This could be an 80's comedy movie but it's real life

This could be an 80's comedy movie but it's real life

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Bröther do you have any?


I remember what you were like before you selfishly took control of the lööps, bröther.


Omg I was crying that was such a good loop


Yes, and the TV screen broke in the end.


Man...whats that about a thousand bucks these days. ​ Morons.


Less than $1000 for the TV, still worth more than his car though. Hard to believe people are still interested in this type of theft when you know you are on video.


I hope he gets a ticket for parking in a handicap spot too


There's no need to cry about it


I cried for that poor TV


You found it sooner, I was like Oh he couldn't take that tv so he is breaking other windows out of rage,wait there is another tv?... oh, it looped


"Why's he about to smash that window a second time?"


Now go away, or I shall smash you a second time.


LMAO. I was like - wait, he's going back to take his anger out on the door?


I love it, it's like he decided to try the next window over, see how that goes


Any skilled thief always turns on the hazard lights. Because safety first.


They're the "get away with anything" lights. If someone walks up and tells them to stop, they just say "my hazards are on, it's okay". I hate people who park in the middle of the street and think putting hazards on makes it okay.


This is the worst! They sit and block an entire parking lot entrance while waiting for Carol in fucking Hobby Lobby.


What do you expect him to do, he can't go into the store to shop...*like a woman*.


Or park in the parking lot and have his wife walk an extra 30 feet or so to their car. Will someone think of the poor person who has to do that?!?!


If only there was a designated area near the storefront where you could park a car. "Oh, but I have a disability and walking is hard." IF ONLY THERE WERE *SPECIALLY DESIGNATED AREAS* FOR YOU TO PARK YOUR CAR. My office I work in is in the same plaza as a grocery store. This is a daily occurrence. It's infuriating.


> "Oh, but I have a disability and walking is hard." Part of me was about to add on to that and say "But I don't have a disability placard because the doctors won't give me one." But then again there's the off chance that it's more like "But I don't have a disability placard because I can't afford to go to the doctor". Yay American Health Insurance!


Accurate. But still doesn't mean you can park in the middle of the road, though.


I thought for my entire life that Hobby Lobby was a giant wonderland of model trains and remote controlled airplanes. Every time I ever went by one since I was a small child I was filled with a sense of wonderment and always wanted to stop, but there was always something else going on, so I could not. Then one day I hear the news that they are building a Hobby Lobby in my town. I couldn't wait for it to open. Ignorance truly is bliss, I can't believe all this time it was a girly bullshit craft store. They did have some model cars though. 2/10.


model cars, planes, and ships i believe too! also they sell some kids STEM related toys. its the first Isle i go down when im forced to go there. I stand in wonderment at all the models i could have built as a child.


You can build them now!


"Park anywhere lights"


If someone has their hazards on in the middle of the street, theres probably a reason theyre there


Sometimes the car's broken down, sometimes they're morons, and sometimes they're selfish pricks!


I’ve yet to actually experience that. All I’ve seen are assholes double parked because they don’t want to park slightly further away and get out of their car.


I like to park behind them. Turn my hazards on, and then get out of my car and offer help for their "broken down" vehicle. They tend to have this guilt ridden face as I shake my head and mean mug them for their stupidity when they respond to my offer with "no we are fine. Just waiting for my friend" Mumbling "fuckin idiot" under my breath as I walk away just loud enough for them to hear is the cherry on top. Passive aggression is great when used in moderation in life.


Bless their hearts. Just give them the damned t.v.


Can we start a kickstarter? I think they just want to watch the ball drop from Times Square on New Year's Eve guys. guys?


I mean.. the hazard lights were accurate though. Those guys were hazardous. Mostly to themselves it seems.


That dude running into the window at full speed had me dying.


Same. How the fuck did he not notice the window next to it was completely smashed open by his own friend? What heroes.


Well clearly *someone’s* mother never kept their sliding glass door impeccably clean. I can still feel the *thud* on my face from when I was a kid.


"C'mon, it's a cute story! Michael ran through the sliding glass door because he thought he heard the ice cream truck."


"I don't like that story Babe."


*That one night* *You made everything alright*


Thank you for reminding me of the cringiest scene in history


Scott's tots


When I was 7 I knocked the glass out of the frame of an impeccably clean sliding door and it shattered when I landed in it. Somehow I didn’t get a single scratch on me. A few months later I tripped down some stairs while carrying a large glass jar full of water and landed on it. I still have the scars on my knees and one on my palm from that one.


You got your one lucky save in life. The 2nd time was a warning. Be wary of trying for a 3rd.


I think there's curtains that prevent him from seeing which window was smashed. He just guessed wrong.




I feel so bad for that dog but I could watch and laugh at humans doing this all day.




Our heads are a relatively long way from the earth, come to think of it.


You can see how excited that dog is lol *”oh boy oh boy oh boy”* BONK! *”what the hell?!”*


What I found funny is the fact that he's clearly the smartest one of the whole bunch. "They're trying to just yank a TV off the wall? I'm outa here!"


he probably saw that the guy yanking it off the wall didn't unscrew the cable so it was never gonna come off the wall by yanking it


Err I think more important than any cables would be the big ass wall bracket it was mounted to lol


Equally hilarious to the video is someone watching that and thinking the whole time that the tv was held on by a power cable


2000€+ in damage and nothing taken Good


who would have thought flat screen TVs aren't hanged like paintings...


or like Epstein?


If there's one thing TVs, paintings, Epstein have in common, it's that they didn't hang themselves.


Somebody needs to start a home electronics install company called "Epstein's". They can have shitty local commercials with a smarmy kid at the end that yells, "CAUSE IT AIN'T GONNA HANG ITSELF!!"


The silver lining with all this bullshit surrounding Epstein and his friends is that Epstein was a piece of shit himself so it's ok to make all these jokes


Yeah, like how making jokes about the death of someone like Stephen Hawking can be kind of risky depending on the crowd, but disrespect isn’t an issue here!


I dunno, but I know I wish you a Happy Cake Day


thank you! :)


Also none of them had gloves on lmao, nothing taken & finger prints left behind.


Given how they were tripping and slipping all over the broken glass, I'd bet every single one of them left blood at the crime scene.


Pretty irrelevant though considering that running DNA tests for simple malicious destruction of property and tresspassing is a waste.


I was on a jury trial where the perp got into a drunken scuffle with some guy and later keyed the hell out of his Mercedes. Just some dumb BS that normally would've pled out but the guy was stubborn. There was totally DNA evidence, because he'd managed to get blood on the car. Expert witness and all. (My mind was kinda blown when the expert testified that she'd been doing DNA tests for 20 years...)


First criminal DNA test was in the mid 1980's and actually proved somebody innocent who had confessed. The first conviction with DNA was a year or two later, the real perpetrator of the same crime. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Pitchfork


The first guy cuts himself breaking the glass. I can almost hear him "what the fuck!? That never happened in James bond?!"


Police ain't pulling no finger prints for a fucking breaking and entering. This ain't CSI. Edit: Guess I'm wrong, the police in fact do pull finger prints for fucking breaking and entering.


Eh maybe. My step-grandparents had a "summer home" (shitty trailer) that was broken into and lived-in for some time in the off-season. The people trashed the place and the cops actually fingerprinted the door knobs and ashtrays, which I found incredibly surprising. Not sure if they actually ran them though


They did at my house. A whole squad of cops turned up (the next day) after some kids broke in and stole a few crappy DVDs. The verdict? Yes, they had fingerprints.


When my house was broken into about 2 years ago I was fucking shocked that the police actually did dust for prints. And they found them. The people who broke in were morons like these kids and didn't wear gloves.


Doesn't matter if you steal what you touch.


But they left without the tv...


I know, I was just pointing out another rookie mistake in this comedy of errors. sheesh.


Who is even gonna buy a flatscreen with torn cable connections and a smashed screen? When I lived in a student home we once had a burglar come in who ravaged our living room. Basically pushed the tv off the table and smashed up some plates and tore the curtains. Might have just been a random drunkard really.


Sounds like they were tossing the room looking for cash, jewelry, or drugs. Electronics are basically worthless.


Sounds like there'em coons comin in from the garbage that tore yer place up good


Da'gum possum up'n what bit my mama's neck brace.


Destroying value is trivially easy. Creating it practically takes your soul.


Unless you have a Philosopher's Stone to bypass equivalent exchange...


The philosopher's stone doesn't bypass equivalent exchange. >!It uses human lives as fuel.!<




Well said.




a hammer


Only if you pronounce the h


A hammer for $3? I've been robbed my whole life!


I can't completely tell, but it looks like he left behind the hammer/whatever he used to break the window on the floor. So does that mean technically they're in the red on the robbery?


Plus the cost of the gas they used driving there.


And medical supplies/bill to fix his hand


Can you imagine the mindfuck? They broke into my home to destroy my window and my tv? ....didn’t take anything....but why?


Cable company must have caught on that I'm using Kodi again.


And all that for a TV you can probably buy at Wal-Mart for $400.


Thats like a 60 inch curved(? Or maybe thats the lens distortion) flatscreen. Probably LG or Samsung. Prob a bit more than $400.


well, it was curved by the end anyway


That’s the thing that cracked me up. The amount of tugging and yanking on the TV, it was liable to break before he got it off the wall to begin with anyway....lol


It isn't worth shit now. I couldn't believe he was trying to steal it by just completely destroying it in the process.


How can i live peacefully in this world knowing there are such high quality criminals like this out there


If only *all* criminals were as fucking moronic as these idiots.


Well, the downside is that if they're this bad there's *only* downside, that money's not getting recovered from them because they destroyed it and the damage is done. Just have to hope you win the insurance lottery.


With the video evidence it shouldn't be too hard to claim.


Also, whoever lives in that house probably doesn't have to worry too much about this TV.






Yeah, definitely not a home. Who tf keeps a 65" television in a small viewing space near a bit of patio furniture??


I think so too. Looks like a bunch of tables and a bar(?).


The slip and falls cracked me up. The TV spinning was equally good.




Especially the one where he slipped on broken glass and fell onto, well, more broken glass hands first. Serves him right.


***spinning like a top***


The moment when they almost had the tv off and you could see a large portion of the thing was heavily damaged got me... Fucking hell, TVs are fragile and these guys tryna rip it off the wall like a bandaid.


Damn that tv sure is mounted right


Certainly makes me feel safer around mounted tv's.


Just because a professional mounted this one, doesn't make them all safe. Keep vigilant.


Hi. My friend who does this for a living mounted my TV and it literally fell on me, the worst part was since it was mounted really high. I did not want the TV to rip the wall and I could not reach it to unplug it so I had to hold it and keep it in my hands while yelling my head off. My husband had just left to get wine (it was my birthday) and I was half naked doing my makeup when it happened. Finally after about 10 minutes of holding the TV I see my husband from outside the window chatting up with my neighbor and he could not hear me yelling. Fortunately my other neighbor, the person under me, heard the yelling and is timidly knocking while I screaming "Its open please come in!!!!" He ran in and there I was in my bra and jeans holding a tv above my head sweating my brains out while clearly seeing my husband outside my window completely oblivious. My poor neighbor helped me unplug it and take it down and at that moment my husband walks in on us with my lipstick all smeared, my bra disheveled , my neighbor in a robe and a TV on the bed. It was quite the bit over dinner.


"Honey, I know it's *YOUR* birthday, but you could have at least included me for a threesome..."


Yeah and just cz one idiot didnt launch a nuke, doesn't mean another wont , keep vigilant, stay anxious




Was it really too much to undo 4 or 6 screws? My guess is they've never done a moments diy in their lives. I doubt they would have been able to use the damn tv even if they'd successfully nicked it.


2 screws are all you have to u undo. Then you can left the TV off the mount...


Not all mounts are like that. I've mounted some that have securement screws that require a special tool to get apart.


By trying to do it quickly they took a lot of time and also broke the damn thing.


They didn't even unplug it, they don't seem the type for a lot of foresight.


Placing that TV inside the car, would increase the total car value 10x.


I don’t think the tv would even fit. Yet another thing these guys didn’t think through.


Yeah, I was expecting to see them eventually get the TV out, only to fail to fit it in the car. Too dumb to even get that far!


Just fold it in half


This reminds me of my old co-worker's truck. He had a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with like 300,000 miles on it that he insisted was worth like $5,000. I always told him that the only way it was worth $5,000 was if he had $5,500 in cash in the back seat.


Might not be worth $5k at that point, but a Toyota Tacoma (if in good shape) is sure as sally worth more than nothing. "Toyota Tax" man. They never quit.


My dad didn't believe me when I said his 2001 4runner could sell for at least $10,000 if he waited long enough since it only had 150,000 km on it.




You are seriously underestimating the value of used Tacomas.


You had to see this thing. Not only was it swamped with old Wendy's cheeseburger wrappers and tools but it was covered in rust and the thing shook like you were driving through a tornado every time you drove it.


The Tacoma holds its value very well and has won Kelly Blue Book's annual best resale value award many times. Depending on how long ago this was he could have been right, or close to it.


One of my favourite Top Gear episodes is the one where they tried to destroy a Toyota Hilux. https://youtu.be/xnWKz7Cthkk


I’m fairly certain the TV would not have fit in the car anyway.


Absofuckinglutely not. I really expected them to get it outside and find out it wouldn't fit.


Also, the screen broke when they yanked it off the wall!!! 😂😂😂


I guess this is why they gave up.


If only their parents had done that in the first month.


I'm pretty sure they did.


I was hoping he would get it off the wall just to discover it didn’t fit. From what I saw they would probably try for a solid 30 seconds while flipping it upside down only to find that it’s still the same size.


> flipping it upside down only to find that it’s still the same size. LOL I can totally see that.


It looks like they were planning on folding it.


I'm losing my brain cells and I have a test tomorrow ;_;


Good luck on your test!


That's uh... Quite the username.


I'd rather have his in my mouth than yours.


Now I want one


What? You never had to risk it for the biscuit?


Tood guck on your lest!


That's very nice of you u/TaylorSwiftsClitoris


Education is important but other stuff is more importanter.


They all slipped and fell on the glass. Police can find these three at the local hospital having glass shards removed from their hands and butts.


It looks like tempered glass, so probably not? I thought tempered glass was made to shatter and not injure people which is why they use it in windshields so you don't get sliced up in a crash.


The pieces don’t always break apart and still have some sharp edges that can slice you. I’ve seen quite a few in the ER that were nasty cuts from “safety” glass. Mostly it was a joke though about the idiots falling all over the glass. Lol!


I used to run a tempering oven in a glass plant and the pieces can definitely cut you up pretty bad. I recall a Mythbusters episode which proved this also.


Windshields use laminated glass not tempered. The doors and rear window are tempered though.


Windshields are not the same. Windshields have a piece of plastic between two sheets of glass to hold it together so it doesn't send shards of glass into your face during an accident.


I still don't think you'd wanna sit in it.


Someone please make a Benny Hill outta this




I fucking love you.




1000 times funnier. Thank you.


Why did I open this at work. LMAO. Now I'm crying - glad there's no customers.


Of course it's Brazil


If you're on PC, you can open a youtube vidoe and play the music in the background as it plays? And yes, it's hilariously better. Also, Youtube videos can instantly be 'Benny Hill'ed' with www.bennyhillthis.com


this is awesome!


Twas for certain a yakkity sax event.


The loop is so perfect that it almost looks like he goes into the car and then imediatly goes for round 2.


No wonder they parked in a disabled spot.


My brain hurts watching this.


This is a perfect repeating GIF right here.


Definitely could be on r/perfectloops




Are you sure? There were no off duty police officers to shoot them.


Somebody throw yackety sax under this.


Another user posted it further up the thread: https://reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/e97c9l/_/fahdodb/?context=1


"Fucking hate that tv on the wall over there"


And that's how you make a flat tv into a curved one


Yeah, but they never actually stole anything so no crime was committed. /s


TVs aren’t even that expensive nowadays. 50” insignia from Best Buy is $199!! What can you really get for a TV on the street? $50-$100? Split that 3 ways and each person gets between $16-$33 each.... Go work for a couple of hours!! Ta-da you got the same amount or more $$. I don’t understand the thought process of thieves. They could easily each make $250-$400/mo donating plasma. I’m glad karma kick their butts at least!!


this is in brazil, that TV costs around 4\~5 months of minimum wage here


Why even try and steal a TV.




Ah yes the shiny white light coming out of a broken tv


I don't think these guy really know how tvs work. tbh. They're probably back in their lair, mulling over trying explosives next time.


What a dick - I don't think he has a handicapped sticker for that parking space.


Ok 1 idiot I get that. But the fact that this guy got 2 more idiots involved is beyond me.


It’s like a $500 fine fir parking in a disabled spot without the placard... flagrant disregard for the law!


It looks like it was their first time.