Why do women fear their breasts are going to sag?

Why do women fear their breasts are going to sag?


Most of the time, women are insecure because they're \*made\* to feel insecure. Ads, magazines, random comments, take your pick.


It's easier to sell to emotional people.


Body is changing mate, its not fun when guys go bald. We don't like to think of our mortality and sagging skin is a reminder


Nonsense, the number of products required in my shower has been cut in half by baldness. I'm having a blast personally.


I agree and I'm slowly getting there. Literally everyone I know keeps telling me to get some plugs or implants since the spot is barely noticeable and I'm always like nah I'm definitely gonna embrace it.. Plus I've never liked the whole taking care of my hair routine so I can't wait to get rid of it all.


For the same reason we're insecure about gray hair, balding, wrinkles, and virtually every other sign of aging. Youth is considered attractive and desirable, and aging people are made to feel ugly.


My husband’s grandmother once told me.. “when you are young you have nice melons. But when you get to my age they are more like eggplants.” -EDS


We don't. But that skin to skin sweaty part? Nah, guys can keep that gem.


I actually can relate..


I've heard wearing a bra actually makes it worse since you won't exercise the muscles that way, or something. I have no idea if it's true though.


I read a research paper on this once. I think it supports this, though the sample size was pretty small (around 30-50 women) and it was an observational study.


I would like to help during an experiment like this. 30-50 women is fine. I would do it for science.


You ever felt sagging breast? Ever felt a full firm breast? There is your answer from a shallow perspective. But at my age we are all starting to sag so I don't mind at all.


Because men make it known they prefer perky breast.