1975 Country - Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams 🤩🤩🤩


Why is it limited to US members ? It's not like giving credit is a hard thing to do for international members...


It’s the different legalities for different countries related to running competitions that are the issue, not the process to apply the prize. It’s a shame…


'97 Essential: Blur - Blur, or Verve - Urban Hymns '89 Hip-hop: Jungle Brothers - Done By The Forces Of Nature (spread out onto 2 LP's would be nice)


'99 Essentials could also be Blur - 13. Great album of theirs that doesn't have a widely available repress.


Do not get my hopes up like this.


That would be awesome


God I hope this is true.


All of these.




I'll rejoin for the jbs


Either of those choices would be killer.


Now that De La Soul has rights to their music, and VMP has done 3 of their other albums, it's a perfect time to drop Stakes is High for 1996 and repress all the others and get De La the $$$ they long have deserved.


All fingers crossed! Although I think the fact the legal issues were only resolved very recently might mean it’s perhaps too soon for VMP to have secured rights, go to pressing etc…


Country (1992): Uncle Tupelo, March 16-20, 1992?! I wouldn’t be mad.


That's a great album! I'd get a second copy.


There was a ton of great hip hop album in 96


1999: The Get Up Kids - Something to Write Home About 1997: Harvey Danger - Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? 2012: Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials


My greatest wish for Essentials: 1999 - The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I


Hoping for Dr. Octagon, Lost Boyz, or Xzibit for '96 HH.


Some wishful thinking for essentials: **1999**: • Boredoms - *Vision Creation Newsun* • The Olivia Tremor Control - *Black Foliage: Animation Music, vol. 1* • Sigur Rós - *Ágætis byrjun* **2012:** • Black Moth Super Rainbow - *Cobra Juicy* • Ty Segall Band - *Slaughterhouse* • The Brian Jonestown Massacre - *Aufheben* **1997:** • Ween - *The Mollusk* • Super Furry Animals - *Radiator* • Mogwai - *Mogwai Young Team* • Supergrass - *In It for the Money*


Young Team please please please please


In It For The Money just had a pretty good rerelease, so that's not likely


Everyone of those albums would be great, so obviously it won't be any of them.


Ty Segall is a machine


There’s a 20th anniversary massive boxset for Agaetis Byrjun that’s beautiful. They also just did a Krunk label repress of it like less than 6 months ago so I’d count that out.


Now this is a good list. Used to play vision creation newsun on repeat.


That run of essentials will probably keep me subscribed for three more months, been hoping for more rock/alt/indie stuff. Haven't started look at what's come out those years but generally speaking it seems promising.


Yeah they may have just pulled me back in for another three months.


Everyone throwing out Mary Chapin is getting my hopes up! 😬


We can only the 1975 Country album is Waylon’s Dreaming my Dreams


Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let the 1999 Essentials be Midnite Vultures.


1999 -Beulah - When your heartstrings break.


I'm hoping for any Beulah.


I don't think VMP is where we're gonna get our beulah reissues, unless it's part of a large elephant 6 anthology.


An Elephant 6 anthology, yes!


Some Indie Rock guesses: 1999 - Beck-Midnite Vultures, Built to Spill, Ben Folds 5, Frank Black, Counting Crows 2012 - Japandroids, Sleigh Bells, Mountain Goats, Divine Fits, Shins, Titus Andronicus, Lotus Plaza, DIIV 1997 - Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, Cornershop, Verve, Primal Scream, Pavement, Ween, Ben Folds 5


1997 - The Mollusk by Ween would be an amazing pick. Don't see it happening though...


Me either. But we can dream.


I've been dreaming of how great it would be if VMP did a "The Story of Ween" box set.


Why not. I know Ween vinyl of good quality is hard to come by, but is there a specific history that would prevent VMP from obtaining the rights to something from their catalog? I had a pressing of Mollusk from Plain I believe and it was predictably atrocious.


Fair point. I have no reason at all to believe that VMP couldn't obtain the licence to press The Mollusk. I really hope they do. That album and the band that made it deserve as much exposure as possible and it fits the bill perfectly as an "Essential" record in any collection in my honest opinion. I suppose I'm just trying to temper my own expectations when I say I don't see it happening, but believe me, I would literally jump for joy if one of my favourite albums of all time were to get the VMP treatment. I'm lucky enough to own an original (Mushroom) pressing which sell for crazy money these days - it's the only decent version available on vinyl right now, so a VMP pressing would (hopefully) address that issue once and for all. I also have the Plain version and it really doesn't float my boat! ;D


Oh, I understand now. I wasn't trying to make a point, I just found it curious why Ween albums weren't getting more pressings.


Built to Spill - Keep it Like a secret is a real possibility, it could be considered an essential for sure. Counting Crows is not in any way indie rock. Sleighs Bells is a good guess too, in needs a repress.


Midnite Vultures was the first to come to mind for me. Please be true!!! ​ I'd also settle for BF5


2012 could be Cloud Nothings as well. But YLT I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One?!?!? I'd be dead


I know it said "Indie ROCK", but Beach House Bloom (2012) 10 year anniv. for February to go along with Once Twice Melody?


I wish, but they already did Beach House's *Devotion* for Essentials.


I think if it's considered essential, they would break their rule. Great username btw.


Beck did say in March that it was getting a reissue very soon.


Could 1997 be The Lonesome Crowded West?


I wouldn't complain if it was! Love that album!


That would certainly qualify as an "essential".


Oh, man. As soon as I get out, they suck me back in again.


I have midnite vultures but it’d be nice for everyone else to get one, prices are a ridiculous at the moment, which is sad for such a great album. P.S. Debra is the greatest love song of all time.


I wanna get with you And your sister 🥺😩🥰❤️


I would fux with some Built to Spill


99’ Beck Midnight Vultures would be neat. Also Counting Crows have little to no pressings…good calls


This Desert Life would be incredible


Beck has already been in essentials, so we can count him out.


I wouldn't be so sure about that. They've broken that rule numerous times. Actually, they've broken it for hip-hop, maybe not Essentials?


I thought the only time they’ve broken the no doubling up of an artist was Outkast on RHH? When they did that, they said something about it could happen on the side tracks, but they have no plans to ever double up on Essentials.


Yeah, I think you're right. If they were ever gonna break the rule for Essentials, though, Midnite Vultures would be a good reason to do it.


They did Japandroids as a ROTM way back


While they could always change their "rules" VMP already did Beck's Odelay for Essentials a few years back. Recently VMP said they wouldn't repeat an artist in Essentials, but would consider doing repeats in other tracks (which is why we've gotten two OutKasts in the Hip-Hop track, but only one in Essentials) If VMP were to do Midnite Vultures, it'd either be as an Exclusive... or put it in Hip-Hop for shits and giggles.


If 96 hh is stakes is high i may sub for 4 copies


hip hop HAS to be joey bada$$$ 1999 for 2012.... DEAR GOD PLEASE


Still kicking myself for not picking it up when it was on sale for $20. "I can always buy it later, " I thought.


My vote for 1989 rap album are: No more Mr Nice Guy -Gang Starr Road to Riches -Kool G Rap It's a Big Daddy Thing -BDK


If I had my wish... 1999 - Sloan - Between the Bridges 2012 - Tame Impala - Lonerism 1997 - Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One


Another 1989 RHH guess, Geto Boys "Grip It! On That Other Level". It has never been released on vinyl. Great album too.


The fact that the HH 2012 could be so many amazing projects but at the same time could be something meh is so heartbreaking


Hip-Hop: released in 96, 89, 2012. Well none are fucking Gravediggaz’ 6 Feet Deep and that is a fucking *ABOMINATION*


6 feet is the height of 1.05 'Samsung Side by Side; Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Refrigerators' stacked on top of each other.


My guesses/hopes for Essentials: 1997: Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West 1999: Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I 2012: Chromatics - Kill For Love


Please don't give me hope for Lonesome Crowded West, that would be (almost literally) too good to be true.


If one of the 1992 Country picks is Iris Dement's Infamous Angel... I'll probably just die from happiness


This would be so great. I have a copy of the Plain Recordings release of this album, and it's a shame that it is in such low supply that people on discogs would pay $150+ for a subpar pressing. Plain Recordings releases are known for sourcing their reissues poorly, and this example is especially bad. I would LOVE a new pressing from a superior master source.


Would y’all consider DJ Shadow - Entroducing a hip hop album?


Just did a reissue, tho.


A damn fine reissue at that


Essentials: 99: Ágætis byrjun or Keep it Like a Secret would be amazing (I would completely lose it if it was Midnite Vultures, but I'm not sure that qualifies as indie rock) 12: Kill for Love would be incredible. Could also see it being Lonerism or Celebration Rock. 97: Probably Lonesome Crowded West (Modest Mouse has a few reissues coming out soon, so this tracks), but would be so stoked for Songs from Northern Britain, Young Team, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.


Passion Pit 2012 pls!!




Hell yes, I’d definitely resub for this one


If RHH 1996 ain’t Reasonable Doubt, it better be Nocturnal. 🤞🏼


I’d also be cool with Legal Drug Money.


I would be happy with some Lost Boyz!


Reasonable Doubt would definitely be in Essentials though


Zero chance it is Jay-Z.


Hip Hop 2012-Cruel Summer


No shot, as much as I wish it was that. They wouldn't do a Kanye album or do a mixtape/various artists. I don't work for VMP or anything I just know there's a 0% chance of that happening


Indie Rock 97’ has me thinking Modest Mouse or Yo La Tengo. 2012, Japandroids. 99’ is a wild card. Edit: Shot in the dark ‘Vocal Jazz’: Sarah Vaughn - In the Land of Hi-Fi (1955)


mogwai's "young team" only had pressings in 1997 and then a 4xlp box set in 2008. any vinyl version on discogs is going for $200 or more. similar argument could be made for mogwai's "come on die young" from 1999 too! (with slightly lower prices) these are also the two titles in mogwai's 25+ year catalog that i would consider essential.


I NEEEEED Young Team!


Rock Action is essential. So is Happy Songs.. and Mr. Beast


Built to Spill would work for 97 or 99. Emergency & I for 99 would be fun.


The real BTS


I would lose my shit if they repress The Lonesome Crowded West. Been trying to find that for less than $70


really hope it's Sarah Vaughan!


>Sarah Vaughn - In the Land of Hi-Fi (1955) I think you got a real solid chance of being right on this one. That "depends on how you count" bits tricky tho.


They already did Celebration Rock


I wonder if 2012 for indie rock could be tame impala as well?


I'd be shocked if it was Tame Impala. Their records are readily available just about everywhere


That criteria has never stopped them before tbh. Veckatimest ain’t exactly rare, and neither was Phoenix when they did that.


Essentials Here are my picks 1999 - Jimmy Eat World - Clarity (Would rather have Midnight Vultures, but they don’t do an artist twice. 2012 - Jack White - Blunderbluss 1997 - Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West


Graham Coxon for 2012?


Long shot guess for the blues classics choice: Buddy Guy- Sweet Tea. Fantastic album and, if you count live albums, I think you could argue that it is his 17th. Came out in 2001, though. Is that too late for a Classics release?


Essentials: 1997- Elliot Smith Either/Or 1999- Beck Midnight Vultures 2012- Japandriods- Celebration Rock (Vancouver, yeah)


For Country: ‘75 - Either RHINESTONE COWBOY or OLD NO. 1 ‘92 - LOTTA BOUT LIVIN and I’m with the other VMPwr who suggested Iris Demint INFAMOUS ANGEL


‘75 could also be Kris Kristofferson’s Who’s to Bless and who’s to blame


I'm hoping for Guy Clark, and Gary Stewart would be my #2 choice.


Classics: Vocal- Nina Simone at Town Hall Disco Funk- Chic- C’est Chic Blues- Eric Clapton- Just One Night (a stretch, but add up The Yardbirds, Cream and solo work)


I’m hoping for essentials it’ll be pavement - terror twilight (1999), tame impala - lonerism (2012), stereolab - dots and loops (1997) Disco funk in Classics maybe chic - c’est chic


The recent Dot and Loops reissue sounds great and is about $32 for a 3Lp.


Terror Twilight seems like a stretch in terms of an essential, even as far as pavement records go. It’s probably got the most mass appeal but that’s because it’s the least Pavement and most Malkmus.


I hope 1989 rap is Biz Markie. And for 1975 country, how about Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy.


New hints today? I’m so ready for them!


I'd love 3rd Bass or Big Daddy Kane for hip-hop 1989 (or EPMD/Beastie Boys but I've already got them)


Alt-J's "An Awesome Wave" is a 2012 indie rock possibility, too. I love that album and the art could make for a nice deluxe version. They have a new album out in February, too.


That album could use a remaster as well. The version I have is junk.




This would get me to sign back up in a heartbeat.


Hip-Hop 1996: Illadelph Halflife, Dr. Octagonecologyst, All Eyez On Me, It Was Written, Reasonable Doubt, Endtroducting, Hell on Earth, The Coming, Legal Drug Money, Infinite, Nocturnal, Stakes is High, At the Speed of Life 1989: Paul’s Boutique, Road to the Riches, Noone Can Do it Better, Unfinished Business, Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip-Hop, It’s a Big Daddy Thing, No More Mr Nice Guy, The Biz Never Sleeps, All Hail the Queen, Done by the Forces of Nature 2012: Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, The Idea of Beautiful, Mic Tyson, Skelethon, Live From the Underground, A Dream Deferred, The Money Store, Welcome to Our House, 1999, Breakfast, Straight No Chaser, Jesus Piece, Dice Game, Strange Clouds, Pluto, Rare Chandaliers, Obviously a lot more it could be here, but figured this is a good start. 2012 is TOUGH. I didn’t even add mixtapes like ‘Habits & Contradictions’ or ‘Control System’, because there’s a ton more of those it could be too possibly if samples are cleared by now..


I don’t see them doing Good Kid, Maad City since it’s so widely available (although the only pressings they have are only good at best)


I’d love a sick pressing of GKMC with alternate art, and including Cartoons & Cereal🤞🏻


Nocturnal, plz. Also, I really hope they do re-release All Hail the Queen 😂


VMP will not do Nas


Reasonable doubt


Seems like Reasonable Doubt would be big enough to go to Essentials rather than Hip Hop, right?


Yeah I think if I had it my way it would be Reasonable Doubt, Road to the Riches and Habits and Contradictions


Country: George Strait - Pure Country (1992) Alan Jackson - A Lot About Livin’ (1992) Garth Brooks - The Chase (1992) Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger (1975) Guy Clark - Old No.1 (1975) David Allan Coe - Once Upon A Rhyme (1975) These are just my guesses.. Update: Johnny Paycheck - Take this job and shove it (1975) Gary Stewart - Out Of Hand (1975)


I am betting Old No.1 as that's' been due for a while and another album of his also just got repressed. Could also be Dreaming My Dreams from Waylon


I bet it’s Waylon


I'm guessing Alan Jackson and Mary Chapin Carpenter. I'd be ok with that for sure. For 1975, I'd love the Guy Clark. You also got Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams, which would be great.


I’m thinking guy Clark as well I still feel they would hold out for honky tonk heroes for Waylon but dreaming my dreams would be a great choice too


There’s no way they already repeat Willie


Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too.


Gary would be awesome


Would love Guy Clark.


Guy Clark would be amazing and I have been trying to snag an affordable copy lately. Another big hitter from 1975 that I would love would be Terry Allen's - Juarez. Also hard to find an affordable copy.


Country Guesses: 1992 - Lyle Lovett - Joshua Judges Ruth 1975 - Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger 1992 - Emmylou Harris - At the Ryman


No way they'll repeat Willie and Emmylou already, right? I would love any Lyle, though!


How far apart were the Dolly albums? A year? Red Headed Stranger seems like such a needed no brainer. And nothing of Lyle's has been re-released on vinyl so it would be perfect!


True, but Jolene was before they had a dedicated country track. There is a massive pool of awesome country to pull from, so it would be sort of a bummer to see them repeat artists so quickly.


And Jolene was not a record of the month, if i recall. It was just an exclusive


Depending on how you count? Top clue.


😂 I’m presuming it includes live albums in the total. Me personally, I count on my toes.


Probably none of these are going to be it for Essentials, but I’d be so happy to see: 1999 - Built to Spill, “Keep It Like A Secret” OR My Morning Jacket, “The Tennessee Fire” 2012 - The Vaccines, “Come of Age” (mostly for “I Always Knew”, otherwise it’s just an okay album) 1997 - anything, really. Maybe Pavement or Yo La Tengo would be sweet, it’d be dope if Apples In Stereo got a reissue too and was the start of an Elephant 6 reissue series. EDIT: I know it won’t happen but a reissue of 69 Love Songs would be AMAZING.


I'd be so happy if it was Keep it Like a Secret. What a huge album.


it would be out of left field, but it would be cool if there was an Elephant 6 repressing amongst the indie rock essentials


I’ve been submitting Beulah for consideration by VMP for a year or two. Hoping that would be an option. Heartstrings, Coast, or Yoko would all be great options with not a lot of availability on vinyl. Plus Miles Kurosky is supposedly working on a new album. Apples In Stereo wouldn’t be a bad option either.


Her Wallpaper Reverie for 1999 would be INCREDIBLE!


Olivia Tremor Control!


Any of these would be great but I'm guessing it will be way closer to the mainstream. Beulah would be perfect.


2012 HH - ScHoolboy Q Habits & Contradictions


That would be amazing. I have the boot of it and it sounds REALLY good, but an actual official pressing would be great.


RHH - I would love to see any of the following: 1996: De La Soul ‘Stakes is High’ (although the only recent masters development may mean too soon), Busta Rhymes ‘The Coming’ or A Tribe Called Quest ‘Beats, Rhymes and Life’ 1989: Gang Starr ’No More Mr Nice Guy’ or Kool G Rap and DJ Polo ‘Road to the Riches’ 2012: Brother Ali ‘Mourning in America and Dreaming in Colour’ or Murs and 9th Wonder ‘The Final Adventure’


1989 The DOC - No One Can Do it Better 1996 - Mobb deep - Hell on Earth 2012 - Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers


Stakes would get me back in.


1989 - LL Cool J - Walking with a Panther. That would be a dope pick!


Sooo many good ‘89 HH potentials! Kwame, Pauls Boutique, Gang Starr, Boogie Down Productions, EPMD, Biz Markie, Jungle Bros. That’s def my generation. 1996 needs to be Kool Keith, Tribe or Foxy Brown.


You can buy all the atcq albums from getondown.com 🤷‍♂️


Worst presses ever is what they make


I’ve never had to return a getondown release due to poor pressing quality even though I have a bought a bunch of their titles over the years (maybe I’m lucky?). I am new to VMP but have had problems with 2/4 records, although for what it’s worth, VMP has great customer service.


Your story is the exact same experience I have except vice versa with these two company's haha


Some Hip-Hop guesses: 1996 - Busts Rhymes, Roots, Nas, De La Soul, Dr. Octagon 1986 - EPMD, Boogie Down, Jungle Brothers, 3rd Bass, Big Daddy Kane 2012 - El-P, Aesop Rock, Death Grips


I don’t think they would do ATLiens a second time


Well, technically they are…


If they do Cancer 4 Cure before any pressing of Fantastic Damage happens then that is an absolute travesty. Cancer 4 Cure can easily be purchased through Fat Possum's website for like $20. Not sure on the quality, but it's still there.


Fantastic Damage had some sample clearance issues. El-p was working through them as of earlier this year, so they’ve probably got a slot for it whenever it’s ready. A funcrusher plus re-release is in the same position, supposedly.


I think unless midnite vultures is making an appearance I’m out for the next 3 months. No straight up jazz again in classics is disappointing


Hip-Hop: 2012 AB-SOUL - CONTROL SYSTEM. Never had a vinyl release. This would be a killer choice.


Ooof I hope it’s this


Couple other people suggested ScHoolboy’s H&C which would be good too, but Control System is an incredible album. Wanted it on wax for years. Terrorist Threats and Illuminate on vinyl, god damn!


Strongly agree man that would be a lovely birthday present as it’s in January haha, let’s hope eh! I’ve been happy with the RHH for a while so have high hopes…


For the hip-hop pick for 1996 I would love a Nice 2LP repress of Eazy-E's Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton. This album desperately needs a repress but unfortunately I don't think it will happen


I'd buy it. But no chance VMP are touching that one.


I'd let my membership lapse about six months ago, and there haven't been a ton of releases since that have drawn me back. But these hints have me excited. **When should I sign up so that I'm eligible for first shot at the January picks, but not obligated to the December picks?**




Thank you!


99 indie: blur 13 (licensing is probably prohibitive) dismemberment plan - emergency & i pavement - terror twilight (unlikely, matador keeps it in press) bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness built to spill - keep it like a secret low - secret name (just repressed, doesn't make sense) mogway - cody sleater-kinney hot rock (they've done sleater-kinney before, but....) jim o'rourke - eureka low - christmas (topical for december but not otherwise....) wilco - summerteeth (unlikely imo -- the licensing on it must be a fortune) of montreal - gay parade olivia tremor control - black foliage cibo matto - stereo type a If I had to guess the Jim O'Rourke or Cibo Matto would be my guesses


They already did Wilco's AM, so summerteeth is out


Here for the OTC love


1989: Hip Hop —Heavy D & the Boyz : Big Tyme


89 could also be Biz Markie. A lot of Marley Marl in the choices.


O'Jays - Ship Ahoy for the Classics Disco Funk pick.


Would be great, but that's their 7th album, not 2nd.


Lots of potential here. Sounds like I'll be rejoining soon. Especially if 99 indie is Midnight Vultures.


97 essential - Yo La Tengo 'I can Hear the Heart Beat. . .", Mogwai "Young Team", Built to Spill 'Perfect from now on"


Please be Ironman GFK 👐


What about OK Computer for 1997? Seems if Beck classifies as indie Radiohead should


“All 3 are ‘indie rock’” is kinda disappointing for an essentials track and not and ‘alt/indie track’.


Just gonna throw out my wishlist pick for the RHH 2012 being a reissue of Curren$y's The Stoned Immaculate.


Country: Wynonna, Waylon Jennings, Dreaming My Dreams, Alan Jackson, A Lot About Livin Tho I’d love to see Lucinda and/or The Jayhawks fill those 92 slots (Sweet Old World and Hollywood Town Hall)


Considering it’s never been released on vinyl, Sweet Old World would be amazing. Have HTH, but it’s my favourite Jayhawks album, so definitely wouldn’t complain about a nice reissue.


Hollywood Town Hall Kevin Gray just got repressed so it isn't that


Some great possibilities for the 1992 country release John Michael Montgomery- Life’s a Dance(never released on vinyl) Alan Jackson- A Lot About Livin’(never released on vinyl) George Strait-Holding My Own(1 club release. Copies go for $100+) George Strait- Pure Country Soundtrack(only released on vinyl 2017. Now out of print and impossible to get) Clint Black- The Hard Way(never released on vinyl) Vince Gill- I Still Believe in You(never released on vinyl) Mark Chesnutt- Longnecks & Short Stories (never released on vinyl) John Anderson- Seminole Wind(never released on vinyl) Sawyer Brown- The Dirt Road(never released on vinyl) Mary Chapin Carpenter- Come On Come On(only release on vinyl in the Netherlands. Copies go for $100+)