“Oh, I didn’t do that assignment because I was quarantined”

“Oh, I didn’t do that assignment because I was quarantined”


Oh my god, I feel this so hard. I had a student pulling that same shit last week, and I wanted to be like, "I don't post all the lessons, handouts, and assignments daily on Google Classroom because I have such a blast doing it."


Yes, it’s not like we didn’t just spend a year and a half referring to google or canvas because we are in a quarantine. But now if you’re quarantined apparently that just means you don’t have to do it. Although, that really was the mindset most of them took last year too.


I have AP kids doing the same thing. Not necessarily the cheating, but the "I was quarantined so I couldn't do any work". I politely point them to the online work (and everything is online even for students in class). They do it, fine. They don't do it, a guilt-free zero in the gradebook :)


Dear Student, Thank you for communicating your arguments regarding your choice to falsify your work as original content. However, this is not a negotiation. With alacrity, Teacher Watch_with_Subtitles


As a parent that had a child home for a week sick with a cold, I had him checking google classroom 4x a day while he was home. Parents need to step up and make sure their kids are doing what they’re supposed to be doing


Yup! Spanish teacher here! My quarantine kids don’t do shit. We even have an entire group of people responsible for monitoring kids out of school and still nothing.


If you're going to cheat, at the very least put some honor and effort into it. Don't just slap your name on a friend's work and call it a day.


Or you send it home and they turn in the paper copy blank. Student - oh I thought I was just supposed to read it Me - just, no...


I honestly think it's complete bullshit that my district is doing mandatory quarantine yet not supporting students who get quarantined. If it's bad enough that were still sending students home then we should just be online again. This half-assed shit is driving me up the wall.


I wish I had your hair so I could say I have hair worth ripping out. I'm just internally amused when students get mad at me for making them redo homework because it's incredibly damn obvious when multiple papers have the exact same answer. I don't get mad. I'm laughing internally at their fake outrage over being caught cheating.


Yup. Not all of them, but many of my students do not log in or check Google classroom. Everything is on there. Some of my students do have poor internet connections, but most I know for a fact have internet because they were playing online with other students during lunch and after school. They get back into class, and expect me to just waive all of the assignments. I tell them to please communicate with me if they are struggling or have issues with tech. They have my email and my phone number.


Fought that battle last year and lost. Admin specifically told us that they had as many days as they were out and quarantined to complete the work assigned to them when they returned. Nobody ever did, and by the end of the quarter we were being told to “give grace”.


"Give grace". I am tired of hearing that when students don't blatantly do something...