But a big Mac will cost $246 dollars!

But a big Mac will cost $246 dollars!


As someone who sells burgers for a living, I have no clue how they can sell them that cheap. Ground chuck is a good 4.29/lb. A decent bun is $.50. So my cost per (plain) burger is $2.11. I charge $4.95 Most expensive is $20.95 though, lol


They're pretty basic. Their process is really streamlined, you can see them working through the big aquarium windows, it's like a machine and they sell a shitload of them. The one near my home has 6 walk-up windows that are usually stacked 8 people deep at lunch time turning orders in moments. They also don't have any indoor facilities, you order at the window and eat in your car, so that's some overhead reduction. Fries and shakes are good for adding margin (their shakes are famous around here).


I need this model, our overhead is insane. But I make way too extravagant food for it, sadly. Thanks for the insight!


They do also have some primo locations that (I think) have been owned by their family for many many years. So I would assume that not having to pay outrageous rents like most small businesses in Seattle is also a factor in their profitability.


Yeah I can't imagine what the rent would be at their Broadway location if they ever sold it


If it helps, I think $2 is a fair price for a Dicks plain burger. I also happily pay $10+ for a really good burger. Half of the time I'm going to choose the $10 burger, so both are solid models.


Absolutely My confusion is that I thought they were selling something like my standard burger for $2 which is literally impossible.


do you sell at the same volume and therefore qualify for the same bulk discounts? also what if any vertical integration do they and you have that can reduce costs further?


My town has maybe 4k ppl. Selling in bulk here only works at McDonald's


Bob Belcher?


This is literally the model McDonalds used in the 50s.




They are using 8/1 patties not 4/1 is at least a part of it. Cheap buns from local Franz bakery especially when purchased in stupid high volumes can be less than 25 cents each especially for buns the right size for 8/1 patties. Their materials cost is probably in the 75 cent category. They make their money by the sheer volume of food they stuff out the window. Pre-pandemic the line was always considerable and with the pandemic it has gotten worse. Add to that, ground beef, doesn't have to be ground chuck, can be a lot cheaper. Bought some at the grocery store last night for under $3/lb.


Former bread route owner here - I can't comment intelligently on beef prices, but for larger fast food accounts, the most basic hamburger buns (which I'm sure is what this place uses) were less than $0.10 per unit.


Considering I've never heard of this place, I assumed it was a local privately owned place, like us.


If they're doing huge volume (I assumed that because I hear this place mentioned often), they'll get an excellent (similar to national chains) per unit price from their bread vendor, at least that was the case in my route territory anyway.


We don't get a deal on any product. Its all the same price anyone would pay at the store But, our population is 5k. So it is what it is


it's a local chain, they've got like 7 or 8 locations in Seattle.


Who said anything about ground chuck, I take it you haven't seen Dave's we buy roadkill ads on craigslist,


The basic plain burger is also only 1/8 lb and is literally just the meat and bun with some ketchup and mustard. By your own costs they're like $1.10. ETA. Sorry the actual cheapest plain burger doesn't even have condiments.


You’ve never had a burger until you’ve had Dicks! (In all seriousness that is awesome that the restaurant is doing that)


They are delicious. I love eating a bag of Dick's.


I personally prefer putting Five Guys in my mouth.




I personally like to gobble down a couple Dick’s in my car for lunch and end the night by picking up Five Guys to enjoy at home. It may get messy and I tend to not feel the greatest the next day, but it’s totally worth it.


When you do that doesn’t it get all sweaty and greasy in the car? I find that the smell doesn’t go away for days


They call it a ‘Soup Kitchen’


It was trying to vote for Ralph Nader!


If you're not doing your In-N-Out Animal Style you're doing it wrong


My partner and I love saying this- let’s go eat some Dicks!


No better way to cap off a night, than with dicks in your mouth.


Finger lickin' good?


Dick lickin’ good


Free health care?! No one told me that could even be an option. I’d like a 3lb bag of dicks please. No salt.


When I lived in seattle, a buddy showed up with a Dicks burger in one hand and a Busch beer in the other. He was quite pleased to be holding a dicks in one hand and a Busch in the other.


Probably also played dabussy when he got home too!


Reminds me of GTA vice city ads for "Rusty Browns ring doughnut" ads.


There was a comedy radio spot for Dickens Cider. “My wife loves Dickens cider! She can’t get enough!”


Haha nice.


A nice, greasy bag of Dick's is my first stop whenever I'm in Seattle.


Dicks also doesn’t have any “the customer is always right” BS and they don’t let people treat their employees like shit. You either order off the menu or you order from somewhere else. No customizations. You either act like a decent human or you go somewhere else.


I once saw this asshole (obviously from out of town) who kept trying to ask for other things on the burger or if they could take stuff off- the cashier was so patient with him and kept pointing to the menu like, nope. What we have on the list is what you can buy. His friends looked so embarrassed by his continued attempts to customize a cheeseburger. They don’t even have bacon in the building, why does this dude insist on it??


“But, but, the cOstUMer is always write”


“Sir, cordially, we don’t give a fuck. You have fifteen people behind you that will buy more food and put up less fuss. GetOUTTATHELINE”


I’d love to see more of this.


You can blame In-n-Out with their "secret" menu items. My man was just looking for the Dick's cheat code.


Haha, I’m familiar with the secret menu. But dude kept pushing like he was owed a secret menu.


I'm rigidly polite and professional to the people who are preparing my food.


Oh big same. They get so little respect and deal with my food- they’re my heroes.


Can you say, “Im allergic to tomatoes. Can I have a burger without tomatoes or ketchup?”


You can't make substitutions, but they sell them plain so you can get one without ketchup. They don't have tomatoes.


they have both cheeseburger and hamburger plain, the deluxe doesn't have ketchup either


I’ve never been to Dicks so I apologize if I don’t know, but what about in the case of allergies? Like I’ve worked enough retail to know the “always right” mentality is bullshit, but say like you’re allergic to tomatoes… you can’t get a burger?


They have a plan burger and a plain cheeseburger on the menu, you can get those. Or you can order a variety that doesn’t hate tomato or ketchup listed. Edit - I got to thinking that I don’t remember getting tomato on their burgers, so I hit up their website. No tomato listed, just ketchup on some. Deluxe: $4.10 | $4.25 Two 1/8 pound grilled patties, with melted cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickle relish. Special: $2.50 | $2.60 Single 1/8 pound grilled patty, with lettuce, mayonnaise and pickle relish. Cheeseburger: $2.25 | $2.40 Single 1/8 pound grilled patty, melted cheese with ketchup and a small amount of mild mustard. Plain Cheeseburger: $2.10 | $2.25 Single 1/8 pound grilled patty, melted cheese, and no condiments. Hamburger: $1.90 | $2.00 Single 1/8 pound grilled patty, with ketchup and small amount of mild mustard. Plain Hamburger: $1.80 | $1.90 Single 1/8 pound grilled patty with no condiments.


Oh well I was kinda of using tomato as an example, but I see what you mean. They definitely have enough options to not worry about to many allergy related issues. Thanks for answering me.


It’s still dumb. If I don’t like mustard I have to get a cheeseburger plain and dry?


You can get ketchup and add it yourself.


I didn’t know asking to hold the pickles was such an abuse. I will go turn myself in now.


Why are customizations bad? Everybody has different tastes. I just checked their menu and I’d never eat there since the only way I can get cheese on a burger (other than plain and dry) is to also get mustard and I hate mustard.


Seems like Dick's should sell hot dogs


Damn, dog. You are such a wiener.


Love me a Dick Dog


You forgot your comma.




When I was living in downtown Seattle I was literally going to dicks 3-4 times a week. It was so good and so cheap it's unreal.


I love eating Dick. I am also partial to an occassional burger.


I miss Dick’s so much.


These benefits should print behind the receipts. This way, customers will be aware they are supporting a company treating its employees righteously, respecting human dignity.


They actually advertise it a lot. Every order window shows their starting wage and benefits. They have been paying starting at 18 for a while so when they upped the minimum they upped their prices and put up a bunch of signs saying they had to increase prices to properly compensate employees, and the prices went up by like, 15-25 cents. It’s beautiful.


[This is right next to the window where you order](https://imgur.com/a/bxuRjqr)


This is the way.


I suppose I have to ask the question, what's the cost of living is in Seattle? While I get that this is good wages compared to other cities and similar jobs, does it actually cover the cost of living in Seattle? I am from Canada and at one point during the hight of the oil sands industry, MacDonald was paying $17 an hour to attract employees, we have healthcare, but the cost of living was so high that even $17 an hour hardly covered it.


Cost of living here is quite high so you're right, it doesn't make up for it as much as you'd wish. But it's certainly better than the $8/ hour you'd get in, say, Milwaukee or St. Louis


Sure, the "basic burger" ... But what about their most exp... Oh, it's $3.10? How do they do it? (The secret is ... they make their meat from empl... Oh, ok, wait... No. I'm being told it's beef.)


"u/Alarmed_Economics_90, can you please step away from the counter? We would like to have a word with you in private" two men in black standing behind you.


Doh. Knew it.




Sir, this was a Wendy


Soylent Green?


These meat alternatives are getting out of hand


But how do they pay their shareholders


The family that's owned it for 68 years seems to be quite wealthy... They keep opening new restaurants, and increasing the pay of the employees, so I think there's plenty of money to go around.


GO EAT A BAG OF DICKS!!! No, seriously, go to Dick’s Burgers and buy a bag of food to support these guys. They get it.


I always find it offensive when a job offers to match 401k but then doesn't offer to pay me enough to afford to pay into it. Makes it so blatantly obvious that the wealthy have no idea what its like to live in poverty. The first job I ever had that offered me that paid me $12/hr and their health insurance was $350/mo. How out of touch can you be.


And on top of that it’s probably “vested” so if you leave they can rescind their contributions.


401(k) employer contributions are typically vested on a five year schedule. So if you work one year, 20% of their contribution is yours, two years, 40%, etc.


Which is one reason why I was let go 4 years and 363 days into my last job!


I just left a job that would match up to $200 a year. Why even bother offering a match at that point?


So like a couple bucks each check lol. Gee thanks.


dont spend it all in one place!


As an employer I'll tell you why. Because many people are really uneducated and just see 401k and think their retirement is taken care of without even understanding what it means or how it works. They used to teach get a job with a 401k in school. Or their parents had a 401k and that means retirement. People think that if you don't offer it then it's not a good job. So employers just offer these absolutel garbage ones so they can check that box on the job posting. In this example let's say the employee makes $20/hr that's around 42k a year. A typical 401k of 3% wages is around $1250. 50% match comes to 600 bucks a year. Many of their competitors were probably offering up to $500 sign on bonuses. So yeah 50% sounds amazing but these guys don't make a lot of contributions.


All that explains is that these employers are companies you don't want to work for, which was already clear.


I'm 33 with a 401k and you might as well be speaking chinese to me...So like am I screwed lol?


That's notnoutnof touch, that's either being mandated to offer coverage so they pay in as little as possible, or they do it for the by line "We offer health insurance!" They know full well very few employees will utilize it at that price...they bank on it.


Calling them out of touch suggests they don't know what they're doing. They know what they're doing.


How about fuck the “benefits and 401k nonsense” and just pay a beyond live able wage? My bills don’t give a fuck how much my employer wants to match my 401k that I can’t touch for 40 years with no guarantee I’ll ever get to use it! My bills also don’t give a fuck how spectacular your “insurance plan” is that doesn’t cover shit until I pay the first $2,000 and then doesn’t even cover the whole bill after that. Our parents generation really let us down by accepting all these backhanded bullshit deals from employers.


> the wealthy have no idea what its like to live in poverty. or just don't care.


I don’t know how people think the money they spend at McDonald’s is like just barely covering the cost of the burger and not overflowing into someone’s bank account.


Because many McDonald's are franchises and it's becoming clear that the corporate office is raping and pillaging the franchisees.


Fun Fact: Dicks prices have gone up less than .25 over the last 20 years for their burgers.


Maybe we shouldn't listen to the people selling us the burgers about how much more they'd cost if they needed to pay workers properly. If they're this bad at math, maybe they shouldn't have a bunch of franchise locations. Towns/Cities should charge a franchise tax, since clearly having them around makes it much worse.


People really don't get how little of each sale goes into labor


You mean the multi billionaires actually ARENT putting all their money and effort into the products they produce and are actually just abusing the workers???


Pov: McDonald's worker in Denmark. You earn around $22 an hour. 37 hours a week. Extra wage if you're working evening / weekend / hollidays. Overtime paid as well. 5 weeks mandatory vacation per year ( plus extra week if you have kids) plus 8 to 12 hollidays. All fully paid. 1 year maternaty leave / 3 month paternity leave. According to bigmac index the burger price is $4.90 here while in usa its $5.66


I know what I'm eating tonight.




A whole bag of 'em


A big bag of dicks!!


Dan price, the guy who increased the minimum wage at his company to $70k/yr, not including all of the benefits they receive, and his company is now extremely successful and profits millions of dollars each year. I'm pretty sure it's this guy, at least.


I quit a job once because I had a meeting to ask to be raised from 40k to 50k and the ceo got *offended* that I pointed out that he makes a couple million a year. I was like "how are *you* offended by insulting me with a 40k salary when you make that in like a week?" He was furious lol. He reacted like I personally attacked him or something, so I was like yea you know what I'd rather just go find a new job.


Good for you! I'm very firm with my contract negotiations too, I know what I'm worth and won't take less.


99% of CEOs are the scum of the earth and deserve every horrible thing possible


Yep, you are correct. Most of his tweets are about how most corporations take advantage of their employees and/or consumers, or how capitalism in general is fucked up. He seems like a good dude who just wants to see workers paid an actual living wage.


This is the guy that cut his own salary to make sure the lowest paid employee at his company was making $70k right? This guys is awesome


Do a little more research into this guy.. he’s kind of a fraud. Reddit loves him tho


There are two Dan Prices - the capitalist, abusive, family screwing asshole and then the guy who came later and had his relevation about the harms of capitalism. He changed, or at least he's changing and redeeming himself. I'm all for that, it would be great if a lot of CEOs went through the same thing. EDIT: a spellings


He may even be still capitalist and abusive at heart, but more in love with money than with being abusive. It could be he decided "put up or shut up" time on hearing people say things will work better with better pay for employees, experimented, did the math and liked his results well enough to find someone else to abuse to keep the income coming in. Regardless of whether he's a good guy, he's a guy running a better company than before, and we need more people that can put their own egos on the shelf for what the business needs. How many companies go under because abusive managers make sure even the people desperate enough to work for pennies decide "I'd rather starve than put up with this"?


Thanks for pointing that out


i don’t know man, ask his brother or ex-wife and they might give you another answer.




https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2015-gravity-ceo-dan-price/ This may be what he is referring to. An interesting read indeed.


That was a fascinating read, thanks!


Or ask all of his employees…


Any source for this? Genuinely curious. I'd like to see behind the curtain.


Its recent news google it. He was found innocent and his brother had to pay $1.1 million. All his raises were approved by his brother. He dis nothing wrong. The old guard just doesn’t want this to be the new norm or they will lose their yachts, etc.


Nice. It sounded like that was the case. Did anything ever come of his ex-wife's accusations of abuse?




Interesting article from six years ago. Seems like he is still around, still treating his employees well and successful. Seems like he won the lawsuit filled by his brother. As for his ex-wife, her claims are brutal. I hope she finds the strength to come forward to bring charges against him if they’re true. I do find it odd that she would wait three years to reveal his abuse, in a TEDx talk no less. But I guess we all cope in our own ways.


Well, ex-wives do often have their own perspective.


But .....but ......... Socialism! No wait, Communism!


Socialism is if the workers own the company. Capitalism (done right) requires good pay for workers. The **point** of capitalism is throwing money at labor so that they spend as much as possible, thus creating new potential markets. Labor with enough pay are the fields that are required for "job creators" to grow new businesses. Paying as little as possible is back-sliding into mercantilism.


Its times like this when it's important to remind people that socialism and Social Democracy are not the same thing. And Democratic socialism is also not the same thing as Social Democracy.


Dick’s is the place where the cool hang out.


The real test is if this fixes their labor shortage


The secret is you don't skim so much for the execs, and you're not chasing profit margins. Everyone is probably just there to live...and not churn out an impossible to win capitalist nightmare.


Love dicks. Nothing better on a nice rainy Seattle day than some steamy hot dicks in your face.


I still can’t figure out what CEO at any company if they didn’t create it from the ground up or patent whatever they are selling or self financed marketing, why do they deserve $20 million a year?


"But we will have to raise our food prices if we raise wages.” Newsflash: You have been raising your food prices every year, for 20 years and your wages have remained stagnant!


Wow. Dicks is the go-to for burgers in Seattle when you're drunk. But now I'm thinking maybe I'll have to eat there a little more often than 5 nights a week.


Yeah but Dick won't be able to become a billionaire like that! Always keep in mind that is the part they leave out of the argument. "I can't provide fair wages and competitive benefits for my employees (and maintain my record profits) without charging the consumer astronomical prices"


Dicks is the best thing to ever put in your mouth. Fuck their food is so good and the service is great!


I find the whole "burger prices would go up!!" argument insulting anyway. Even if their prices increased, that would only really affect the lowest paid customers...who just got their wages doubled, so now they could easily afford the higher cost burgers anyway. But again, the argument was insane in the first place because those prices are minimally tied to a company's wages.


Yeah. Turns out the difference between treating people like slaves or human beings is 0.20 $


Thank you Sir Mix A Lot!


$19/hr in Seattle is not a living wage... Change my mind. Dick's is real tasty though, can't argue that.


You know, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if a Double Whopper meal at BK was $20. Maybe the obesity rates might start to come down.


This just means they arent paying some selfish asshole CEO 100 million a year to be an asshole and just take money from the actual hard working employees. They somewhat value the people that work for them.


This actually sounds like a marketing stunt to me. Most people see this and say “Yes I want to go eat at the burger place that treats their employees well”. Good idea. Makes them stand out for minimal costs in advertisement.


Nah, they've been like this since the 1950s. They're well known around here.


It’s already hard to believe all the benefits listed, but are the basic burgers really $1.80!? (I’m from MN)


I remember dick’s burgers. They were very good. I also like their milk shake. The last time I was there maybe 17 yrs ago.


as someone who last had dick's 3 years ago I can confirm they still taste great


What a classy joint! I love my hometown Seattle and I miss it!


"I love Dick's!"


I’ve been there. Probably the best burger u can get under $2


Only in America will a business be called dick burgers


$21.50 after the 30 day probation period I went to Seattle Central so I lived off Dick’s. Plus I lived 2 blocks away on Denny 🤣


I'm amazed at a basic burger being $1.90 even if they were paying slave wages


There are plenty of places that take of their employees and don't jack up prices. Costco comes to mind.


I work in healthcare and CNA2’s start at $14/hr with 3% matching 403b, $350/mo healthcare premium, 4 weeks vacation, and overworked shit filled conditions. This is supposedly great benefits for all of Healthcare.


Didn’t you ever notice how the CEO’s million dollar bonuses and stock options never made the burgers $20 in the first place. That’s how you know they’ve been lying and using us the American labor force.


I hate how the people making the "but a big Mac would be 70 bucks" dont realize that McDonald's makes most of its money off real estate


I haven't had one in years, but when I lived there in the late 90s, early 2000s, Dick's burgers were bomb.


And they are God damn delicious!


Have a Dicks here on the east side of the state as well where the cost of living is no where near Seattle's and they pay the same. So, go eat a bag of dicks.


Maybe everyone who says that we can't afford to raise the minimum wage should try eating a bag of Dicks.


To help the international readers: in the USA, 3 weeks of paid vacation is considered a lot. Many places give zero to 2 weeks for the first 10 years of service. (My soul died a little more when I found out how much paid vacation the workers in other countries are legally entitled to)


This is what companies should do. Raise their wages to a point where the company still makes money but at a slower rate than before.


I love this guy!


That’s a better deal than I have… $17 an hour, no 401k, no health insurance, 3 days of vacation….. The system really needs to change.


I signed up for my company's 401k but I dont think I can run that dar.


Dan Price waterboarded his wife amid a campaign of horrible domestic abuse. He is an evil man that we shouldn’t promote. https://thehustle.co/dan-price-the-ceo-paying-everyone-70000-dollars-is-lying/


That $1.80 burger is their “loss leader” similar to the Costco rotisserie chicken. I’m not trying to downplay what Dick’s is doing, but they are purposely not making money on their basic burger. Costco’s rotisserie chicken hadn’t changed price in over 20 years, but everything else has (I guess their hotdog/soda hasn’t either). The poster using their $1.80 burger as their argument isn’t come from a place of a good faith argument.


When people say, "If we up the minimum wage everything will cost more," they are 100% correct. And only because raising minimum wage means the business's overhead goes up and the business owner is being asked to extract less money out of their business. As we all know, the owner isn't going to take less money home. The mega-corp isn't going to deliver less returns to shareholder. We can argue about "shoulds" and "coulds" all day - but we all know they won't. They'd fold the business first. So yeah - increasing minimum wage will absolutely drive the prices up, and will be used as an excuse to increase the prices further for even better margins.


Dicks prices have gone up \~.25 over the last 20 years, yet wages have increased over that time.


And yet, Dicks has always paid far above minimum, offered health insurance, daycare and student tuition help, and supported a near endless number of charities. Hell, last I checked they even source local beef and cut their own fries from potatoes. They manage it.


Everyone can manage it. I've never heard of Dicks before, and you don't get to be mcdonalds by behaving ethically like Dicks.


Make McDonald's illegal then


McDonald’s isn’t a great comparison. They’ve had multiple years of sales declines that predates the pandemic. Dick’s isn’t a one off shop. They have restaurants up and down the I-5 corridor, food trucks, and are continuing to expand. Seems like they are doing pretty damn well.


The joys of a free capitalist market. Those C-levels can decide to maintain the wage gap between themselves and the low-level employees by increasing the prices in relation to wage, but customers can also decide to go to the cheap shop around the corner where the owner gets the same as the hostess. The shift will cause losses to shareholders and the board will implement paycaps. They *could* triple the price of a burger... Customers *can* spend their money elsewhere... The restauranteur driving a civic and making 5 figures will quickly need to grow due to the overpriced market just to keep customer flow. Your fear is showing your nature. You're just projecting the fact that *YOU* would triple your burger prices if *YOU* had to pay your employees like people.


[Not really.](https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/16/1/102) tl;dr - authors found no significant evidence of price increases associated with the minimum wage ordinance.


$1.80 for 1/8th pound burger. No toppings. Um, ok. You can't even begin to call this a burger, its a slider at best. A McD's hamburger is only $1.60. Labor is usually 25-40% the cost of the item. So yeah, the wage increase corresponds well to increase in price. Supporting a local business is also good, so not dogging on them, but the tweet is a garbage bad take tweet with deliberate miss-representation.


If it's a slider, then so is the McD burger. They're the same size.


So it's the same as a McDonald's burger for 20 cents more?


I would love to see their financials. McDonalds can barely get food that cheap and they use insanely low quality ingredients made at a massive scale. I’d think the cost for rent, insurance, power and other stuff not even touching food costs and employee pay would make a burger that cheap hard to do. Unless this is one of those anchoring things where they have a super cheap product but few people only get plain burgers.


Not only do they make enough to have had their wages high above the average for *years* now they also maintain real estate in some of the most expensive areas of Seattle. Their location on Queen Anne is surrounded by high rise residential and sits basically next door to a "new" hockey arena. I think it's also their only location that has dine-in seating (other than their location in Spokane) The locals love this company and have for decades. My parents survived on their cheap as shit burgers in college, I survived on their cheap as shit burgers in college, I expect my own children will as well. This place isn't a fast food joint it's a Pacific northwest institution.


They’re a classic American drive-in burger joint. There’s no interior seating, no table service. The entire restaurant is notable for giant windows so you can see everything the employees are doing the entire time. You walk up to the window and order, comparable to a modern food truck. There’s no special orders, instead it costs $0.05 each for onions added to one of the four base burgers, adding a side of extra ketchup, etc. Essentially they developed a system to cut waste as much as possible and you just pay a tiny bit more if you want extras. They don’t have seating so no floors and tables need to be cleaned. The only free thing are straws and napkins. The original owner passed away a few years ago, but he was adamant about only having his 5 locations spread throughout the city and only using cash so no c.c. processing fees. He passed away recently and now his kids took over; they’re selling merch, opening more stores in the outside of the city, added a food truck, etc. I expect the business will crash soon as they will (and have already) raised prices.


Burger joint lore


Bear in mind that McDs is a franchise, and each store has to give a hefty chunk of their income to corporate.


Here’s the issue with this tweet from local news articles: the hourly wage and benefits haven’t been implemented yet. Hence why there’s no change in price for the goods delivered yet. Also, it clearly states that location will be reducing hours. So if you make 19/hr for 20 hours, it’s the same as getting $9.50/hr.


Only two locations will be reducing hours for a couple days of the week until they hire enough staff. The other 4 locations will remain open normal hours. Anyone working over 32 hours, will get overtime for any hours worked over that for the rest of 2021. Wages won't go down after they've filled the positions. And prices are very unlikely to go up, they've only had a few price increases over the last 20 something years. [Here's an IG post from them detailing pay, benefits, and store hours.](https://www.instagram.com/p/CUJJR6-PNrK/?utm_medium=copy_link)


You have a point in the beginning but you fall off. Working 20 hours a week at $19 is the same pay as $9.50 for 40 hours, sure, but the employee is also not working full-time for scraps. Chances are someone at minimum wage is working more than one job. Two jobs at $19 a hour for 40 hours a week is double the income as making $9.50 an hour for 40 hours.


The burger is a 1/8th pound burger. It's the same size as white castle but costs literally 150% more. This right here is how you lie with numbers.


McDonalds is a 1/12 and Hardees uses a 1/10th.


What's the lie?


Bruh tf you guys got 1.8$ burgers? Our burgers in europe cost atleast €8 in a restaurant they are 20


Beef in the USA is relatively cheap compared to most countries. We have a lot of empty land for pastures. However in the last few years prices here have basically doubled for beef.


Interesting how many products have doubled in value over the past decade, yet wages have barely increased in the past half-century


It's an 1/8th pound burger.