Pro-tip: TJ Maxx has some good jackets at reasonable prices. It's on a bus line too.


Whatever you get make sure its a long coat to cover your butt. It really makes a difference. I’m a fan of under armor’s long parkas, super warm and fairly priced


I don't really have a coat recommendation, but I highly suggest getting yourself a nice scarf! The windy winter days won't feel so bad if you're not letting heat escape around your jugular.


Honestly it’s not as bad as you think, it’s more important to wear layers than to have a good coat. I got by Chicago winters with a sweater, jacket, and a coat from Old Navy. Winter boots and gloves help too


I suggest Land’s End or L.L. Bean. They are great products and have good warranties.


yes i second this. love my lands end jacket and they usually have some nice sales


Native Minnesotan here. I really like Eddie Bauer for any kind of outerwear. Their winter coats are not inexpensive (though less than Canada Goose), but you can get a decent sale price for them (maybe check around Black Friday). They are rated by temperature, which may help you make a decision. Many of the women’s coats have removable hoods, which I like to keep the wind off my head/neck.


Winter jackets are for the weak, real men wear muscle shirts (jk don't do this you'll literally die)


Patagonia is ethical and environmentally friendly, and they have a resale section on their website for gently worn pieces at lower costs! They are definitely more of an investment (expensive) but they are good quality and last forever.


I got a used Patagonia parka for like half the normal price and it’s the best clothing item I’ve ever bought


The worst cold weather is usually mid-January to mid-February. Layers are your friends. My normal winter wear here is one or two fleeces and a waterproof jacket with a hood. Someone recommended a scarf, +1 that and maybe a balaclava or ski mask. The wind can be brutal. Gloves are good things. I usually wear waterproof Keen shoes with regular socks. I rarely have issues unless the snow is deep and then I have these pull on overshoes. Unless you have to walk a mile or wait a long time for a bus you probably don't "need" long underwear. I'll wear long underwear pants in the coldest times.


If you want an expensive jacket get Arc'teryx or Outdoor Research, you will get clowned on for Canada Goose lol


Jesus Christ I'm poor, who TF are those brands


The brands I see most often on the train in Chicago haha I own one Patagonia jacket that I bought on eBay that I wear from 45° to -5°!


Lmao I just imagined some random person walking around trains roasting people in nice ass jackets


If there’s going to be another brutal winter- get a ski mask that covers everything but the eyes. Best purchase during my college years. Made walking across the quad much more bearable. As for a coat- North Face is what I used. Get something with wind protection and a flap to cover the zipper to help with wind protection. If you don’t might not texting mittens over gloves because gloves can get too thick. Check rural king they might have some good stuff. Otherwise Market place mall will have some choices.


Rab down jackets. They're a mountaineering brand out of England that makes nice jackets. Specifically the valiance is nice since it's a lot of high fill down (800) and it has a durable outer shell. Also, get a wool hat as it'll keep you a lot warmer especially if you don't want to have your hood up.


Columbia can be a bit pricey but it’s warm as hell and a good two-layer jacket can last you years


Go to the Columbia outlet and they'll always have massively discounted winter jackets.alternatively don't be afraid to go to a Marshalls, TJMaxx, or Burlington. They all have good brands at cheap prices.


Also winter is mostly about layering up and wearing gloves imo.


Synthetic insulation material will be fine. If you want to try coats on go to Rugged Outdoors or Farm & Fleet. You can order on line from both too.


Also I think this is understated, Get a pair of winter boots. They should be insulated AND water proof. It helps out so much. Toes get cold too and snow and slush get fucking everywhere. They honestly don’t even need to be that expensive, I got like a $25 pair of boots freshmen year and have been working fine for me since.


i got my coat from kohls, its an eddie bauer coat that i managed to snag for 99$ when the original retail was somewhere around 200-250 if i can find it ill link it as a reply


Walmart’s Carhart ripoffs ain’t to bad imo. Is warm, can layer, keeps you dry, and won’t break the bank. I’m probably biased because I buy pretty much all my clothes from Wally World.


Choose a jacket that physically feels heavy or has a removable fleece/windbreaker. I like Columbia jackets. Lands end and northface are also good. Know a good jacket can be a little expensive. Also look on Facebook marketplace


Look for a used good quality jacket- my main jacket is a North Face that’s over 10 years old and has been through 2 owners. If it’s good quality it will last forever. (I’m a native Illinoisan).




UNIQLO: Was from the bay and seamless winter coat lasted me all years and is great quality. More importantly, it keeps you warm


Canada goose. Just get one parka and you’ll be good for ages to come.


If your looking for style go with the above options. As someone who work construction outside in Chicago during the winters before college, the Carhartt J140 was an amazing jacket. They are like 100 dollars. Also no one mentioned long underwear, but for undershirts and long underwear Under Armor 3.0 is what I would wear I think they have 4.0 now. Using that as a layer underneath helped tremendously. Getting some nice winter boots will also keep you warm.


Lands End is currently having a up to 50% off sale, and I love their down coats. That said, much of the advice already given is great: layers are better than just one heavy coat. boots are important! I can tolerate being cold about my torso better than I can tolerate cold feet (and wet) while walking. If you have the money, Rugged Outdoors would be a great local shop ( [https://ruggedoutdoors.com/](https://ruggedoutdoors.com/) ).


One wool pea coat got me through four winters with no trouble at all. Unless you have some reason why you expect to be standing outside in negative temperatures for extended periods of time, it isn’t as big of an issue as people make it out to be. Get some good gloves, a few scarves, and any decent (doesn’t have to be some fantastically expensive garment) coat with quality fabric, and you’re fine.


Eddie Bauer has great ones and u can look in sale section


Moose knuckles is a premium parka brand that's pricey, but they occasionally have decent sales. I got the Stirling parka and it's excellent.


I've always gotten Calvin Klein coats from Macy's. They're around $90 but they last 2-4 years. Not super thick but I've never noticed that I'm cold (then again I've lived here my entire life so i don't get cold super easily lmao)


Eddie Bauer is great! They have huge sales around Black Friday in the scale of 50% all their stuff. They also have a lifetime warranty that they will replace your jacket if damaged by wear. That being said, keep the receipt or they give lowest price it sold for towards a new jacket


Another Minnesotan here- I’ve always just worn whatever. The winters here are not that bad, snow doesn’t stick around but it does get really windy. My coat is some cheap thing from Forever21, but still decently thick. Look for something puffy with a hood. I don’t have proper winter boots, but I always wear something waterproof if it’s wet out (with fuzzy socks!). Thick sweaters or hoodies most of the time underneath. I think the most valuable thing to have is a good, insulated hat to cover your ears and thick gloves (not mittens. Gloves.) If it gets to being below zero, try to limit the amount of time you’re outdoors regardless of your winter-protection. The buses run fine in the winter and are warm, use them.


costco and tj maxx have good jackets that are more affordable!!




Lands end is pretty good


I got a $1000+ Canada goose off eBay for the price of like a mid-tier north face or Patagonia (~$300, not the cheapest per se but it's lasted years and is truly the warmest coat I've ever had). I highly recommend that route if you're not morally opposed to duck down.