ComputerShare question - at what price will it purchase the stock?

ComputerShare question - at what price will it purchase the stock?




Purchase date. The reason is because they wait 3 days for your funds to settle. So the stock may be at a different price that day.


Fwiw the dates they gave me with a 2100 purchase were accurate, they said 9/22 for purchase date, and I got a txt on the 22nd confirming the trade, then a text on 9/24 saying the transaction was complete. Got the price on wed 192 n change, now have 10.812 shares in my account IN MY NAME! That is a good feeling


Nice man! The reason I bought now was that its sub-200 and I wanted to get it before it goes over 200 again. I just didn't realize I'd have to wait 5 days... who knows what the price will be then


I don’t know if ComputerShare or the GME plan with them is similar, but I recently bought a boomer stock direct from the company using their chosen service (ShareHolder Services) and you can only buy from that company on WEDNESDAY. So 🤷‍♀️what price you get it at, iT’s A sUrPriSe!


I did the same thing, I’m hoping it goes through soon 🤞🏽 I’m thinking I might purchase through my broker then transfer out next time


Yeah, I didn't realize the purchase date would be so far out. Now I'm thinking I shoulda just bought it thru Fidelity and then transferred.


It was next day for me... keep an eye on your funds in the bank, if they are gone by Monday morning they'll buy Monday most likely


It'll be the price on the purchase date, whenever that is. Note that this is estimated. It looks like the shorts are doubling down on killing the price to prevent FOMO so you'll either get a big discount or 200ish bucks. Depends on what the sucker contracts on the options chain looks like next week.


For me it bought on the day they noted. The price was less fortunately but I guess it would have paid the higher price going that day


Yeah it's unfortunate that on new accounts it's Market Order. But selling is allowed to be Limit Order I guess from what I see on the dashboard.


It will buy on the day your money (settlement) goes through. For me it was about four business days from the time I made the deposit, (one week), depending. For example, I made a purchase order on a Friday, and my shares went through the following Thursday. If I remember correctly, it was at market open price.


See, thats why its confusing. Others have said they will purchase it on the price of the estimated purchase date (9/30/2021) ... but what does settlement date mean? Not sure I understand that part, and it seems like you're saying they will buy it at the price on the settlement date (10/4/2021)? Thats like 2 weeks away and the price is going to be sooo different than what I imagined buying it at. Guess I should have just bought from Fidelity and transferred it, but.. if you never bought from computershare you can't transfer, right?


It takes a couple days for the cash to settle, which means that the stock will be purchased on the morning after the cash settle date, from what I’ve been led to understand. All I do know, is when I’ve purchased shares on CS, it usually has gone through four business days from the day of the deposit. Now it might be different for others, but that’s what I’ve experienced.


Ok cool so sounds like it'll happen on the purchase date then on 9/30/2021... fingers crossed the price doesn't rise too high by then 🤞


Simple answer: NO This is not for speculation. This the old school trading format. No instantaneous transactions. No instantaneous debits or credits. The real market is based on solid transactions. No shorts, no fuckery. Just a fair market of first in first out. No matter if it’s 1 share or 10,000 shares.


LOL. Wow y’all got alot of faith on this new uproar.


Well the fact it removes shares by the millions from DTCC control to borrow and sell is a positive for retail investors since that action works against their interest. Just on that feature alone I would say it is a net positive. I don’t know what aspect of CS you find objectionable to. Are you from Bulgaria by any chance?


For reals 😂


I mean if he was going to buy shares either way what’s the downside to this


He hates ComputerShare with the passion of a man paid to talk shit about ComputerShare


I dont like CD i got my reasons, dsnt mean Im paid.


I didn't downvote you, in fact I upvoted you because it sounds like you may have good reasons to not like CS... but I would like to one of the reasons you don't like them


I dunno why you're getting downvoted, its a valid question imo




You should let Ryan Cohen that ComputerShare can’t be trusted


Hope y’all rite about such a quick decision on the matter.


You should let Ryan Cohen know ComputerShare can’t be trusted


Just assuming they are in there correct?


Just assuming brokers won’t delete accounts, correct? # CMKX


I'm pretty comfortable assuming that. Try harder.