President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law legislation establishing June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day, a US federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law legislation establishing June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day, a US federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States


I give it 3 years tops before local furniture stores are imploring us to cast off the chains of high prices


I can see the low budget commercials now..


“In honor of the Revolution, it’s half off at the Gap.”


Everything is 3/5ths off lmao


Work in a furniture warehouse, looking forward to the morning meeting about how great this will be for sales


"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new savings, and dedicated to the proposition that all men shall pay no more than 50% for a new matress!"


As a retail employee I look forward never having this day off and having my hours cut to not give holiday pay


As a manufacturing employee I look forward to the corporate propaganda that will come as a main course while never getting the day off


I work retail and my bosses are absolute gods for trying to get as many of us who want to work full days on holidays on for that day


yeah my worst job had the best boss for this. sign up sheet for holiday hours. usually filled quickly! these same workers would complain if they had been placed on those shifts by the manager. Agency is EVERYTHING.


As a mailman: fuck I still have to work tomorrow and Saturday.


It's effective "immediately". Check your options for Holiday pay on Saturday.


They've told us that it's too short notice. Also will likely need to be bargained upon in the next contract. Makes sense to me but it's going to be a hot weekend so I would have loved a holiday!




Thats nice, you don't work at the post office lol. We will probably get pay or the day off next year.


Ya PO buddy of mine said they’re going to retroactively give holiday pay. Take that for what it’s worth but he works in your HC dept


Are post office workers not federal workers? Genuinely asking I thought they were.


It's complicated af iirc. Like that executive order, aiming to make all "federal" fleets electric by 2030 or whatever year, didn't apply to USPS. Hard to tell what they're considered idk


That seems ass backwards lol


It's intentional.


Too short notice for a holiday sure, but too short notice for extra pay for working during a holiday? Sounds like they just don't want to pay extra.


I had an appointment at the Seattle USCG rec tomorrow. They called and canceled rather quickly.


The rec will not go in to work if there's some leaves on the ground in the way so not surprising.


Am i the only one who thinks "Juneteenth National Independence Day" is a terrible name? It just sounds really awkward.




Jubilee Day was the name used for "the date the union forces showed up and freed us" in various communities. Juneteenth is the Jubilee Day of Galveston Texas and it subsumed all others, because they were the last slaves in a Confederate state to get the news. (The slaves in Kentucky and Delaware wouldn't be freed until December of that year with the passage of the 13th ammendment)


Jubilee Day sounds better than the other options


I may be wrong on this, Kentucky and Delaware never joined the Confederacy and the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to conquered territory in the Confederacy. That's why there were still slaves even though the war was over. Maryland and Missouri also did not secede from the Union.


How bout we just call it Juneteenth?


I'm okay with the holiday but Juneteenth is awful and implies it could be 1 of 7 different days Edit: Thank you for your concern with a random internet persons opinion, I know the holiday has been called that a long time if you're here to coment that, please see below, like 20 people beat you to the punch. I still don't like the name, its an opinion and it doesn't even matter


I'm ok with a week long holiday


Shalom v’atah y’hudi akhsaiv


I can't get this to translate but I'm ok with 2 week long holidays


It means “hello, you are Jewish now, in transliterated Hebrew, It’s not in Hebrew script because I couldn’t get it to work.


Let me introduce you to Ramadan. How does 30 days sound?




Washington and Lincoln. Their birthdays were close enough together that it seems wasteful? to have both days off so quickly, so they split the difference and called it for all of them. At least, that's what they taught us in school. Edit: And according to the US Embassy page, there's something that sounds sightly more official. https://ch.usembassy.gov/holiday-calendar/presidents-day-honoring-u-s-presidents-washington-lincoln/


Georgebraham Washingcoln the on average 8th President


You can't convince me I didn't just have a stroke


The official name is Washington’s Birthday lol.


The 1st one, it was moved to always be a Monday tho so that it would help create more 3 day weekends


Oh no, it matters and let me tell you why... Just kidding I don't care. But wanted to say that yeah it's amazing how many redditors these days seem to just be absolute argumentative asses with too much time on their hands.


It should have just been "Emancipation Day" and that would take care of a lot of confusion about how it's not actually the date slavery ended.


There's nothing stopping you from using Emancipation Day anyways. If it gets enough traction that's what it'll be called regardless of the real title.


Kind of like how Presidents Day is technically still just "Washington's Birthday"


It does, but we call holidays lots of things other than their original statutory names. Labor Day was called "Labor's Holiday" when the law was passed. Veterans Day was "Armistice Day". Presidents Day is actually "George Washington's Birthday". I doubt anyone will ever call it anything other than Juneteenth, even if its official name is the longer version.


As someone who works with data, it's going to drive me crazy that it will be called "Juneteenth" in one table, "Juneteenth National Independence Day" in another, and "Juneteenth Day" in a third.


I still call Veterans Day Armistice Day because I'm a contrianian and history nerd. Veterans Day celebrates veterans, while Armistice Day celebrates the end of WW1


>It does, but we call holidays lots of things other than their original statutory names. Labor Day was called "Labor's Holiday" when the law was passed. Veterans Day was "Armistice Day". Presidents Day is actually "George Washington's Birthday". I doubt anyone will ever call it anything other than Juneteenth, even if its official name is the longer version. Most Americans can't even be bothered to call July 4 "Independence Day" and instead say "The fourth of July" so I'm not sure why the big fucking deal over what we call this holiday.


I still call it the Glorious Fourth because why the fuck wouldn't you go with the coolest name?


I'm with you. It seems like they just tried too hard to make it sound "Patriotic" and they totally missed the point


100%. Hell, even something like "Freedom Day" would've been better.


Freedom, freedom, freedom oi!


Why change the name at all? It’s called Juneteenth, people will continue to just call it Juneteenth. You don’t call Easter Resurrection Day.


Or Jesus the Friendly Zombie Day


Wouldn't Juneteenth National Emancipaton Day work better?


We get that shit off now or what?


Of course. We're just gonna switch it with one of the holidays you currently get off so you're not missing an extra day of work. Thank you for your cooperation and let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.


Wife’s company made an announcement today that it’s an extra paid holiday, stating Monday. No holiday going away.


That’s encouraging. I don’t know why so many companies are white-knuckled about adding a paid holiday here and there. We have a lot of data that shows that the productivity boost from rested workers that feel appreciated tends to pay off more than if you keep people constantly busy.


> I don’t know why so many companies are white-knuckled about adding a paid holiday here and there. Because fuck you. That’s why. Sincerely, Management (or ownership, or whomever carries the whip).


At least with mine it seems the current owners are solely concerned with the profits they can get out of it for a few years before they sell it off to the next investment group. Long term productivity falling won't be something they have to worry about.


I wonder if people who study business have ideas for what helps with problems like this that occur at large business and corporation levels. There are so many decisions made by individuals that could look good on their executive resume in the short term, but cause lasting deficits to company direction and lives of employees in the long term.


> There are so many decisions made by individuals that could look good on their executive resume in the short term, but cause lasting deficits to company direction and lives of employees in the long term. It's all about the Benjamins, baby! Everything else doesn't matter to such people. If they have to work you to death, they will.


My fiancé’s new job has unlimited pto. I’d never heard of such a thing, and frankly it’s AMAZING. I thought there’d be some sort of catch, but it’s just people taking the occasional day or two as needed, and a lot less hassle with pay codes and calculations.


I'm jealous. Mine dropped one of our floating holidays for MLK day after the BLM protests, and I'm expecting the second floating holiday to be dropped for this.


That's rough. Floating holidays are the best vacation days ever. Just pick a day you don't want to work and your job can't say anything about it and they have to pay you... Which is exactly why they're eliminating those. Same pay but now they don't have to work around your schedule for 1-2 days out of the year


Eh I find when I take a day off I often come back to many emails + work. When the whole company has the day off it's easier.


Or the inevitable "why didn't you tell me you had off" when your emails for the last week all have a note in them that you'll be off on x day


Floating holidays are the worst if you already have personal days you can take A fixed holiday where everyone is off and you don't get behind on work is where it's at.


Weird. I would call that a vacation day.


That's what I'm thinking. Don't be mad that you're 'losing a floating holiday's be mad you lost vacation days to am expendable floating holiday.


What company?


Literally all of them….look on indeed, or LinkedIn or any other job site.


Yeah shit is crazy right now for jobs. It's honestly a workers market. Shop around just like you would a house. Use other offers as leverage for the place you want.


> Shop around just like you would a house. You obviously haven't been house shopping lately ..


*shop like you're selling your house


Yup. Hard to fight off those private investment firms bidding $75k over asking price.


“On this episode of **House Hunters**: Barbara, *an apothecary candle specialist*, and Jerry, *a part-time bobbin maker*, are shopping for their new dream home. Their budget? *$1.4 million*...”


I hope they can find enough space for entertaining guests.


I pray you are right. I’m getting kinda desperate for work.


Oh there's plenty of places hiring. It's whether or not they actually give a shit about their workers that's the problem.


Get in now before the mad dash to avoid homelessness after the eviction ban is lifted. It's a game of musical chairs. If you came back to your job or never left and didn't get a pay bump it's time to look.


I get bothered by multiple recruiters per week . . . for contract work . . . I have applied to 25 positions at my current target company over the last 6 months with only one call back. I have applied for 6 positions at a company I literally spend most of my day working with. No call backs. Everyone is saying there's a massive labor shortage and they can't hire fast enough. I know I'm being picky, but I'm just not seeing it.


Companies are still trying to get on top of everything so they can give you all the hours for none of the pay, as usual. People are in a prime negotiating position, and the major political influencers are going to push the buttons necessary to scare people away from the negotiating table and into taking anything ASAP regardless if it's rewarding fair compensation or not (usually the latter, *of course*.) I'm hoping people won't buckle, and will actually threaten retaliation if things will just go back to the way they were before (abused, underpaid, overworked, etc.)


Find a new job….places are hiring like crazy.


Good places?


Probably not.


I've been looking for remote work for the past year and let me tell you, it's not a workers market for remote jobs right now.


My contract agency told me that because the legislation didn't pass until today that I'd still have to work normal hours tomorrow even though the company I'm contracting with considers it a holiday.


My company announced this with essentially "remember, you have a floating volunteer day you can use it you feel like volunteering for a cause you believe in."


I volunteer to nap on my couch. It's a cause I believe in.




My company said we’re welcome to take a personal vacation day to observe it. Yeah, we could technically do that any day.


We conducted a company wide survey and asked everyone if they'd like Juneteenth as a paid holiday. After reviewing the results, we've come to the conclusion to continue to stay open on June 19th. Thank you for your feedback. Your input is very important to us.


My company is making it a paid holiday. I'm off tomorrow now.


Yeah, they'll switch it with the 4th of July...


"We combined your independence days to make them easier to celebrate with family"


F in the chat for Columbus Day


I never understood why people didn't like Columbus Day. It's a weird holiday, but what's wrong with celebrating the capital of Ohio.


Whens the pizza party?


We know everyone has had a tough time the past year. Unfortunately due to budget constraints we've had to temporarily put a hiatus on the pizza party. Thankfully, we have a water bottle and pen with the company logo ready for each of you to thank you for your efforts.




Not what they did in Massachusetts, we got a whole new day off!


My company announced that it’s too close to the holiday to have off, but maybe next year.


Federal gets holiday tomorrow.


I got an emergency email that we don't work tomorrow. pretty siiiiick


It’s a federal holiday. Which, is actually different from a national holiday.


So do we get that shit off now or what?


Federal and financials do. That’s all it would apply too. A National holiday would be like Independence Day or Christmas. Columbus Day is a federal holiday, so just pretend tomorrow is Columbus Day and that’s what you should expect. Edit: honestly I’ve no idea what’s going on. Apparently the national government doesn’t have any greater authority. I’m a bit pissed off because my employer said in the CBA it’s not a “national holiday” and I reluctantly accepted it. > In addition to the above holidays, any other day that may be appointed by the President of the United States as a National Holiday, the Governor of [State] and/or the Board of County Commissioners of [Name] County shall be a paid holiday for County employees. So honestly I’ve no idea what to think at this point. What’s the point of that being in the CBA if it means nothing because there the federal government doesn’t have the authority to set a National Holiday.


So ... cheap mattresses?


Even with national holidays, it's up to your company to do anything with it. Many places I worked when I was younger didn't give a rats ass about holidays.


>Federal and financials do. To celebrate this holiday of freedom from slavery the **bankers and government workers** will celebrate by having a day off. It's cool it's celebrated/recognized in an official capacity regardless, it's still a good thing, but just a touch off tone, like pulling the troops by 9-11 from Afghanastan.


Federal government. Us local government plebs will be right there with you bitching.


It's a Saturday, so yeah. 9-5ers get it off, service industry work it, like every other holiday.


Friday the 18th is the official observance day for this new National Holiday--I decided. (I worked in Hawaii for a few years and they have like...7 state holidays and everyone gets a three-day weekend a month--min.) Sigh...


My public sector employer posted a huge companywide email and made a public announcement about how amazing this new holiday is and how they’re on board and how it’s long overdue for recognition and how this employer is so smart for being proactive to point out what a great holiday it is But also that they’re not going to observe it


So, does that mean that Tomorrow, June 18th is a Federal holiday This Year since the actual new holiday falls on a Saturday?


yep. https://www.govexec.com/pay-benefits/2021/06/most-federal-employees-will-receive-friday-juneteenth/174796/?oref=ge-skybox-post


Yes. The federal courts are closed Friday.


Cool! Now we just need to work on doing the same for Election Day. So will we not be getting mail tomorrow, considering Fridays are reserved for federal holidays which land on a Saturday?


Oh no we will be delivering tomorrow and Saturday for sure.


Thank you for your service.


We really could just swap Columbus Day for Election Day no problem.


Or just mail out the ballots like Oregon and Colorado do, but that would make too much sense.


Mail carriers are union. I don't believe they'll get the day off by default unless it's in their contract.


I'm a postal clerk. The contract does specify which holidays we get, but we're negotiating a new contract starting in a few days. Carriers are a separate union, though. Not really sure why that is.


Nice, now make it a mandatory for all states to hold important elections then.




I get off every election day. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ah a voter of culture


That's what the privacy screens are for right?


>"the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November" This had much to do with farming, did it not?


Elections shouldn't be a one day thing. Election day should be a deadline like April 15 for taxes. Polls should be open for regular -- not early -- voting a week earlier


It already is. You’re free to go to your town hall to vote any time after the ballots are finalized.


You can early vote in many places, but polls to the scale of election days shouldn't be a one day deal. Also, some places have additional hoops for you to jump through for early voting. Plus, the "red mirage" which was fuel for the January 6th insurrection was caused by the distinction between early votes and regular votes The people who get holidays off are not the people who need a holiday to vote. People working in food and retail and other low wage jobs don't always get federal holidays off.


(In some places, availability may vary. Hours and access may vary by location. Please call your local town hall before intending to vote. Registration may be required. Permanent legal address and motor vehicle ID may be required for registration. Varying amounts of documentation may be required for PLA and MV ID. Please call in English, during business hours on weekdays, to an unmonitored number that hasn't been updated for specific details on how to obtain exceptions based on extenuating circumstances. Not available to all colors.)


Making something a national holiday doesn’t mean anything for the private sector.


Fuck that. Make elections a 14-30 day thing and make mail in voting a thing on the federal level that all states must implement. It’s impossible for everyone to have off a single day. So an election holiday is just a way for people with certain jobs to get a little more say over people with other kinds of jobs. Which just creates more imbalance and inequality. Let’s not create new barriers for people who want to vote like needing to qualify for holidays.


It would also be nice that the campaigning lasts 6 months or less. 2+ years of hype is not needed.


Campaigning starts 60 days before elections. The only money that can be spent is from a singular government fund paid for by taxes. The money is given to everyone on the same day at the same time and in equal amounts. Some more is released once a week until election. **No money outside of this fund can be used in any way for campaigning. It must be used to cover all advertisements, travel expenses and paid assistance.** Ballots themselves can be submitted by mail or voted on in person up to 30 days early. There, we have just fixes 70% of our nations problems.


Under this system, I really happen to like Candidate Billy. In fact, I agree with Candidate Billy’s policy positions and demeanor to such an extent that I am willing to spend large amounts of my personal wealth promoting them to others, even beyond the 50 day campaign time slot. Other Candidates have similar supporters who will do the same for them. Would this be allowed? If not, how would it avoid conflicting with the right to free speech?


Already covered under electioneering communications: https://www.opensecrets.org/527s/electioneering.php Basic break down, it counts as a contribution, counts towards the maximum you can spend annually on contributions and must be reported within 24 hours of expenditure. Can not be coordinated with the political individual, and corporations and unions can't air anything within 60 days of the election. Honestly we need to tighten up what counts as coordination, because as it stands right now they only consider in person talks coordination, but other than that already pretty much covers it.


>Q: Does this mean no corporate or union funds can be spent on ads just before an election? >A: No. The restriction on electioneering communications **applies only to broadcast ads**, which the Federal Election Commission defined as ads aired on radio or shown on television. Ads that appear in newspapers or magazines, on flyers, on the Web or anywhere else besides radio or television are not considered to be electioneering communications and may be paid for with corporate or union funds at any time before an election. Google, Facebook, and every newspaper are still free to air those campaign ads with no restrictions. Considering the dwindling number of people who still listen to broadcast media compared to anything online (and personalized content algorithms making online ads far more effective at reaching the desired audience thanks to Google), this law is becoming increasingly obsolete.


I would give 90 days, just for everyone who wants to vote to have time to research issues and candidates. Everything else though? Right on.


Side note: I love when people are bold and make clear and direct suggestions because I'm sure a shit not good at coming up with ideas, but you bet your sweet bippy I can constructively criticize other ones!


Mail in voting works really well. I live in the NW and we've been doing it for years. Being able to research those random ballot measures or local position candidates you've never heard of with all the time you want at home is great. It's so easy and avoids the matter of something going wrong with focusing on just one day for voting.


WA resident here. I love mail-in voting! It's one of my favorite things to be able to sit with my husband at home and drink a glass of wine while we research and discuss the ballot. Then we seal and sign them and I take it to a drop-off location the next day, and poof! Done!


Wouldn't making Election Day a holiday *really* benefit the people?


They want platitudes, not benefits. *Sorry it took two years longer than the rest of the country. Here! Have a day off on us! It's the most we could do!*


Healthcare plz


Back to work swine


Cool, I will always get my birthday off now.




“The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and justice” Timeless quote from Malcolm X


“As the nation, Negro and white, trembled with outrage at police brutality in the South, police misconduct in the North was rationalized, tolerated, and usually denied,” he wrote. Leaders in Northern and Western states “welcomed me to their cities, and showered praise on the heroism of Southern Negroes. Yet when the issues were joined concerning local conditions, only the language was polite; the rejection was firm and unequivocal.” - Martin Luther King


He also despised white liberals.


Who doesn’t. White liberals despise themselves lol


"If you stick a knife in my back 9 inches and pull it out 6 inches, that's not progress. If you pull it all the way out, that's not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. They haven't pulled the knife out; they won't even admit that it's there."


Its 2021, feels over reals.


[Oh right that's a 2021 thing, remember in 2016 when Newt Gingrich literally said feelings over facts?](https://youtu.be/xnhJWusyj4I)


I thought guy fucking died years ago.


"If you can't fix the entirety of a systemic social problem with a single piece of legislation right away, it's preferable that no change or adjustment is made in the meantime. It is, in fact, critical that any such effort be met with mockery and derision. Also, be sure to lump in the millions of people actively working towards your stated goals on your behalf with the people who are actively working against them and you, that will help generate tons of fun cynical comments on reddit, which everyone knows helps change things faster." -Anonymous


• **”The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and justice”** This encapsulates why Spike Lee’s two films about angry White people and messages of reform (‘Do the Right Thing,’ ‘Black Klansman’) lost Best Picture wins to two soft-fluff films about a fantasy racial “friendship” that makes White racists sympathetic (‘Driving Ms. Daisy’, ‘Green Book’).


Well to be fair, the academy awards are a bullshit popularity contest by hollywood executives/elites. This is why shit like Shakespeare in Love and Crash won Best Picture when there much better picks for those years; but I get your point.


Omg I feel the mattress sales coming


But America hasn't abolished slavery yet - It's just restricted. So maybe first pass a law abolishing slavery.


Not that I am against it but Election Day would have been better to do. If they wanted to show their respect, granting a solid chance to voice themselves in an election without possible repercussions from work is far better option. Should also be a paid day off for everyone. Not every state has laws protecting them from taking time off and if they do, it doesn’t protect lost wages from not working. Someone else got that shift. Too many work pay check to pay check. Regardless of reason for being in that position, voicing yourself in the election should be top priority for all citizens. This just seems like theater to make them happy without actually impacting them in the US society. It’s like a participation award. We acknowledge you but all you got is this day off for all you went through.


There are still children in cages and slavery in America.


All I care about. Do I get that day off now?


If you work for the government then yes.


I work for a non-profit atm and we actually got it off as well. I live in D.C. though so ymmv


But it's at a private business' discretion whether they want offer PTO for Juneteenth, yeah? I always thought federal holidays were PTO across the board.


Most of the US has no protections for federal or state holidays for employees. Employers are not forced to pay employees. You can take unpaid leave or PTO, but they don't have to just outright give you a paid holiday. Most places just don't recognize the holiday and just don't pay you. And then there's the difference between federal, state and local holidays. I'm a government worker and there's holidays that state workers get, that I don't get.


There's no requirement for a private business to give you any kind of holiday pay or days off on holidays. Some companies do follow the government and give the same holidays but certainly not all.


I've worked at a lot of different places and a good way to tell how much they give a shit about their workers is by how many of the ten (11 now) federal holidays they pay me for


I feel this 100%, but would extend the standard to how much PTO is provided in general. I've always worked in some sort of service or manufacturing position where the work requires nearly 7 days of attention, so some holidays just can't be granted or guaranteed. BUT! If I'm compensated properly with time off elsewhen, I can handle that. Do I need Juneteenth off? Labor Day? President's day? No, it would be nice for sure but I'm cool with tacking on an extra day around Thanksgiving or New Years as well.


Well, there were 10 federal holidays, now 11, and I know my company only pays us for 5 of them (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).


Sir this is a Wendy's


Then sadly no


Best I can do for you is a Juneteenth sale at your local Walmart. Prices so good you'll swear slavery never ended


What you will get for sure, is another day all businesses will exploit to get you to buy their shit.




Thank God I can't afford to buy their shit


Hey Reddit, try not to over think everything, okay?




Jesus I couldn't even tell lol


r/UpliftingNews: “How can I make sure I walk away from this article more cynical than I was ten minutes ago?”


This is nice, now please make Election Day a federal holiday.


It's kinda weird how Juneteenth of all potential days became *the* end-of-slavery holiday. It's only really relevant in Texas history (it's the day that the Union occupation force arrived in Galveston and proclaimed the enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation), and it wasn't even the end of slavery in the US; that wouldn't come until December 6th, 1865, when the 13th amendment was properly ratified and abolished slavery in the non-Confederate slaveowning states. It feels like, I dunno, celebrating V-E day as the sole "end of WW2" holiday.


The significance is that it was when the final proclamation was made, which just so happened to be in Texas. It was at that point, under the Union, that the major change had begun. It’s what some black folk have celebrated for generations, so let us have it the same now that it’s an official national holiday. It’s no different than saying America was founded in 1776 when the constitution and bill of rights didn’t get ratified until 1788. Edit: Where are y’all seeing me say every black person in America celebrates it lmao Edit 2: Confusion found, clarification edit made


Or that July 4th is independence day even though most members of congress signed the declaration on July 2nd. We celebrate the fourth because a year later, nobody remembered it was the anniversary of the signing until July 3rd, so they decided to celebrate the next day.


Source? Bc this sounds completely made up. Congress officially adopted the declaration on July 4th, which is why we celebrate it. But most delegates didn’t sign it until August 2nd


Actually, most of the declaration was signed on August 2nd, not July.


>it's what black folk celebrate Of the 50 or so black people I work with (in CA) literally not one of them had ever even heard of it before last year. It's a lot more regional than you seem to think. I think it's great that we're making a holiday to celebrate the end of slavery, but this isn't some universal 'black' holiday that the rest of the country has been ignoring.


December 6 I think may be a bit too close to pearl harbor to qualify it for a “yay” celebration. But I understand your point.


That is the sound of all the woke tech companies letting out a collective groan as they are no longer ahead of the curve