Blizzard officially changed McCree’s name, finally fixing all of the major issues with the company

Blizzard officially changed McCree’s name, finally fixing all of the major issues with the company


Get ready boys, those Funko Pops/Nendoroids that have the name Mcree on them are about to either drop or skyrocket in value for collectors.


I have a NERF pistol with Mcree's name all over it. What a collector's item.


Entertain your guests by talking about this unique piece: "now you see, this piece of plastique antique is named after a alleged sexual harasser"


probably drop for the foreseeable future but skyrocket once everything has settled.


So what your saying is I should spend my life's savings on mcree funko pops?


I like how you're contemplating getting into Funko Pop and a bot showed up like yo man are you ok? Don't throw your life away on funkos.


I mean I feel like I have to now. I'm not gonna listen to some bot!


Fuck yeah live your dreams!!


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Umm, thanks for trying, bot?


Remember: Fuck Blizzard


Is this a fuck blizzard party? FUCK BLIZZARD


It's *always* a fuck blizzard party.




Is fuck Konami also invited?


Fuck Konami is always invited.




H I T T H E L E V E R F O R E R O T I C V I O L E N C E \#FucKonami


Yeah FUCK DAIRY QUEEN!! (am i doing this right?)


Yeah fuck em! They ain't got shit on Carvel!


[More relevant than ever](https://youtu.be/GdcDjdr1MNI)


and Ubisoft, and Riot, and probably some other companies I've forgotten about...


Surely THIS will make up for the sexual assault charges, shredding of evidence, union busting, and trying to force workers to stop posting about said crimes in an effort to save face, right everyone?


Don't forget hiring the woman that was responsible for the Second Bush administration's policy on torture.


And her tweeting out an article that basically said "Fuck Whistleblowers" and started blocking employees that were calling her out saying that's fucked up to do.


Hey They hired a woman at least!


"Did you guys take care of the raging fire yet?" "Well, we raised awareness, we sort of apologized, and we put up a couple signs saying 'Fire is bad!'" "...Yeah ok, but did you guys shut off the gasoline pump currently dumping flammable material *onto the fire?*" "We will try literally everything **except** that."


[Blizzard as they're walking away from the flames](https://youtu.be/Rwda_u3Y0QQ)


"Did you make sure to do ANYTHING that would save our reputation in the slightest?" ​ "we renamed a bunch of characters that we previously named after creepy people and patched out boobs in wow does that count"


Just in general, people usually like boobs and dislike characters being retroactively altered. So not only do neither of these things help in any way, they're also kind of obnoxious in a vacuum as well.


Both annoying in a "this change is pointless" type of way and a "we know you motherfuckers are just trying to distract us" way.




I’m not gonna lie, the shredding evidence thing was so cartoonishly blatant that I forgot that, Blizzard, a real-life, actual company was caught doing it two weeks ago, and it hit me fresh reading your post.


They are spending $$$ on Public Relations and so on and so forth.


Cool. Cool, cool, cool. >!FIRE. BOBBY. KOTICK. NOW.!<


I understand the sentiment...but you gotta remember. Unlike Blizzard, Bobby actually makes Activision money. Who you think is gonna get cut first?


I don't think they meant from the company I think they meant out of a cannon


Where is May when you need her


in a perfect world it's both


Didn’t Blizzard make over a billion dollars on Overwatch alone? Sorry, on Overwatch’s *first year* alone?


Yea, it made money...but can it *continue* to do that? That's really all that matters, once the golden goose lays the last egg they're going to take it to slaughter and sell the meat off.




So they'll sooner can Blizzard and move the creeps to other positions than actually fix anything, because money is all that matters


We get that's what'll likely happen but it doesn't make the sentiment any less valid dude.


It's a good name, only complaints I have are minor nitpicks (an extra syllable on the last name makes it less snappy, it's a bit too different from the original), but I like it. Oh also, please stop destroying evidence of rampant sexual abuse of employees and hiding perpetrators in order to weasel out of government lawsuits, and ideally implode financially so that all of management ends up homeless on the streets, okay Blizzard? K thnx.


I'm going to still call him McCree, since its a better name. But I hope people don't go out and attack each over over a character's name in a dying franchise owned by a bleeding company.


They just transitioned a syllable from first name to last. Cassidy still fits in the same syllable length as other characters like Zenyatta and Oris. Cassidy could be shortened to Cass for shorthand too.


It's a shorthand call issue that people will adjust to fine I think Instead of Mccree to Cassidy, we can go Mcree to Cole


I hope this ends up like moba shorthand level of impenetrability where new players are asking who the fuck is McCree


I don't think anyone is ever going to not know who McCree is, simply because I don't think many people are going to stop calling him McCree.


if anyone actually still plays overwatch in 5 years, he will probably end up as cowboy like Street Fighter with Boxer,Dictator, and whatever American Vega's nickname is(claw apparently).


Dota 2 seems like one of the most impenetrable: every character name is either the initials of their title, or a shortening of the character's obscure real name back in WC3 Dota that might not even be their canonical name anymore. So Barathrum the Spirit Breaker ends up as Bara or SB Nature's Prophet is NP or Furion, a name they had to remove because it was too close to Malfurion, the WC3 character he was ripped from.


Malfurion's name was originally Furion.




They also renamed Gorge the Corpsegrinder and removed cleavage from paintings. So bold of them, it feels like the sex pests are gone already.


>it feels like the sex pests are gone already. Nah man. They were NEVER here in the first place. Nope. None at all. No forced suicides on OUR watch!


What evidence? \*Loud paper shredder sounds\*


they're not, but it \*feels\* like they do, and that's what matters.


For what its worth, [Activision Blizzard did fire 20 employees recently for harassment, with another 20 getting disciplinary actions of some form](https://www.reuters.com/business/activision-blizzard-fires-20-employees-over-harassment-claims-ft-2021-10-19/). So that's something, at least. But just a start, they've got a ton of other issues still. So I guess they dumped a bucket on the tire fire, but the rest of the flames still going merrily.


Yeah, considering that on the day they found out the woman killed herself, some people in the company responded by sharing nude pictures of her through company email. No one received any punishment at the time. I highly, HIGHLY doubt they even fired 1% of the sex pests.


Just to point out because I feel like some redditors will read this and feel like they won, remember: They're doing this because they got caught. They were doing this for years and didn't care. HR is only there to protect the interest of the company, AKA their own jobs, so they're only doing this because their back is to the wall. Don't back down just because they're doing "some things right".


Employees who were likely expendable or about to be let go anyway, it's all a show. They've demonstrated they don't *actually* care so any response is smoke and mirrors PR bullshit.


More like squirted it with a water pistol.


odds on those actual being problem employees and not scapegoats?


Wait is George Corpsegrinder a sex pest


Not as far as I'm aware, but it is more for the [rant he went on about Alliance players](https://www.destructoid.com/blizzard-under-fire-for-homophobic-blizzcon-video/) that got aired at Blizzcon.


… alright that’s deranged


Dude goes by Corpsegrinder what do you expect. On the bright side he has a hobby of *crushing it* at crane games wherever touring takes him, and donating all his winnings to local kids.


It was also 14 years ago, so unless he's known to have said more similar shit between then and now I feel it's a ridiculous thing to nitpick.


I don't like the term "sex pests". Like to me a "pest" is usually just something mildly annoying which kind of understates them. Maybe something like "sex hazards" or something.


I was really hoping for some dumb shit like "MaCree" or "M'Cree"


*tips fedora* M'Cree


*tips cowboy hat*


It's better than McCosby, I guess.


He'd be trading sub abilities with Ana


Blizzard renamed an entire zone in wow from mac’aree, there was no chance they would do a similar name


Change the name to Macri and the model to the former Argentinian president.


Cole... Cole and Ashe Coal and Ash Fuck, that's actually kinda clever


Also his name is what players hate about him- CC (crowd control/ flashbang)


It would've been clever if it had been his name from the start.


Shippers now have the opportunity to write Ashe/Cole stories, as well.


Just wait till they reveal he way gay all along


As if the canon sexuality has ever stopped smut writers


is it?


Makes you wonder why this isn't this default name in the first place


Jesse McCree was a popular indy wrestler and Cole Cassidy is the generic name they give him once he signed with WWE and debuted in NXT


They could have always Daniel Bryan'd him and called him Cree McJesse.


I swear there’s already a character named Cole Cassidy in a game somewhere


Only character with name Cole that I think of is Cole McGrath from infamous


How could you ever forget PHELPS BADGE 1247?


Flynt Coal?


( [X](https://i.imgur.com/p4VJHkdh.jpg) )




Mad Dog Cassidy. That sounds kinda cool. Anyway, Blizzard Delenda Est.


Of all the shit Blizzard has done, the name change has got to be the best decision this entire year. Like, not the *concept* of changing the name to shift burden, but the name itself is good.


It's fucking funny that they're framing this as cannon in lore. "A cowboy is running from his past." Bullshit Blizzard, YOU are trying to run from your past of protecting sexual predators. If you decided to name your characters after real people and then they're outed for being a sexpervert, go ahead and rename the character. But don't try to spin this as some creative writing challenge or opportunity to add lore to your dry husk of a storyline.


To be entirely fair, it was established in an older video with Sombra and Cassidy that "Jesse McCree" might not actually be his real name, so the setup was already there. It just so happens that the event that made them push forward with that bit of lore was the real Jesse McCree being a piece of shit.


Fun fact: Cole Cassidy is also the name of a wrestler who makes gay pornographic wrestling content


Cassidy cole is the name of a female porn star too, so it balances out


They have a passionate dedication to doing literally anything and everything other than solving the problems.


They probably would have been better off not changing the name in the long run. Most would have probably forgotten or not even known McCree was named after a shitty person, but now the fact that this game that has been around for years has one of its original characters gain a completely new name kind of of taints it permanently. No one will be able to forgot about that fucker now ironically.


My understanding is that it was people _on the Overwatch team_ pushing for this change, and that similar changes in WoW were the same kind of thing. I think that's pretty okay.


Yeah, no one knew McCree was named after a shitty person until Blizzard shined a light on it. And the only reason they shined a light on it was so they could say "Well, now that you happen to be looking over here for some reason, look at how much we care!" Fucking pathetic


I mean I think it was more for the benefit of the developer team right? Like obviously this doesn't fix the abuse problems but it at least makes it easier for the actual developers when they aren't constantly being reminded of their abuser coworker.


Probably. But I also get why they wanted the name changed. There's been words from female WoW devs that it was real uncomfortable working with a whole city named after one of the abusers, a character with the name entirely lifted is probably even worse.


Yeah, kinda. Be better off renaming The Cosby Show to The Huxtables for this sorta thing to make sense comparitively. Edit: Oh, as it is mentioned above I agree it makes sense to ease things for the development team (who are close to the issue vs the "for the consumers" angle some of the promotion for this leaned towards).


So instead of renaming him and pretending like that was always his name, they're presenting it as an in-universe name change (in a really on-the-nose virtual signal-y way) so that he can still freely be referred to be other characters as that other name, ensuring the legacy of the actual McCree. Cool.


So are they gonna bring the voice actors back to replace the old dialogue? Are the voice actors willing to return despite Blizzard's fuckery?


On the one hand, they could probably just cut the lines out. On the other, that's probably what they'll have to do if enough VAs just don't want to do business with blizz anymore.


As far as I know, all the VAs still do recordings for them and I saw some already tweet about the updated name.


thats like when germany put bigger age restrictions stickers on all boxarts to fight school shootings. like yeah thanks mate. Im sure covering 20% of the boxart to let me know "betterer" that the [legend of zelda](https://worldofretrogames.ch/media/image/98/6b/80/BLES00425.jpg) is 12 and up made a difference.


At the very Very least, the new name is kinda cool.


I'm a total sucker for alliteration


I don't give a shit. What are you doing about the work environment?


PR: "WE ARE IMPROVING IT, PROMISE!" *(shoves more dubious papers through an incinerator)*


[This reply is so fucking raw](https://twitter.com/norasuko_/status/1451639872511516675?s=21)


Isn't it crazy how Cole Cassidy's old name was a memetic curse that caused all of Actiblizzion's legal problems, including the ones that existed before Overwatch was even thought of? That crazy eldritch magic existing in all times and places at once can really fuck up your day. >!/s!<


Cole Cassidy and his trademark catchphrase “Is twelve o’clock sharp…”


I mean... yeah, fuck Blizzard and all, but what do you honestly expect them to do here? This particular situation is different from the usual "oh shit, damage control, remove all references to sex in any of our games ever" because the character was literally named after one of the abusers. So I'm a little confused why people are holding *this* against them as some act of cynical manipulation. Everything else, sure, but this? Come on. Like, this is a classic damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don't fallacy. Rename him, it's all for clout and PR. Don't, and they kept a sex abuser's name in a game.


because they're doing this as a whole-ass stunt to go "SEE WE CAREEEEEE DO NOT LOOK FOR THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN" instead of just... renaming him and being done with it look at that tweet, it's like they're *hyping* the name change


That's fair, though I would also argue with their treatment of Overwatch it would be a *little* weird to silently patch a character's name change, complete with all-new voice lines and such, with no fanfare. It'd be nice if they could at least directly acknowledge the reason for the change - I'm not saying this is perfect, far from it. But still. Baby steps, I guess?


Mccree is an incredibly generic name for a Western character, if they'd never called attention to it, I don't think anyone would have really noticed or cared. The reason people are holding it as an act of cynical manipulation is because it 100% is. They're doing the bare minimum possible to try and convince people that they've changed and are fixing their issues when they literally aren't.


Jesse McCree is literally the name of an ex-employee who was part of the Cosby suite groupchat. > The reason people are holding it as an act of cynical manipulation is because it 100% is So they don't rename the character and they're keeping the name of a sex offender in their game. Arguably *honoring* the name. There is literally no winning for them in this situation when you frame it like this. They don't change it, and the above. They do, and they're cynically manipulating. Conveniently, they're bad actors (in this hyper-specific situation) no matter what! And I'm aware the obvious solution is "don't hire and cover for sex offenders" but we're way past that stage now. So are you saying they... should have just kept the name? Because, *whew*, I could not disagree more.


>Jesse McCree is literally the name of an ex-employee who was part of the Cosby suite. Literally no one called him Jesse McCree, it was just McCree outside of very small things. If they'd just removed the Jesse part, it wouldn't have mattered because, again, McCree is incredibly generic. I don't know why you're arguing this because this has already been discussed in length since the whole topic of changing McCree's name has come up. >So they don't rename the character and they're keeping the name of a sex offender in their game. Arguably honoring the name. There is literally no winning for them in this situation when you frame it like this. They don't change it, and the above. They do, and they're cynically manipulating. Conveniently, they're bad actors (in this hyper-specific situation) no matter what! I don't know why you're going to bat for the million dollar company, but maybe the winning move would have been ***to not let their employees be complete and utter shit stains***. Of course if you narrow down the options to two possible outcomes then they're "Conveniently bad actors no matter what", but you need to look at the whole picture. Alternatively, instead of, again, sticking to the two incredibly narrow strawman choices you laid out because the world is black and white, they could have, and I know this is crazy here: Changed the name without saying anything. If they'd just removed all references to Jesse, no one would have cared. Instead, they're calling attention to it because, guess what, **this is literally what every game company has been doing when they get called out on their BS: Do small tiny things or announce something to distract people** >And I'm aware the obvious solution is "don't hire and cover for sex offenders" but we're way past that stage now. So are you saying they... should have just kept the name? Because, whew, I could not disagree more. Don't go putting words in my mouth, thanks. Blizzard knew what was going on, they shouldn't have named him after a shit stain like that in the first place, but literally no one was talking about McCree until AFTER Blizzard said they were going to change the name. This is 100% lip service, you know that, I know that, everyone knows that, this has been established A LOOOOOOOONG time ago


> Literally no one called him Jesse McCree, it was just McCree outside of very small things. If they'd just removed the Jesse part, it wouldn't have mattered because, again, McCree is incredibly generic. I don't know why you're arguing this because this has already been discussed in length since the whole topic of changing McCree's name has come up. ??? So your argument boils down to "if they take this character who is OBVIOUSLY named one-to-one for a sex pest, and remove the first name, everything's great and suddenly his name isn't a tribute to aforementioned sex pest" That's not a great argument. I really am not in the mood for walls of text, and I feel I've already made my point, so let's skip to the parts where you make wild assumptions about me. > I don't know why you're going to bat for the million dollar company I'm not, as I thought I made abundantly clear, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't aware that my not-attacking them when they actually take an infinitesimally small step in the right direction will be misinterpreted by people as "batting for the million dollar company". This is what making up your mind and filling in the blanks for evidence later looks like. Shaky logic, character attacks. I will say, it's ironic you accuse *me* of seeing the world in black and white here, since I, again, made it *really* obvious I think that Blizzard is shit but this one thing is good. But apparently not condemning them immediately out of hand makes *me* the one with the black-and-white worldview? > Don't go putting words in my mouth, thanks So you don't know the difference between "putting words in your mouth" and "predicting an obvious argument in advance of it possibly being made", kay.


Does it matter that the character was named after the abuser if the only reason most people know he was named after one of the abusers is that Blizzard admitted it and said they would change his name because of it? The character had obviously developed an identity of his own, independent of who he was named for, so changing the name seems pretty pointless, because it's not like people saw Jesse McCree the cowboy and thought of Jesse McCree the sex pest.


CAN'T STOP THE TRAIN BABY! https://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/No\_fa9896\_2696422.jpg


Not gonna lie I'm kind of impressed how smooth they pulled this name change off. It seems super obvious in hindsight that an outlaw would use a fake name. Also obligatory "this isn't enough" but it was absolutely necessary.


What’s wrong with Jesse McCree? Edit: dang


Oh lmao you actually didn't know. NGL I thought you might be trolling. Sorry to break it to you this way lol.


No I haven’t been following super closely. I stopped buying blizzard/activision/Ubisoft games like 2 years ago when Steph Sterling started reporting the insanity


Its the name of a prolific sexual abuser.


The name isn't bad, but man I doubt anyone will adopt the new name at this point 5 years later.


Man, I hope nothing happens badly with Overwatch 2's new starting lineup of Soldier 88, Yevonatta and Badof Schmitler.


Remember, a woman killed herself because of those bigots. Fuck them and this kind of shit. Fire Bob Kotick and stop union busting your employees. And people from blizzard NEED to unionize. This is just to save face.


It's weird how you get downvoted even here for suggesting employees need to unionize. The fuck is wrong with some people.


I wonder if its kids that never worked on a company. You are nothing. You are an asset at best and a liability at worst for most places. You are replaceble. That's why its so common for so many women to be fired when they get pregnant. Hell, in the game industry, people that get overworked and get nothing from that is something that big studios keep getting away with because people don't unionize. UNIONIZE.


I guess there are no higher ups in the company named Cole or Cassidy so they are safe with the changes because if that's the case and they have sexual allegations, they will be forced to retcon the name again.


I know this is just to deflect from blizzard being a cesspit, but by itself why was McCrees name a problem?


He was named after one of the employees who was accused of sexual harassment.


People are defending that it was the developers that wanted this change be done and that we should be supportive of them. No. Blizzard did this so save face by removing their association to one of their most notorious Sexual Pests. I want that the Dev Team gets better jobs at a better company, not that all they are getting is one name changed officially. No.


I think those things are both true. The team wanted the change, and PR wants to reap that good will. Like, I'm glad that they changed it. Good for the team. I'm still not going to play Overwatch anymore or give any credit to Blizzard as a company.


I mean both is good, no? Like whether or not the reason why blizzard allowed this change is good or not, it's still a good change. We can be glad the developers got to change the name of a character they were uncomfortable with while STILL pushing for blizzard to fix it's awful practices.


I hate that this sub cannot (or will not) discern between devs doing what small actions are within their power to scrub the name of a sex pest from a game they care about, and the execs at the top shredding legal documents and fighting *against* the best interest of their employees. This name change was not mandated by Bobby Kotick to distract the masses from the company's heinous bullshit - it was a choice made by a team of human beings that don't want to honor or recognize a real-life fuckboy in their work - it's what they had in their power to accomplish, and I respect that they went for it. Dude, I get it: fuck Blizzard, etc. But the cynicism in this sub is just exasperating sometimes.


This is a really really good point. Just a reminder that Blizzard is not a person. It's a company of thousands of individuals. A lot of which are vehemently against the shitty people who abuse their power and employees. It's easy to look at Blizzard as a single big fat cat, but that's just not how it works.


Frankly looking at who is staffing the top positions at ActiBlizz I will be surprised if they are even more than tangentially aware of this change happening at all. Or what Overwatch is...


The anger is more than understandable but you make a great point. A lot of changes that need to be made are genuinely out of the hands of the majority of the company, but it’s nice to see some action rather than none. Plus this change happened after fans requested it.


Wait so if they canonized that McCree was an alias that means he willingly chose to name himself after the guy from blizzard for a while, which infact makes things WAY worse


Oh no, there's a few thousand posts on various websites that're gonna need tag changes.


LOL the name is not half bad actually , Coal Cassidy and the Sundance Kid But that doesn't really hide the literal body bags what your company is doing


It's a fine name, characters names change sometimes, I don't care about that. I hate that they're trying to make it seem like some big, important lore reveal, like they've had this planned from the start and we're finally getting confirmation on this cool little lore tidbit. They've literally told us they're changing it because the real McCree got outed as a dirtbag, they did not have this planned, this is not something to get excited about if you're still a fucking Overwatch lore head (which I get being at the very beginning, but still? Are you kidding me? They stopped caring long before the allegations). This is not a cool character moment. This is damage control. Change his name on the UI, apologize for having to do it, and move on.


They didn't even change it to MacCready. The fucking cowards. Let Matt Mercer endlessly voice characters named MacCready!


So does this mean you'll stop destroying evidence of you sexual assault charges and your union busting? It's a nice name though.


Players are still gonna call him McCree. It actually changes nothing.


Yeah fuck that, he will always be McCree to me.


Going from a dude that harassed women/coworkers to a known criminal that robbed and murdered as the namesake. Interesting.


I don't like it. They should have just gone with something that sounds similar but isn't. Then again what do I care, I grew bored of Overwatch ages ago and don't play anymore.


Cole Cassidy is his "real name" McCree is his "cowboy" name" Guess it depends on if you call him "Bruce Wayne" or "Batman" (hint - it's Batman)


His real name should be Bob Kazamakis




Won't somebody think of the multi-million dollar company that is being so ruthlessly lambasted because they harassed someone to the point of committing suicide?




They're NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE, THAT'S THE POINT they're changing character names and deleting jokes and in-game images of pretty women while keeping sexual predators employed, breaking up worker unions, and pushing women to suicide and sharing their nudes around afterwards


*stares at the camera tirelessly like I'm on the office*


Cowboy McShootyface would have been less silly and I'm not even joking.


Wow they really did something that really helps with everyone how brave they are the greatest company in ta wourld


stunning and brave


Um...okay. You changed the name of a character so it didn't match up to a creep. Are you actually removing any of the creeps from your company? No they make you too much money? Okay.


**DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A BLIZZARD SHILL, I'M JUST PEDANTIC** I'm not going to pretend that Blizzard's higher ups are doing enough to change their organization, but they literally fired the guy McCree was named after because of the lawsuit. So uh... they at least removed that guy.


I don’t understand why they did this. My name is Jesse. Is there something bad about my name?


Because Jesse McCree is the name of someone fired for misconduct(He was in the infamous Cosby Suite picture). Blizzard used to name a lot of characters, places and items after employees, which really bit them in the ass in the end.


Oh damn. That sucks a lot. I don’t play it anymore anyway. Didn’t the OW2 lead guy just quit recently? I think they should focus on fixing the problems within the company, instead of bullshit feel-good nothings that just alienate more players. Nobody bought overwatch because they made tracer and soldier 76 gay. That stuff doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t be praised. It should just be the norm for some characters to be gay or bi or straight. This is just more virtue signaling. They should just stop being a bunch of rapey shitheads. That would fix more problems.


Except them keeping his name as McCree would've been a way worse option. The one that would end with the least backlash was changing his name. And where do you get that they aren't making any changes to fix the problems within the company? They fired the goddamn director for Diablo 4 because he was implicated. J Allen Brack left because he at least did nothing to stop the misconduct that was going on that he knew about. They're letting the individual game teams make changes to the games that'll make them more comfortable(Individual developers from the WoW team have said the changes they've made are their decisions, not from the higher ups)


So why are they changing his name? Genuinely curious


He was named after a sex pest who worked at Blizzard.


Wow, the shit just keeps falling over at blizzard huh? Every time I think I can’t get worse blizzards finds something haha


good ol' CoCa


As someone who knows nothing about Overwatch except for the porn, why’d they change his name?


He was named after a creep


So a little OoL why the name change. Is it just smoke and mirrors?


So many "outdated" fanworks' creators are gonna be squabbling over this too, eh?


Isn't this a porn star name?


Someone posted the name change tweet on a discord I'm on, and I replied with a joke about someone with the new name being famous for something sex related, and he immediately replied with [this tweet](https://twitter.com/AboveUp/status/1451708851603058689). So in answer, as far as I know there isn't a pornstar named Cole Cassidy, but there is one named Cassidy Cole.


Cole Cassidy, codename McCree


That is part of my name to.


His new name is Cole Cassidy, for anyone who didn't feel like clicking through.


There is no acceptable excuse for buying an activision-blizzard product


Well thank fuck for that. I was getting worried.


How are the people in the replies here trying to argue this is a negative thing? Sorry, I guess you all *want* a sex pest immortalised in their game?


Oh, hey. Deleted. How peculiar.


Nsfw: https://weekendwrestling.com/categories/cole-cassidy On one hand, I can totally see them not doing any research. On the other hand, I can also see them doing this for "see we're hip and down with the homogays and the lgbts" points.


One of the biggest, if not *the biggest*, problems I had with this was they literally told us to play the game to find out his name. Instead of being upfront with us, they went “If you don’t play the game to find out his name, then you didn’t give us a chance.” I “didn’t give you chance” Blizzard because like any corporation, you love to put up a good front but will *gladly* throw your employees under the bus in a heartbeat. Unless I hear from those employees that you are trying to silence that everything *is* better there, I will see this as what it likely is: A cheap, manipulative illusion that only *looks* better but objectively is not.


But the important question remains: What name will be used to tag him on paheal?


I’m still calling him McCreed, Cole Cassidy sounds dumb as hell.