLISH AF! BUY & HODL! 🚀


Imagine, a multi trillion dollar system based off high frequency trading.. "its a glitch" 😂😂. Good job sending those inquiries!


Lfg! 🥳


If this gets confirmed from multiple data sources/feeds we need to send this directly to fucking Gamestop and tell them to get control of their stock, it is their fiduciary duty to their shareholders.


I’m pretty sure their chairman who owns a shit ton of GME is aware of the situation.


The Ryan Cohen! Please help.


Imagine owning 9M shares and not knowing what's going on 😂




Best I can do is 800m shares


Does this mean they shorted 3.5 x the float?