Foud on Instagram.

Foud on Instagram.


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>I willfully live in a sardine can city and willfully did a useless sociology degree and willfully do a shitty, half assed job at my cube farm for [brand] and I willfully have no talents, skills, or hobbies. Because of all of this I don't feel special enough so clearly capitalism has failed.


Left wing memes are generally cringe but this one isn’t bad lol. Made me chuckle, too relatable lol.


Wonder when that instagram poster gonna work in da potato farm.


Hello comrade have you grown 1 ton of potato in this parking lot? No? Yes, it’s gulag time.


Have you grown too much potato? Yes? It's gulag time, kulak


Better than a forced labour camp on 18 hours a day.


Capitalism is better than a dictatorship, so let's keep it?


Capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the best system we have that promotes freedom. So yes, let's keep it.


Finland has a good compromise (pls don't Downvote bomb I'm just an ambassador)


I don't get wat are you saying, Finland s complety capitalist


But with high tax rates and many helpful social services (maybe Sweden is a better example but my point still stands)


But they have a small state and a open market, they are capitalist. They were also white ethnostate before the rapefuges, these countries had years with 0 murder, now sweden is the capital of the world for rapists


You spelt refugee wrong Mr send nudes, I don't argue with racists


Oh yeah my bad, i forgot that raping babies to death is just an economic factor and has nothing to do with the nationatily or culture of the person doing it. i'm sure rapefugee do these things for socio-economic factors and nothing more!


Botswana has the highest rape per Capita, followed by Australia


A welfare state with open borders will always fail, its not a problem with race


But that isn't what he said. He compared capitalist society to Stalinist Russia and then concluded capitalism to be a good system. No comment on capitalism by me, but a critique of the absolute insanity of such a statement.


You said "let's keep it" and yes, we should keep it. It's the best system we have. He never said that capitalism is perfect either, but if you compare it with communism where you're assigned to a coal mine to work in as soon as you turn 16, it's a much much better system.


Which, again, is a very very low bar to clear and not really the argument you think it is.


It's not really a very very low bar. It's something that has developed over hundreds of years while every other system failed miserably.


Well I think not having forced labour should be a low bar, one that capitalism has not truly solved i might add.


What you propose is worse than Capitalism.


Oh, and what am i proposing? I'd very much like to know.




Yeah, you know thats a spektrum right? From anarchist to basically centrist?


So how do I tell you this. I am so sorry but what your described is CAPITALISM. you must be angry towards me and rightly so cause I just told you something that your brain was not mature enough to handle, but it had to be done. Also Capitalism is an economic system. People take ECON 101 at Community College and act like they some genius of some sort ffs.


In what communist society were there forced labor camps? I’ll wait patiently for you to cite an example.


China during the Great Leap Forward, North Korea, and USSR. Of course, looking at your profile, I assume you will not believe it either thinking they're not real communist states or simply calling it western propaganda.


Communism: Soul-crushing meaningless jobs where you're at the mercy of the elite class' diktats. Capitalism: Soul-crushing meaningless jobs where you're at the mercy of the elite class' diktats and your only distractions are shiny trinkets, cheap carbohydrates soaked in chemicals, and globalist media. If only there were a third position...


ok literally hitler


under communism it's even worse


Oh no! We have to sit in a comfortable, air conditioned office and be on a computer all day pressing buttons instead of plowing our own fields praying that we will get some food to eat. How sad!


Tbe difference is you get to choose to be in an office job. Whereas with Communism you're choice is do what the state say, or disappear


Most people (in the US and UK, at least) live paycheck to paycheck and/or have debt. If they "choose" not to work, they'll be evicted.


Average city dweller


At what point in human history have people not had to do work in order to eat and have shelter? Do you think spending 24/7/365 hunting, fishing, and picking whatever wasn't poisonous off a tree or bush wasn't work? You think farming wasn't work, especially before the Industrial Revolution? Building a hut and making sure it didn't fall apart over time wasn't work? I swear some people seem to legitimately believe that our ancestors spent most of human history just sitting around puffing joints singing kumbaya while meat and bread and fully-fledged infrastructure just fell out the sky, and then Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations, and that was when famine and disease and poverty were born. People have ALWAYS had to work to survive, the fact that we've managed to reduce the average work week to 40 hours instead of the 90-120 hours a week our ancestors were used to is a fucking miracle. Capitalism is the reason you have time to fuck around on Reddit complaining about how the system is supposedly oppressing you.


“At what point…”? When we commercialized and privatized every single thing. No, our ancestors weren’t sitting around. They were chopping down free trees, making their houses, raising their kids, hunting, gathering, etc. Now everything costs money. Which isn’t necessarily different from back then, but you could trade 3 pretty-looking rocks for a loaf of bread or some shit. Now prices for everything keep increasing, and the people making $600,000 per year are telling the people making $15,000 per year that they should feel bad for wanting $30,000 per year for the same job. If time is money, as the saying goes, then why do we keep undervaluing peoples time? Bezos increased his wealth by BILLIONS in 2020, during a pandemic. Same with Zuck and and Musk… And the base wage that determines the scale for all other wages has stayed the same for 22 years…


>When we commercialized and privatized every single thing. Private ownership is not a recent concept. Even animals establish territories and fight over them. >They were chopping down free trees, making their houses, raising their kids, hunting, gathering, etc That sounds like a lot of work, and I have been told that having to work in order to eat and obtain shelter was capitalist oppression. >Now everything costs money. Which isn't necessarily different from back then, but you could trade 3-pretty-looking rocks for a loaf of bread or some shit Yeah, that's not true. People didn't trade valuable things like bread for some useless rocks they could find by a river, they bartered for other valuables like foodstuffs and labor. The only type of people who would have traded breaded for rocks are people who already had so much bread they didn't know what to do with it all. No one was giving up their kid's dinner for pretty rocks. Money was introduced because it created a consistent commodity with universal value in any context, so that people with any skills or assets could trade those skills and assets for money, then use the money to buy what they need, because maybe the guy who builds shelters already has plenty of bread and workers, so the only thing he would be interested in is something he can't easily obtain, like, say, meat because he doesn't know how to hunt. But what if I don't know how to hunt, either? I still need bread, though. And let's say I do know how to build a shelter, but bread man already has a shelter, so he doesn't need my skills. But I still need bread. That's why money exists. >Now prices for everything keep increasing, and the people making $600,000 per year year are telling the people making $15,000 per year that they should feel bad for wanting $30,000 for the same job Wealth inequality and inflation has existed for millennia, and inflation happens when the government manipulates currency. That's not because of capitalism. Do you think kings, queens, sultans, and emperors were redistributing all their wealth to the farmers or something? Also, the amount of money you make depends on the value of your labor. Any dipshit can make a sandwich or push buttons on a cash register, but not any dipshit can perform heart surgery or develop space technology. >If time is money, as the saying goes, then why do we keep undervaluing people's time? I don't think you understand what that phrase means. It doesn't mean someone who spends their time making macaroni art is creating as much value as someone who spends their time maintaining geological equipment to help prevent landslides from killing people. That phrase literally means that sitting around doing nothing costs money, because you could be spending that time earning money. It does not mean that someone is going to pay you the same amount of money to assemble them a cheeseburger as they would pay you to fix their car. Bezos and Zuckerberg are assholes, but it's because they manipulate the government to enrich themselves at the expense of the working class. That's corporatism, not capitalism. Bailing out corporations is also not capitalism, capitalism says if your business fails, your business fails. The problem with our current system is that capitalism only seems to apply to poor people, and not incredibly rich people who, strangely enough, overwhelmingly vote Democrat and favor socialism.


Where the hell do you see rich people voting for Democrats???? They’re voting for Republicans time and again, because Republicans are the ones who keep promising to cut their taxes and let them keep getting free rides. The Republicans allow them to fuck our infrastructure and not give anything back. The Democrats actually want to make them pay and follow some damn rules that would result in EVERYBODY (including them) still to be comfortable. If you think the rich are voting for Dems, then I think you should go back and look at the campaign promises each side makes. Republicans time and time again keep favoring “corporate socialism” (i.e. giving giant tax breaks to companies that don’t need them)


>Where the hell do you see rich people voting for Democrats???? You have to be joking. Silicon Valley is Republican now? Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg both donate to Democrats, literally all the richest people in the world donated to Hilary Clinton and Biden's campaigns. If you're going to whine about the rich, please spend two minutes seeing what politicians they donate to. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and I'm done with this conversation.


It’s a front! Just like when Republicans say they actually want to do health care reform! They don’t- they just want to benefit from *saying* it. The rich don’t give a shit because they’re going to benefit whether it’s the corporate fuckface Dems, or the corporation-loving Republicunts. But when you actually look at what the two sides do, the Republicans *overwhelmingly* choose socialism for businesses. Why did corporations need a tax cut in 2017?? Why did Trump and the Republicans feel the need to give them free money when they’re already profiting more than at any time in history? I mean for gods sake, the French Revolution happened for a smaller wealth gap! Why do billionaires get to keep getting richer and the pope’s wages keep staying the same? While we all simultaneously know and acknowledge rising prices! The middle class, making minimum wage in the 70s, made more money (adjusted for inflation) than we make now. So when someone grew up in the 70s and says “I managed to pay for college AND buy a house, AND buy a car, all while working on minimum wage!” Yeah, the minimum wage you made back then in 1970 (1.45 per hour) is worth $10.25 per hour of our money! And we wonder why people are pissed wages haven’t gone up past 7.25 since 1999??? I just don’t understand how people can simultaneously feel like we need to go back “to the way things used to be”… but then also fail to remember that corporate tax rates were nearly triple what they are now AND we were the most prosperous at that time… So where’s the argument for low corporate tax when, again, the middle class was the most prosperous it *ever* was, when the corporate taxes were ***way, way*** higher?


My point is there are many jobs for you to work. As long as you meet the requirements you can do any of them


"This is how the real world works, you're not special and nobody owes you anything." \-Obviously not your parents ever.


I wish


Under fascism the individual has connections with their community and will be happy with their lifestyle.


Based and total society pilled


Based and community-link-pilled.


I am not sure you are trolling


You're supposed to be the help Dugin sent us?


okay facist


Capitalism is when office job


Funny that under capitalism (which isn't a political system but whatever) businesses have been able to sell communists mass produced individualism. Seeing as the products and services communists buy tend to make up their personalities.


Capitalism is a political system - it's rule by the uber-wealthy.


I dunno about you but my office job allowes lots of individual expression. But at the end you still have to do your fucking job.


Capitalism has always had one major flaw. It doesn't work very well for stupid people.


They really think capitalism is just one job, working on a computer in a cubicle.


Funny, but I actively avoided cubicle, sales, and call center jobs. *You can too*


Leftists have a interesting fascination with cubicle desk jobs. It's as if they think every job out there is a desk job because they've never even attempted to find anything else. Probably because any job that is even remotely physical is terrifying to them.


Capitalism requires you to be exclusively responsible for creating your own sense of purpose and meaning in life! It is left to your own prerogative and personal will to go searching in pursuit of your happiness. As well as to discover/achieve for yourself the lifestyle with which you would be most content and left personally fulfilled by.


Idk this ones pretty good


Just add a gun to the head for the communist version? Can these people get dumber?


>Can these people get dumber? You wouldn't think so. Then BAM, they somehow do.


I'd rather work a mundane job in a cubicle farm and have infinite options for recreation outside of work, every co-worker with their own hobbies and interests, then work a mundane job and then leave and get into a bread line and wonder if i'll get any food that day.


Looks like Instagram is the new Tumblr.


I'd rather be in a cubby hole, than a dirt hole from famine.


Capitalism is where more than one person has to work the same job


Damn, so you're saying working in an office building means you're a drone with no individuality? Work is for work, not expressing yourself


laughs in musk.


Dont agree with captilsitm but The only good thing about the commies are the song's


Ussr anthem is overrated.


Not the anthem There's other good songs too


are they wrong?


The difference is, under capitalism you can quit your shitty dead-end job and not be lined up against a wall and shot.


Also memes aside, it defiantly more complicated then that


Capitalism: Work or starve Communism: Work *and* starve


This means the commies admit that under communism, everyone will be a drone with no individuality.


I know! Capitalism set the bar high, but communism just still manages to strip people's individuality even more


The difference is you choose to work there.