I second this. Yikes.




Lmao I would swipe right until I read your bio then I would immensely cringe for a solid 2 minutes. This is not the way to look good dude lol


Damn, how's that bio working out for you? You're gonna have a bad time trying to match due to your height, but your bio is definitely not going to do you any favours. Other problem I can see is that whilst not asking for anyone large on there you yourself aren't in the best of shape. Would remove your bio entirely and maybe try self-reflection before considering dating because as it stands you seem like a bit of an arse.


Your bio is incredibly off putting. Even if someone met all of those points, they may not match based on the negativity. You’re always able to unmatch and/or respectfully decline to continue chatting with someone if you match with a woman who meets any of your dealbreaker criteria. You don’t need to list it all out like that, and you especially don’t need to do so with as critical a tone as you come across (e.g. “what makes you think…?”). Use your bio to say more about *you* - what you like, who you are - not a laundry list of things you don’t want in a partner.


Yes it it. Also, your pictures look all the same, try taking a couple of pictures doing things that you like, such as exploring the city, hiking, doing sports, whatever. Having more than one selfie makes you look boring af.


Their first 6 pictures all look the same. If I'm a female, by the time I get to photo number 4, its a left swipe for me


Bios with mostly negative things are a red flag. Everyone has preferences but there are better ways of expressing them. You’re only 5’1 so your dating options are already super limited. I would rewrite your bio to include things your looking for in a more positive way and tells a bit more about your personality.


Meh the bio could use a little hedging down. Some pointers you have are useless and unnecessary.


When all your pics or close up face selfies, girls automatically assume you have no friends to take pictures of you or with you


yes. Even if they were interested, just pointing out things you don’t want makes you sound demanding and high maintenance (even if you aren’t in real life). Also more than one selfie is too many selfies.


Bruh you're so negative in your bio. You just sound angry. Who wants to go out with groucho


Your profile is coming across as a bit homophobic by the way you worded it. If that's not your intention just remove that part or reword it. You can manage those preferences on a profile basis if they're important to you. Next I recommend on focusing on positive things instead of the negative. For instance list the music you like and are passionate about. for the Instagram thing you could say something like you value phone conversations or human interaction over social media. Also dude your pics look much the same. Delete the ones with the masks and the one where leaning on your hand one. Try to add a candid one where you're smiling preferably with teeth


Your bio should not have the word NO in it...


Maybe dont be straight up homophobic


Yeah way too harsh and you look bored in the majority of your pictures. You are good looking but your bio says RUN AWAY.


Maybe switch up some of the photos and should be good


Based on all I saw.. just delete the 8 & 9 lines of ur bio. So u at least get some tiny chance of matches


Keep the circle beard, Walter.


Why are you so sad?


Being that your only 5’1 I’d say your options are limited.


Judging from the last pic of your height and the door frame. Either your not actually 5'1" or you live in a tiny house


I don’t think that’s him, I think he just shared a screenshot from a TikTok.


99% of people who would see it will swipe left




Too much honesty. Women hate honesty


Tell me you know nothing about women without telling me


Wow. A recycled comment. Gotta love your unique personality. But “tell me you’re original without telling me your original.”


Sorry I'm about as original as wide sweeping generalisations, like "all women hate honesty". seriously, theres no way your dumb enough to actually believe that.


*you’re dumb enough…


Oh no I used the wrong variation of you how shall my reputation ever recover from such a trumendus blunder, truly due to this tiny error my argument as a whole is void.😥 Like cmon your gunna complain about me being original and then you use correction of grammar as a argument? Practice what you preach.


Just saying if you are gonna insult intelligence, might want to practice what you preach.


Yes because forgetting to put some symbols down is weighed the same as thinking that all women on the planet operate the exact same way when it comes to honesty on the scales of intelligence.


I would say not being able to spell is worse. I am just living my truth.


Facts dont change from person to person, objectively your wrong not all women dislike honesty.


Best part about this exchange is that you made the same exact error before they did. Yikes.


I respect your bio, not sure if shadow banning is an actual thing. (Seems illegal to me and a ripe lawsuit for theft of paid service.) on that note, nah you’re expressing yourself. Do you my guy.