Finally made the decision to buy Terraria! Hello, community :)) What should I know before starting?

Finally made the decision to buy Terraria! Hello, community :)) What should I know before starting?


Anything and everything will try to kill you so don’t be surprised if you suddenly die


And for some modes you can remove the “try to”.


And replace it with "will"


will will kill you? who is will?


The Guide, probably


Technically you're right. He doesn't like being thrown in lava I guess.


The Wall Of Guide has awoken.


Well I do know that the traveling merchant can have the name Willy, pretty sus ngl


How many wills could will kill if will had the will to kill wills?


Will Smith, from Fortnite


Even the guide will try to kill you.


He got some good slime shooting skills tho


I actually use him to get gel early on on master mode cuz copper shortsword aint gonna do it lmao


yes he shoots the slimes which make them aggro.


The bunnies and squirrels to


Make sure to add background walls to your house to make sure that they're safe. Also, never feels stupid for getting destroyed by an enemy/boss. This game can be pretty unforgiving, so chances are, its just the enemy/boss being way stronger than the others.


I agree, bosses will take multiple tries, and also, you can’t place a table and chair on a platform when building a house


First time play recently this month and it took me three long frustrating tries to beat the WoF I found that using Molotovs helped me out a lot same with the bees knees.


The molten fury helped me get rid of the hungrys real quick then I just finished the wall off with a minishark lol.


Plan for storage, farming, and crafting spaces. Also plan for a house on stilts eventually, you can use ropes to climb up and down. This keeps most monsters from being able to get in and murdering you and everyone you care (or don’t care) about.


I don't think I've ever done any of this lmao. My storage is like 20 chests on my roof along with another 25 chests in the house next to me


That’s quite adequate!


Only ever did it once and that was for a build


Every time I start a new game I spend the first hour setting up an organized, indefinitely expandable inventory area. It's really lame but makes everything a lot more convenient later on lol


Find a cave entrance and look for the wooden chests. Can get you some pretty good stuff for starting out. Never throw anything out until you absolutely know that you don't need it. You can build more houses with walls, some torches and a table and chair to get other npcs to move in. Try and prioritise getting a decent weapon and decent armour. Other than that, good luck.


> Never throw anything out until you absolutely know that you don't need it. This


The main reason I said this is because when I was an absolute beginner I sold my nights edge because I didn't think I needed it. Only realised how stupid that was later on.


or, throw things out and hooope you don’t need it later ;)


Don't throw anything. Literally learned this the hard way


Also and up with 2 item slots in inventory.


My face when I'm tearing up the underworld for a lava charm to make the Lava Waders for the Terraspark boots... Because I tossed the only one I had... Yeah definitely keep everything lol. Wiki is excellent at telling you what each item is used for. Seriously, the only useless shit I can think of is tin can from fishing...


Never throw out anything labeled “material”


Watch out for hidden traps underground be careful


Boulders, cactus balls, dead man's chests, etc. I've died far too many times from those, never learned my lesson. :(


I die more to dart traps than from any other trap.


I get the master plan (or whatever the last wiring thing is called) as soon as possible, cause I’m afraid of the traps. Only ever made like 1 thing that needed wires and that was a telaporter


Fuck those cactus balls lol


Women are dangerous. Take it from me, if you see a hot chick walking around underground... Kill 'em. Or run away, I guess that's fine, too.


You won't see woman down there during your start... but when things get harder, just try to be lucky enough NOT to see a woman.


Lost girl has entered the chat.


I mean, the metal detector can be quite useful


obviously you don't even have the cascade B)


Also go at your own pace and the terraria wiki is extremely helpful when it comes down to what gear you need and etc


Exactly. The more time it takes one to finish the game the more fun it is. Imho


I got one question about that. In my first run which is also on expert since im a masochist the red stuff spread to my base before I even got to kill the first boss. Is this bad or so I nit have to mind?


Wiki is helpful but can ruin the fun of discovering things for yourself


sometimes you cant get to the discovery without a little help


This is also true


I don’t understand how people actually discover those crafting recipes on their own. What is the chance that you are going to be varying 40 of 10 different items that just happen to be the ingredients for the item you need?


Well the guide can show you what everything can be crafted Into


Wiki > guide


Second this. The wiki didn't even spoil me that much when I used it


Really? I didn’t know that


Just know that: fuck the angler


Don’t literally fuck him, that’s gay and also he’s e kid.


that's sexist tho what if there's a girl reading this


Impossible. There are no girls on reddit /s


ah fuck you're right


no no that makes it better


Take your time and enjoy


Get ready to die (:


I started playing Terraria a few days ago and... uh... yeah, this. Tombstones are my most common decoration right now.


explore everything and go spelunking down a hole and mine all the colorful ore veins you see


never just a weapon based on the damage it says it does, always test weapons with a dps meter


Terraria wiki is extremely helpful.


nothing, playing the game completely fresh is an enviable, once-in-a-lifetime experience …The one tip I’ll give is to interact with the Guide. If you’re lost/stuck, Talking to him will give solid hints and using the Crafting option lets you see every crafting recipe made from any item you show him


You can make torches from wood and slime from gel


You mean from wood and gel from slime


When you find a lost girl, get ready


Kill things fast.


Dodge stuff too, don't jump into king slime to spamm attack


get a better weapon than what you have


A cactus sword would be a good example of what I like to say is a beginner weapon, but you’d need to go to the desert… we all know what that’s like…


Ranged class is best for beginners


Early hardmode is a bitch, made me want to stop playing but it ends up being more fun than pre hardmode




use guide often


If you see a great structure with an elder inside, go explore, it has good loot,


Yes and make sure to go deep inside, or instead of it is nighttime click on the curse option when you talk to the old guy


Enjoy the endless hours of gameplay and fun


The Guide is not a good guy, kill him. (Jk)


The early game is rough, because it's hard to kill things and it's hard to stop them from killing you. And mining takes *ages* without the proper gear. - Staying at a distance helps you stay alive. Get yourself a bow and flaming arrows, and your first hour will be a lot easier. - Mobility is helpful. Chests in caves deep underground may contain useful items that allow you to double jump and sprint (cloud in a bottle and hermes boots, respectively) - Acquire some sort of grapple hook as soon as you can! It can be crafted with a hook which is a rare drop from skeletons and piranhas, or you can craft one from 15 of any singular type of gem (e.g. sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc). - If you find a weird item, ask the guide about it! He can tell you what you can craft from it. - Always look for crystals shaped like hearts. You can break them and use them to gain a permanent upgrade to your max HP, up to a maximum of 400. - When reading the wiki, pay attention to what crafting facility is needed. I've seen a lot of people get confused because they didn't realize that certain items can only be crafted at a sawmill or a furnace or a loom or whatever.


Build a house before anything else. You don't want to be stuck outside when it gets dark and all you have a copper shortsword.


You are about to start life's greatest journey. Enjoy it because it will never be like your first time again!!


Dig dig dig, make a hotel for NPCs, and also dig


And also die 4 times underground wile the guide is plotting your death.


elevate you house slightly higher than jump height so mobs can't get to you as easily.


I have to use ropes to get to mine it’s up in a big tree


Just pull up the wiki honestly


How to play Terraria: have 2 monitors, play terraria on one of them and use the wiki on the other.


If you see a giant blue/green/pink building near the edge of the world, go down it. It’s not like a giant skeleton comes out and one shots you or anything


it gives you a buff, right?


Yep the oh god oh fuck buff




Savor these moments bc u don't know anything and it's very exciting.


If you dont what something is, there is a good chance it can kill you


*Do not use the wiki* when you're starting out. It'll be more engaging to discover the game as you play. The Guide can tell you everything you need to know to progress and how to make anything that uses any materials you find.


Depends on the play style, personally I would totally recommend using the wiki as I don’t think it spoils much, but each to their own, do what you think is best for you.


Definitely use the wiki for things like ankh charm and similar items


It reveals everything in the game!


Only if you look for everything in the game


It's all there. Everything has links to other pages and there's no concern about "spoilers" of any kind.


It is true, almost every bit of knowledge about the game is on the wiki, and op may do with it as they may please, weather that may be not at all or everything. -edit: you make some good points


I would've stopped playing had I not had access to the wiki for help. To some players, much like me, it's overwhelming not being able to identify a progression path, power gains, etc... So whereas some find a very rich experience in staying far from it, some *need* it


The itens can deal melee, ranged, magic or summon damage, each one gets buffed by some potions and armors made for the classes. Melee players use swords, yo-yos and some other kinds of physical weapons to hit and have high defense, but you need to get closer to the enemy than other classes. Rangers use bows and guns with bullets and arrows to keep distance but still deal big damage, the only thing is that you *need* ammo to damage enemies, so Its good to try getting endless musket pouch or quiver as soon as possible, also you probably will need to set farms for some ammo materials, also, your defense is a bit lower than melee, but nothing to worry that much, just keep enemies away. Mages use weapons that cost mana -which you increase with mana stars made of stars that fall at night- and deal high damage, but you don't have that much defense either, also you will probably spend a lot of money with mana potions with this class, so a coin farm is really usefull. Summoners use minnions to deal damage, as well as armor and accessories to summon more minnions and whips to deal a bit of damage by their own and lock minnions attacks to a specific enemy, It is the class with the lowest defense, but you can just ler your minnions do the work to you as you dodge attacks, so you need to know how to dodge to play better as a summoner. There may be things that i said that aren't right, but thats from my experience on terraria, Hope it helps at least a bit


Use the wiki and maybe watch a play through first so you kinda know what you are doing. I use the wiki every single time I play; it’s a life saver.


Have fun :)


Use. The. Wiki. Honestly it should come packaged with the game


you may lose your job.


Save your copper short sword, you can use it to make the most powerful melee weapon post game


Also try to find gravitation potions, you can find floating islands in the sky that contain some good stuff


Wait, is this actual Tru or bait?




All you need to know is in the wiki, and ofc to use it!


A LOT of surprises are in this game ;)


Death is everywhere


this isnt a baby game like minecraft


Unlike in Minecraft, the best way to mine, is to dig straight down.


Dont neglect potions or arenas. It will be tempting to rush to fight a boss without preparing adequately. You can get away with this in normal mode if your armor is good enough, but in expert/master mode its essential to get good buffs: ironskin/regen/swiftness, endurance/lifeforce/rage/wrath for hard mode. It's also important to build platform arenas before fighting a boss, so you can move around and dodge attacks. Edit: I said you can get away with it in normal mode. This is only to a certain extent, and is untrue for late game bosses. And even for early-mid game bosses, preparing well/over preparing will make life much easier and reduce the number of tries it takes


Protip: take your time, have fun, take it all in. If youre feeling stuck, dont worry it'll work somehow.


If it says *Material* in the description don’t throw it out it could be useful and to figure out if it’s useful the guide has a thing where you can click on him and go to crafting and put what you want in there it will show you all the recipes involving that item


Don’t go down the castle on either left side r right side or you will die the castle with the old guy


Don't waste or throw away explosives like dynailamite and bombs they are useful. This may sound obiouse but i got rid of all of mine


Go into the dungeon it has helpful equipment


damn made it this far down without a single troll


Well I’m not wrong




I see your traumatized from this experience


Let us joke around dude.


At some point you will find a purple flower in the jungle. Not a lot of people know about this but it actualy gives buff when you are near it, so its a good thing to break it and bring it back home to get the buff at your base.


the dye plants right? ​ ...you mean the dye plants right?


Play on expert. Trust me on this one. Also you have no idea what you're getting into. This is an amazing and huge game to explore. Try watching on youtube something like terraria beginner tips. That will help you and if you need anything search it up on the wiki.


Expert is too difficult for newer players. Classic is a good start to ease you into the game, then they can try expert. Don't pull the "expert is how the game is ment to be played.


No no, there is not a certain "way" to play the game. It's just that expert has all the items and stuff, and is not as hard as master mode. That's why i play expert. Of course if he wants to start with normal go ahead! But if he wants to jump into expert later on he's gonna need a new world and that sucks


Try not to use the wiki, playing the game fresh is a good idea, but if you're getting bored of stuck, go straight to wiki, watch some people play, try and learn movement. Be prepared to die ALOT. Save resources unless you know you don't need them. I would recommend making a Tower, each floor have 2 rooms for 2 npcs. In order for a room to be valid, it has to have a table, chair, Walls and a light source. It also has to be big enough. Explore the world on your first day, then when it's night go back inside your house and dig underground for some loot. Welcome to terraria friend (: Ps. Good yters to watch: Chippy gaming, HappyDays, Khaois, (for building) Dirt rod and Duke Fishron for comedy (: , also watch Zuzucorn. Salendrak has good tutorials if you feel the wiki doesn't help.


WOW this is detailed, thank you for the youtuber recommendations, appreciate it bro!




as counterintuitive as it sounds, start on expert mode. better loot, bosses are more fun, it's absolutely unforgiving but it's so much fun.


enjoy the game don't bomb ruzh bosses asap just take a few minutes and try out everything this amazing game has to offer


Make a long platform for fighting bosses in the air & keep your crafting stations close together so you can see a lot of recipes at once


Unless you have good gear do not go out at night


It's nothing like minecraft!


Don't doe




The wiki is your friend and so is the guide. Don’t be afraid to look things up for more knowledge and even ask around (like now :)


https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Terraria_Wiki That will help alot


Also treat everything like it wants to kill you as most the time it does


Don’t just go for progression. Experiment, be creative, build cool things, make farms, make challenges for yourself. If you just go for progress you’ll get bored and burned out


Don’t post to Reddit and play the game. I’m not trying to be mean but try to experience the game for yourself


Dont EVER start your first game in master mode


Dont enter the dungeon


Try your best to avoid spoilers and just have..."fun."


Just try to survive, items don’t save per world, so you can go into multiple worlds for loot! Make sure to get armor and weapons quickly, look for surface chests, and most of all, have fun!


Just explore You'll find loads of things to do and see while exploring don't worry about builds or anything on your first run


Take help from the guide, because he actually gives useful advises for new players


Terraria is a game, the main goal is to have fun


I say just go for it, don't try to find out too much about it right away. The best way to learn is to simply do it.


Keep playing and discover everything by your self.


if you need it you can probably craft it


Listen to the guide, don't use the wiki, and explore!


Don’t read too much on here. Trust me discovering terraria for the first time and exploring is so fun


You will SUFFER... Anyway have fun.


your so lucky you get to play the game from the start, I've been playing terraria like 7 years Heres some good advice . talk to the guide and press "Help", He will tell you what to do.. when making a house, you have to put a chair, a table/work bench/ a torch/light source, walls, and a door(\^ for that one search up on youtube how to make a terraria house for npcs). if i remember more stuff ill edit the message


ok so this is pretty detailed but you must do it to please the community: 1. build a house in hell and move the guide in there (make sure there’s lava underneath) 2. abandon the house and mine some ores (particularly iron/lead) 3. craft 5 buckets 4. grab 7 blocks (any kind just solid blocks) 5. find the snoozing angler 6. dont wake him up yet 7. mine underneath the angler while he’s asleep 8. lock the angler up with those solid blocks 9. wake the angler up 10. fill up those buckets at the ocean 11. pour the water buckets inside the angler chamber 12. watch him drown and ENJOY 13. carry on with the usual progression 14. build a bridge in hell (a simple looooooong like 1000 block road) 15. mine the bottom blocks of the house for your guide 16. ARARWAAAR 17. kill the wall of flesh and enjoy your suffering in hardmode


Go into the dungeon 😏


Bunnies are evil. All of them. Murder them before they get you


Make a beeline for the dungeon for good loot


Go straight to the dungeon and head down as far as you can! :) theres some good stuff there


put the seed as “For the worthy” its a mode made for beginners to help you learn faster


That journey’s end isnt out yet and so get excited


Find the dungeon and curse the old man in night for an achievement it will really help you progress:3


The free gear he gives is great as well!


I know right! Perfect for fresh new characters




Use the wiki if you have problems


Open the wiki 😂


The wiki is your friend


Some tough monsters can drop cool items. Wearing a full miners outfit gives you really fast mining. If there are balloons in the sky its a b-day and you can get cake from a certain npc. The guide can show you crafting recipes. Grow things from seeds! they are useful till the end lf time (and potions of all kinds are life, use them to live!)


I know nobody will tell you this, but if you ever start feeling overwhelmed by the mass amounts of armor and weapons you feel the need to obtain, try to stick with one or two weapon classes to feel more comfortable. Such as only using ranged weapons or melee weapons.


You can craft by opening up your inventory and going to to the menu below your inventory


Use the terraria wiki! There is a lot to learn in this game and it doesn’t explain much! And also, when you eventually fight the wall of flesh, it will put your world into hard mode. Research hard mode a lot before you fight the wall of flesh so you can be prepared!


Honestly... Do one play through in vanilla and move to Calamity ngl. Nah I'm joking but seriously, check out modded as well! :)


Have a wiki tab open in another window lol


Build lots of stuff before the end of the game cause after moonlord its a lot harder to stay engaged (on console)


The moment your health (hearts above minimap right upper corner of screen) gets to 0, you die.


Go to the wiki, it’ll provide you with basically EVERYTHING you will need to know. Crafting recipes, bosses, armor and weapons, it will be your savior.


Remember, the Terraria Wiki is your best friend If you have any questions for weapons, progression, tactics, etc, just look it up and you’ll get help


dont get too attached to the guide, also dont go into the dungeon


The wiki page will be your friend while you learn.


Dig straight down and run hands with something called the wall of flesh should take like 5 minutes


Talk to the guide if you are stuck. Or just open 154 tabs in the wiki.


For the worthy seed on master mode is super easy


If you need to, use the wiki.


one of us one of us


Now spend 200 hours completing


Sell you soul 🎣


My best advice, play the game blind as much as possible, avoid looking stuff up. Its fun to replay it when you know everything but you'll never get your first blind playthrough back.


Play calamity dadi mode, soul dlc and eternity mod