Steven Crowder outed himself as a shitty father… what a surprise

Steven Crowder outed himself as a shitty father… what a surprise


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Yeah, nothing says pussy like spending time with your newborn child. Fuck Crowder, piece of shit.


I guess some European countries are pussies because they have paternity leave as well.




Freedom is when you must work if you want to survive*


Freedom is spending your entire adulthood paying for your modest house


look at mr moneybags here with a house


Work and pay bills, work and pay bills, till you die peasant.


House? I thought most of my gen was statistically never going to have a house. (Millennial born mid-90s). Not trashing you at all, I’m glad you can have one, I’m just surprised when someone does (even if they don’t fully “own” it).


I have one, but it won't be paid off until I'm 65 (lol)


I'd consider myself lucky if I could afford a mud hut let alone a house.


You can, just not where you probably want :p


I had a dude arguing with me tooth and nail that housing, food and water *isnt* a human right. He went so far as to try and tell me he was homeless and if I “really felt like everyone had a right to housing” that he would bring 20 homeless people over to my house. Honestly I felt bad for him because it must hurt being that goddamn stupid


Nah freedom is when the father just leaves.


My dad has been celebrating his freedom since he went to get smokes when I was 5.


>I guess some European countries are pussies Who landed on Normandy? Who landed on the Moon? Who kicked ass in Korea, South America, Vietnam, and the Middle East? ^/^s


The British The Germans The Europeans,Asians and Koreans. I don’t see how anyone says America is the best when literally everything came from Europe and Asia


America - Europes worst export article


Who miserably failed in Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East?


Yes, that's the joke.


Oh sorry I just thought you were an idiot cuz it’s hard to tell tone of voice through text


And that's why I had a teeny tiny /s at the end of my comment.


Well in Middle Earth it was Mordor who failed, but the rest stands.


Japan, France and Turkey?


Okay, you try fighting several wars simultaneously on the other side of the world and see how you do


Like Iraq? Or more like Vietnam? Maybe Afghanistan? Turns out you can go to as many wars as you like if your nations bootlickers don't care if you win or lose


Why did they do it?


Didn't USA land on the moon? Am i missing out on something?


Have you not paid attention? American conservatives has been calling scandiavians and british people soyboys for years, germans for cucks and french, spanish and italian people for gays.


Not American? Super gay bro, *super gay*


Yup. People take shift sleeping as new borns want to eat and poop constantly for the first 6 months. As the baby get older less time to feed and change diapers. I know I had a colicky baby it was awful time needed a lot of support or I would killed my self with post partum depression.


Canada too, we can even share with our spouse. I’m such a massive pussy for taking 8 weeks paternity and spending time with my gf and daughter 😩


I'm european, can confirm i am indeed a female feline


Don't worry, Crowder will make sure to pass on the sacred tradition of dog cum chugging to his offspawn.


Remember this every time a right winger talks about "family values"


This IS their family values. To them, a man should not have to interact with their child- that’s the woman’s job. They genuinely believe that they don’t have any responsibility for the kid aside from fiscally supporting them (if that).


Yeah that's very true, they don't want to move on from patriarchal gender roles even though more than 70% of people already have


I mean the vast majority of people literally cannot afford to not move on from patriarchal gender roles


Yeah that's true, which is why it's important to pass the child care and paid family leave in the reconciliation bill. But idk shoe said this sudden obsession with paternity leave after the buttigieg story broke was really a cover for being anti LGBTQ in a less overt way


I really want to be around for when these guys are on their deathbeds and the nurse is calling their children so they can beg to see them one last time, and they send a link to a copy of Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" song.


You were around for Limbaugh. Somehow he managed to get a fucking medal of freedom before he expired. They ruin everything.


Well, I was thinking about their offspring, but Rush never sired any kids that we know of, so that's a bad example. I don't care about these cranks wanking each other off. I want them to feel the sting of their kids telling them they suck.


The fact he used the word pussies says everything.


Is it gay to care about your kids?


To him, a father should have as little connection to their kids as possible. Builds character, apparently. Most republicans believe this, and it’s a deep seated thing that’s passed down every generation.


He's even wrong about there being nothing for the dad to do. When my kids were born I stayed up with them quite a bit. Crying doesn't always mean hungry.


Let us be fair: avoiding his child is the best parenting Crowder can provide.


That’s such a clever burn. Holy shit.


[HOT WATER BURN BABY!!!](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DH6S0wKKGBM&t=129)


Knowing that your father is Crowder is enough trauma for any child already He can only damage them further by being around them


Imagine coming of age and finding an extensive videography of your dad, Steven fucking Crowder, being one of the worst people humanity has to offer. That poor child.


Eh, that kid is probably being brainwashed into thinking his dad is correct in his racism etc


You'd be surprised. The grandfather of one of my best friends was involved in the Philadelphia, MS murders back during the civil rights movement. She grew up to be a good, not racist person despite her upbringing.


If it helps, so was I. And at 16 I started catching on to the fact my parents (and change-my-mind-guy) really, really suck.


Google got enough backlash from advertisers about Crowder to finally start enforcing Terms of Service on Crowder's YouTube channel.


Steven Crowder Jr. "I stand before you today as a well rounded, kind, caring person and your valedictorian. If my father Steven Crowder didn't walk out for a cigarette and never return I wouldn't be the same man I am today."


OOOOOOHHHHUUUUE!!! Holy burn notice......


Apply holy water to burned area


Are any of us shocked that chowder is a shitty father?


I'm shocked he's a father at all. given his shaky grasp on reality, I'd have assumed he made his wife out of butter and a discarded mop.


We don't know for certain that isn't the case.


I suppose if he publishes photos of his newborn twins that make them look particularly buttery, we'll know for sure. that will, of course, raise more and greater questions.


Inb4 he posts a picture of two dolphin calves.


I honestly think he didn't want them and only had them out of expectation.


Damn. Crowders a millenial (i think) but Gen X’rs are usually the ones that do that. Imo i think its why millenials and Gen Z have such mental problems.


I’d say shitty husband above that. I took time off to help with my kid. Then on the weekends I pulled all nighters so she could get some rest. He sounds like he likes male dominance


eh, I’d say he’s a great father, not getting paternity leave means staying far away from his child, which seems to be the best way he could parent 🤷‍♀️


Chowder has employees?


No one is willing to laugh at his jokes without getting paid


I know you're kidding but sadly he does in fact have a large audience constituted of the dumbest and most ethically challenged people on the planet that actually find him funny. I mean, imagine thinking Crowder is legit funny. That shit blows my mind. Imagine tuning into Louder With Crowder as a real source of entertainment and political discourse. This blows my mind even harder.


Former fan here. I watched solely for his views on various issues. Never for the comedy. I've haven't watched his videos for a while, but when l was watching, nobody in the comments really remarks on how funny he is, just about how wrong the left is.


The only “jokes” I remember were *Screw France/Canada* and *Pandas shouldn’t exist since they don’t fuck.* If anything, the blow-up doll was more of a laugh riot.


He makes jokes?


Yes, other racist assholes that frequent his show. There's like 3 of them I believe? And the closer they sit to Crowder, the more racist they are.


It’s true lmao, there’s the one dude who thinks he’s a comedian, but all his “jokes” are just listing stereotypes. Then there’s the dude who’s basically in another room who nearly has a reasonable take every other month, but gets cut off by Steve Crow


No joke, his dad is his manager.


There’s 1/4 Black Garrett, Half Asian Lawyer Gary, his leprechaun sidekick, that creep that I think is actually his father, and some other poor schmucks who were desperate for a paycheck.


Someone let Crowder cum in them?


Ok, wait. Setting aside the obvious total garbage take from Crowder and the backwards ass misogyny, Matt Walsh is saying the man has no role because the mom is breastfeeding? Who the fuck is going to feed Pete’s baby if there’s no mom in the equation, Matt?! If Pete doesn’t take paternity leave and Chasten doesn’t take paternity leave, who cares for the baby?


Matt Walsh doesn't care about logical consistency, Matt Walsh only cares about being a giant douche.


Walsh is too busy being "personally hurt" by gay marriage. Yeah, he wrote a fucking article about how "personally hurt" he was by legalized gay marriage.


He's a fucking snow flake then so.


What do you expect from a self-proclaimed theocratic fascist?


He's one of the worst people on the planet. Let's hope he never gets any sort of power.


And as a father I fed my son all the time with breast milk from my wife. It's pretty standard for mum to pump milk to ensure you always have it on hand, just in-case her nipples are sore or she isn't producing much at that time. Plus it gives mum a break.


I was thinking that too. What a braindead take from a nazi.


Their brains shortcircuits when there are two dads involved


Matt Walsh believes Pete and Chasten should be legally banned via the constitution from ever being able to be parents and likely believes they should be put in prison for being in a same sex relationship. The idiot wants the Taliban in American but white.


Well, Walsh is a homophobe and believes that Peter shouldn’t be allowed to adopt and raise a child in the first place. Since he doesn’t have the power to simply take that child away now, Walsh will be content to simply advocate to make raising that child more difficult out of spite. Because he’s a cunt.


I need to stop thinking that there will ever be a conservative viewpoint that I can relate to. Would love to see Steven debate Sam Seder on this topic. Maybe we can have a reasonable discourse about his arguments against paternity leave.




I've seen conservatives mad that their tax dollars go to ecological conservation like that tho


Yeah I thought a part of their thing was "solar bad, fossil fuels good" right? I don't think nature likes fossil fuels all that much


Conservation is NOT a Republican policy anymore, and hasn't been one since Reagan. In just the past few years Trump tried (and nearly succeeded) to gut the Endangered Species Act, tried to sell oil drilling rights in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and approved the Keystone Pipeline project. Republicans have repeatedly stated that the biggest issues facing the environment today (climate change and habitat destruction) are unimportant and actively fight against efforts to resolve them. Any Republican who says they support conservation is either disingenuous or stupid.


Yeah but that's like the general public who consider themselves Republican/conservative. These fucking parasites would find some way to say selling federal parks to private companies is a good thing. Or, they pull some culture war shit to distract you from their oil overlords from pillaging previously public lands.




Reagan fucked up a lot of things lol


Republicans largely support *undermining* conservation efforts.


Didnt trump destroy some national park stuff early in his presidency?


What in the last 50 years makes you think that conservation is a right wing agenda? Sure it might have started as that under Teddy Roosevelt but they have been actively seeking to destroy the environment ever since they became the anti-regulation party.




Small scale, Republicans generally support community, local, and state conservation efforts. Hunters and fishers are generally conservative and do the most to contribute. Large scale, they have been trying to rollback protections and lease out public land for years now. In 2019,Trump auctioned off drilling and fracking rights to occur over about a million acres of federal land in [California](https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/trump-administration-auctions-california-public-lands-oil-gas-2020-12-10/#:~:text=In%20December%202019%2C%20however%2C%20the,federal%20public%20land%20in%20California.&text=Drilling%20on%20these%20parcels%20threatens,kit%20fox%20and%20California%20condor.) As with everything, there is nuance to Republican's support for conservation, but this is still the party of mining and drilling this country to the bone.


Yeah conservatives only like conserving land for mining and logging. Trump rolled back a bunch of protected land and was cheered for it. Conservatives are mostly anti conservation.


And if it were the 1930s, conservatives would have this viewpoint


Crowder had a panic attack when Sam showed up to debate him.


Still my favorite thing. The big and tough alpha male was afraid of this middle aged and scrawny Jewish man


Wait so he's saying he employs pussies?


Almost exclusively


He employs meow meows


He employs *catboys God I really wish he does... he'd probably be far less rotten and toxic


No, he’s saying he offers it, but that no one should take it for fear of reprisals. Edit: at least that’s how I see it.


Full disclosure: if my employee takes paternity leave they know their boss thinks they are a pussy


Because the boss has a superiority complex and has to make sure that everyone working under him are pussies


That would discourage me from taking some or all of my paternity leave if i was his employe.


They say becoming a parent makes you a better person. Somehow, it seems to have made Crowder an even worse one.


Being a conservative cancels that out


Whoever said that is full of shit. Hell I know people who became worse because being a parent gave them a whole new level to their entitlement complexes.


i just don’t understand how a guy who was so scared to debate someone that he lied about his wife having a medical emergency can call anyone else a pussy?.. and then we have matt walsh basically saying a real man doesn’t spend time with his child what the fuck is wrong with these people


Can I have context on that first thing? I’m unaware of the situation.


chowder was originally supposed to debate this guy ethan klein, ethan wanted sam seder (popular leftist on yt) to take his place in the debate since he doesn’t know much about politics. ethan set the time for when sam’s show ends to make chowder less suspicious on the day of the debate, sam ended his show early. coward however was monitoring sam’s show, noticed he ended it early, and not even 5 mins after it ended his daddy sent ethan an email basically saying he can’t do the debate today cuz his wife has to go to the hospital. then in the same letter he proposed the date and time to reschedule that just happen to be the exact time sam’s show ends. lol


Matt Walsh probably expects his kid to go through fucking Spartan trials


I'm mostly confused that somebody was allegedly willing to fuck this dude with consent


being a father is for pussies! -a gigantic worthless pussy


Caring for your kids is gay fellas


Yup, I’m a total pussy for co-parenting with my wife. I don’t know how single mothers do it with a newborn, god bless them. I wish I took more than 4 weeks leave to spend time with my child and help the household stay sane. But yeah, family first is a total beta move


Matt Walsh is telling on himself with this one. I'm a new dad and took a month of leave and there was NEVER a time where there wasn't something to do in terms of baby work or domestic chores. It's pretty clear that Walsh and Crowder are just letting the women go solo on the parenting. I bet these guys don't even watch their babies between feedings so their wives can bank some sleep.


I just can't imagine not active wanting to support my partner through something like this. I had our second baby four months ago, and there were a couple days early on where my husband put my shoes on for me because doing it myself hurt my tear stitches so much. Men who downplay birth and act like it's no big deal are, imo, seriously hurting the woman they supposedly care about. It's a serious sacrifice to birth a child, and having support afterward is extremely important. Everything changes after having a baby, and going through it as a team can bring you so much closer. Why wouldn't these guys want to be the one giving that support? Why even be married? Why have kids if you don't want to care for them?


"Paternity leave for me not for thee."


All conservatives are shitty fathers to some extent. That's why they all deserve to did alone and unloved. Never give them any affection for the disgusting things they believe, that only encourages and reaffirms them.


That's probably too broad of a brush overall, but interestingly there is something called the Strict Father Model of parenting that applies to the modern Republican Party's view of how the nation should work. [https://truthout.org/articles/the-strict-father-is-at-the-core-of-conservative-ideology-and-values/](https://truthout.org/articles/the-strict-father-is-at-the-core-of-conservative-ideology-and-values/) For example, a good strict father wouldn't reward a child for something they don't deserve, much like how someone with an addiction issue shouldn't receive help via a country's social programs.


These assholes gotta get their ideals from somewhere. Might as well be a shitty home life.


I had to go back to work full time at a very dangerous job after 5 days (had to use all of my whopping 5 paid vacation/sick days bc no paternity leave at that job). My wife got postpartum depression and had panic attacks and crying spells, along with severe physical issues due to emergency C-section. We had no help and I did everything I could, including running home on my lunch break to give my wife a quick break. I ended up being so sleep deprived from working FT and helping with our newborn that I got permanently maimed on the job due to an exhaustion induced accident. I was afraid of getting fired if I went to the ER and did workmans comp so when the boss asked me what I wanted to do, I said ‘Get back to work, sir.’ And he said ‘’You’re smart, that’s what I like to hear.’ I ended up permanently injured due to not getting prompt care. Crowder would be proud of me until he found out about my experimental phase in HS and college. PS - Ended up hurt again months later and sued them for $25,000 that time. They closed soon after that.


Didn't crowder make a big deal about how important it was to have his own newborn close to him, listening to his heartbeat? That definitely happened, right?


Currently on paternity leave with twin boys. Neither my wife or I get much sleep, and it's very difficult to feed both by yourself so I help bottle feed every time they need to eat. I do most of chores and heavy lifting since my wife is still recovering from the surgery. If I had to stop after 2 weeks, I would be a shitty father for neglecting my children AND a shitty husband for leaving ALL of those responsibilities to my wife. But I guess I'm a pussy for wanting to spend time with my kids and help them grow. Better tell my wife that I gotta go back to my job so no on one calls me a pussy for giving a shit about my family. Imagine being so cucked by capitalism that that's what matters more to you. I bet Crowder can't even change a diaper.


Yea fuck me for caring for my kid and wanting to take some of the workload away from my wife. Such a big ol gaping pussy I must be.


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/scrowder/status/1449135889985253382) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


X is for pussies, just so you know we do x here. How can anyone take this seriously? He literally follows up his bullshit with bullshitting himself.


Then he'd have to spend time with his wife, and, you know, ew, girls.


Shitty father *and* shitty husband


Steven Crowder is the pimple on the ass of humanity.


That's way too generous.


"especially if the mom is breastfeeding" What does he expect the dad to do it? You are a shit dad if you cant find anything to do to help the mother with a new born.


Another amazing take by Crowder, paternity leave is for pussies. Next comment is going to be theater is for homos right?


The thing about Crowder is that he's rich and in charge in his workplace. Which means he can just choose to take off. Wouldn't surprise me if he took some time off, but called it vacation instead of paternity leave, or something like that. These guys have no actual ideals except, "fuck the poor, I'm rich so I'm better than you and I can do what I want"


These fucking guys: I was the one to walk down the hall and get the child when it woke up every 2-3 hours needing to feed. THEY'RE the weak ones here, truly boneless


My cousin’s husband likes to brag that his company offers paternity leave, but does not require the leave to be taken on consecutive days. That way, he says, he can just take every Friday off to go golfing using paternity leave. He’s a real shit husband/father.


Did Crowder just call his male employees (the ones with kids) "pussies" on Twitter, for everyone to see?


Only if they take leave. It’s like a boss saying you have sick days but you’re not allowed to use them or your fired.


I hope this fucking cunt commits Roblox


Says the loser who wears an empty fucking *gun holster* around their shoulders at all times


Steven doesn’t understand how much work being a father is.


Bond?? With my CHILD???? Pffff sounds fuckin gay nah


He “provides” paternity leave. He also most likely calls them pussies if they take it. What a shitty human being.


Incels everywhere should find hope in the fact that someone willingly had sex with Crowder.


>"The libtards are killing the Western male, by-" > >*checks list* > >"-giving you more time to spend with your kids!"


Right wing pundits. “Good things are actually bad and you should feel bad for wanting them”


He also outed himself as a pussy in back to back sentences.


So fucking stupid. No other words.


Not even hiding the homophobia huh?


If I had told my wife there's nothing for me to do during the newborn phase she would have straight up murdered me. That's an insane thing to say


He also just called his employees pussies lol


Why is Crowder such a edge lord.


I’m home for the first day with my wife and newborn son. I couldn’t imagine not being here! I have 2 weeks fmla I can take, it’s burning my vacation and a week unpaid, but I can’t imagine how I’m gonna be able I go back, this is just the best experience, and my wife needs me more than she ever has!


This is a BENEFIT I PROVIDE to the PUSSIES I EMPLOY -Crowder on paternity leave


Imagine tweeting this and thinking you come off looking *good*


I am about to take 12 weeks of full paid paternity leave. Call me whatever you want, just expect a 12 week delayed reply.


Imagine leaving your wife to look after your kid while you do all the “manly work” just to own the libs. I think my only solace in this situation is that these people are grifters and there’s a chance that they’re only putting on a show for their fan base. Who knows, maybe these guys actually treat their family nicely.


Look, families need fathers, but not *in* the house actually fathering! Fathers are for making money and decisions for the subordinate family, not for providing care or attention or love to their children.


Guy is pond scum as are those that hang on his every word.


https://mobile.twitter.com/scrowder/status/1449133016262004737 Can you imagine how annoying it’d be if they had to go through tons of videos of people saying shit like “oh no Sam Seder I shat myself and ran” or “my louder with Crowder mug is filled to the brim with piping fresh dog cum just like my favorite “comedian”” that would be a pain if they had to deal with a bunch of that wouldn’t it?


showing you are cringe to own the libs




Wow, “pussies” — such a compelling argument. But then goes on say, in effect, his employees are pussies for taking the 2 weeks’ leave.


So his employees are pussies?




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So does he like provide paternity leave for his employees just to call them a pussy when they take him up on it?


Did they really try to use “gay” as a reason not to have paternity leave? Adopted newborns of gay parents do also need attention and bonding. To me this is why paternity leave and maternity leave should both exist and be equal.


I had to check Matt Walsh’s Twitter because I thought no way this could be real




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My company offers 16 weeks of paternity leave, and I would be stoked for every single minute of it. The idea that he can't even comprehend how spending time with his newborn would be of a benefit to either himself or the newborn is really telling about just how far removed he is from reality. That's some seriously toxic masculinity there, and I pity his wife and kids. The kids moreso. The wife had a choice.


The conservative viewpoint on paternity leave is “I don’t get paternity leave, why should Buttigieg?” Whereas if you truly loved yourself you would ask “Buttigieg has paternity leave, why shouldn’t I?”


Think that’s where the commenter was referencing the Germans because of the Von Braun/NASA connection.


Someone LET him be a dad?? With two parents this irresponsible, this kid's doomed.


Was the maternity leave is for pussies line some kinda double entendre? Like...it is for the dad to help the mom, the pussy so to speak, recover? Or you're a pussy if you take paternity leave? Also... If any of his male employees take it does he think they are a pussy? Crowder seems like the type who wouldn't knowingly hire pussies so what happens then? It's a thing you shouldn't take unless your a pussy, but I offer it bc my company is great?


The irony is that Crowder himself says the greatest indicator that a child will be successful later in life is if they have 2 parents in the home


Weird take. Must only have one kid if this is his mental state.


Damn I guess my brother is a pussy for taking a month long paternity leave.


Imagine 18 years from now a young adult has tangible proof of why they had a bad father. "Dad, you literally said it was for pussies to take care of me"


Matt Walsh, fucking disgusting, at least there’s a funny story about him being known as ‘crafty wank’ at school for masturbating in class


The cat in the cradle song was made specifically for this reason.


This is the same guy (Crowder) who admitted to being scared of having children. I wouldn't be surprised if he neglects his child and wife when they come out being too progressive in the future. Fuck Crowder and his punchable smug face.


Pretty sure this man's father dropped him on his head


What a brainwashed insane loser


Steven Crowder and Matt Walsh anti-man confirmed?????????