Auto Bolt Rifle or Bolt Rifle on Intercessors

Auto Bolt Rifle or Bolt Rifle on Intercessors


Vs marines their damage output is identical; 3 shots from the auto bolt rifle will do the same number of wounds as 2 shots from the standard rifle thanks to it’s -1 ap. However, if you’re going to put your marines in a situation where you expect them to move a lot, go auto. The standard bolt rifle cannot shoot and advance, which the auto can, and if the standard bolt rifle only shoots once due to the enemy not being within half range (and your unit having moved) then it’s damage output will be lowered.


Don't forget our super doctrine allows rapid firing at max range even if the model moves.


Go rifle. The extra range, plus AP and super doctrine works well for me. I use one full squad with chap and strat for double shooting.


I always hear from auspex tactics that he would recommend bolt rifles for ultramarines specifically so that’s what I primarily put on my marines. I’m new also so I don’t know the exact rule that benefits ultramarines for this but I remember reading it


Assuming you’re in tactical doctrine, the auto bolt rifle matches or surpasses the bolt rifle in all cases EXCEPT against 1+ saves. Against everything else, go auto. Sadly, this math means the Ultramarines super doctrine is even less useful.