An EF2 tornado hit the area of Upper Dublin and Horsham Pennsylvania in early September

An EF2 tornado hit the area of Upper Dublin and Horsham Pennsylvania in early September

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>"An EF2 tornado hit the area of Upper Dublin and Horsham Pennsylvania September 1, 2021. This caused severe damage to the area. The video was recorded from a dash camera inside a tractor-trailer. The driver escaped with very minor injuries, mainly from being secured in place by the seatbelt."


You can see the driver at the end, hands still on the wheel.


White knuckling the fuck out of it too I’m sure.


The ER had to surgically remove the wheel from his hands.


those were the minor injuries


did the wheel make it


It was in wheely bad condition when it arrived at the hospital, unfortunately it's now steering its way to the afterlife.


Dude didn't make a sound the whole time


LOL. I didn't watch it till the end and didn't know it tipped and thought "how the hell did he get minor injuries!?"


I live around there this was caused by Ida. It was crazy, there are portions where the road was filled with mud and rocks. A place near where I work had a land slide and a load of rocks and mud came down the road and destroyed a state road because the water went under the road and washed it away. Another part water came rushing down a hill and pushed a one lane bridge off its foundation. Was a pretty crazy storm.


Huh. Wasn't expecting to see what it was like to be like *in the actual path* of the tornado. Also, holy shit.


I live only a few minutes from this. The damage was devastating and you can see the path that the tornado took when driving by Welsh and Norristown roads. A once full field of trees was completely ripped up and weeks after there is still debris everywhere. My area was spared, but the entire day was touch and go due to the constant warnings from the EBS. We had some pretty bad flooding, but mainly only the roads were impacted, not my house luckily.


This intersection is between my parent's house and grandmother's house near 309, and they were about to drive home almost exactly when this happened but decided to turn back on a whim -- folks around us were not prepared for this, and it being right after work drove so many people to just push through and stay on the roads


I live only a mile or two away from where the vid is, crazy to see Horsham on my frontpage but even crazier to see an entire wooded area get stripped like it's nothing


Driving down towards the slip ramp onto 276W is a fucking trip, so many trees completely uprooted. Luckily most of the houses in the area weren't torn down, despite a ton of siding and parts of roofs ripped off.


That was an EF2. Now imagine the damage path that the EF5 that hit Joplin a decade ago left.


Is the tornado scale linear or log (like the richter scale)?


Mostly linear, slight curve to it. [More info here.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enhanced_Fujita_scale) Essentially, the faster the wind speeds, the wider the damage path, the higher the rating. An EF-5 has a damage path well over a mile wide.


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With how frequently we've been seeing stronger and stronger tornadoes the last two years, I hope we never have to experience something like that.


Climate change


I pass right through there on my way to work. It's crazy how different the horizon looks with all those trees gone.


It was really jarring the first time I saw it. Each time since it's still unbelievable.


I live right near Norristown and Witmer, shit was way too fucking close for comfort. On top of that, my wife and daughter were stuck at the Neshaminy Mall parking lot when the one that went through Bensalem about two months ago. I've told her she is a tornado magnet.


I am not joking when I say this - I was at broken goblet for gobfest that afternoon and was driving back through Bensalem when it hit. I have video of me and a few friends driving through downed power lines with insane winds and zero visibility. I didn't know it was a tornado, but a straight-line wind. Looks like I may be in the tornado magnet club as well!


Fort Washington area was quite bad by the train station.


I work at the BMW dealer there and watched it go through our back lot. We got the warning and thought it was a joke. Never thought I’d be that close to a tornado in my life.


Yeah I have family over that way. Luckily their house wasn't damaged but a nearby neighborhood got ripped apart.


Same on susquehanna rd. I don't know if they're still doing it but on some side streets off of susquehanna, the police closed down the streets unless you could show your ID with your address on it. People were looting the devastated houses for copper piping.


That's insane. I try to stay away from the news so I had no idea. Is anyone reporting on this?


I honestly don't know. A friend of mine had heard it in the news, I don't really watch the news either. If you really wanna find out if they're doing that, just drive down one of those side street and see if you get stopped.


The whole time I was waiting for that flip. It must be terrifying being in a big rig in high winds, let alone a tornado. And this is “just” an EF2 tornado ... nature is humbling.


If you drive through Wyoming enough you'll see them tipped over on the highway just from normal winds


I think about that too often. The tales of Wyoming highways are haunting. Add snow and I’m DONE FOR.


I've only drove through Wyoming once, but when I did, I saw these HUGE snow fences near highways that were several stories tall. Thank goodness I was there in July.


Even in my little Subaru driving through Wyoming was crazy. The winds were blowing me all over the road. Can't imagine having to drive that in an unloaded big rig. Might as well strap a sail to ye


"Normal" for Wyoming at least.


Lol can confirm. Drove about 500 miles in WY this year and there were 20+ mph winds for probably half of the time I was driving there.


500 miles is 2570830.67 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.


That looks bad. That looks really bad! Holy shit! That’s awful!!


Crazy seeing this on here. I live in the direct path of this tornado and was one of the people cowering in their basements when it tore through our beautiful neighborhood. This is in no way a common occurrence around here. We were not prepared for this level of destruction. The community is hurt very very badly. People have been living out of nearby hotels, sending their kids to far away schools in uber because our houses and schools are ruined. And if you drive about a quarter mile away from the path it's as if nothing even happened, the most bizarre feeling in the world. Most of my pictures are shit because we were all in shock in the immediate aftermath but [here's a before and after](http://imgur.com/a/5rAVaR9) that a neighbor shared with me. Those trees turned into bombs and missiles, splintering and launching themselves into everyones houses. Hopefully anyone else from the area reading this thread is doing OK. There are others out here going through this with you and we all feel the same way


what would happen if this was in Dublin,ireland?


The weather radio announcer would have a fun accent


111-135mph winds, to hear Europeans talk, all their houses and stuff would survive EF4's no problem and survive Cat4/5 hurricanes on the beach with minimal damage because they build out of bricks, it's why there are 500 year old houses still standing over there...yep thats the reason...brick ^^/s


how long will it take for us to match this incredible technology?!


Yeah that’s what I was expecting too.


We'd not have a fuckin' clue what to do. The country shut down twice in the past 5 years for a baby blizzard and the remnants of a hurricane that became a tropical storm.


He was smart to just wait it out there.


He should have driven in really fast circles counterclockwise to the tornado’s twist. It’s the only way to outwit a tornado — by playing its game.


Was he? Couldn't he have tried to take shelter under the gas station pavillion? Not trying to be rude or anything but curious what the best course of action is in this kind of situation.


Best course is to drive into a ditch or somewhere low. Low center of gravity makes you less likely to get sucked up, also kind of puts a semi wall around you if its a large ditch. Driving into the gas station is just waiting for more debris to slam into you/fall on your vehicle not to mention shatter the windows. If that's not available them staying where you are is better than trying to outrun a tornado if you don't know it's direction. You might be driving along side it.




They said drive into a ditch, not get out and walk to one You're almost certainly better off staying in your car


Interesting. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I'm sure a bunch of people could benefit from this information in the future.


What if the pavilion falls down?


His vehicle would still be upright 🤷‍♀️


I think it would be worse to be moving. Speed would have made the inevitable turnover worse.


u/Ornstein90 sorted me out but I appreciate your thoughts too. What a situation to be in!


Username does not check out.




I'm wondering if he could have just turned facing the wind and gotten low or something to stop it from tipping over.


The danger in a tornado is horizontal winds blowing shit around and ripping stuff to shreds, despite the popular image of being sucked up. A gas station pavilion won't shelter you from anything. and is in fact one of the most dangerous places you could ever be, It's more likely to just collapse or be torn off and crush you. You're safest under something that isn't likely to collapse, a highway overpass, culvert, or, if there's nothing else, even a ditch.is better than under a weak structure like a pavilion. The correct course of action here was indeed to stay in the car though, it was too close to take shelter.


This is almost entirely incorrect, and to a dangerous degree. >popular image of being sucked up Tornadic cyclones do indeed have a lifting component to their winds, and can also have suction vortices embedded within the parent funnel (easily viewable in any video of the 2.6 mile wide el reno tornado, as one prominent example). A central factor in tornadic winds is their ability to lift structures off the ground - modern buildings in tornado alley are actually anchoring roofs much more tightly against vertical lift to increase their chances of staying on if they're impacted. Were this not the case, a 185mph hurricane would be expected to wreak a massive damage path similar to an ef4 tornado where it makes landfall, but we don't see close to the localized damage because hurricane winds *are* horizontal. >You're safest under... Highway overpass This is actually perhaps one of the most *dangerous* places to be in a tornado, because the overpass can act as a funnel for the wind wind which can *increase* wing speeds. Go to any storm chasing guide, SPC alert, spotter course, or modern research paper on tornado science and they explicitly say *never* to take cover in an overpass, it's worse than being in the middle of nowhere AND you can cause a traffic jam by parking at the overpass which both blocks people fleeing and also can prevent rescuers from using major arteries to respond to the disaster.


Wow, the way that telephone pole is bending before he flips. 😬


Isn't that a fish-eye artifact?


Yes you can see it bend more as soon as the pole gets close to the edge of the camera field of view.


Excluding that guy recording, I can’t believe how many people are still on the road in the middle of a tornado. I get that not everyone can leave their vehicle in time, or they get caught off guard. But too many amateur tornado spotters and thrill seekers take a chance with their lives. I grew up in Nebraska and had to take shelter once or twice a year because of tornadoes. They’re nothing to mess with.


It’s Pennsylvania - folks around here often don’t understand what tornado watches and warnings mean, or what a Fujita scale is, nor do they have any frame of reference to comprehend what a tornado is even capable of. “If I see one I’ll drive away from it.” That’s how you get all those people on the road during a tornado warning.


This past summer I was driving home and got caught in an area where there were multiple tornado warnings. We had stopped at a gas station and the employees said there was one spotted in the area. We ended up staying at the gas station because I didn't want to be on the road and I figured inside the building (maybe a cooler) would be a lot safer than in the car. Other people had the same idea.


Southeast PA doesn't get tornados. It's not all that different than when you see people in Georgia not knowing how to drive in an ice storm. Luckily I was home and able to go into our basement, but a neighbor of mine was in the process of putting his kid in his car seat to drive home when the warnings started. Fear kinda gets to you and you start asking yourself if you can make it home or if you should pull over somewhere to find shelter.


I'd like to agree with your first statement, but they've been becoming increasingly common over the course of the last 3 years. Hell, we've had 8 since july 29th! https://www.inquirer.com/weather/tornado-philadelphia-bucks-county-trevose-new-jersey-montogomery-county-20210827.html


Yeah and it's fucking terrifying that this is something that we have be deal with now.


I mean people on the road en masse even in tornado/Dixie Alley, even on high risk days, even with active warnings for their county. I guess they just can't wait to get that vacuum cleaner that's on sale at Lowes.


Dude, PA doesn't get tornados. They had no idea wtf was happening


Maple Glen Exxon right?


I think that's the one.




Just easily tips over the semi this guy is in. I wasn’t expecting that


No matter how many times I see this, it still freaks me out. I can't imagine how scary it had to be for those in the middle of it. I have only been in Kansas for 8 years and have never had to go through it. I hope everyone is safe.


It is time to de-ass the area with the quickness.




A colorful way of saying, “run away very fast.”


That'll get your heart rate up


Radio: “A tornado watch remains in effect. The tornado warning was allowed to expire” Tornado: “Hold my beer”


in other counties it expired


"Impact" is right


That'll get your heart rate up


Who would choose to drive in this?




The power of nature


Have friends and family here. Never in my life did I ever think tornadoes would be an actual risk in Pennsylvania. This storm has made everyone I know super wary of forecasts that so much as hint at rain. The problem is now there's one warning for flash flooding advising to get to high ground, and another warning for tornadoes advising to get *under*ground, but they're happening at the same time.


Oh Dam never saw this vid but sucks flipped the car


Woah, I used to work at the grocery store that the parking lot on the left belongs to. Wild to see this happening in my hometown, never would have expected it.


I chased on September 1st, however most of the threat was north of me


1. Was the driver okay? 2. Damn the “Tornado” attraction at Universal Studios was remarkably life-like.