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Is this in regards to sex or murder?


Maybe both? When I ask people what their body count is I'm expecting two numbers.


Don't care as long they are monogamous during a relationship and don't cheat. Their body count is not my business to begin with.


To begin with sure, I suppose. But if you plan on having a long term relationship then it is in your best interests, in more ways than one, to know something of your potential SO past sexual history.


I don't look for fling and only aim for long terms. I get tested before anything goes intimate and i expect the same. I can discuss about taste,do and don't,limit,like dislike. I'm not dating the past version of themselves, I'm dating who they are today.


Although it may be hard to believe for some people we are all the product of our past. So past behavior is very strongly predictive of future actions. Sure, people can change, and that usually requires a significantly traumatic experience, but is not a wise idea to rely on someone's self assertion that they have changed. Get some idea of their past then make your decision...but even then it's rolling the dice.


If they’re at Ted Bundy levels it’s a red flag


I'm more concerned about someone using the term "body count" than I am about the number of people they've slept with. But then, I'm 40 years old and find a lot of slang annoying. Get off my lawn. At my age, all I care about is the willingness to go with me to be tested, and then receiving a clean test. I expect men my age to be *experienced*, so discussing how many people they've slept with seems unimportant.


if it’s plus 10 i’m out


If it’s ridiculously high it can show a lack of faith, other than that I don’t care. As long as it doesn’t make me feel like a statistic


Lack of faith in what


Lack of faith in not having sex


Fidelity. Those with especially high body counts tend to be unsuitable choices for long term monogamous relationships. You see this with most porn stars who do it for money. People who have high body counts are worse in that they do it for instant gratification, insecurity or ego driven motivations. I’m sure exceptions exist but for the most part.


Sounds boring imho


It's personal preference you shouldn't be shamed either way. A very promiscuous partner may be some people's dream as they're likely more sexually adventurous - but it could knock some people sick knowing they've had that many sexual partners.


Everyone can be redeemed. I like a well practiced girl and I like em fresh.


My opinion is if the body count is on par with your age that's fine.


Any consideration of a potential partner/SO/spouse should include something of their past sexual history. There are several reasons that knowing their past is in your best interests.