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I was sceptical of this video for so long. Why is she so calm before the building collapsed? It was quite a while since the planes hit. And then I saw the interview with her. How they were hysterical and then just trying to calm down. And then the collapse. Nuts. Edit : [The video](https://youtu.be/_qiVBOqNiOs)


Do you have a link to the interview or the name of the girl?




your work didn't take too long


Boring meeting about next year's budgets.


Can I have some money? How do I put in a request to be added to the budget?


It's too late now. Your forecasts were due last week. You didn't do it did you? Now it's all a mess. Will have to cancel that greenfield project because you didn't plan. Why do you do this to me?


Are you saying you didn’t get my TPS reports?


You're going to blame email again aren't you.


Well, I told you it's not reliable but you had to remove the fax machine, didn't you :( now I'm homeless and it's all because of you.


It was attached for crying out loud! Attachments don't print with email Maurice 😐


This is what happens when you use the wrong stapler


Well, I had the new coversheets on my quarterly report and gave them to Allen J., in accounting. That was on the 15th.


They did not make it to my desk. I'm sorry but it's not my job to chase you.


Well, damn it, I got them in and... SUNUVABEECH! Allen, apparently, dropped them in my test procedure specs report stack, and didn't even tell me. See, they're even signed off by accounting. Listen I gotta bugar sugar party coming up in two weeks, on my boat. Heading out to Catalina. We got an extra friend who needs company, if I can get in on the budget...


We were waiting for the forecasts from Sharon on the Greenfield project. She said she'd have the estimates to the team by Monday, but then called out sick. I'm seeing pictures of her on Instagram with her family at Disneyland now.


"It looked like an airplane crashed into the building" "Thank God it wasn't terrorists, though!" Ah, that comment didn't age very well.


>Ah, that comment didn't age very well. Aged terribly in the space of about 2 minutes.


9 to 11 minutes*


Horrific. Imagine seeing a building getting hit... and then another one... and you're in a building yourself. If you had no idea what's going on, why wouldn't you think your building could be next?


> Imagine seeing a building getting hit... and then another one... and you're in a building yourself. Some of us don't have to imagine that, we can just remember.


I'll tell you what totally happened to me, I get irrationally defensive of anyone from any other part of the country invoking 9/11 for political reasons. It's an instant trigger. I worked in tower 1, (though only in the mall) and getting a job at Tekserve saved my life probably


My husband was a volunteer firefighter and he helped evacuate the South Tower. He feels the same way. Nothing pisses him off more than invoking 9/11 either out of political cynicism or as an excuse for xenophobia/islamaphobia. Weaponizing the worst day of someone's for political gain or hatred just re-traumatizes that person.


It's especially infuriating when the ones invoking 9/11 so passionately were just as enthusiastically denying first responders benefits for decades.


Yo I grew up with Caroline, small world. She's pretty successful now - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1941358/


Oh very cool!


"After work" huh?


Dont tell my boss. Actually i had it on hand I remembered. I used it in a another thread years ago.


I'll look for it after work.


Many people chalked up the first plane hitting as an accident right after it happened, but once people saw the second plane hit, they were all panicking thinking we were being invaded


Well it was kinda a valid concern since there were actually other planes, or at least a plane, being hijacked and flying towards other targets (Pentagon). There was another that was crashed in a field thanks to passengers revolting, wasn't there?


Yes, the Pennsylvania flight.


That was destined for the White House, correct?


Or the Capitol building. No one knows for sure.


Per Wikipedia, >In an April 2002 interview, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, who are believed to have organized the attacks, said Flight 93's intended target was the United States Capitol, not the White House.[122] During the planning stage of the attacks, Mohamed Atta, the hijacker and pilot of Flight 11, thought the White House might be too tough a target and sought an assessment from Hani Hanjour (who hijacked and piloted Flight 77).[123] Mohammed said al-Qaeda initially planned to target nuclear installations rather than the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but decided against it, fearing things could "get out of control".[124] Final decisions on targets, according to Mohammed, were left in the hands of the pilots.[123] If any pilot could not reach his intended target, he was to crash the plane.[102] So while obviously no one knows for sure, it seems the Capitol was the most likely. Particularly since the President wasn't in Washington at the time.


Yeah the attacks were meant to knock out America's economy, America's defence and America's democracy. They knew what they were doing.


They also managed to knock out Americans’ civil liberties.


You wouldn't want the terrorists to win, now would you?


It was heading towards DC, but no one actually knows what the specific target was. It's generally assumed to have been heading for either the White House or the Capitol building.


Yeah I remember thinking when I heard about the Pennsylvania flight "holy FUCK how many are there?? They're all over the country!" How many planes did they hijack?? 4? 5? More?? How long is this going to go on? Are we going to keep being under attack? How could they do something THIS big? That was a hell of a few weeks not knowing when the next attack is coming and feeling like it's coming for sure.


My dad worked as a civil defense contractor doing some meh secret stuff in one of the largest air force bases in the US at the time. Didn't see him for 24 hours after the attack, my mom just packed us up and we waited for him the next day my sister and I didn't go to school. He came home and didn't say a word, just started packing in the garage and loading up the truck. When he started filling the 55 gallon water jug with the water hose, which we only used for one thing, I asked him "Cool dad, are we going camping!?" he turns to me and says with a dead face that I'll never forget. "No spartan5312, we are going to war." Scary times.


Let me guess. Mum wanted to name you Spartan. Dad wanted to call you 5312. So they settled on a compromise?


According to several Al Qaeda heads, there were plans for more attacks following 9/11. I still wonder what else they might have had planned if they managed to already pull off so much.


Bro you were supposed to never forget. How did you forget?




United Flight ~~63~~ 93 ​ interesting I don't know the airlines or flight #'s of the other planes, just this one. ​ edit: sooooo close!


And even this one is incorrect lol


I think you mean United 93* Crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania when the passengers attempted to retake control of the plane from the hijackers (there is a museum at the site now if anyone is wondering)


I remember sitting in my IT class and our teacher (as well as the rest of us) was like "some dumbass just hit a building in a plane in NY".....we chalked it up as some excitement thinking it was a small passenger plane that became misguided... until he flipped on the tv. Then to witness the second plane hit LIVE as we're assembling motherboards...I can't even remember the feeling. I remember everyone's family calling the school/s, picking kids up early, etc..


I vividly remember not giving a shit. I was in 5th grade and just wanted to go home and play cs 1.6.


*terrorists win*


I was a 7th grader. I remember understanding how absolutely devastating it was simply by watching the reactions of the adults around me. My chorus teacher had a panic attack and was sobbing in class. By the time I got home from the early dismissal my neighbor, who was going to pick up her son, insisted on driving my sister and I to the elementary school her son went to because our mom worked there. As a kid, it’s was upsetting to see every adult ever in such a state of disbelief, horror, and even panic. And that will always stick with me.


One week into freshmen year at university, I woke up to phone calls from my dad and my boyfriend saying a plan hit a building and to turn on the tv. I seem to remember that there were other mid-air flights known to be hijacked / off-course that they were tracking and watching those graphics. I don’t recall the order of the timing, but it wasn’t long after the first tower was hit that it was known this wasn’t just an accident. Although already terrified, seeing the second tower get hit live was a whole new dread. My best friend and well as many many others were in basic training and I had zero ways to contact them, and my dad was immediately activated with the national guard as a medic. I tried to put things into perspective that the odds of having something bad happen to us in Tampa were extremely low, but a few days later some psychotic teen decided to copy cat and flew a small plane into a building downtown. A professor on our campus was also busted for sending funding to Al Qaeda. Apparently one of the terrorists also had done his flight training at a nearby small air field, and during the fed’s investigation and questioning locals, they asked if they had seen a man with dark complexion. Whatever their description, it was enough for the area Cletuses (Cleti?) to point the finger at my uncle that had trained and gotten his pilot license there in recent years. My swarthy uncle luckily was recently retired Air Force, so his time on the no-fly list was rather short as the government already had tabs on him to clear him. It was a crazy time, but it’s even crazier to think in retrospect just how much would be irrevocably changed.


One random effect from of 9/11 was the 2 or 3 days grounding of all airplane flights in the United States. This lead to the death of paper check use in the United States. At that time Banks trucked paper checks to central processing centers, which sorted them and then bundled them onto airplanes. (Note: This is why people who wrote checks back in the day had a 2 or 3 day window from when a check was written to when money was actually withdrawn from their accounts) After not being able to process any checks for 3 days this unresolved debt lead to billions or even trillions of dollars. After planes were allowed to fly again new laws were passed to allow for electronic checks, no longer needing to send the actual physical check in order to process funds. Without the 2 day "float" window, writing a check at the grocery store was no different from using your debit card, except being incredibly more time consuming. So - people stopped writing checks.


> Without the 2 day "float" window, writing a check at the grocery store was no different from using your debit card, except being incredibly more time consuming. Poor families from the 80s remember doing this well. Go grocery shopping knowing your checking account balance is close to zero but also knowing your paycheck will land in your account before that check you write at check-out clears.


I was working in Philly. When the second plane hit, we panicked, then when the pentagon was hit, rumors started flying that Philly was next, and we all just took off to go get our kids. May sound silly now, but we really didn’t know what was going on. You just had this primal instinct to go collect your family and protect them.


I had the radio on while I was getting ready for class and half paying attention. I remember thinking pretty much the same thing when they were discussing the first plane - just some dumbass in a small plane.


I remember this so clearly. I was getting ready to go to class and had Howard Stern on. He mentioned calmly that a plane had hit one of the towers. They assumed it was an accident. I went into the living room and my roommate had the Today show on and they said the same thing, it seemed like a small plane had run into one of the towers. I turned off the TV and walked to class. Seemed like a strange accident. By the time I got to class the second plane had hit but no one really got it until we went back and saw it on TV.


[Howard Stern’s Program on 9/11](https://youtu.be/-wY4xgACSqM) really captures the unfolding sense of the enormity of the situation. today it is easy to think of the entirety of the event and it’s aftermath. on that day, things emerged much more slowly and ominously. i remember.


I worked in the mailroom of a pharmaceutical plant in NJ. I was passing by our company store when the lady working there said a plane just hit one of the towers. My thought was, "what a moron. How the hell do you crash into the largest thing in NYC?" Part of my job was to manage AV equipment, so I grabbed the TV and turned it on just in time for the 2nd plane to hit... At that point I just assumed every plane in the sky was going to crash down on us. So surreal.


>Why is she so calm before the building collapsed? It's not like they knew the tower would collapse. Part of why those images were so shocking back then is that it is an exceedingly rare event, especially on a building that size. They probably were just expecting that the worst was already behind them and that now the rescue teams would just focus on putting out the fires and saving whoever was hurt. Pretty much no one expected it to come down. It's also probably why there's so many people believing in insane conspiracy theories, because a building that size coming down is just so inconceivable in the minds of many people. Or at least it used to be inconceivable.


We were all living comfortably in the knowledge that jet fuel can't melt steel beams. Turns out it can.


That theory never made sense, it doesn't need to melt it completely, just enough to weaken it to stop supporting the floors above it..


I wonder what the overlap is between the jet fuel can't melt steel beams because it needs to melt completely to collapse crowd and won't wear a mask because they don't block everything crowd


The Venn diagram for that is a circle


No, I know a 911 truther who wears a mask.


Also the burning jet fuel ignites other things, some of which burn hotter than jet fuel.


Plus there are things that aren't steel beams and that can melt at lower temperatures.


Yeah, like popsicles... what were we talking about again?


Right? Like, hey people, try building a little structure with uncooked pasta. Now try it with semi-cooked pasta. You’re gonna notice a big difference.


Boiling water can't melt spaghetti beams!


For many people that don't know the construction system it's completelly unbelievable to this day.




Nah bro, Dick Cheney was totally running around the basement of the WTC with a bunch of TNT, wearing a fake mustache and laughing like Snidely Whiplash. Do your research!


Also it seemed like a random accident before the second plane hit then we knew something crazy was happening.


Yea when they reported it they just said a plane hit and I remember everyone in class and the teachers thinking it was a little Cessna or something. When they cancelled lessons and brought in a tv for us to watch live news ( which had never really happened to me in school before), we knew it was bigger than some little dinky plane hitting the tower by mistake.


Biggest stoner kid in school walks in and says “pentagons on fire.” My bio teacher just says “umm…what, Robert?” And he’s so nonchalant about it, just says yep it’s on fire. “Where were you when” yeah I was in science class when the stoner kid broke the news


I was in chemistry class, my friend said, "The octagon is on fire." We were all very confused.


Where were you when octagon was kill


i was sat at home drinking applejuice when fred ring


"octagon is die"


I remember the news making it by word of mouth and then I walked into my science class with the TV on and both towers already on fire. The principal made an announcement asking all teachers to turn off the TVs and my science teacher just muttered 'nope' under his breath and kept it on. I don't recall seeing the towers collapse live, I think someone might have come into the room and forced the issue at some point and then I heard they had fallen in the next class.


yeah but in this video it's of the first tower collapsing, there was like 45 minutes between the 2nd plane hitting and the first collapse


So it makes sense that's she's kind of calmed down. You wouldn't be screaming for 45 mins straight.


And unless you're actively doing something it's not really possible to keep up that level of panic for any length of time. The Tower actually collapsing ramps things back up again but they were probably only yelling like that for a few minutes at most. (Unless they thought more planes were coming and were actually fearing for there lives. Was that something New Yorkers were afraid of, that there would be multiple additional plans hitting other buildings?)


Yes. That is something NYers were afraid of. There was a complete information vacuum for a long time.


I remember every cell tower within like 100 miles of NYC being utterly jammed with people trying to call family and friends. My uncle and cousin had to walk over 40 blocks because the subways were shut down. It was extremely chaotic. Thankfully uncle and cousin got to a pay phone and called my grandparents who called my dad to tell us they were ok, but it was pretty scary for a while there.


To your first point, that has been my understanding of shocking and traumatic experiences as well. Real shock and surprise is fast. Imagine someone screaming their head off for minutes at a time just because something shocked them (injuries are different). After the initial shock, it takes roughly 20 minutes for your blood cortisol levels to peak, however. So you may have the jitters, anxious energy, maybe a low-level panic. This normally helps give you energy and focus to resolve the shocking situation, but if you are unable to, like in this case, you might just reach for a stiff drink to calm down as the people in the video did. That being said, it's my recollection that in the day of and immediately in the days following, many people suspected that certain other buildings were going to become targets, with varying degrees of realism. People would learn the towers were hit, then that the Pentagon was hit, *then* that another plane was headed for DC but went down early... It made a conspiratorial sense to think, "four different targets in the same day, what's next?"


Thanks for posting the link to the whole video and her review of events 10 years later. I burst into tears, pretty unexpected for me since I came of age with 9/11. I was 17 in 2001, pretty close in age to this girl. So I think seeing her shock and horror and their youthful attempt to get through the morning triggered a nerve. I was a 17 yr old trying to get through orchestra while we watched the first tower go down.


I was 22. It's still emotional years later


That would explain why they’re drinking vodka and apple juice at roughly 9:13am on a Tuesday.


I mean, they were drinking morning beers, so things probably weren’t too chill


This Is a rarity, a truly unexpected video.


Half of the stuff on this sub is pretty expectable, but I have to say, I didn't see this coming.


And if this wasn't a real video, it would have been hilarious. But it only made me unexpectedly sad :(


Neither did America.


you mean you didn‘t see it coming down?


*Where were you?*


The towers were clearly in the thumbnail.


It started playing right away so I didn't see


Oh I guess I'm using a different app to view the site. Also the post wasnt flaired as NSFW at first.


Even so, that's not OP's fault. If you just start the video from the beginning with no knowledge of what it is, it's truly unexpected.


The thumbnail spoiled it for me.....


I was expecting pee.


If someone hadn't proven that it was real I would be thinking it was two videos spliced together...its one crazy video.


man thumbnail already shows the buildings thats why everyone get it i guess


Yeah why can't Reddit thumbnail just show the first second of the video not randomly in the middle


OP can choose the thumbnail from a few different points in the video. So unless OP wasn't given a good choice, they screwed the pooch.




Oh that might be it then. The website has the option. Glad they didn't bother to offer that feature to a large portion of their users.


USE THE REDDIT APP! ^(USE THE REDDIT APP!) ^^USE ^^THE ^^REDDIT ^^APP! Do you want to use the Reddit app? #You should switch to the Reddit app ^^^don't ^^^do ^^^it ^^^srsly


I still use old.reddit.com - the new layout is refined cancer. It doesn't let you pick thumbnails I don't think though.




This brings back so many memories. I was in NY that day. Not near the towers but everyone, has a story about that day.


even though it was 20 years ago, these kinds of clips still evoke a visceral response.


I almost spit put my coffee when you said 20 years ago. I cant believe it has been that long.


There are kids who were born, got married, and had kids of their own since it happened. Now how old do you feel?


I feel like they're idiots who got married and had kids way too young.


Good one


There are some young soldiers currently conducting the drawdown in Afghanistan that weren’t alive when the towers fell. That was a surreal milestone to watch happen.


9/11 was closer to the Reagan Administration than to today


You.... you be quiet.


I met a couple from NY in France one summer and they could describe every single detail of where they were, what they did etc etc from that day. Absolutely madness. Even I remember watching it on the news in the UK


I was in middle school in the Midwest and I can still describe pretty much every detail of it.


Every big city went on alert on 9/11. Sears Tower in Chicago was evacuated n everything. No one knew wtf was going on.


Shit, we had to evacuate our building in downtown Toronto. Nobody really knew what was going on that day. Most of the US air traffic was diverted to Canada, so who knew if there were more hijackers that were now being sent North.




Half of me was hanging around in a testicle


My boss was on one of the only flights that didn’t have enough fuel to be sent back to the airport it took off from. Long story short they emergency landed in Canada and the plane was surrounded by a bunch of Canadian army guys with rifles. With the little information my boss had he was convinced the Canadians had attacked America and he was now a prisoner of war. Spent 4 days in Canada and got one of the first flights back he could. I think he was supposed to be on the flight (his layover flight) that crashed into the pentagon but he decided to go to a Royal party he got a last minute backdoor invitation to


I'm allowed to watch hundreds of people die from a distance but I'm not allowed to hear a swear word? F##k!


Thousands. Thousands of people died that day, in that moment.


Over 2000 EDIT: 2996


If I remember correctly, there were even more body parts than that. Something like 700 people were *completely* unaccounted for


And millions due to aftermath


Everyone arguing over using the word "millions", but can we just admonish what that whole god damn fiasco did? The Al-Qaeda are monsters and the USA didn't blink an eye to take advantage of the situation and lie, bald faced to the public to eradicate hundreds of thousands of lives on false pretenses. A lifetime later, people are still fighting and dying for the lies. Humans go to war over the word of safe, rich old men living in their towers.


Well with how the US shaped the middle east afterwards, arguably these attacks did trigger millions of deaths in the long run. Well maybe not millions, but it shaped millions of lives in the middle east anyway.


Thousands, actually. And yes, American TV news glorifies and sells violence. Minor, everyday things like nipples and the word shit are entirely offensive, though.


Watching it all live was weird like that, the news stations were airing any footage they could find and were apologizing for the harsh language… over videos showing people falling to their deaths.


Great view! Seems like a comfortable place to be stuck for the next 14 days


They were stuck there for 2 weeks?


There was toxic debris from both collapsed buildings that spread out for blocks. Intitial rescue and clean up took two weeks and everything was locked down for a bit.


Imagine if it happened in 2021. "ThE gUbMeNt CaNt TeLl Me WhAt To Do!1!"


People would think it's just fake actors everywhere and they'd want to check by themselves.


There ARE people who think it was ask fake. Or that the government did it on purpose.


"I read on FACEBOOK that the debris is actually GOOD for you. ANYONE WEARING A MASK IS SHEEP! BREATHE IT IN!"


At the time this happened I was in high school in Georgia. I saw the second tower get hit, I watched them collapse. I felt detached enough that I wasn’t really scared. A bunch of friends joined the military, some lived, some died. Years went by and I started watching more of the footage from that day, and with a greater understanding of the world and what happened after it, I was terrified. Footage like this always hits me hard, hearing her shriek as the tower fell is so harrowing. It makes me want to cry every time I see this kind of footage.


Same. Was a senior and watched it in my English class on TV. Everyone was sent home and that day is etched in my memory. Many people I know joined the military after this


> Many people I know joined the military after this This is almost as tragic as the actual event, if not more. So many young lives lost in the pointless wars to come out of this.


Not to mention all the lives that could have been saved if the money wasted on the military was spent on the citizens, idk maybe through public healthcare?


My father said he almost joined the military because of this, but my mother became pregnant with my older brother and he decided against it.


So your brother's very existence is the reason for your existence.


I'm sorry your friends were tricked by this incident, into invading and dying in an unrelated land.


I was expecting the apple juice to be pee not for 9/11 to happen


I’d dare propose that, although being manifestly unfortunate, the two events would nary be comparable


I was 13 in second period art when the announcement came over the loud speaker that a plane had hit the world trade center. Third period social studies they made another anoucement that planes had hit the second tower and the Pentagon. Fourth period math my guidance counselor and older sister knock on the door, both crying. My mother had come to pick us up, my dad was working near the towers that day. We walked outside and I could see the smoke all the way from my high school in Queens. We went home and didn't say a word. I laid on the living room floor with my sister paralyzed by the newsreel, watching the towers collapse over and over. For 3 days he was gone. When he finally came home, covered in the ashes of thousands of dead bodies, he was never the same. My whole family changed that day, it almost feels like the family I had on September 10th doesn't exist anymore.


Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing. That was fuckin intense to read.


My brother's in-laws had a law office in the Woolworth Building and, though not seen, were some of those people running for their lives after the first tower collapsed as they headed for the Staten Island Ferry. His FIL had always been a loud, lively, gregarious fellow. I saw him a few weeks later, he was still shell shocked.


How's your dad now? One of the unexpected things from the attack is just how much mental and physical damage it did to those who tried to help out.


He took a deep dive into the bottle after that. We haven't spoken in a long time. There was a lot of abuse.


I’m sorry.


I was right near the towers when the first plane hit. I was 21 years old and it was supposed to be my first day starting a security job. Damn I still feel for all those people who lost their lives. RIP.


I am glad you are okay


Thank you and I'm grateful to still be here 20 years and 3 children later.


What did you do after the hit? Were people already panicking and running away after the first one?


I walked around and noticed people running away from the scene and some running towards it. I remember seeing the windows blown out of stores. I knew something wasn't right so I jumped on the train and tried to go back home. On the way home the MTA shut down service so I had to walk with thousands of people over the 59th street Bridge. It was a crazy experience.


My buddy lived about six blocks from the towers, in one of the few apartments in the financial district. The second tower falling sent a massive plume of dust, smoke, and debris up their street (which was, naturally, filled with people). He and his roommates just started grabbing whoever was closest, “Get in here GET IN HERE UP THE STAIRS FIRST DOOR ON THE RIGHT, IT’S ALREADY OPEN.” And that’s how he ended up with fifty shellshocked, business-suit-clad strangers in his apartment for about an hour. They handed out water and washcloths as quickly as they could, tried to calm everyone down. After the debris cloud cleared, the strangers began shuffling out one by one, mostly in a daze. They thanked my friend and his roomies in the ways they could think of — with words, with whatever cash was in their pockets (which my friend and his roomies refused), and with their business cards, saying stuff like, “If you’re ever looking into XYZ investment strategies, I’ll help out for free...” The last lady out handed them all her card and said, “That was nice of everyone, but MY card is the only one you all will ever need.” They looked at the cards — the lady was a senior auditor for the IRS. “You boys ever have any issues with the IRS, you call that number. I’ll make the problem go away.” And she headed out into the world. Dunno if any of them ever needed to call her. But it was a weird “slice of life” memento of the day. (Oh, and my friend moved back to the west coast a few months later because of the crippling PTSD he developed from 9/11. Just couldn’t stay in the city any longer. He’s doing okay now.)


I don’t know how to describe the feeling this comment gave me, it’s both heart warming and incredibly sad since we’re talking about a national tragedy and ptsd? It’s a strange mix that hurts my brain and heart.


Wow never seen this


Me too even after 20y


Isn’t that crazy. I often forget how wild and scary this day was..


I put NSFW tag


You do good


Pls make this nsfw this could be very triggering for those who lost loved ones that day


The only thing NSFW did in this case is that people aren't gonna expect it before seeing it lol. At least they could see the towers on the thumbnail before. Now they are just gonna see the video.


Pretty much anything can be triggering for people. It's hard to protect everyone. I don't mean that in heartless way but it's the same how I feel when people say "you can't tell that joke I was [something happened to me]"


Dude, it's images of one of the worst terrorist attacks in living memory, and it's fresh as hell for a lot of people. We're perfectly capable of discerning between something that can set off a large number of people and something that might, by chance, set off a random person browsing. Any rational person knows this is the former. Just read some of the top comments here. It's obvious that this affected a lot of people. Nothing about marking this NSFW makes your life any worse. Don't be that guy.


Damn that is really unexpected




[Bush: “Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over.”](https://www.theonion.com/bush-our-long-national-nightmare-of-peace-and-prosperi-1819565882) It’s bizarre how prescient this Onion article ended up.


The vast majority of Americans wanted to go to war over 9/11 unfortunately. Wasn’t just Ol George.


Ah, I see it’s time for my bi-annual 9/11 rabbit hole and subsequent depression.


Hey you Don't watch any more videos. Just go on with your day. For me?


We’re not aiming for the truck


My childhood… from watching Toy Story on VHS to watching 9/11 live on TV in just a few short years


That scream hurts my soul... Wasn’t born when this happened but still so scary just seeing stuff about it


It's always so interesting realizing there are grown adults who were not alive during 9/11. It was a major turning point for the world but now it's just a historical even that happened 20+ years ago.


This attack was a turning point in many people's lives. Some people felt obligated to join the military, others became police, or firefighters, some became doctors. A very sad day in American history. These moments will never be forgotten.


Not just American history, a very sad day in world history. I'm not even American, but I still remember coming to work that afternoon in Denmark. No one was working, we all just watched CNN, looking at that first burning tower, thinking it was some horrible accident. Then the second plane struck, and it was clear that it was no accident, but a deliberate attack. I remember feeling heart-broken for those poor souls in the towers ... but also the doubt and insecurity in those hours when we didn't really know anything. Like ... how big was this going to be? Was it an attack on the US alone, or would there be similar attacks in the rest of the western world? Had the terrorists hi-jacked four planes? twenty? A thousand? It was a very sad day ... and a very scary one too.


Jesus Christ, it’s terrifying to think of how fast things can go from completely chill to all out chaos in just a second


I remember walking out the door with my sister to walk to 4th grade I think when my dad came haaaaaaauling ass back into the neighboorhood talking bout "get the kids back in side we're fucking under attack!" Flippin shit. I was like "woa easy dude let's all just take a chill pill..." spent the rest of the day in front of the TV. The next part of my life that I have really vivid memories of was when nothing but Iraq was on TV for YEARS... Isn't that weird? Then I went to Afghanistan twice and came back. Then the war ended 7 years later. It's like my entire life was war. Sorry I just woke up.


the true example of r/Unexpected


The thumbnail ruined the juice i think


I was in kindergarten near Langley Falls (CIA Headquarters). A bunch of parents, my father included, rushed to school to pick up their kids thinking this was an all out attack after the 2nd tower was hit. My dad wouldn't let me watch tv for 2 weeks after, incase I accidentally saw what had happened on the news.


Everyone is being really serious but this video has perfect comedic setup and timing. Who would expect that this innocent looking video that looks like it could be some compressed TikTok from last week is being taken right next to the world trade centre on 9/11 as it begins to collapse? It's all so casual and jovial, then she screams. The camera turns, what's it gonna be? Something wacky and hilarious no doubt. No, it's fucking 9/11. I hate to admit it but this is hilarious. Perhaps everyone got spoiled by the thumbnail, I have a nsfw filter so I just clicked and saw the video from the start. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the towers and then stopped myself.


Was thinking it’ll be a prank or something about the apple juice but damn this was really unexpected


This was our nexus moment 8(


And boy what a shitty timeline ours became.


This is probably my favorite historical video of all time


I find it odd that they bleeped shit but they didn't bleep fuck.