Why yes, yes I do worry about that.

Why yes, yes I do worry about that.


I'm sure he really wants to work to reduce shootings, that's always been high on the conservative priority list


He's selflessly advocating for stricter gun control laws, bless him


But only for the scary black people


Black people with guns: inherently bad and should be illegal White people not being able to buy RPG launchers and anti-aircraft guns: a violation of their god given rights, and also communism


The only thing that can stop a bad guy flying a plane into a building is a good guy with an anti-aircraft gun.


I've said this before. Why are we limiting ourselves to assault rifles? The enemy *could* have grenade launchers, anti-aircraft weapons, chemicals. Why are we limiting the sale of wartime weapons?! We need these things...*just in case*! /S


Well that only leads to everyone having a minuteman silo in their back yards. SMH my head...


The original minutemen were chosen from the militia, so they were technically civilians. Allowing civilians to own minuteman nuclear missiles just makes sense in a historical context.


That was basically the argument in Heller, right? The 2nd Amendment specified that people could keep guns for the purpose of being in a militia. For most of US history this was interpreted to mean that a state militia could hold a stockpile of weapons, but the plaintiff pointed out that when the law was actually drafted most militiamen would have been expected to provide their own weapons. Therefore the 2nd amendment must guarantee a personal right to own weapons, upsetting over a century of precedent. I'm no lawyer but I think that's an accurate description of events.


I was certainly being sarcastic about the missiles, but yes that's my understanding. People get bent out of shape about nobody needing "military style" weapons, but regardless of your feelings on it, that's very clearly the intent of the 2nd amendment. Whether it's still relevant is a completely different discussion altogether.


Well sure, how else can we be safe?!


It's okay officer, this is a *California legal* M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank


I think as long as it meets emissions and lead requirements, I have no problem with tanks. May cause a bit of a traffic back up. Maybe a tank lane, like a bicycle lane?


The biggest issue with them would be the wear on roads from the heavier tanks using the standard all steel tracks. You'd probably have to require rubber tread tracks to get registration if you had a lot of them


I think you meant T-72


Now that corporations are people, the 2nd Amendment allows Corporations to stockpile arms. Arms is not defined in the Constitution or law, but included Cannon at the time (private ship owners would have ship cannons to defend against pirates...or to pirate). I see no reason Amazon would be restricted from owning attack helecopters or nuclear weapons...


You laugh but you can buy a m203. It’s just a lengthy and expensive process assuming you want the ammunition to go with it.


I need to be able to own anti-tank rocket launchers for dragon hunting.


You fool, dragons can only be shot down by dwarven-forged black arrows


Nah, GoT clearly states that dragons can only be stopped by a) an olympic level Javelinist or b) a ballista on a boat. Tolkein was a communist, so his writings are naturally not to be trusted.


Who said anything about Tolkien, this comes directly from my erotic fantasy fiction, *Shaft My Scales Daddy*


I think I may have added to the extended lore with my fan fic BD&DSM


Ah yes, where whips no longer require exotic weapons proficiency


F-22s are back ordered on Amazon this is literal tyranny.


>But only for the scary black people That's what "Chicago" means to these people.


Not an accident that they always pick Chicago


[No, I’m sure they’d be super welcoming to black gun owners. ](https://youtu.be/yJqfNroFp8U)


That’s how it works. A bunch of white people parading with guns? Not a problem. A bunch of black people parading with guns? Gigantic problem. Just ask 1960’s Black Panthers Edit: fixing a typo


Charlie Kirk: "Worry about the kids that are getting killed by guns.." Liberals everywhere: "Alright, lets do that. Lets start by pushing this gun contr.." Charlie Kirk: "SOCIALISTS!!!"


"Biden is stranding Afghani citizens to be killed by the Taliban!!!1!" "Okay so should we let them come here as refugees?" "NOOO America first! Fuck foreigners coming into my country" "...."


TPUSA: worry about kids getting shot in the streets libs: ok, so universal background checks, ban high-capacity magazines & assault rifles... TPUSA: NO NOT LIKE THAT


Something something well-regulated militia, something something. Though, to be fair, I think working to get people out of poverty, providing them with education and hope, and ending the school to prison pipeline would do more for inner city violence than gun regulation. Though I doubt Charlie Kirk would be too excited about that either...


My guess is he'd be equally against education, unless said education involved no critical race theory and instead a course where they repeatedly tell you evolution is fake and creationism is scientifically proven. Then they'll proceed to teach you that isn't postal worker, it's *mailman.* It isn't sanitation engineer it's a *trashman.* And finally they'll spend the rest of the course talking about Donald Trump and comparing him to Lincoln and Reagan.


Nah, he's advocating for "a change in black culture" no doubt.


Don't forget heavier policing!


ALWAYS. It's always someone else who needs to change.


Under no pretext


Hey hey hey, don't say something you'll regret later. Charlie is obviously advocating for stronger thoughts and prayers.


"Thoughts and prayers" gun control is pretty much what we have now so you're right lol


Yeah, this is a theme with conservatives. "Why do we have to help refugees when there's so many homeless people here??" "OK let's help homeless people here!" "COMMUNISM!!"


"200 kids died of this, but 210 died of that. The only option is to address neither problem"


I choked on my coffee laughing at this comment 😂


Addressing social issues would be wasting money that could be better spent on weapons manufacturing! (Mostly the people who *own* weapons manufacturing companies, but looking too closely at financial motives is censorship and therefore Communism.)


Listen. I’m no scientist and I’m certainly no mathematician but: 200-210 is actually -10. So -10 children died, meaning 10 children were brought into this world. Meaning the solution here is to end abortions.


200 dead kids and 210 dead kids is 410 dead kids. Dead kids don't cancel each other out and become births


Listen. You seem emotional and I get why. It’s a touchy subject. Sadly, math doesn’t care about your feelings or mine for that matter. 200-210= -10 -10 of something is +10 of its opposite. We have to stop overriding simple facts with our personal beliefs.


But it would be 200+210=410. This is basic dead kid math man


I agree. 200+210=410 Are you denying that 200-210=-10? Because it sounds like you’re denying my simple math and just replacing it with your own.


When it comes to children, yes. Two kid corpses does not a fetus make


I’m sorry. I can not continue to have a conversation with someone who refuses to admit simple math. Until you admit that 200-210=-10, I’m afraid I can’t spend any more time arguing with a crazy person. Denying math and science is a huge problem in this country.


The bigger number is obviously a sign that it's too hard to address, and the smaller number is a sign that it's not important


Wasn’t Kanye working on that with Trump?


Just a follow up. It didn't work, if that was something they were working on. Remember when t-rump said he was going to take down the NRA? Man. They really don't have a positive influence in politics.


Kanye had an important album to make.


Didn’t the NRA file for bankruptcy? Sounds like Trumps business plan to me.


They got in trouble for funneling Russian money to the Republicans, so yeah I guess we can thank Trump for that one.


Yeah but Hunters laptop had cocaine and anime (from China?) stickers on it you guys


Tbf the NRA have kinda taken themselves down.


If shit is gonna get done it’ll have be by people who actively give a shit instead of people like this.


But only of they are life saving shots. Life removing shots, now that's a constitutional right jeehaw baby. /S


Why can't I worry about both?


You’re only allowed to worry about one social issue at a time. It allows for nonsensical attacks from your political opponents.


\^this. So much this. How often do we hear "if you worry about issue X you can't worry about issue Y or you're automatically also thinking Z".


Charlie Kirk would also probably say [“don’t you worry about gun control, let me worry about blank!”](https://youtu.be/tI-7nt_Cav0)


Have you seen this hilarious clip from when Australia was discussing legalising gay marriage? It's is the epitomy of what this comment thread is talking about. https://youtu.be/_ih1EuMLspY


Every three MONTHS? That's a lot of crocodile attacks


Better not let them gays get married until we solve the croc problem!


Especially strange when both numbers are about the same.


It's a bit like Whataboutism IMO.


If everything is an issue all at once how can we pick a flavor of the month? Sheesh wake up sheeple.


I say we focus on gay children this month, trans children next month, black children in November, crippled children in December, and then January we need to focus on the gay, trans, black, crippled children. Since we're only allowed to focus on one group each month. (Sarcasm)


Its projection from conservatives, only being able to store memory of ONE concern at a time.


Because they can only handle one thing at a time, so they think that's how everybody is.


Yeah I mean that's almost 500 dead kids. Is he saying we shouldn't worry about preventing the first half of those, instead worry about preventing the other half? What kind of dumbfuckery is that - cause that's still more than 200 dead kids... Is there even a brain behind that tiny, tiny face?


Also what's the number of deaths caused by kids spreading it to their family after school? How many kids are going to blame themselves for killing their antivax family?


Poor Charlie had only brain space for one issue


You'd think he'd have extra room in that big old head.


There's a name for this: Fallacy of Relative Privation.




Conservatives can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and they’re so self centered they believe no one else is capable


Conservatives aren’t smart enough to multitask, so this never occurred to him.


I’m honestly surprised he didn’t use abortion stats as well.


“Oh you’re pro-life? Well are you in support of giving children in poverty free milk and breakfast every morning so they don’t potentially starve?” “UGH you’re just changing the subject. That’s socialism” 😑


Well fortunately not too many children are getting abortions these days.


Multi-tasking is a communist plot. /s


Sorry you can only worry about one thing. That's the rules.


I would love to hear Charlie's definition of "kids" for both of these numbers, and as a follow up question his opinion on charging minors in gang related activity as adults.


He’d short circuit and have steam come out of his ears if you could ever pin him down on that. Unfortunately, most right wingers operate in safe spaces where their circular logic can’t be questioned.


"These 18yos shooting each other are kids because they're in school." "I wouldn't call anyone over 12 dying of covid a kid, middle school and below are kids"


‘Unless those 12 yo commit a crime then they are most definitely adults’


especially if they're black


516 deaths of 0-18 year olds in the US from COVID since 2020-01-01 through 2021-09-15 [CDC](https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Deaths-Focus-on-Ages-0-18-Yea/nr4s-juj3) 1110 deaths of 0-17 year olds in the US from gun violence since 2021-01-01 through 2021-09-22 [Gun Violence Archive](https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/) 525 total murders of any age in Chicago since 2021-01-01 through 2021-09-01 [WBEZ](https://www.wbez.org/stories/at-summers-end-chicago-murders-outpacing-any-year-in-a-quarter-century/5385cdb4-ee0e-4d10-bf38-4e85daa98fa0). NB this is not just gun violence, nor is it just children. 41 total juvenile deaths in Chicago since 2021-01-01 through 2021-09-06 [Fox 32 (local affiliate)](https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/chicagos-top-cop-warns-families-to-be-careful-who-they-bring-around-their-kids) Tracing this argument from the [NY Post](https://nypost.com/2021/09/11/more-children-in-chicago-have-been-shot-than-died-from-covid/) to another [NY Post](https://nypost.com/2021/08/16/girl-7-killed-and-over-40-injured-during-chicago-shootings/) article to [Fox News](https://www.foxnews.com/us/more-kids-shot-chicago-died-covid-2021) to the Fox 32 article listed above. Looks like lazy reporting conflated “victims” with “deaths”


Notice that he said "shot in the city". He's implying they're deaths since it comes right after specifically mentioning deaths, but he's not *lying directly* by saying shit. Classic sleazeball move. EDIT: "Shit" should have been shot, but it kind of works so I'm leaving it there.


To be fair, he was going straight for the pun “kids are getting shot, therefore kids shouldn’t get shots”. Which of course excuses nothing he said.


It seems that your comment contains 1 or more links that are hard to tap for mobile users. I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click! [Here is link number 1 - Previous text "CDC"](https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Deaths-Focus-on-Ages-0-18-Yea/nr4s-juj3) ---- ^Please ^PM ^[\/u\/eganwall](http://reddit.com/user/eganwall) ^with ^issues ^or ^feedback! ^| ^[Code](https://github.com/eganwall/FatFingerHelperBot) ^| ^[Delete](https://reddit.com/message/compose/?to=FatFingerHelperBot&subject=delete&message=delete%20hdu9pi6)


I also wonder how many of the juvenile shooting injuries are accidental self inflicted


He also used deaths for Covid, but only used shootings, not shooting deaths. Got massage those numbers to make the grift work. Edit: lol Mr. removed accused me of "being okay with hundreds of minority kids getting shot". I most certainly am not, but Chuck sure is because he makes it painfully clear he has no interest in actually doing anything about gun violence. Blatant virtue signaling.


Look it's simple, 20 year old college kids should be allowed to rape 13 year old women. To punish them would be bad because they have a bright future. But yes gang violence in Chicago is out of control. Legalize drugs.


Great that your so concerned about gun violence! How do you feel about restrictions on gun ownership?


Or better yet social programs that improve the material lives of poor residents of Chicago making it much less likely they commit crimes. Charlie? Charlie? Oh, looks like we may have lost him


Improving lives can only be done through, uh.. something, something bootstraps.


No free hand outs - unless it's bootstraps. We'll give away bootstraps. Anything else is just communism. ^^iamrequiredbylawtoacknowledgemybootstrapcompanyisubsidizedentirelythroughgovernmentfunding.


That's wgat conservatives don't get. The number one way of reducing crime is bettering the living conditions of the least fortunate citizens. It's no coincidence that countries with good social security and welfare programms have little crime.


Their worldview starts and end with an individual making free choices in a vacuum, they can't think in terms of communities or groups. This is why they cast every action as a "personal choice" as if environmental pressures simply don't exist, they really do think they'd "choose" to be Christian if they were born in Tehran.


It’s not that they “don’t get it” it’s that they understand creating a permanent underclass is essential for capitalist production.


Is face has shrunk and retracted like a turtle avoiding conflict, and has now completely collapsed in on itself creating a micro black hole where logic goes and is never seen again


social programs like welfare pffff get real, we all know the real reason for this is fatherlessness 🥴


"Firearm bans don't work. Also we should ban abortion to stop abortion."


"I shit my pants so a god damn liberal wouldn't get the chance"


He's only concerned with black people owning guns, which he'd be happy to restrict. What he can't do, and what is his real frustration, is *admit* that.


Gun ownership is as restricted in the Chicago as the 2nd amendment will allow. Indiana, just 15 mins drive away though is a fucking free for all though


Gun restrictions aren’t the only solution but it’d be a start. Obviously social programs would have to play a large role in tackling gang violence.


Social programs yes. Good thing we raised the budget for Chicago cops yet again this year


We agree on the problem, I guarantee we don’t agree on the solution. It’s gun control. But he’ll say “Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, they don’t work!” To which you could reply, “well, Gary, Indiana is 45 min away from Chicago, and Indiana has some of the most lax gun laws in the nation. Most illegal guns in Chicago come across state lines from Indiana.” To which he’d probably deflect and blame black on black violence


I see you have read the Republican talking points pamphlet.


Even though it's only half of a double-spaced 4"x6" index card, it was harder to read than you'd think


Was it the grammar? I bet it was the grammar.


Some of it was still in Russian.




You don't need the pamphlet. Just think of the most logical way to fix the problem based on all the available data... ... the opposite of that is the Republican talking point. And failing that, just work yourself into a frenzy of hate for something that is made up.




I've never understood how they blame "black on black violence" when that is just a direct result of the evil circle that is poverty and crime caused by institutionalized racism, they have the cause and effect of their problem right in front of them, but refuse to believe it..? Or am I missing something?




Plus most crime happens within communities and since most communities are still segregated of course there will be higher black on black crime. Same with white on white crime.


It all makes sense when you start from a first principle that people like you are fundamentally better than other people, and that other people are naturally predisposed to violence and crime whereas people like you are naturally hardworking and righteous. In short, they’re racist as all hell, and they’re using their racism to justify ongoing racist policies that then reinforce their racism.


>Gary, Indiana Why the hell would any go to gary? Ah yes im not depressed enough at the current economic situation and global warming issue lets go to a city and look at city that was killed by capitalism, racism, and government failure. More abandoned buildings than the city could afford to destroy! Its a depressing city. I do hope soon it can be restored. At least its not Detroit


They did just get a Hard Rock Casino. Now I can go win a bunch of money and then watch myself lose it to a tweaker in the parking lot. It’s like winning AND losing at the casino in one night. You get the best of both worlds!!


For guns, remember?


imagine politicizing the death of children you sick fuck


He’s trying to make sure his followers don’t develop empathy. Empathy is what changes the country for better. He’s trying to replace sadness with anger at black teenagers in Chicago because rage overrides our better nature. Every time these guys get scared that someone starts caring, they post these to whip their followers back into feeling anger, anxiety and cold hearts because that’s the only way he can keep grifting them.


Ahh the simple mind of a conservative where they can only focus on one thing at a time.


So simple. Is there vision also based on movement? Maybe they’re part T-Rex?


Makes sense, Karlie Chirk just got the mini t-rex arms gene in his face by mistake


Strange how they apparently care so much about babies dying, unless they're dying from COVID of course. Pro life, until it conflicts with their political agenda.


Charlie Kirk is for gun control?


Based smallface???


*And* acknowledges that COVID19 is dangerous enough to kill even young kids?


“Stop worrying about this very valid thing we’re doing nothing about and start worrying about this completely unrelated other valid thing we also actively oppose doing anything about.” Otherwise known as the “but what about homeless veterans!?” move, a classic page found scribbled in crayon in the back of the rightwing chud playbook/Denny’s children’s menu.


Bullets are contagious, that's why it's called "catching a bullet"


Aren’t these same people that advocate for more guns when a mass shorting happens?


So they want to shoot the hedge fund managers?


More People should be dying from diseases because people are already dying from gunfire. Amazing point!


It weird because the murder rate in Chicago is 18 per 100,000 while the death rate from covid in any given state is 200-300+ per 100,000. Yet one is a “war zone” and the other is statistically insignificant and no reason to panic.


Of all the conservative tactics that piss me off, few do as much as “but what about Chicago?” or any other urban issue really. They have no real knowledge of the situation, no genuine desire to help fix the situation and it is almost never relevant to the discussion in which it is brought up.


Dog whistles man. Anytime a chud whisperer wants the flock feeling good and racist without coming right out and saying it, all they have to do is name any major city and literally any of its problems. They get an extra point if that city has any notable history at all concerning race struggles, and another if the city's population has a higher percentage of minorities in its population compared to the national percentage. The runny flow of horseshit that was Reagan's (VIA) "wElFaRe QuEeN" was purported to be from Chicago.


Chicago is their code word for black people. On the Fox News forums, they're not as transparent and simply call them "13%'s". It's despicable.


Chicago is just a cheap talking point now, and sometimes even a dog whistle


> Chicago is just a cheap talking point now, and sometimes even a dog ~~whistle~~ fog horn. FTFY.


Are Conservatives only able to care about one thing?


Yes, themselves


It wouldn’t be a conservative dog whistle without a reference to Chicago. Also they don’t give a fuck about gun death.


Always Chicago. Can't even use different dog whistles to change things up a bit.


Deaths without covid: 261 Deaths with covid: 475 this is one of the stupidest fucking things to ever come out of this living rat-shit's mouth


I love how it ONLY 214 CHILDREN DIED like is some kinda gotcha.


Let me know when gun violence is contagious.


Conservatives don’t care about anyone until they’re using them to push their own agenda. I bet Kirk never mentioned the kids in Chicago dying, unless in a gun control debate, and he won’t mention them again until he needs to use their deaths to make a point. It’s virtue signaling.


I always love it when these lie-bertarians use dead kids to push against beneficial acts that can save children's lives. Just to be clear, the fact that over two hundred children THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY died from an illness that is preventable with proper measures is somewhat more serious than a cherry-picked city that's always used. Though, let's be real, people understand the causes of the relationship for each case - the problem comes from the fact that people like Kirk don't care of actually solving it because, at the end of the day, they don't care and if it does get taken care of, then there's no way they can use that talking point. Though let's be real, if we were talking about Chicago as it's own thing instead of an item for whataboutery, Kirk and his "freedom-loving patriot friends" would only enforce the three I's to address it. IGNORE the underlying issues feeding into the problem that deal with structural pressures. INDOCTRINATE those lowly citizens into believing that there problems are brought upon by personal choice and they just need to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and be taught about American exceptionalism that ignores all the racist bits. And then afterwards, as things get worse and no progress is made, then's a good a time as any to INSINUATE alternative reasons for why these negroes are in their predicament. That, in turn leads to theories expanding from the choice angle. Since we can't use history or social structures, maybe there's other reasons... And then the cycle repeats itself. Fuck lie-bertarianism and fuck Charlie Kirk.


There are 23 flavors in Dr. Pepper. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. Curious.


And the solution to gun violence.... TAX CUTS FOR BUSINESSES!!!


we worry about both


Gun control? Let's talk about that


Conservatives are laser-focused on Chicago, for some reason. It’s almost like a meme that evolved from their obsession with “BlACk oN bLaCk CRimE.”


A pro gun commentator complaining about kids getting shot is like a wolf complaining about sheeps getting killed


Maybe worry about both?


I have an idea how about we solve both problems at the same time?


Interesting point Charlie. I wonder what your plan is to address this


Oh so NOW you care?


People can worry about 2 things charlie.


He's advocating for a vaccine against bullets?


So I guess their whole "Hashtag Save the Children" bit is over now?


Right Wingers love to bring up Chicago violence.


'Shootings in Chicago', ahhh the classic distraction weapon of the conservative cynic.


Bullets aren't contagious. Stupidity is.


In both of these situations the root cause is stupid adults


Why not both?


Can’t we do both? Also, laughable coming from a party who worships the NRA.


My favourite conservative argument: Nooo, we can't tackle multiple problems at the same time. We have to solve each problem individually!!!


This just goes to show that conservatives have zero plans for anything. They only know how to engage in half assed whataboutism.


these people literally mock survivors of school shootings like David Hogg for saying kids shouldn't be shot. FUCK OFF!


Chicago is vuvuzuela


Did he enlarge his face for that pfp?


Ignore those kids dying of COVID. *I SAID IGNORE THEM, GODDAMMIT!*


That's the definition of Whataboutism


This drives me crazy. All it does is prove they also don't give a shit about Chicago kids getting shot. Like, yeah we do care about that, but we're all sort of numb as a country to gun violence because Asshole lobbyists and politicians have made it basically impossible to make pass any gun control laws in the face of child suffering.


So much for All Lives Matter.


Notice how it says died from "COVID" and not from "vaccines". Charlie Kirk, the king of non sequitur.


maybe if we did something about guns kids wouldn't get shot 🤔🤔🤔


Is there a simple vaccine to take to prevent gunshot deaths? Free? Widely available?


Why not worry about both?


It’s almost like we’ve been trying to get guns away from people for ages..


Conservatives are so used to being single issue voters, they think everyone is.


Right wing logic: all failed policies are justified because Chicago.


may his selfless advocacy for gun control serve as an inspiration to us all 🙏🏻


Why not both?


Charlie kirk’s brain is my thirteenth reason




Yup everybody knows people are only capable of caring about one thing at a time. Why else would republicans only care about “owning libs”?


As with gin violence, he only cares about deaths, not suffering and injuries for survivors.